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Triple the match! 💪🏻 😃
Hello cheat day! :D
Hello. I decided to join the 6 week challenge because first I want to lose weight and be healthy. I need something to help me, to push me and motivate me. I struggle a lot. Have kids, work from home and I’m always on the go. Sometimes forget to eat or I skip meals. I always put my self on the bottom on the list. I hope by doing this I can stay more motivated. I need to loose 20lbs.
Great work out today for lunch with Danny!
Some of the Santa’s elves after a hard workout !!!
My Elf team!!!
Great workout Chris!
Week 2! Let’s do this!!!
8 week challenge food: 1st weeks food—let’s get this party started!
Week 2 weigh in..
10 pounds OFF!
So excited!!
2nd week weigh in...
10 pounds off
3% body fat

Helping People achieve the body of their dreams through Exercise, Nutrition, and Accountability

Operating as usual


JUST UNDER 40 POUNDS LOST! Deanna Dawn Thielen Dopslaf has been a trooper! She has taken the guidance I have given her and has used it to lose just under 40 pounds! Yes weight loss was significant to her, but regaining her sense of pride was critical. She now steps on stages proud of herself and the way she looks and feels! She is a busy executive female entrepreneur that leads many people so she wanted to not only look but feel good and now she does! You inspire Deanna Dawn Thielen Dopslaf!

Give her some love in the comments below!

C.J.'s FItness Nugget of Knowledge: There are times in fitness when a finite timeframe must be established for certain goal attainment and milestones. Fitness overall though should have an infinite timeframe in order for you to sustain that which you achieve. Fitness is a lifelong journey that never stops! Change your perspective to this for the lifelong benefits of being fit!

I'd love to hear and discuss your story - text me at 505-370-7771, DM here, or schedule a call by clicking this link: https://link.pipelinepro.co/widget/bookings/shred


In this podcast, I touch on the fact that you can handle a lot more than you think you can mentally and physically, but it is imperative that your body and mind are healthy to do so. I invite you to listen in now:


Photos from Upward Motion Fitness and Nutrition's post 04/17/2023

This is Robin. She is an extremely busy professional (Chemist Scientists with the Labs) that has put all her efforts into her work and family. She finally decided to work on herself and joined Shred. She needed structure and accountability and has found both and a new supportive family united in fitness. She has now lost 10 inches on her waist and is down over 20 pounds.

Shred is not only about weight loss and inches; it is also about taking back control of your wellness and having my support as your trainer and the community that helps keep you accountable in achieving your goals. I invite you to try a session or two for FREE to see if it suits you! We meet during the week at 5 a.m., 7 a.m., 11:30 a.m., and 6 p.m. Saturdays at 7 a.m. for everyone's abs and deep stretch in the hot room. You may also find more information on the program by clicking here: https://shred.evolvstrong.com

If you are ready to talk to me directly - schedule a call here: https://link.pipelinepro.co/widget/bookings/shred

Congratulations Robin! I tell your story to inspire others to act like you!

Your Trainer - C.J.


Down 7 Inches

7 INCHES LOST ON HER WAIST, and unfortunately, her favorite pair of jeans no longer stay up on her waist! Vicki has taken my advice and has been a trooper by showing up 6 days a week in Shred and has done the work! She started because she found herself not able to get up off the floor while playing with her grandchildren. Now she can get up and down without a problem and she has gained amazing confidence and pride in herself again! Sorry about having to get new pants Vicki - it's an ugly by-product of losing all those inches and looking fabulous!

Schedule a FREE no-obligation call with me to discuss your fitness goals and see where it goes: https://link.pipelinepro.co/widget/bookings/shred


Down 60 Pounds!

DOWN 60 - SIXTY - POUNDS! Paula Osborne Gonzales is celebrating a HUGE milestone! She just hit over 60 pounds lost on her fitness journey. She has been on this journey for a minute and has used the power of the eVOLV Community along the way. A member of Shred, she has even received her eVOLV Instructor Training Certification and is beginning to share the love of eVOLV as an instructor. You inspire Paula!

