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Our Registered Dietitians are dedicated to providing the best possible individual and group nutrition education and counseling. Nutrition is a rapidly changing field of science, and finding accurate recommendations for healthy diets can be difficult in modern day society. Let us do the work for you! By staying up to date with current nutrition information, our dietitians can help you to discover p

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Meet the Staff Monday!
Name: Bryn Smith
Position: Registered Dietitian
Hobbies: Hiking, biking, board games, and puzzles.
Fun Fact: I lived in Florence, Italy for 4 weeks and took a cooking class while I was there.


Meet the Staff Monday!
Name: Jessika Brown
Position: Director of Nutrition Services
Hobbies: Pretending like every day is halloween with my 3 and 5 year-old, camping, and starting new projects!
Fun Fact: I have bungee jumped off the (second) highest bungee in the world- 134m!

UNM football: Putting weight on the line 02/26/2020

UNM football: Putting weight on the line

Please check out this fantastic article by Steve Virgen about Jessika Brown and Liz Stuart advising the UNM football team on eating habits.

UNM football: Putting weight on the line When Jessika Brown and Liz Stuart of Dietitians ABQ visited the University of New Mexico offensive l ...

Nutrition experts flabbergasted by 'diet culture' - New Mexico News Port 05/14/2019

Nutrition experts flabbergasted by 'diet culture' - New Mexico News Port

Please check out this amazing interview by Elaina Jameson! She does an excellent job at sharing what it is we do here at DABQ!

Nutrition experts flabbergasted by 'diet culture' - New Mexico News Port By Elaina Jameson / NM News Port/ From social media to pop culture, research shows millennials, born between 1981 and 1996, may be overly influenced by physical looks and negative stereotypes. Researchers have found a strong association between social media and young people’s body image, which can...



WE ARE CLOSED DUE TO WEATHER! All appointments and programs are canceled for today! We will reopen tomorrow.


As of 8:00 am 2/19 we will be opening at 12:00. Please keep checking our social media and/or website for updated information. If you have an appointment before noon today your appointment is canceled and we will contact you to reschedule.


We are on a two hour delay! We will be opening at 10 am! If you had an appointment before 10 am your appointment will be canceled and we will contact you to reschedule.


Happy Tuesday Everyone!


Welcome to Dietitians ABQ!

Check out our amazing new promo video! If you or a loved one would like to become a new client here at DABQ, please call us at

Photos from Dietitiansabq's post 01/22/2019

Some close up images of our tables from Friday nights Adult Night at Explora!


We had so much fun at Explora Adult Night!


Join us this Friday at Explora for adult night! Doors open at 6:30!


Come out this Friday night to The Bosque School for a special showing of the movie "Embrace," and a special guest panel with our own Clinical Counselor, Kimberly Payne and Registered Dietitian, Liz Fox!
Message from Bosque school:
"Join Bosque's Service Learning Group "Woman's Empowerment League" (WEL) for this powerful film screening of "Embrace" followed by a panel discussion on body image and media literacy. It's free and open to the wider community. Students under 14 must attend with an adult. Donations welcome and refreshments will be sold; proceeds will support future WEL program initiatives.

WEL is dedicated to opening conversations intended to dismantle the hurtful dialogue we observe as normative practices in our world, such as body shaming, objectification, and the verbal degradation of women, femmes, and gender non-binary individuals. We strive to shift this culture with more empathetic dialogue that promotes equity and the foundation of genuine, mutual relationships. This is why we chose to show the movie "Embrace", which follows a woman on her mission to present stories belonging to those who have not always celebrated or felt worthwhile in their bodies.

We believe that people from all walks of life are at risk when they exist in a society that is constantly showing them images--images they are expected to compare themselves to--that are not necessarily realistic and are held at greater esteem than the images that are reflective of reality. Embrace is a movie that tells us it's okay to look however we do, to have whatever body we have, to change what we want to change and not change what we don't--that this is beautiful, not just okay."


We had such a fun morning with KRQE News 13
If you missed our Director of Nutritional Services, Jessika, click the link below!…


As of Tuesday, January 1st 6:30 pm we will be opening at 10:00 AM Wednesday, January 2nd. Please stay tuned to our facebook and instagram for further updates and possible time changes based on weather.


We love what we do! Let us help you become the best you can be!


At DABQ our goal is to provide patient centered nutrition counseling to help find practical lifestyle solutions that will work for you! If you are interested in making an appointment with one of our dietitians, please call us at 505-273-2754.


A big thank you to the Bosque Preparatory School for inviting us to their Living Library! We were able to talk with young students about body image and social media influences!


We are so excited to have our Certified Specialists in Sports Dietetics partner with the University of New Mexico Athletics Department! Great things to come!


Winter is Here! New blog post now on our website! Check it out for some great tips to keep you healthy this Winter!


Check out this weeks tip at


Its officially November! Here at DABQ that means a whole new round of tips and blogs for the upcoming Holidays! Stay tuned weekly for Blog Wednesdays and Tip Tuesdays!


Thanks to our friends at for this amazing Info-Graphic!


Thank you Performance Ranch for a great night!
If you missed the event, not to worry, shoot us a direct message (link below) and we will reply with a info-graphic with everything you need to know so you too can be


Come check it out! The Performance Ranch


Tip Tuesday: October is usually the time of year when we start to make the transition to some cooler weather dishes, like chili, roasts and stews. These dishes can be a great way to utilize ingredients left over in the refrigerator and pantry. This can be a low cost option! Keep in mind when planning your meals, these combination dishes can incorporate multiple food groups (starches, protein, vegetables, ect.) and are a great way to increase the variety in your daily intake. Aim to get three different foods in at each meal and two at snacks to try to meet your nutrition needs!
Try these recipes this fall with family and friends!
"Light" Pot Roast:

Meatless Chili:

Chicken & Rice Stew:

Albuquerque International Balloon Festival! 10/11/2018

Albuquerque International Balloon Festival!

This just in!
Need help navigating the many tasty Balloon Fiesta meal options? Well you are in luck, check out this weeks blog post
for some helpful tips!

Albuquerque International Balloon Festival! As you may have noticed, this week marks the beginning of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta! What a great opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy the weather with family and friends. Before you leave home, take a few minutes to consider how to balance your intake with


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Happy October from us here at Dietitians ABQ! Please enjoy this tasty fall tip!


Breakfast – MYTH or FACT?
1. MYTH—Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
FACT – while eating within 1 hour of waking is recommended, all meals/snacks are equally important over the course of the day!
2. MYTH—If I eat carbohydrate at breakfast, I’ll store it as fat.
FACT– high fiber carbohydrate foods, like 100% whole grain toast, cereal, or oatmeal are great, satiating options for breakfast. After not eating for many hours while asleep, when you wake up your blood sugar (and brain) is low – that long lasting carbohydrate source at breakfast will help wake your body and brain up!
3. Including my “sweet treat” at breakfast may help reduce the after dinner sweet craving
FACT – anecdotal research has shown that for people struggling with high calorie/fat/sugar foods after dinner, including a portioned sweet treat at breakfast or morning snack, can help to reduce the likelihood of a late night craving, and may also help to reduce the portion consumed!
4. MYTH—If I want to lose weight, I should skip breakfast.
FACT—most research shows that eating a balanced, calorie appropriate meal within 1 hour of waking actually helps with weight loss. It normalizes your blood sugar levels first thing in the morning, and helps to prevent you from overeating at a later/meal snack.

By Liz Fox, LD, RD, CSSD

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