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I help women begin a new movement practice,become STRONG and maintain their independence so they can continue to have the greatest adventures in LIFE!

The idea of Finally Fit was created in 2006 to help people like Leslie, Rebecca’s mom. People who were self-conscious and intimidated by big box gyms. People who needed a solution, a program, someone to guide them safely and had their best interests in mind. Leslie was struggling with Diabetes, just had a heart attack and needed to turn her health and fitness around. It was a wake-up call for all of us. Since then, Rebecca has devoted her life to health and fitness and is passionate about changing lives and changing the way fitness is done. Rebecca has a Bachelor’s degree emphasizing in Exercise Science and Nutrition from the University of New Mexico, is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and a certified Precision Nutrition coach with numerous certifications and qualifications from the top leading health and fitness professionals across the nation over the last 10 years. Rebecca specializes in custom strength training and nutrition program design. She lives by our Core Value #3, Constantly learn, always improve-learning from the best, to bring YOU the best.

Operating as usual

Tonight’s views.

Sometimes the best thing we can do is go for a walk and enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty. Heading out solo for some self reflection or grab a buddy to catch up on the day will make your soul sing!

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Happy 4th y’all!

The beginning of the year I made a promise to myself to either read one book per month or read the same book multiple times.

I’m proud of myself that I’m right on track achieving that the first half of the year. There were a couple of books I wanted reread and there’s always a different take away each time. I’m at different place in my life and the words resonate differently now.

I’ve always been a student and love immersing myself in business, leadership, fitness, nutrition and personal development.

Personal development is what will drive you. It’s what will help you accomplish what you want. It’s what will keep you from beating yourself up for “failing” at something. It is the path to feeling fulfilled, confident, and more importantly, it’s the tool that helps you be the leader of your own life and making yourself happy versus relying on someone, some material item or situation for your happiness.

Excited for the next 6 months as I dive into some more great reads and a more robust curriculum in the fall.
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And just like that my baby girl is on a new chapter of her book called life. She’s excited for middle school and I’m super proud of this kiddo for her hard work.

Some wise words from their principal today that I think even some adults need reminding of:

“If you don’t have INTEGRITY you don’t have much. Hold it at your core every single day. If it doesn’t seem right don’t do it!”
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It’s YOU vs. YOU. Don't get caught up in the comparison trap!

I am not the same person I used to be physically. Nobody is really. Some people make a radical shift in their mindset and change their appearance and strength and that is always awesome to see.
But for those who seem to be going in the opposite direction due to circumstances beyond their control it’s important for me to address this because there seems to be an almost depressive state people get into when they think back of what they “used to do” to the point that they give up completely.

I’m going to do my Al Bundy reflection for a moment. I used to compete in figure, BMX, Spartan races and even a triathlon without knowing how to swim. I would pride myself of how hard I could work at my day job then come home and kill it in my workouts and then the back yard. There is nothing greater than that sense of accomplishment.

Now, well let’s just say my body has some chronic issues I’m working through.
BUT!! Here’s the lesson from the message. It’s one of my core values and that’s to keep climbing. We have to keep moving that needle 2mm each day to the direction we want to go. And most importantly, we have to keep celebrating the small wins! We have to keep getting up and doing even the smallest movements, any movements even if we don’t feel like it. Some days we have to get up and recommit to ourselves every single day. Some days it’s easy and some days it can feel like a never ending battle to just get moving. I get it. I seriously do.

I know I physically cannot do what I used to do and I’m totally OK with that and accept it fully. What I would not accept of myself is if I just gave up. If I stopped finding ways that my body could still benefit from and feel good with.
So if you’re having that negative self-talk about comparing yourself to someone else or to what you used to be, take a breath and ask yourself what are the small steps you can do to keep moving forward? Focusing on those small imperfect wins add up and create a compound effect. Imperfection daily beats perfection when you feel you’re ready. As my coach Todd says, “Ready, fire, aim. If you wait to aim you’ll never fire.”

Little Emma helping daddy warm up for Run for the Zoo!
Daddy is running the 5k and mommy is walking the 5k with the kiddos.
Here we go!

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When we are still and present we can hear those quiet whispers that are guiding us the direction we’re suppose to go.
When we fight and try to control those whispers we become anxious, frustrated, depressed and even take it out on our loves ones.
Listen to those quiet whispers. Trust them. This year I’ve been listening very intentionally to those whispers and it started by listening and not fighting my body due to an injury.
We often have these internal battles in our minds of how things are going to unfold and it can drive us crazy!
Even though this injury is frustrating, I believe it’s here for a reason. I needed this to happen so that I could be quiet and listen to those whispers. So that I was forced to STOP going at full throttle Recommit to myself again and pour everything into these little monkeys 💕

May is National Recommitment month. I’ve got a special Recommit to YOU in 42 program that I’ve taught to my students for the past 5 years. If you’re interested stay tuned or send me a DM.
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As I’m watching Frozen for the umpteenth time today 🤦🏻‍♀️ with little Em’s and hearing Olaf over and over, it’s so true how that annoying little snowman has a point.