Schedule a FREE no-obligation call with me to discuss your fitness goals and see where it goes: https://link.pipelinepro.co/widget/bookings/shred


Over 37 Pounds Down! Just after Christmas, Coach Adcox found himself with pants that no longer fit, out of breath, and stunned at what the scale said. He called me up and asked for my advice. Well - I gave him my secret recipe for success - he followed it without fail - and is now down over 37 pounds as of this morning! This is in less than 3 months! I hate to admit this too - he NEVER SET FOOT INTO EVOLV! You inspire Coach Adcox!

Coach and I go back many years as I have helped his high school football teams by providing preventive wellness/fitness services to keep them all on the field without sprains and strains! Slightly different than the AT work we do for the Gladiators but similar. Coach figured he also needed care for himself to stay in the game, and most importantly - he reached out!

I would love to help you out as well! All you have to do is reach out! Schedule a FREE call today by clicking here: https://link.pipelinepro.co/widget/bookings/shred

More information on my Shred program can be found here: https://shred.evolvstrong.com

New Session times are added at 7 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. daily starting April 10th!


175 Pounds Lost

OVER 175 POUNDS LOST - Combined with these individuals shown! If you want to compare - there should be 5 people, but one whole person has been lost regarding weight & size! Isn't that amazing?

The number one rule is consistency! Show up and do the work and allow me to guide you! This is your journey - I'm just a guide on it!

Congratulations Daniel Rat Ratliff, Mike M., Debi Cline, & Liz R.! You genuinely inspire!

I'd love to chat about your fitness journey and give you some free unadulterated advice! What do you have to lose? Oh, maybe the weight and inches you always wanted. Schedule a call today: https://link.pipelinepro.co/widget/bookings/shred

Photos from Upward Motion Fitness and Nutrition's post 03/22/2023

Deanna Dawn Thielen Dopslaf has lost over 11 inches on her waist since starting Shred. Deaana is an entrepreneur/business owner who has given her all to keep her business thriving. She realized she had to put similar energy into her health as well and joined Shred. Like all of us, she has had some up and downs and at times she has been frustrated with her results. The one thing she didn't do was give up! Looking at her pictures, she has made significant progress, and the type of progress that is sustainable and lasting! I am proud of you Deanna! Thank you for allowing me to be your trainer! You INSPIRE!

I offer no gimmicks, tricks or magic - I offer real work, real food, real guidance, real accountability, 25 years of knowledge and I seriously kick your ass into shape! If you want sustainable real results - hit me up! I'm pretty easy to talk to and talking is always FREE! Schedule a 20 minute chat to see if I can help with your frustrations! https://api.leadconnectorhq.com/widget/bookings/shred

Photos from Upward Motion Fitness and Nutrition's post 03/21/2023

Congratulations Vicki! Down 12 Pounds & 5 Inches off that waist!

Vicki found herself on the floor and unable to get up as she used to. All she wanted was to regain that ability when she started Shred. She did not realize how many other benefits and firsts would come when she became consistent by showing up daily and doing the work. She can now do a full squat to the floor and get up independently. She now does full sit-ups continuously without hesitation or delay for over one minute and is amazed at how easy it is to tie her shoes when standing! It is a joy having you in my Shred program Vicki! Congratulations - you inspire!

I am passionate about helping those who feel lost and unable to regain their confidence one burpee at a time! LOL! Schedule a FREE call with me today to discuss your situation and get advice from this old dog! It may just change your life!



This right here is amazeballs. Congratulations Robin! You have done the work and it is paying off! Proud to be your trainer!


So this little girl was celebrating her mom Teresa Strain's weight loss of over 7 pounds in just 2 weeks of rejoining SHRED! Teresa is a virtual member and does her workouts live via Zoom from her home, so she is close to her daughter! She is a dedicated mother who has taken control of her health and is doing phenomenally! You inspire Teresa! Super proud of you, as I can see your daughter is too!

