Kevin Sammon Personal Training, Albuquerque, NM Video June 16, 2016, 9:06pm

Videos by Kevin Sammon Personal Training in Albuquerque. My philosophy as a trainer is to not fear fitness or the gym. Together we will take it one day at a time to reach your personal fitness goals.

My girlfriend Kasey killing her triceps

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The burpee is a great exercise to get cardio in without jumping on the treadmill

Cindy's back is looking good

61 year old doing this!!! Wow!!

Pushing doc

Kelli killing arms. Do not worry Ladies you will not get big if you workout arms but you will get ripped

A new way to make the chest burn. The kettle bell shake make your chest have to stabilize it while you bench. Great exer...

My client Dr. P with a great vertical jump. He jump higher then most 20 year olds and he is 63 yrs old

Working hamstrings with the girlfriend

My girlfriend Kasey killing her triceps

My client/friend Anna kicking ass on shoulder and chest day