“Love is putting someone else’s needs before yours.”

As Tony Robbins states “We have six human needs in life: certainty, significance, variety, love/connection, growth and contribution.

It is only by meeting the growth and contribution needs (putting someone else’s needs before yours as Olaf says) that you will experience sustainable joy VS. momentary pleasure.

If people are NOT contributing and basically only thinking of themselves, they cannot be fulfilled and will begin certain negative behaviors to feel significance, connection, certainty or variety.

May is National Recommitment Month and I’m dedicated to helping women Recommit to themselves. Heck I even created a program called Recommit to YOU in 42 that I’ve taught over the last 5 years.

I’ll be launching that again soon but for now, I want you to think about the areas of your life where you can contribute or grow so that you can Recommit to YOU 💕
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I used to ask myself, “how do the super achievers do it all?’ I spent many years grinding at my business and other areas of my life so I certainly felt like I was doing the work of any superachiever. Physically and mentally. People would even often tell me “I don’t know how you do it all!” Even then, I really didn’t feel like I was a superachiever. I would often think “gosh, when am I ever going to *get* THERE?”

Where is THERE anyway?

In my quest to simplify my business and life, I realized that it was focusing on the basics every day that were going to yield me the best results.

The same is with beginning any exercise or nutrition program. Focusing on keeping it simple and mastering the basics will also give you the best long-lasting results.

This simple concept can really be applied to any area of your life.

So, if you’re stuck in a rut, how do we recommit to ourselves?

How do super achievers do it all? The answer is, they don’t.

They have their priorities clear in their mind and they DECLINE everything else that comes their way. Yup, just say no.

Remember Jim Rohn said if you have more than half a dozen priorities you don’t have any…

What top 3-6 DAILY habits or non-negotiables as I like to call them do you need to recommit to yourself and your priorities?

Put those on a graph sheet or somewhere that can be easily seen and checked off DAILY.

Only allow yourself to allocate time to your calendar to something that significantly contributes to the accomplishment of your priorities and here’s the scary part, say no to all the rest.

As I’m setting my May non-negotiables in my planner, I’m reflecting on how I used to stress out about EVERYTHING that needed to get done. I hope this serves as a bit of peace of mind to Recommit to YOU and become a superachiever. You got this!
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I’m often asked “can you create a meal plan for me,” “what do you think about X (insert any fad diet) or even how can I lose 20 pounds in 3 weeks before my next trip?”
I recently talked about making one small change to help yourself succeed. We often think we have to do a complete overhaul on our lives to make a change. Some have the all or nothing approach and feel they have to do that. That can often lead to total burnout because it’s not a sustainable lifestyle to maintain.

Depending on the situation, I don’t create meal plans for people anymore.

Why? If people haven’t mastered the basics, they certainly aren’t going to be consistent with something as structured as a meal plan.

I learned the hard way over and over again. Meal plan after meal plan. It gets used a few times then before you know it old habits start creeping in, the meal plan gets covered up and becomes that part of the refrigerator that gets overlooked.

The only ones who were dedicated to following a meal plan were my performance athletes and competitors.

And you know what, it's totally OK. The meal plan doesn't teach you habits. The meal plan doesn't teach you how to handle real life, day-to-day situation. The meal plan doesn't teach you how to eat WITH your family versus you eating out of Tupperware and they have separate meals than you.

Here’s the thing, we only need to focus on making a 2mm shift each day to succeed.

Focusing on the basics CONSISTENTLY will make that 2mm shift.

What can that look like for you?

⏰ Getting up 30 minutes earlier to get some movement in. Walking or short workout
📝 Write down what you eat each day to keep yourself accountable
💧 Drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water each day
🥦 Eating veggies with each meal
🥓 Eating protein at each meal (ok maybe not bacon but you get the idea)
🍚 Reduce refined carbohydrates
📅 And of course a little planning

Master these basic nutrition habits for that 2mm shift and you’ll be on your way to the success you’re after. 👍🏻

Keep it simple and master the basics (not to be confused with easy 😊)!

I saw this wall decor piece at a craft store the other day and I got a bit teary.