Teresa understands the importance of caring for her health to be present and participate in her daughter's adventures growing up and into adulthood!

Can you say with conviction that you can do the same with your kids and grandkids? If not - I stand ready to help you too in getting you to a point where you are confident in your future plans!

Chat me up here, text me at 505-370-7771, or e-mail me at [email protected] to discuss your situation and see how I can help!


14 Pounds down in 6 weeks and feeling fantastic! Maggie has been with me for over 16 years! She cheated on me for 3 of those but finally came home and now is back down and below her goal weight! LOL 😂 Kidding aside - Super Proud of You Maggie! You inspire!

Maggie is part of my private training group within eVOLV called Shred! It offers the accountability, push, and consistency you need to effect change! 10 pound weight loss and 5 inches off your waist in the first 28 days GUARANTEED!

Message me today 505-370-7771 or email me [email protected] - Let’s discuss your situation and get you the results you desire!


Did you know that by simply contracting your muscles, you release a molecule into your system that provides feelings of hope? In this podcast, I discuss this amazing process! Listen in here: https://rss.com/podcasts/evolvstrong/838042/


In this podcast I tell the story of Jeff Erway and how after a 90 pound weight loss and a new focus on his health how he has become unstoppable! I tell his story to inspire! Listen in! Click here now: https://rss.com/podcasts/evolvstrong/848846/

Photos from Upward Motion Fitness and Nutrition's post 03/01/2023

Congratulations Shane D! 20 Pounds down and doing fantastic in your eVOLV Strong ROP Challenge! We are super proud of your hard work and determination. It is paying off! You Inspire!

Reach out today to start your weight-loss journey. We stand ready to help! 100% success guaranteed! [email protected] or text 505-370-7771


Jose Velasco is 10 years sober and has transformed his body into a man of steel! Dude - the picture is worth a thousand words! You have shown up online daily, and you do the work. Although you make tons of Cinemax After Dark noises online that drive the ladies mad - you have done the hard work, and it has paid off! I congratulate you, and I commend you on a job well done!

Jose is a Shred participant out of Silver City, NM. He is an online Shred'r! Yes, Shred is 100% virtual and accessible from anywhere in the world and is live at 5 a.m. and 6 p.m. MST every weekday! You, too, can get these kinds of results if you reach out! March is here, and I only have PM slots available. Hit me up by emailing [email protected] or by texting 505-370-7771.


I had to ask permission to post this picture from Ms. Debi Cline! The picture on the left was at the beginning of her Shred journey with me, and she cried, kicked, and was super mad she had to take that picture! The one on the right is from this morning when she didn't even blink an eye!

Her intent and I's is to inspire those who feel stuck and think they have tried everything! This picture represents GRIT, CONSISTENCY & DETERMINATION! It represents HOPE! Debi, thank you for allowing me to share your fitness story. Down now, over 110 pounds!

The eVOLV Community is second to none in support, accountability, and friendship! The Shred group is one of many within eVOLV. It is a group dedicated to continually improving themselves no matter their stage. Some find daily stress relief, some find weight loss, some find strength, some find it a good start to the day, and it means something different to everyone in the group!

March AM is sold out. I have a couple more PM slots available that will be gone shortly! If you are ready to get results like Debi and be supported the entire way - e-mail me now at [email protected] or text 505-370-7771.


We are growing again! We need good people to grow with us! We will train you how to be great! All you need is a great attitude and a willingness to learn! E-mail us today [email protected] or text us 505-370-7771. Please share if you know of folks that would be great on our team!

Photos from Upward Motion Fitness and Nutrition's post 02/19/2023

12 Pounds Down & 5 Inches off the Waist in 3 Weeks!!! Yes, 3 Weeks! Randall is literally working his ass off! Well, not really. He is making his ass look better! LOL! What he is doing is showing up and doing the work! We are proud of you, Randall! You inspire!

