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Videos by University of New Mexico Swimming & Diving in Albuquerque. "Make no mistake, I always want to win, but I never fight with an opponent. My fight is within me- i

UNM vs. NMSU 400-yard Freestyle Relay

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UNM vs. NMSU 400-yard Freestyle Relay

UNM vs. NMSU 200-yard Individual Medley

UNM vs. NMSU 100-yard ButterflyHeat 1: 0:00, Heat 2: 1:06

UNM vs. NMSU 500-yard Freestyle

UNM vs. NMSU 50-yard FreestyleHeat 1: 0:00, Heat 2: 0:46

UNM vs. NMSU 200-yard Butterfly

UNM vs. NMSU 100-yard BreaststrokeHeat 1: 0:00, Heat 2: 1:21

UNM vs. NMSU 1000-yard Freestyle

UNM vs. NMSU 200-yard Medley Relay

UNM vs. NMSU 1-Meter Dive:Round 1: 0:00, Round 2: 4:11, Round 3: 8:53, Round 4: 12:48, Round 5: 17:09, Round 6: 21:46

200-yd Freestyle Relay Top 3:1. UNM 1:35.262. Wyoming 1:37.993. UNM 1:38.97#GoLobos

200-yd IM Top 3:1. Sumajstorcic (UNM) 2:08.372. De Groote Tavares (UNM) 2:08.713. Harutjunjan (Wyoming) 2:12.10#GoLobos

100-yd Butterfly Top 3:1. Shinada (UNM) 55.312. McLean-Leonard (Wyoming) 56.593. Burke (Wyoming) 58.56#GoLobos

200-yd Breaststroke Top 3:1. Harutjunjan (Wyoming) 2:21.682. Terada (UNM) 2:23.703. Schumann (Wyoming) 2:26.72#GoLobos

200-yd Backstroke Top 3:1. De Groote Tavares (UNM) 2:03.232. Gramcko (Wyoming) 2:06.363. Blattner (Wyoming) 2:07.52#GoLo...

100-yd Freestyle Top 3:1. Burns (UNM) 52.092. Passarelli (UNM) 53.023. Burke (Wyoming) 53.08#GoLobos

50-yd Freestyle Top 3:1. Shinada (UNM) 23.632. Burns (UNM) 23.753. McLean-Leonard (Wyoming) 24.87#GoLobos

200-yd Butterfly Top 3:1. Huffer (UNM) 2:07.572. Sheldon (Wyoming) 2:08.513. Farkas (UNM) 2:11.24#GoLobos

100-yd Backstroke Top 3:1. De Groote Tavares (UNM) 57.472. Ryan (Wyoming) 57.613. Gramcko (Wyoming) 59.64#GoLobos

200-yd Freestyle Top 3:1. Palomino (UNM) 1:52.002. Sumajstorcic (UNM) 1:54.973. McKivigan (Wyoming) 1:57.25#GoLobos

1000-yd Freestyle Top 3:1. Palomino (UNM) 10:21.872. Te Flan (Wyoming) 10:24.263. Blattner (Wyoming) 10:37.99#GoLobos

400-yd Medley Relay Top 3:1. UNM2. Wyoming3. Wyoming#GoLobos

UNM's Konoha Shinada (lane 2) with a strong surge to take first in the 50 freestyle versus Northern Arizona. #GoLobos

UNM's Adriana Palomino wraps up her first-place finish in the 1,000 freestyle today versus NAU. #GoLobos

Getting in some work outside of the pool on this fantastic Albuquerque afternoon! Start the season a week from Friday at...