Duke City Aquatics

Duke City Aquatics


Duke friends. Susie is working hard in the water preparing for National Training Selection Camp. We have a mandatory fundraiser of $1275. If you are able and willing please consider help her out. The donation goes directly to USA Waterpolo and is tax deductible.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Duke friends. We wanted to reach out to let you know Susie has made the National Training Selection Camp for ODP. There is a mandatory fundraiser that we have 4 weeks left to hit out goal of $1275. If you are able and willing please consider donating using the link included. It is all tax deductible and goes directly to USA waterpolo.

Thank you in advance if you are able to help!

Check out the best app for tracking water polo game stats!!

Official page

We are a fabulous year-round swimming and water polo team based in Albuquerque. We have a long, rich history in New Mexico, including training some of the country's most successful athletes!

We are a year-round swimming and water polo team based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We practice at West Mesa and Highland high schools. We also offer lessons through our Make A Splash program. We offer novice water polo for children 5-9 through our SplashBall program. We are in the process of setting up our diving program as well! Visit our website at www.dukecityaquatics.com to learn more.

Operating as usual


Boston Dynamics


Our whole crew got together to celebrate the start of what we hope will be a happier year. Happy New Year from all of us at Boston Dynamics.


Girl in the Mirror

Vote for the little girl in the mirror...

Girl In the Mirror.The Lincoln Project


Washington Press

For my “kids”

Ami and her generation are facing a future threatened by the , and she knows Trump would make it worse, and Joe Biden has a plan to defeat it.


Such a beauty!

Ch ch ch ah ah ah...⁣

The Jewel Box Spider, also known as a Spiny Orb-weaver (Gasteracantha cancriformis), is a diminutive spiny spider which might look like a tiny, jewel-encrusted box. It may also resemble a hockey mask wearing stalker who likes to take long walks near the lake. These spiders mainly prey on whiteflies, moths, teenagers, and beetles. Did you hear something? If you are running through the woods, be careful not to predictably trip on nothing and end up in a web of terror! ⁣

What else is crawling around out there? Find out at https://www.nps.gov/foma/learn/nature/insects.htm

Image: Skulltula? A Spiny Orb-weaver, with distinct markings, rests quietly in its web at Fort Matanzas National Monument, Florida. NPS/Linda Chandler⁣


Defected Records

Serious strength and talent on the Subway.

WAFFLE NYC rocking the subway. 🕺


Yay! Can’t believe it took so long to get women’s polo in the olympics. Congratulations to all the women on the 2000 team, especially Duke alumnae Heather Moody.

20 years ago today the USA Water Polo Women's Olympic Team team made history, winning a silver medal at the first ever Olympic Games to feature women's water polo. We celebrate this group of women and all the women who came before them who fought for and dreamed of a day when women's water polo would be recognized on the world stage.

Be sure to check out a look back at the 2000 Games with athletes Heather Moody, Julie Swail and Maureen O'Toole alongside Head Coach Guy Baker by visiting: https://youtu.be/7-GMok_2TVI



Arrrggg! It's !

We do encourage you to choose yer audience wisely and avoid ending up "looking" like a pirate when the conversation walks the plank. (Remember. Getting too close to bison, or any wildlife, may lead to shivered timbers and loss of booty.)

Want to know more about pirates and other stories of intrigue at your parks? Then visit (if you dare) https://www.nps.gov/subjects/pirates


National Park Service

How swimming feels after months on break! Bear paddle!!

Swim bear don’t care.

Look at ‘em go! Did you know snorkeling is one of the many swimming styles that bears employ? Another tried and true method is the “bear paddle.” Brown bears and black bears mainly venture into the water for hunting purposes (here little salmon!), but also to have a bit of fun.

How fast do they swim? (If you have to ask, it’s probably too late. Where’s your slower swimmer friend now?) Actually, there is very little research available on the speed on which bears can swim. However, bears do have a similar body shape and physiology to that of dogs and therefore do a similar stroke as the ‘doggy paddle.’ Bears are quadrupeds, meaning they are mobile mostly on all four legs. The ‘doggy (bear) paddle’ stroke primarily uses the front limbs in a paddling motion, while the back legs are used very little. ⁣One bear may have a broken rudder. And we’re turning...and turning. Magical!

Video: Webcam Footage of two bears performing underwater ballet at Katmai National Park & Preserve, Alaska.


Hey parents - would a school desk help you define study or class time? Here’s a good deal!