Shred March is starting soon! [email protected] for more info or text 505-370-7771! I would love to have you with us!

Guaranteed Results - 10 pounds & 5 inches in 28 days! https://shred.evolvstrong.com

Photos from Upward Motion Fitness and Nutrition's post 02/17/2023

I am going to brag a bit - please don't mind!
THIS IS ONLY 3 WEEKS INTO SHRED! 10 pounds down & 4 inches off the waist already! Congratulations Mike! You showed up, and you did the work! You even enjoyed Super Bowl like a pro! You inspire Mike! Appreciate you allowing me to be part of your fitness journey!

Shred March will fill up quickly and is almost at capacity already! If you would like to confirm your spot - reach out NOW! [email protected] or text 505-370-7771! I'd love to have you! Guaranteed results! 10 pounds and 5 inches off the waist are the norms!

- The best investment you can make in yourself!


I saw a dead man, just murdered, on the road to work yesterday! Life is going to happen with our without you! I discuss this topic in my newest podcast! Listen in here:

Photos from Upward Motion Fitness and Nutrition's post 02/06/2023

🤜6 Inches off of her waist
🤜 10 Pounds Lost
🤜 Feeling Absolutely Unstoppable Now!!!
This was all done in 4 Weeks! You showed up and did that work Tarah Shawn! Congratulations - You inspire!

Tarah completed my 4-week intensive Shred program where she showed up 6 days a week for an hour ass whooping, followed my guidance on her nutrition, did the daily homework, and kept going. Just look at her results in ONLY 4 WEEKS! Are you ready for GUARANTEED RESULTS?

Hit me up today to reserve your spot! We are on a waitlist now - but get in the Cue! We can immediately get you started in the regular classes, which may be a good transition! So please don't wait! [email protected] or message me directly here!


This is Vicki! She begin Februarys Shred program Monday. She onnly was able to do crunches to begin. She also disclosed she hadn't been ablee to do a full sit-up since high school. 4 days into Shred - She did a FULL Sit-Up! She was amazed and cried a little! You inspire Vicki!

Vicki is also down 1.5 inches as well around her waist! She has shown up daily and has done the work! Shred has helped her achieve what she thought unimaginable a few weeks ago!

Also can you hear her team cheer her on in the background? Amazing support!

Https://shred.evolvstrong.com reach out today!


NINE (9) Pounds down in 1 Week! Yes - 1 Week! Congratulations Dalton! You Inspire!

Rise of Phoenix is well under way and the participants are making amazing progress!

You too can get these type of results guaranteed! You just have to reach out! Let me make this easy - show up Saturday at 9 am for Shock (my freestyle Cardiobox class) or Sunday 9 am for a Slow Flow and Deep Stretch in the hot room - Complimentary! See what it is all about! I’m teaching both!

More info on our programs here: https://evolvstrong.com


I talk about my own experiences of wanting to give up right before a breakthrough occurs and my client's stories in this podcast. I touch on essential aspects of how to handle these cycles of life.​ I invite you to listen in!​




Over 50 pounds down and for the first time in her life, Paula Osborne Gonzales can now do Burpees! She once looked at others and always admired their strength. Now she takes pride in having strength of her own! You inspire Paula! Super freaking proud of you!

When I first met Paula, she had already started her fitness journey and was well on her way, but she still had hesitation in her own abilities. Her weight was seriously "weighing" her down. What she did possess was her strong spirit for improving and her persistence to get it done. Now, look at her!

This can be you too! Just like I believed in Paula, I believe in all my clients. Sometimes that is all you need. Someone to believe in you!

Shred February is starting soon! The AM slots are full, and I cannot take any more clients in the morning. I CAN TAKE CLIENTS IN THE EVENING SLOTS! Not for long, though! This program always sells out! Hit me up - 10 pounds and 5 inches off the waist in 28 days - GUARANTEED! https://evolvstrong.com and hit the Shred button for more information!

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