My mom used to say “oh quit piddlin’” and it sounded so cute when she said it.

It’ll always be a cherished memory of her and her voice.

But the truth is QUIT PIDDLIN’ around!

Understand your value. “If you’re falling short on your goals, it’s because you waste time doing low-value work. That’s it. That’s the only reason.” – Darren Hardy

Are you spending too much time on social media or games?

Are you going to events, seminars or meetings you don’t actually need to attend?

Are you spending ten minutes here and there chit-chatting or checking your phone?

Are you checking your phone first thing before you even get out of bed?

Spend some time to dig deep on what it is you truly want to get accomplish, experience and get out of life. Evaluate your habits that might be preventing you making this happen for you.
#recommittoyou #recommittoyouin42 #smallchanges #momisalwaysright #nourishyourpurposenow

“Any time you feel overwhelmed, there’s a good chance the culprit is a lack of clear priorities.” Think about that for a little bit. You might be thinking “well everything on my list in important!” I know. I used to be that way. I’m old school. I love paper planners. I found (and still do) that checking off things on my to-do list made me feel accomplished and productive.

Here’s the thing, the list kept getting longer!! Have you ever felt like that? You start one thing then you’re reminded of all these other little things that you jot down to get done too. Is that successful? Not really. “Success has less to do with what we can get ourselves to do and more with keeping ourselves from doing what we shouldn’t” – Kenneth Cole.

We know we shouldn’t be spending hours each day on our phones for games and social media, or coming home from an exhaustive day at work and plopping ourselves on the couch to unwind, or even wasting our attention and energy on people who cause you to lose focus on what’s really important.

You know what to do 😉
#recommittoyou #makeyourmove #nourishyourpurposenow
#smallwins #finallyfitabq #selfimprovment

Ok a couple more for missing out on #nationalpuppyday 😊💕

Awwww I missed national puppy day!
Love our mutts 💕
Willow Flower and Charlie Buckets
#nationalpuppyday #muttsofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #rescuedog #charliebuckets #williow

Think about what changes are MOST important to YOU and your life.
I want to ask you three questions about change.

1️⃣ How READY are you to change? Are you sick of the status quo? Not being able to stick to a program? Or are your old routines still working pretty well for you?

2️⃣ How WILLING are you to change? Are you willing to just flow with the process? Or do you hate being told what to do?

3️⃣ How ABLE are you to change? Sometimes we want and hope for change, but something’s blocking us.

What’s preventing you from changing right now — a tough work schedule, having a new baby, an unsupportive environment…? I can tell you having a VERY active 2 year old is extremely challenging. I need to be laser beam focused on what I need to accomplish that day.

One little hiccup, tantrum, or unexpected event can alter the course of the day so I have to ANTICIPATE that and be ready when it does happen.

If I want to be a leader in my OWN life, my kiddos, and my inner circle, then being ready and anticipating that will help me accomplish what I need too versus REACTING to the bad day I’m having and eventually not getting anywhere.

I used to live in that world and it’s not very productive or healthy for the mind and body!
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[03/26/19]   Remember how I said you have to get better at making change if you want those changes to “stick?”

Well there’s one more thing you need to get better at and that’s knowing yourself.

Knowing what YOU need and want in order to get where YOU want to go.
I KNOW that chocolate 🍫 and tacos 🌮 are non-negotiables for me. Knowing that I can still have them every now and then make me smile 😃

However, I need to be CONSISTENT in something else to be able to enjoy them.

Balance 😎

Every day make ONE small positive change to your health and/or nutrition. It can be the same small improvement every day, or a new one.

The biggest changes in life come from just moving 2mm each day in the direction you want to go 😊

It’s been a week since we attended our Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within event.

I’m still reeling from an unbelievable experience. It’s hard to put into words the level of awakening, gratitude, love and FREEDOM this has placed in my heart and mind.

Trying to explain it simply doesn’t do justice to what transpired. Walking on hot coals was crazy but what it took to get to that level is more profound. Walking on the coals was just proof to ourselves that we really can change our state of mind about anything anytime.
I’ve always been a seeker and love learning about growth, leadership, change and feeding the mind. This was a slingshot into all of that and then some.

There were moments that challenged me, specifically sensory overload with flashing lights in combination with loud music (loud music alone I can handle 😎), the millions of times jumping up and down and the 15 hour days in session.
But there is a method to the madness and would gladly go again and again. Emotion comes from motion 💕

“Whatever you hold in your mind on a constant basis is exactly what you’ll experience in life.”

I’m grateful for the opportunity to share this with my husband and excited for what lies ahead. 💕🔥🚶🏻‍♀️💥
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