USA Water Polo

This past Sunday, the Los Angeles Times featured the USA Women's National Team. This group has been the most dominant women's water polo program in the world over the last six years but it is the adversity they have faced out of the water that has brought them closer together.


kob.com 08/10/2020

Albuquerque offers free WiFi hotspots for students

Free WiFi - WMAC parking lot, sometimes, maybe...

kob.com There are over 50 locations scattered around the city.

delish.com 08/07/2020

Krispy Kreme Is Giving Free Donuts And Coffee To Teachers Next Week As A Way To Say Thanks

delish.com AND on Tuesday, they're giving everyone a free dozen when you buy a dozen!


***After an unprecedented 12 weeks off, Duke Barracuda will start tomorrow morning!***
During Phase 1, we are required to have 1 swimmer per lane & comply with all COVID guidelines. We have 5 groups of 6x HS athletes using the pool on a rotating basis in the mornings; 4 groups based on times in the afternoons. So far, every lane we rent has been reserved! We cannot accommodate drop-ins at this time.
During Phase 1, no spectators are allowed in the facility; kids must be dropped off at the NW door & will be questioned & temp monitored for COVID. Everyone must wear a face mask and maintain social distancing - from leaving the car, entering the pool & jumping in the pool, PLEASE FOLLOW 6FT SPACING & WEAR FACE MASKS!
Be on-time and patient with the pool staff and coaches. No showers or deck-changing at the facility. You must arrive in your swim suit with your personal gear. At the end of your workout session, please leave immediately thru NE doors. Do NOT CONGREGATE in the parking lot.
Failure to follow COVID procedures will result in removal so please comply. I imagine the water will feel strange & wonderful - ENJOY!!


USA Water Polo

USA Water Polo CEO statement on social justice.


USA Water Polo

James Padilla representing NM on AtHome with USWP.

Water polo Senior James Padilla of Atrisco Heritage Academy and Westside Aquatics sits down with Greg Mescall to talk about in New Mexico, his plans for coaching in the future and where to find the best food in his state!

Full here: https://youtu.be/XVZP_jqvch8



Well if you’re bored at home with nothing to do, I suggest you start a new challenge...here’s a little inspiration!

This 70-step trick shot is outrageous 😲

(via creezy/YouTube)


Yah! Let’s go, the water looks fabulous!

Awesome waterpolo venue #6

Bellevue Beach Croatia.


Duke City Barracuda Swimming and Water Polo

Woohoo! Notice the polo ball and coaches’ megaphone? Oh yay, getting ready...


A couple of NEWS items:
Our start date will commence a week after the governor allows gyms to open, tentatively June 8. The staff at WMAC will need a week to prep lifeguards.
We will only have swimming with 1 person per lane and all must adhere to social distancing procedures and other infection prevention measures. No one will be forced to return, there are no negative consequences for Staying Home!
We will have a TEAM ZOOM MEETING on May 19 (Tuesday) at 5:30 PM. in lieu of AG Dryland. Please join us to meet our new Head Coach: Daryl Wells.


Woohoo! Congrats Kalyn!

Congratulations to our TYR Sport Cap Design Contest Winners!

First Place - Kalyn F. (USAWP/TYR stars and stripes)

Prize - $500 TYR voucher and small run of this personally designed cap!

2nd Place - Nila W. (flower cap)

Prize - $250 TYR voucher

3rd Place - TIE Catherine C. (We Stand Together) and Bella B. (Brain Design)

Prize: $100 TYR voucher

Honorable Mentions -

Cohen C. (shark design)
Natalie W. (USAWP game ball)
Maddox G. (Stay Strong)
Kylie N. (USA Water Polo stars)
Catherine C. (Rubber Ducky)

Prize - USAWP swag


Marsh family's Les Miserables 'One Day' coronavirus spoof goes viral

Hey Duke families! Are you working on your “piece” for the Talent Show. Don’t procrastinate!

The Marsh family from Kent went viral after adapting 'One Day' from Les Miserables in to a ballad about life during lockdown. Ben Marsh, a lecturer at Kent U...


Navy Water Polo

Ah water polo, miss it so much!

Even out of the water our guys find a way to stay in touch. 🇺🇸


For all the Duke HS kids...first one to BINGO gets free WP ball. Must text me proof of each activity. Will not accept actions prior to today.


Some bingo for your weekend.

Thanks KAP7 International, Inc.


USA Water Polo

Some great ideas for polo drills in the house. Please ask your parents before wrecking chaos by breaking an old keepsake that you didn’t think about.

