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Photos from No Boundaries Fitness's post 03/29/2020

Awesome workout at the park. With these strong ladies. Honoring QT.


1 spot left for 3/29. We will be hosting regular classes. Limited to 5 including the instruction:

Kimberlee Kavasch with NBF, a health and fitness professional, will be holding a strength/cardio class in the one of the parks in the foothills on Sunday 3/29 at 8am. In order to adhere to the social distancing mandate, the class will be limited to 5 participants. The class is $10 per person. Please message if you would like to reserve a spot and we will provide details. First come, first served. Come join us (but stay 6 feet away, of course) and enjoy the fresh air.


2019 is approaching! Let's support each other and use common sense when it comes to healthy living!
I am here if you need assistance!!


Real Food Isn’t Complicated

Most of what people eat these days does not qualify as real food. Real food is nutritious and it literally fuels our body. Simply put, real food comes either from something that grows in the dirt or in the water or something that walks, swims, or flies.
Over the years we have shifted from an agricultural society to an industrialized one and now we live in a fast paced, technology driven society. Our foods have traveled a similar path. We have become so far removed form our natural food sources that many people do not know how to tell real food from fake food.
Let’s make some sense of our foods.

There are only two types of real food. The first kind consists of only one ingredient. For meat we have chicken, beef, fish, turkey, elk, venison, etc. For vegetables we have cucumbers, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, peppers, etc. For fruit we have apples, bananas, oranges, grapes, avocado, melon, berries, etc.
Let’s not forget Nuts, seeds, legumes, and grains.
Every one of these foods is one complete ingredient: the food itself. When you look at the label it says, “chicken” or it says, “apples”. That’s it.

The second kind of real food may consist of more than one ingredient, but will have a list of ingredients that looks like this example:

Walter’s Wonderful Soup ingredients: chicken, celery, onions, sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil, diced tomatoes, garlic, thyme, rosemary, oregano, basil, savory, sage, and water. If you took each ingredient by itself, it would be a whole food. Go look at a typical soup label at your grocery store. It will most likely be full of ingredients you can’t pronounce. Those “mystery” ingredients do not come from a natural source.

Get started with real food. It’s simple.
Step 1: Go look in your cupboards, refrigerator, and freezer. Discard or donate anything that is not a real, whole food or combination of whole foods. If there’s no junk food in your home, there’s no junk food to eat for a meal or snack.
Step 2: Make a grocery list of real foods and buy only what is on your list. Ideally, your grocery list should be based on a weekly meal plan. If you are struggling with your list either schedule with me, do an online search for “whole food shopping lists”, or search your app store.
Step 3: Go grocery shopping and relish in the fact that you are taking your power back

Always remember that you are what you eat!

Love Yourself, Own Your Life - Dr. Low Dog 05/23/2017

Love Yourself, Own Your Life - Dr. Low Dog

Words of wisdom from one of my most inspirational teachers, Dr. Low Dog

Love Yourself, Own Your Life - Dr. Low Dog Tieraona Low Dog, M.D. discusses the importance of fostering an underlying love for our own bodies through a journey toward healing, health and wholeness.

Defined4Life 12/08/2016


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Your body works just fine. Otherwise you wouldn’t be alive.
In fact, your body works magnificently. You’re lucky your body is so damn clever. If you don’t like the output your body is giving you, fix the input. That means everything: your food, your thoughts, your feelings, and your life. Your body is smarter than you. It has millions of years of experience handling your s**t. Let it do its job, and if it’s telling you it needs help, or that you’re doing something stupid, listen.

Your body can’t talk, so you have to learn its language. Pain is a language. Food and eating is a language. Anxiety, fear, and distress is a language. Disease is a language. Listen to what your body is saying. Always assume your body is looking out for you, even if its actions seem misguided. There’s a reason it does or says what it does. Figure out the logic and you’ll know what to do with yourself. Make friends with your body. All it wants is to keep you alive, and to be loved.


What Message Are You Giving your Physical and Mental Self?!

Have you ever contemplated what your motivation is?
Are you moving towards something or away from something? In other words, are you running toward “X” or away from “Y”?
The question forces us to examine our most basic motivations.
Are we running away from obesity and disease or towards vitality? Are we running away from insignificance or towards a sense of integration? Are we fleeing a gnawing sense of insecurity and impermanence or moving towards a life of balance and equanimity? Even if we never lace up a pair of running shoes, it’s essential that we recognize and understand the difference. Overlapping motivations are common in the human race and our drives change day to day, minute to minute. Nevertheless, it’s critical to know what we are doing and why?

This is no trivial philosophical matter. It’s safe to assume that running from has a completely different neuro-endocrine profile than running to. Likewise, it’s safe to assume that each has fundamentally different long-term health effects. It’s also safe to assume that running from and running to will have completely different life outcomes.

Obviously, there are times in our lives when running from is perfectly adaptive and sensible. In fact, the reason we’re here today is that we’re pretty good at doing just that; our ancestral environment was, as they say, a “predator-rich environment.” But today we know that autonomic health is a matter of proportion and duration. Chronic activation of fear, aversion and the fight-flight response bathes our tissues in cortisol and other stress hormones. Over time, this exposure degrades our health and makes us vulnerable to lifestyle diseases such as metabolic syndrome, obesity, depression and neurological degradation. Even worse, it degrades our attitudes and our spirit.

Running to on the other hand, is an approach behavior that reflects our curiosity and the desire for encounter and embrace. In this state, we’re pumping oxytocin and other hormones that encourage trust, affiliation, curiosity and bonding. The problem with compulsively running from is that it exacerbates a reactive and fearful world view. Our behavior shapes our consciousness: My body is running away, therefore the world must be a dangerous place. In contrast, running to shapes a view of a world that is promising, interesting and attractive.

So forget about sets, reps and mileage for the moment and ask yourself some fundamental questions about what’s moving you. If you can’t answer these questions, it doesn’t really matter what your numbers say; your BMI, VO2 Max, marathon time and personal best in the squat won’t mean squat. If you’re chronically fleeing, you may want to have another look at what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. There are real tigers out there in the world, but not nearly so many as your imagination might suppose. Find something beautiful, meaningful and powerful and run towards it; things will work out much better in the long run.

-From Frank Forencich
A multi-disciplinary, integrative approach to performance and health. Ideas and resources to reinvigorate your body and your organization.


No Boundaries Fitness is offering holiday specials on training packages. Free nutritional assessment and functional movement screen are included. Give a gift that promotes health. Message me for pricing.


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Advanced Kettlebell Conditioning begins Tuesday, January 22 at 8am. Message me for details


No Boundaries Fitness is finishing up its Lactate Threshold Training next week. Starting April 5, Join Stephanie Pier and Kim Kaavsch for "Bells and Straps". Every Tuesday and Thursday evening outside at the JCC, 5:30 to 6:30.


March 24, 2011

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