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What are you “waiting” for?

$10K months?

To be making “consistent” income?

To talk to every coach (out of millions) out there to make sure I’m the one?

To not feel terrified to pay someone $1500 a month for 5 months?

To prove to yourself that you’re capable of getting an ROI?

To FEEL ready?

Nope, that’s not how this works.

Instead, you decide you’re ready, you make the leap, and the Universe supports you as you fu***ng freefall.

You’re never going to feel ready. You just get to decide you are.

You get to break the pattern of “waiting” or “indeciceveness.” Because truly, how long has this pattern been holding you back (and where else in your life!)?

Right now is the time to choose a different path… the path to those $10K months, consistent income, coming up with the money month after month, and proving to yourself that you can do it.

I’m giving away 5 Confidence Breakthrough Sessions this week to unlock the one thing holding you back from your $5K months.

Grab that call (and we will also talk about working together) here >>

XO Lacey

P.S. My prices are going wayyyyy up in February, so don’t hesitate on this one.
Here’s the first picture I ever posted in my FB group almost 4 years ago AND a picture I shared this past month on social media.

Like, who is that confident, sexy bitch? And is she the same woman who hated her body and wanted to cover up as much as possible in every photo taken?

Oh, it’s me. And I will own it and brag about it- because I’ve continued to do my self-love, self-worth, and confidence work day after day for yeeaarrss to get here.

Queue the Selfies to Sales Challenge!

I am SOOOO excited about our ‘Selfies to Sales Challenge’ starting this weekend!

👉I want every woman I know, entrepreneur or not, who doesn’t always love the way they look on camera or in the mirror in for THIS CHALLENGE!👈

Because here’s the thing… yes, having the confidence to show up and be seen WILL help you make more money in your biz but more importantly it will help you feel better about yourself.

That’s why I want all the shy, “I could never do a bo***ir shoot,” hiding, playing small, talking s**t to yourself bi***es in for this!

Come join us in the FB group and bring ALLL your friends >>

Seriously, invite every woman you know- your mom, your sister, your best friend, your biz bestie… we start Sunday!


P.S. I don’t care if you never share a half naked/lingerie pic online, but wouldn’t it be cool if you felt confident enough that you COULD?✨✨
Lacey Nagar is a confidence & visibility coach, author, and mentor who believes that women can create the business, career, and lifestyle of their dreams while doing only what they love, and enjoying the journey along the way. Her focus is on visibility - because Lacey knows first-hand just how important it is to put ourselves out there and share our message, gifts, and healing with the world. ⭐️ ⁣

In today’s episode she shares her journey of being diagnosed with a chronic, progressive muscle disorder at the age of 12. She felt like she was in a bad dream - she wasn’t comfortable with herself, or her body. She tried for years to hide that was anything was wrong with her - she didn’t want the attention that came with being “different.” She was told that over time she wouldn’t be able to walk - it was her willpower, and mindset, that kept her going. ⁣
To learn more about Lacey and today’s episode, visit


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Helping entrepreneurs confidently show up and sell daily so they can make more money in their biz. Confidence=cash. Turns out, it's not about the strategy.

Hop on over to the private fb group for more confidence & visibility resources and support. Some free resources for you (hop on over to the FB group for more!):
(Free guide to help you bust through the barriers holding you back from stepping into your spotlight)
(FREE call to help you discover what is unconsciously sabotaging your $5K-$10K months)

Operating as usual


The one different action I took the week before my first $50k sales day. 🙌 (8-min video)


The thing that I often do FIRST with my clients,

While working on their offer, content, sales process,

Is the CONFIDENCE work in the background.

And one of my favorite ways to do this is journal prompts.

So here’s one for you if you’re struggling with getting your offer out there/selling:

>>20 reasons my program is worth WAYYYYY more than X (the amount you’re currently charging).

Use this same prompt every day for 7 days.

This will help you with getting more clear on the value of your offer, help you create content AND help you when selling/handling objections.


XO Lacey
The Confidence Temptress


Why you’re missing out if you aren’t hanging out at the “Get Bare, and sell” multi-week event… you’re missing:

Magnetizing content prompts for your offer
How to structure your offer/decide on pricing
How to handle objections with ease
What to double down on in your content ;)
How to bring more pleasure and fun to your launch (and also general biz strategy)
What to do when you feel a slump
How to tweak something that isn’t working quite as you’d like
The exact confidence and mindset work to do in the background
The backend things to be doing before and during your launch
How to create urgency
How to not forget about your partnership(s) and/or health while you’re launching
… and more.

I’m showing you exactly how I use my 3-part framework of Confidence, Content, and Consistency to show up and sell in my business (specifically a brand NEW program launch!).

>>Even if you don’t want in on the Mastermind (although, it’s going to be f**king amazing), you can still take what you learn from this event to solidify your business strategy and/or next launch strategy.

You in?

We started April 4th and I’ll be live sharing all my juicy secrets (+ what’s working well and isn’t working so well in my real time launch) on Mondays at 5:30pm EST for 5 weeks!!

You can join us here >>

I’ll also leave a few minutes for questions each week so you can support you even further.


Have you ever wondered what it looks like behind the scenes of a brand NEW program launch? I mean, realllyyy looks?

How about selling anything new?

Really want to know what fears and doubts are running through her head?

Curious if you’re the only one who loses steam half way through?

Not even really sure what to do strategically?

Worried you’re forgetting something?

If yes, I want you to join me for the next few weeks of the BTS, in real time, ‘Bare Mastermind’ Launch event: “Get Bare, and sell.”

