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REVIVE FIT is all about the client and helping them see success. Assessing, progressing, and achieving their goals by applying real exercise science to programming. Too many times when it comes to fitness it gets confusing and chaotic, so many options and crazy diets. I am here to provide the direction you need, guide you and help you create a long term solution to your fitness needs and goals. We help you make the changes to your life that you've been yearning for. We teach you everything you need to know, from nutrition, exercise technique, to mobility and lifestyle practices that help ensure success for a lifetime. I offer Online Training, In-home or at your gym training, Group Training Training, Out-door/Adventure Training and Sports and Conditioning. Check us out on our website for more info and feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions. Your first session is free, so call, text or email us to schedule your FREE session, and even bring a friend! No hassle, no obligation, just a free session!

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If you care about your health but aren’t keeping track of your fiber intake you are missing out on a huge piece of the puzzle.
Fiber not only helps keep us regular but it also helps 🖤 and gut health which in turn contributes to 🧠 health. Call me crazy but those are some pretty important aspects of health.
The daily recommended amounts for men are 38 grams and women 25g.
Don’t neglect your fiber intake, make it a staple nutrient in your diet.


👇🏽This might be killing your weight loss results 👇🏽 Blog

3.5 weeks of hard work paid off in 16 pounds.

Not every diet works great for everyone. It’s finding what works with your body and lifestyle.

DM me to get started.


[10/09/18]   Revive Fit is now COMPLEX ATHLETICS.

Still ran and owned by Dani. Same great training just under a different name.

Complex Athletics

Layne Norton

One of my favorite graphics from my book talking about meal frequency and why it doesn’t make a difference for fat loss and why it’s the overall caloric I take for the day that matters. Sure if you have smaller meals you store less fat at each meal. You also have more meals and less time spent in the post absorptive state. If you eat one ore two big meals yes you will store a lot of fat for several hours, but this balances out by spending a greater amount of the day in the post absorptive period. The net effect is no difference. There is, however benefit to multiple, protein rich meals per day on lean body mass (you can’t make up for low protein at one time of day by drastically over consuming it at other times). So what does all this mean? If your only goal is fat loss and not optimizing lean body mass then literally use whatever meal frequency is easiest for you to stick to. If you are wanting to optimize lean body mass it looks like 3-5 protein containing meals is the sweet spot. But the days of eating 8 meals per day to ‘stoke the metabolic fire’ need to go. There is no evidence to support them unless you just like having no life and carrying a cooler with you everywhere you go because you think that looks cool (don’t forget your parachute pants, ripped flannel shirt, bandana, and fanny pack). Also, check out the bottom of the page. We provide all the scientific references as clickable links in the ebook so you can check out the science for yourself just with one click of a button.

Layne Norton

Does Ibuprofen Stop Muscle Growth??? I break it down.

For more in depth analysis visit

Millennial's Digest

OMG this is 🔥🔥🔥!! Let us know what you think!

If you liked this, you should go check out her book. We were given a copy to review, and it might be one of the best books we've ever read. Here's the Amazon link:

Full video from Tom Bilyeu & Impact Theory:

Stuck and can't lose weight?

If you are truly giving yourself in both areas (workouts and diet) then here's a few things that might be happening.

•Dieting too long:
If you have been in a deficit for a long period of time, your body has now adapted to that caloric intake and now requires you to drop even lower to lose any weight.

What can you do?
It's time to give your metabolism a boost. Slowly increase (weeks/months) your calories to a good place where you can maintain without a lot of effort. Hangout there for awhile. This is like a recharge for your metabolism. YOUR METABOLISM IS NOT STATIC.

Or regularly add in carb up/cheat days. Cheat days must be under control. It shouldn't turn into a gigantic binge.

•All calories are not created equal:
Try playing with your macro ratios. Keep your calories the same but change the make up. Instead of doing higher carb, try lowering it just a little and upping fat/protein to make up for the calories you lose in the carb area.

*Change calories based on level of activity that day. Higher carb days on more intense workout days (legs, circuits, HIIT). Lower on less intense (arms, LISS).

Carbs: 4 cals
Protein: 4 cals
Fat: 9 cals
(Per gram)

Don't ignore either. A lot of people like to play favorites. Your body was meant to move and lift. Cardio burns more calories in the moment, weights more throughout the day. Use both to your advantage.

Muscle=more fat burning/increased caloric expenditure
Cardio= stronger heart and increased caloric deficit.

Even better is when you combine them to cut time and have a more efficient workout 👉🏽 circuit training/met cons etc.

The rule is you put first what matters most. Best of your energy to the most important task.

That's up to you.

