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The key to defeating COVID-19 already exists. We need to start using it | Opinion 08/22/2020

The key to defeating COVID-19 already exists. We need to start using it | Opinion

The key to defeating COVID-19 already exists. We need to start using it | Opinion Contrary to what you hear, there is clear-cut medical evidence for the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine.



The giant, gaping hole in Sandy Hook reporting
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The article above is important for everyone to know about... particularly if you have or know anyone who has young children.

Related info: The following book is well written, well documented and probably not read by the people who need to read it.... like teachers, doctors and therapists:
"The Diseasing of America's Children: Exposing the ADHD Fiasco and Empowering Parents to Take Back Control" by John Rosemond and Bose Ravenel M.D. (Jun 2, 2009) A good read even if your child is not taking any type of medication.

Rosemond's newest book is also a well documented must read—even if your children are grown. It will have you cheering! "Parent-Babble: How Parents Can Recover from Fifty Years of Bad Expert Advice." Anyone who has been concerned about what's happening to today's kids... Entitlement behavior is being UNINTENTIONALLY encouraged by parents everywhere.


Parental Involvement and Children's Well-Being

We all have a pretty good idea what's important for raising a well rounded child. It's always good to see it detailed.

familyfacts.org Youths who experience higher levels of parental involvement and a closer relationship with their parents are less likely to exhibit behavioral problems and to engage in risk behaviors. In addition, they tend to achieve better grades and higher levels of education and to experience better emotional h...

responsiblerascals.com 10/15/2011

Screaming, Spitting, and other Tantrum Behaviors

responsiblerascals.com First of all… you have to admit that you are powerless to control what comes out of his mouth—whether it’s words or stuff. The next thing you do is devise a strategy that will set the stage for NOT spitting and screaming… to be important to him …Instead of to you. It’s actually working for [...]

responsiblerascals.com 09/26/2011

Getting To School On Time: Amazing Mom!

responsiblerascals.com Three weeks ago a frustrated and “at her wits end” mom came in to my office to get some pointers. She had been in to see me for a few sessions in 2007. She had much on her agenda this day but the first thing she decided to target was getting her seven year old [...]

responsiblerascals.com 09/10/2011

Parent Centered

responsiblerascals.com A Parent Centered family puts Mom and Dad at the center of the child’s universe. The children see Mom and Dad as loving each other, being very supportive of each other, and sharing household and child responsibilities. More importantly there are no fuzzy lines about who is in charge. It’s clearly...

responsiblerascals.com 09/10/2011

Thanks For The Help

responsiblerascals.com I think I have mentioned previously that being a blogger is all new to me. Perhaps I’ll relax a little when I feel a little more comfortable and secure about the direction I am taking and I have a little experience under my belt. But, right now, I am honestly grateful to the cheerful and [...]

responsiblerascals.com 08/20/2011

Child Centered Parenting

responsiblerascals.com Since the 60’s parenting has taken a slow but consistent and purposeful philosophical and psychological change from being “Parent Centered” towards the more prevailing parenting style of today…. “Child Centered.” The test of time, however, has proven that the resulting changes are not as...

responsiblerascals.com 07/16/2011

Pathways to Successful Parenting

responsiblerascals.com I’m creating this blog with the help of some technical coaching instruction from some wonderful people with the Qwest/Century Link Technical Support team. I’m telling you this because Qwest is helping with my on line marketing in exchange for my honest views about their services. While they have...

responsiblerascals.com 06/18/2011

Let’s Talk Parenting Strategies That Work

responsiblerascals.com Hi there! Welcome to my blog! I am Rascal #1—Nancy Johnson—behind the scenes of Raising Responsible Rascals. The path that brought me here has been long and eventful. Being the parenting coach I am today is not part of a lifelong dream. In fact, my early dream was simply to BE a parent. I knew...





320 Osuna Rd NE Suite A2
Albuquerque, NM

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