New Mexico Shotokan Karate, Albuquerque, NM Video December 7, 2015, 2:07am

Videos by New Mexico Shotokan Karate in Albuquerque. Over 20 years in ABQ, the premiere location for a mix of classical martial arts training. Health, Exercise, Self-Defense for kids and adults alike!

Nice kata Olowan

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Nice kata Olowan

Great job Celia RobinsonOkinawa Meibukan Albuquerque

Nice Jump

Sensei Paul a true Beast

Manerd & Brandon

There Mobbing my Son

This is Will putting his two sports together! That's my Boy! Take State Eldorado!!

Happy New Year

My son William helping teach Sensei to shoot clays. Training was great the next day ,with the sun burn he got ! Ha Ha

Okinawan redneck !!!

Ikemiyagi Sensei getting his Renneck on! Good times!!!!

Karate kids

For to love GoJu

Meibukan Jo Chu Ge

New Mexico Meibukan summer camp