Message for questions. 👊🏽


Coca Cola vs Coke Zero 😱😱

By - Home Science

Low-Carbohydrate Diets

Great study on low carb diets and heart disease, especially since heart disease is one of the biggest killers of Americans. There is some evidence that a low-carbohydrate diet may help people lose weight more quickly than a low-fat diet (31,32)—and may help them maintain that weight loss. For example, POUNDS LOST (Preve…

1. Water is everything. Science disputes back and forth on a perfect intake but you should be getting in somewhere around a gallon a day. The more you weigh and workout, the more you need.

Look at it this way, water helps in the creation protein, protein helps in the creation of muscle and muscle in the process of burning fat.

2. You probably aren't getting in enough protein. Protein is what rebuilds what you breakdown in the gym as well as living. At least half your body weight in grams is a great to start. Then work up towards .8-1 g per lb.

You will be on that higher end if you lift and workout more. No more than 1g per lb. science doesn't show any benefits going above that.

3. Recovery doesn't just mean taking a day off the gym. It means rolling, stretching, hydrating, replenishing food stores. Recover with intention not laziness.

4. Maximize your carb usage. Schedule your higher carb intake around your most active times of the day. Before and after, so that you burn most of that up, have more energy during the workout and replenish what you just burned.

5. If you tend to overeat at night like most of us do. Start your dinner off with the healthiest thing. Usually I'd recommend a couple cups of veggies.

1. Because you should be eating tons anyway but also they are calorie dense and you will fill up better on them.
2. When you go for the rest of your dinner/ or ice cream, you won't over eat as much.

🏃🏽‍♀️Cardio, love it or hate it, it's necessary.

💃🏽Often times we forget to work the muscle that lets this whole show go on.

❤Your heart, like every other muscle, needs challenge and needs training in order to stay strong and to continue growing stronger.

🚶🏽‍♀️And slowly moving on the elliptical for 30 minutes is not what I am talking about.

🚗Can you imagine if your car only went into first gear? That's insane, and not efficient.

Much like a car your heart needs to shift gears. High intensity cardio with a mix of low intensity and varied practices.

Meaning not only sticking to one type, change it up. Run, jog, jump, do the erg, do the stairs.

Life is unpredictable, train yourself to meet different life demands.

Keep in mind it's not good to shift from 1 all the way to 4. It's a process. Warm up the system, make slow changes and additions.

Some days just hangout in 1st gear, next day slowly work up to 2nd and 3rd.

Now go show some love to your most committed muscle.

The one you rely on to live.

The two biggest mistakes I always see with deadlifts is 1. Set up and 2. Pull. If you deadlift you know that's pretty much the whole lift. 😂

🏋🏽1. Set up. Always set up like you want to pull. Don't go down to the bar then straighten out, go down with your back already straight, core already engaged.

🕷2. Before you lift, sit your weight back and pull against the bar. This weight shift will allow your body weight to take some of that pull b4 you even lift and you will use your whole body, instead of putting it all in your spine and rounding at the back like a camel. 👉🏽Shoulders ahead of the bar is a 🚫.

You are not doing RDLs. You'll find by implementing these two things you won't injure your back as often and you can pull more weight. 👊🏽

20 Coconut Oil Benefits (#5 is Life-Saving)

Why your should incorporate coconut oil into your diet 👇🏽 To date, there are over 1,500 studies proving coconut oil to be one of the healthiest foods on the planet. Coconut oil benefits and uses go beyond what most

Dr. Jim Stoppani

I get asked a lot if I have any programs for women. Yes!!! ALL my programs are for women... and men. #trainforyourgoalsnotyourgender #JYMArmy strong!

🍪When it comes to "dieting" for weight loss and long term adherence in my experience flexible dieting has always been the better route. It's the way I lost 70lbs and went from 42% body fat to 17%. _________________________________
📊I focus on getting all my micro and macro nutrients in for recovery and performance but I also like to look forward to and enjoy my meals, I mean I am going to die one day and if I can have good health, perform, grow and enjoy what I eat, I am going to take that route. It's all relative to your goals.
☝🏽️In the end do you and do what's best for your goals, long term health and mentality. #ModerationIsKey 🗝


Ida Keeling sets the 100m World Record for the 100+ age group in 1:17.33 at Penn Relays.

BuzzFeed News

And now my heart is in a puddle and I'm sorry, I need to go home.


It doesn't always work like you'd assume.

"As a society, we also need to stop treating a lack of exercise and diet as equally responsible for the obesity problem in this country."

🎙This is Bill, one of my incredible online clients. We started working together in Seattle. He came to me because he wanted something different, he was stuck at a plateau and was bored with his routine. He had trained with one of the trainers at LA Fitness but it wasn't what he was looking for.