>>Each week I’m sharing with you exactly what I’m doing with my confidence, content, and consistency (my 3-part framework) to rock this launch.

I’ll share journal prompts I’m using.

How I’m creating content.

How I’m talking about my offer.

How I am tweaking (if I am).

How I’m staying consistent when I wobble or really don’t want to be consistent.

I’ll also be sharing how I’m using this 3-part framework to keep my relationship thriving during this time (bc I have been notorious for putting relationships on the back burner to my business in the past).

If you want to come join us (and why wouldn’t you?) get in the FB group right here >>

We started April 4th so get on in there!

XO Lacey
The Confidence Temptress


One of the best tools to get behind your new offer (so you can convert more)- takes 10 mins a day 😘


Your people need you.

They’re waiting for your offer.

They want to work with you.

They’re ready to pay your exact prices.

But they have to know you’re there/what your offer is before they can buy.

Keep going.

XO Lacey
The Confidence Temptress


Been curious how my 3-part framework of Confidence, Content, and Consistency can actually help in business and relationships?

I’m taking you behind the scenes, in real time, of a launch for a brand NEW Mastermind to show you. ;)

Each week for the next 5 weeks I’ll be walking you through exactly what I’m doing…

In the background with my confidence and mindset,
With and in my content and offer,
And for consistency in order to sell out this program.

I’m not holding anything back and will be sharing the good, the bad, the juicy, the embarrassing, and the ugly of what’s going on from week to week.


Come hang with us in the FB group for the next few weeks to check it out >>

XO Lacey
The Confidence Temptress


“When I talk this out [my offer], I can totally see the value in it!”


That’s why I love talking to people about their program/product/service.

Because it IS valuable, and I’ll reflect that back to you, too.

If you’re second guessing yourself, changing your prices back and forth, or otherwise indecisive…

If you’d really love some more confidence around your offer…

>>Book your free ‘Offer Audit’ with me:

Tell me all about what you’re selling and where you’re stuck.
We’ll talk it out and have you feeling confident enough to put it out there in 24 hours.

Book that call right here >>

XO Lacey
The Confidence Temptress


I dare you NOT to price your programs based on value and your experience- here’s why (and what to do instead) 11-min video


A really simple way to decide the price of your offer/program:

How much money do you want to bring in each month?

How many clients do you feel like you can support/hold/have time for?

What does that mean for your prices?

There, done. ;)

XO Lacey
The Confidence Temptress

P.S. Then you can go do the confidence and mindset work to get behind the price if it feels stretchy or even crazy. You got this.


I often get downloads for programs or challenges or offers… and in the past maybe I would sit on it and hmmm and hawww for a few weeks or months.

But now?

I usually put something out about it within the HOUR (or at the very least the day).

I’m gonna show you how I do this- and how I help my clients do this…

Without feeling paralyzed by perfectionism.

Or worrying it’s dumb and no one will sign up so I shouldn’t do it.

Or feeling like I can’t talk about it until it’s “ready.”

You’re done with all that.
You’re ready to bring in more cash and clients.

If you’re ready to worry less about how it looks and being perfect because you want sustainable income in your business…

Get your cute butt on a free Offer Audit call with me >>

XO Lacey
The Confidence Temptress


No, you don’t need to have all your modules recorded before you make your offer.

Nope, you don’t need to grow your audience for months first, either.

No, you don’t need to feel “ready” or “done” to get your offer out there.

You just put it out there.

Free, paid, opt-in, low ticket, high ticket…

What if you just started making the offer NOW, and work on creating it while you’re making offers and giving value?

What if you put it out there TOMORROW, and then got behind it more and more as you post/talk about it.

I see so many women putting off their offer for months because it’s not “ready” or they aren’t finished with it, yet.

Just put it out there. It gets easier the more you do it, so why not start now??

Do it. You’ve got this.

And if you don’t- hop on a free Offer Audit Call with me and you can get my eyes and feedback on your offer so you can get it out there in 24 hours.

Book that call here >>

XO Lacey
The Confidence Temptress


I dare you to get clear on your strategy first (and then you can focus on confidence, mindset, pleasure) + 2 tips to do this (5 min video)


See women charging $1,000, $1,500, $5000 a month but can’t seem to raise your prices over $500 without wanting to puke?

Even though you know your work is powerful and life changing and gives you butterflies in your stomach?

Feeling frustrated that you still aren’t making the money you want- even if you DO have a bunch of clients?

I see it all the time- you’re absolutely not alone.

And, you can be charging more- right now.

If you want to be charging more but are getting held back, you can still grab your free ‘Offer Audit’ call right here >>

We’ll talk it out and I promise, by the end, you will see the tremendous value of your program/product/service.

XO Lacey
The Confidence Temptress

P.S. My clients/humans I talk to put there offers out within 24 hours of us talking ALLLL the time- if you’ve been sitting on an offer for a while, this is for you. >


“How do I know how much value content to give vs. selling content?”

My answer: it totally depends.

If you’re in launch mode (free or paid), I want you selling daily.

Even if it’s just a call to action at the bottom of a “value” post. It can be something as simple as: book a call with me to chat more about it.

And, if you’re feeling squeamish about selling daily (or too much)- I would say do MORE of it. ;)

If you’re writing sales posts 2x a week- make it 3.

Bottom line- you’re a business owner and you gotta sell your s**t.

Don’t discount all the value you give everywhere (videos, posts, podcasts, challenges/webinars, answering questions, etc.). I promise, you’re giving more than you think- even if you’re selling.

Let me know below- how much of your content is sales vs. “value?” (p.s. You selling is still value).

XO Lacey
The Confidence Temptress

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