Apsco NM Golf Carts

APSCO Club Car has been serving New Mexico and El Paso for 20 years. We carry several different vehicles, Golf Cars, People Movers, Utility Vehicles, 4x4's, Scooters, and ATV's.

We also service all the major brands in the market.

Operating as usual

[10/30/18]   SPECIAL EDITIONS.
Our special edition Onward® PTVs bring a signature look to the best golf cart on the market!

But when a special edition runs out, it's gone forever. Take a look at currently-available vehicles or view some past editions to get creative ideas for your own.

[10/23/18]   Do you ever feel like you’d be able to take your family on more vacations if you didn’t always have to bear the expense of pricy accommodations? Whether you’re vacationing at a nearby lake or heading cross country, traveling in an RV could be an affordable option.

[10/04/18]   Class B or van camper RVs are one of the most popular and versatile configurations. They offer many of the most desirable conveniences in a compact and maneuverable vehicle that’s well suited to camping, getaway weekends and day trips.

[09/20/18]   If you will be performing minor maintenance on your RV or camper yourself, check with us for certified parts. Using certified parts will not void the terms of your warranty, and they are the best replacement equipment for your vehicle.

[09/18/18]   Many families use their RV year round for a variety of purposes, not just vacation travel. They’re popular for sports tailgate parties and work or hobby-based travel to conferences, events, antique shows, and more.

[09/04/18]   Do you ever feel bad about leaving your pets behind when you travel? An RV solves this problem, because you can take your dog, cat, or other small animal with you. Most pets adjust quickly to RV travel and enjoy being part of your adventure.

[08/30/18]   In the RV industry, there are three main types of motor homes. The largest ones are usually classified as Type A, the smallest are classified as Type B or camper vans, and those in the mid-sized range are classified as Type C.

[08/28/18]   GPS systems, prevalent in most new passenger automobiles, are now working their way into the cockpits of most new RVs. No need to ever get lost on the road again with this latest innovation in technology.

[08/23/18]   Keep a checklist of required maintenance. You should have one for winterizing your RV and one for getting it ready in the spring or summer. Developing a maintenance routine identifies potential problems that interfere with a relaxing vacation.

[08/21/18]   Although many people assume RVs are for retirees, the median age of owners nationwide is 49 years old. Many families choose to purchase an RV because they are easy to maintain, are self-contained, and allow owners to travel at their own pace.

[08/16/18]   In RVs, condensation occurs when warm moisture-laden air comes into contact with the cold window glass. You can avoid this by keeping a roof vent open to reduce humidity levels. In addition, a roof vent cover will help prevent cold air from coming in while still allowing moist air to escape.

[08/14/18]   Travel trailers are perhaps the most popular type of RV. Why? They come in a range of sizes, layouts and price points, and because they offer the convenience of dedicated living and sleeping spaces, they’re easy to hook up and go when the urge strikes.

[08/09/18]   If you will be towing a vehicle (dinghy) behind your RV, your RV must be properly rated and equipped to tow the extra vehicle. If you have questions about this, our certified technicians can evaluate your situation and let you know.

[08/07/18]   A slider hitch is normally used on pickup trucks and other vehicles in order to tow a fifth wheel camper trailer. The main benefit of this type of hitch is that it allows sufficient clearance for turns without the trailer hitting the cab of the truck.

[08/02/18]   There are a couple of factors when it comes to RVs and motorhomes that affect resale value. For instance, RVs with slideouts tend to retain their value better, as do motorhomes with diesel engines versus gasoline engines.

[07/31/18]   These days, many types of vehicles are capable of towing an RV. Here are a few potential options: light trucks, SUVs, crossover vehicles, and some full-sized and even mid-sized cars.

[07/26/18]   Class A motorhomes are the largest type of RV vehicles. They offer a large attached living space, a kitchen, and a bathroom, as well as direct access to the cabin without having to exit the vehicle.

[07/24/18]   Pickup trucks with a medium or heavy duty towing capacity are best for pulling a fifth wheel RV. Indeed, medium and heavy duty towing capacity pickup trucks need only be fitted with a special towing hitch to be RV ready.

[07/19/18]   So what’s the difference between a weight carrying and a weight distributing RV hitch? While a weight carrying hitch is designed to accept the entire hitch weight of the trailer, a weight distributing hitch uses spring bars to distribute a portion of the hitch weight to the tow vehicle’s front axle and the trailer’s axles.

[07/17/18]   Did you know that purchasing a new RV for your family vacations can save you thousands of dollars in vacation spending? In fact, statistics show that the average family of 4 traveling by RV experiences vacation cost savings of anywhere between 23 and 60 percent.

[07/12/18]   The latest Toy Haulers offer a truly residential experience while also being able to enjoy the open road, with some of their additional design features including a vaulted ceiling, patio deck, an outside kitchen and a big screen TV.

[07/10/18]   Ready to invest in your first RV? Pop-ups are particularly popular with young families, because they’re affordable, sleep between 4 and 10 people, and are easy to tow behind a car, minivan or small truck.

[07/05/18]   If you are considering investing in a travel trailer, one important factor to take into consideration is whether your tow vehicle can safely pull your new trailer. Getting the right ball mount can be an important factor here (ball mounts are available in a range of load carrying and weight distributing configurations).

[07/05/18]   Don’t use silicone to try and seal up water leaks around camper windows or on rubber boots; it simply doesn't work well at all. Use Eternabond for the rubber boots and window putty to seal your windows.

[07/03/18]   Full timers are people who have chosen a life on the road and now live in their RV. Insurance companies often set the threshold for full time between five and six months when determining premiums.

[07/03/18]   Did you know that most motorhomes come equipped with self leveling jacks? This makes them much more convenient than camper trailers and other towables, as there is no need to place boards or blocks under the wheels to level.

[06/28/18]   Travel trailers offer RVers the most options for the price. As long as you have a suitable towing vehicle (small models can be pulled by an SUV while larger ones require a 2500/series truck), this is a great option.




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