With all this social distancing, you may be wondering how do I stay in shape without access to a pool?

No worries, Wolf Wigo of KAP7 International, Inc. has got you covered! Check out these cool games that can help keep your body ready!


USA Water Polo

Good info...

Dr. Naresh Rao and Ray Kreienkamp offer important articles on health and wellness in SkipShot magazine. Today, they share a few important reminders on health and wellness in challenging times. With no water polo on the schedule for a little while, they encourage keeping a schedule, self-care and more.

READ: https://usawaterpolo.org/news/2020/3/19/general-water-polo-wellness-in-challenging-times.aspx


Howdy Folks,
We made it thru the first week of pool & school closures. Hopefully you've had a chance to catch your breath and enjoy time with your family. The Duke staff definitely hopes every one stays healthy during this break!!

My amazing staff & I truly miss you & your kids, so this week the coaches worked on building GroupMe conversation groups for each of our DCA groups. Looks like PreComp/Dis group is off to a great start with Memes from Coach Thia & suggested YouTube video from Coach Art.
Finally, I am selling new water polo balls from our large inventory in storage. Cost $25 each. Two great reasons to buy a Duke water polo ball
1) The kids can use them to work on passing or as a substitute for a Medicine Ball in dry land routines.
2) It will build up some funds to pay our coaches in April.
Contact me via text if you want one: (505) 249-7725.


USA Water Polo

10 Gifts of Now
1. Best time of year to have off because we have time to recover from the last, long season and prepare for a possibly hectic summer season & JOs
2. Focus on forming a new habit - nutrition, meditation, stretching. Implement a new behavior and stick to it.
3. Get ahead on school work while you have the free time to get it done. Put down your phone!
4. Eat healthy...fuel your recovery & strength
5. Meditate, 15 minutes a day. Live from your heart, explore your self and strengthen your intentions.
6. Improve your range of motion - 15 minutes of stretching per day. Complete dry land exercises that focus on core & hips.
7. Improve hand/eye coordination - improve reaction time
8. Play with a ball every day - hand spins, wall ball, pass with a parent or sibling. Keep it interesting and challenging
9. Watch the games on YouTube or USA Water Polo: study great players, goalies, shots, & strategy. Get what works& why it works in your consciousness!
10. Reflect & appreciate. What went well this past season, what can you improve? As you look back, be grateful for all the tournaments & trips in vans with your teammates. It was an awesome year!

Water Polo coach and author Jack Bowen offers 10 thoughts for athletes spending more time at home and missing competition. Valuable insights to stay both mentally and physically engaged in trying times.



Degree Dash

After a nice break of recovering from an arduous season, I hope this is how happy the Dukesters feel when we return to the pool!

Not everything you see on Facebook has to be negative!

Share to brighten someones day


Fun teacher! Shhhh...I kept teaching my kids during summer break because it was FUN!

docs.google.com 03/15/2020

Virtual Field Trips

Some really cool websites with activities and games for kids!

docs.google.com Over 30 Virtual Field Trips with Links (Click on colored text for links. Safe Travels!) San Diego Zoo The San Diego Zoo has a website just for kids with amazing videos, activities, and games. Enjoy the tour! Yellowstone National Park Virtual Field Trip Mud Volcano, Mammoth Hot S...


I used to do this with my 3 kids during the summer, so they’d continue learning all year. Or at least reading and doing chores before they got on the computer (before cell phones and tablets).
If you need anything during this time while we all keep “social distance” please ask! If you need FaceTime lessons on fractions (always fun with cabin-fever kids) or proofreads because they’ve written an essay on “Moby Dick”, don’t hesitate to reach out to me!
Really, if you need eggs or just a voice on the phone, please call. If I don’t have solutions, I know someone who will. We are a tight-knit community that will support anyone in need.

We came across this creative sample schedule from Jessica McHale Photography that may help your family get through the next few weeks.

For more tips on adding structure and skill-building to home life during these uncertain times, check out this morning’s blog: https://nesca-newton.com/making-the-most-of-covid-19-school-closures/


Ok my apologies folks but I just learned the COA is shutting down all pool use immediately.

So no club practices, no HS workouts or games, no swim, no polo, no scuba. No birthday parties. Thru April 15.



Learn to Swim classes; professional instruction in competitive swimming & water polo for ages 5 to 99!



Albuquerque, NM

Opening Hours

Monday 4pm - 6pm
Tuesday 4pm - 6pm
Wednesday 4pm - 6pm
Thursday 4pm - 6pm
Friday 4pm - 6pm

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