📚He came willing to learn, excited and prepared to work hard.

📈Much like a sponge ready to take on water, he grew and absorbed everything.

He's broken his plateau, lost 12 lbs, was asked to give a talk to his WW group about his success at maintaining his loss and is currently preparing for a 680 mile bike ride from Paris to Provence.

It's been such a blessing to be his trainer and be apart of his journey. I just wanted to shine some spot light 🔦 on this amazing guy who never fails to beast it 💪🏽 Not to mention works full time and has two young ones 🏋🏽🚴🏼 #FullTimeBeast

Men's Health

A fix for lower back pain:

[01/19/16]   If you have movement issues, pain while working out, it 99% of the time is stemming from poor movement patterns and muscle imbalances.

If you go to the doctor 99% of the time they will either say you need surgery without knowing the root of the problem or send you to a PT that bores you to death with simple exercises, you know you won't do.

Message me if you have any questions or movement issues. I'll can help you address these issues without surgery.

And no matter what, always check around, surgery should always be a last resort.

🎉With New Years in a couple days, people will be setting lots of goals.

I'd like to take a moment to give you some advice when setting your goals this year.

We often make goals based on numbers and often overlook goals based on the most important thing, the thing that brings us closer to success and that is progress/change.

Make goals this year based on HABITS.

Set yours goal(s) and then make a list of habits that will causes those goals to become reality.

When we base goals on numbers on a scale or in our bank account, and we don't see progress or we fail, it becomes all or none and we are mentally done.

It's the small changes we make daily that impact us biggest in the long run.

You can diet hard, kill it in the gym and it's not guaranteed the number on the scale will budge or be what you'd like and that is overwhelming defeating.

Focus your goals on building habits that build you towards your goals, don't set yourself up for failure but for real success, success that lasts and continues to build.

National Women's History Museum

Before Bobbi Gibb, it was widely believed that women weren't physiologically capable of running long distances. Though women were not allowed to run the #BostonMarathon at the time, Gibb dressed in men's clothes and snuck into the 1966 race, finishing ahead of two-thirds of the men. "I knew that I was running for much more than my own personal challenge. I was running to change the way people think." #womenshistory

[12/06/15]   Performance Tip: upon waking, drink one full glass of water. While we sleep, our bodies become dehydrated.

By drinking a full 8-12oz of water right when you wake up, you are priming your system for the day. It's internally getting things flowing and going.

Easy addition to your daily routine.

Add it.

[12/01/15]   If you could focus on improving just 1 thing a week in either your diet, exercise or overall lifestyle, in just a year you will have improved in at least 52 different ways. Big improvements are created with tiny steps ;)

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D.L. Hughley

Is it just me or...

Nike+ Run Club

"Never forget your first finish line"

You never forget your first finish line.

Come run with us:

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The UberFacts Android and iPhone App is out! Download it here:

[09/21/15]   Wake up with a purpose. It's not a just a workout, it must have direction, it must have a goal constantly in mind. Imagine that which you want to see, vision is everything. Go to sleep with it and wake up to make it happen.

Constant vision, and constant work towards that vision.

Use your tools.

YouTube, the mirror, friends, family, pictures, books, whatever you can get to remind you and push you towards your purpose.

Mobile Uploads

Sometimes we get lost, somewhere we take a wrong turn, we lose our way, we lose ourselves, we lose motivation, we lose that excitement that moved us.

We don't always know why? But everyday we get up, push ourselves to do just a little, we continually light a little match that eventually ignites our fire and gets us going again.

I've been sick for a couple days, and completely unmotivated to get in the gym and work hard. Today I decided to go just for a little bit even though I felt terrible. I ran into this guy who I am friends with and he began talking about how he hasn't been in the gym for a couple weeks because he's been really depressed. This guy is a model, and he told me how he decided to set a new goal to try and get excited about, a goal that really pushed him outside his comfort zone.

I was blessed by that story. It was a beautiful reminder that I am not the only one and sometimes we just need to reset our focus and get in there.

Never give up. Never quit. Never stop trying.

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Name this exercise...

Nutritionist App

Hello Everyone , I'm in the process of rebuilding the Nutritionist app for both the iOS and Android. So any hiccups/bug that you are experiencing should be fixed in the next several weeks.

Work And School Should Start At 10am To Improve Health And Results, Scientist Argues

The Pelvic Fault and Low Back Pain | Feat. Kelly Starrett | Ep. 128 | MobilityWOD

Pelvic Positional Fault and Basic Fixes SUBSCRIBE: About MobilityWOD: MobilityWOD is the ultimate guide to resolving pain, preventing i...

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