LPTA, Albuquerque, NM Video January 28, 2017, 2:39am

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You guys know we take doubles seriously at LPTA! Here's Nicolas reading his opponent, anticipating the right time to poach, AND actually finishing the point! Not all easy to do at once. @niick.scheller @georgiosamaha4321 @eliassamaha2110 @h_contrucci #coffeeisclosers #gethimacupofcoffee #lpta505

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Rain🌧, lighting⚡️, hail☂️, and wind💨vs the nice cozy confines of the Lobo Club tennis bubbles 😎👌🏼#homecourtadvantage #lp...

When you find out today is the first day of LPTA! @ryan_d._ford @mitchellbauer_ #lpta505

When you work hard all day and get rewarded with 10 minutes of Pay Attention 🎾👏🏼💥 #bestgameever #finish #hardworkpaysoff...

You guys know we take doubles seriously at LPTA! Here's Nicolas reading his opponent, anticipating the right time to poa...

Here is a great example of @georgiosamaha4321 using depth and corner placement to force @carmen_corley into a short ball...

Our version of the #mannequinchallenge #lpta505 @_kschell @eliassamaha2110 @carmen_corley @h_contrucci @ivanacorley @bre...

#tbt back to December, 2 2011 Guys this video is a real gem! So much going on and so many great current and former LPTA ...

Prepping for some full stadiums today with some stair relays. #weneedtodomorestadiums #bringonthepain #nicolasdidntgethu...

Beep Test for fitness today...Take a wild guess who were the last two standing...Coleton wins it with a 17:13 #beepbeep ...

Happened to catch a pretty entertaining doubles point with @ivana_tennis, @abbyjnielsen, Carmen and Abi. Too bad the poi...

We had an old school fitness session today in the bubbles! Lots of footwork and intensity on display💪🏼 Good work everyon...

It's that time of the year again. Team LPTA is ready to dominate Monday Night League, the annual UNM Men's Tennis fundr...

We had a tough fitness session today but found time to compete as we usually do! @jackapodaca and @upupandaway had a Pro...

Great morning session with @melissapick1086 and the Hootmans!🎾💪🏼👍🏼

Here we come! #anothergreatseasonunderway #lpta505

High School season is over. Now it's back to the grind getting ready for the @ustasouthwest Closed. #threestatechampsona...

If it's too cold to run outside we do it in the bubbles! #lpta505

Water Bottle Delivery
Missy has come a long way in 8 months!

3-Part Strength Workout: Great effort everyone!!!

Missy's lackluster attempt at changing the water bottle.

Coach Matt Neeld showing off his well-rounded athletic ability!

LPTA Drill
Hunter Hootman working on his racket acceleration with Coach Johnny.

Lobo Performance Tennis Academy
Doubles action at LPTA today!

Lobo Performance Tennis Academy
Great poach!

LPTA Practice
Setting up a point with the kick serve and forehand!

LPTA Practice
Some great point play on the outside courts!

Some great point play today on the outside courts!

You asked for it...Here are the subtitles for the Push up contest on Friday.

Fitness challenge
Push up contest at LPTA. Congrats to Michael Tran(14 and up) and Daniella Apodaca(13 and under)!!!