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Pain-free for almost eight years with Foundation Training for spinal health. Pain-free from what, you ask? Spondylolysis, Lumbrosacral Stenosis, Degenerative Arthritis, and other stuff I can't pronounce. I still have all that, but have learned to Move and Live so my hip, back, and legs don't hurt. Obviously, I have to share this. Group Classes and Private Sessions - when New Mexico goes turquoise,

Operating as usual


Foundation Training is coming to Pagosa! Alissa and her husband will both be teaching. They were in the last class I took in Santa Barbara and both have beautiful energy. Best to all!


Foundation Training

Ooohhh - back of the neck long. It feels so good!

Foundation Training Sunday Science!

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Have you experienced tension in your neck after practicing an exercise? Did you start with a nice lengthened position and somewhere along the way it was lost?

We've found that the template cue, "chin back, chest up," is an effective reminder in working toward a goal of ’space”around the neck. The end result should be the lengthening of the posterior cervical muscles in order to best leverage the powerful SCM muscles.

Here's another cueing method that's been found to be very effective. Before your next practice, find a mirror and go through a hand-full of repetitions:

1) Use your Measuring Sticks
2) Chest up
3) Chin up
4) Lengthen the back neck

When you begin to subtly lengthen the back of your neck, your chin will go down ever so slightly and look for those powerful SCM neck muscles to begin to tension. Take a handful of Decompression Breaths. Then reset and do it again.

If this is proving to be challenging, don’t hesitate to take things to the floor and practice a few Prone Decompressions, and allow the floor to give you feedback of where your head and neck are in space.

See if these drills help bring awareness to your next practice!

- Jessie S. Salas
Program Director


Foundation Training

"Outside edges of the feet parallel!" It really does make a difference. Just watch and listen to the Big Bosses!

Often times in group classes, we think that we have “paralleled the outside edges of our feet,” without realizing that we have yet to fully overcome the chronic external rotation from which we operate.

Focus on your feet first. Adjustments should be addressed at the feet then taking the focus to the hips. When we give a subtle degree of internal rotation that originates at the hip joint, we create length in the posterior chain and allow the hips to glide and the adductors to effectively tension.

Next time you setup, Take a second and make sure that you have a subtle degree of internal rotation. You’re goal is to operate from this slightly pigeon toed position as you then apply the 3 points of contact.

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Foundation Training

For all my favorite FT Cyclists - you know who you are. Good exercise even if you aren't a cyclist! Love you all!

Join FT Core Education Team member Sean Yeager-Diamond and Dr. Eric Goodman for an 8 minute Cycling specific warm up. Bet it will make you better if you keep practicing.

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Foundation Training

We're not the only ones who do "Chair FT"!

Recover the muscle structure thats required to sit appropriately with this simple seated decompression exercise!

Sitting isn't bad. Its how you sit, its how you hold your body, and its what you do before and after that are truly important.


Come on up and let's FT at the Santa Fe Rail Yard Sunday, August 4, with the amazing @Kerry L Miller DC ! Intro class 1:00-2:00pm. YES!

Swing by this Sunday at the Railyard/Water Tower from 12 - 6 pm . . . Inspire will be there establishing some continuity!

As well, myself and Catherine Rosul, Certified Foundation Instructor will be teaching a free Foundation Training Intro Class from 1 - 2 pm! Bring your mat ~ hope to see you there :) 06/10/2019

DDS Belt - The Only Authentic Decompression Belt

In trying to alleviate my own pain from compressed discs, I used one of these. Yes, I did! It's called the Disc Disease Solutions Ambulatory Spinal-Air Decompression belt.

In those days, I even liked the physical therapy traction table, because disc compression hurt so badly. My box of therapy toys had various hip and back braces and belts, but this was my favorite. Using a bicycle pump, the belt inflates vertically. I even wore it skiing, prompting my mogul buddies to call me the "Inflatable Ski Bunny." The belt helped get me through some rough patches.

After my back began to relax with this prop, I learned to "create space between vertebrae, to give the discs room to be the little cushions they're supposed to be, and to jack the rib cage up out of the pelvis." If you've been to my class, these words sound familiar, That's because Foundation Training teaches us how to align our own spines and strengthen muscles to maintain the alignment.

If that didn't sound familiar, and you're ready to graduate beyond toys, tools, and props, get your Posterior Core Chain to a class, and take charge of your own spinal health!


Foundation Training

I miss all my VA students, but this still applies to all of us!

Using the nuances of our work to address the specifics of neck and shoulder issues.

Visit our youtube for a basic introduction to our work, then sign up for our streaming site to take your knowledge, and your body to another level.


A founder feels good wherever and whenever!

Foundation Training is a wonderful accessory to any movement modality or exercise program out there.

It can also be a stand-alone for people simply looking for relief from pain.

We love hearing how you incorporate Foundation Training into your daily life. We suggest using FT as a pre-surf warm up, here's what people have had to say:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
"Try the workouts on the FT Streaming Platform and your life with be changed. My back has never felt better and if you do it as a pre-surf warm up, you’re likely to have one of your most enjoyable sessions. Give it a whirl."⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


Long Wings or Short Wings: what does each arm position do for you?

Let's use our wings next Foundation Training class! Actual flight is optional.


What Foundation Training elements do you see in the new logo?

I'm ready to be done with hibernating. How about you? Let's anchor and decompress before we spring into Spring - and discuss the new logo next class!


Check yourself. Check each other. Check ME! Come to class!

Foundation Training Sunday Science! The Tension-Stability Scale!

We strive to make activities of daily living easier, to perpetuate strength, not injury, and to increase physical performance.

The human body wants to be flexible, stable, and strong. Muscles should always work towards a balance between effective length with effective tension.

1) Effective Length enables us to complete movements with a full range of motion while maintaining strength throughout, not just flexibility.

2) Effective Tension is a balanced musculature system where all parts are symbiotic to one another, without one muscle chain being more tense, or mobile, at the cost of another.

Foundation Training reduces the risk of injury in bodies with excessive tension by restoring mobility and helps those with hypermobility by building tension and strength to increase joint and skeletal support.

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Grateful for all my Foundation Training Friends!

What can Foundation Training do for you?

Read this great article by Michelle Breyer of the Ageist!


See how the hip connected to the front leg is pulled *back* into alignment? Thanks, Dr. Kerry Santa Fe Chiropractic - Inspire Chiropractic for reminding me about proper Woodpecker form in your recent FT class. I will find a way to come to Santa Fe to be reminded more often!


If Jimmy Buffett can....

The community of Medical Professionals incorporating Foundation Training into their practices is growing!

This wonderful man wants other doctors to become Foundation Training Certified Instructors. The success Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefers has seen working with Dr. Glenn Goodman is a direct result of using our poses and Decompression Breathing.

The progress is also due, in larger part, to the trust they’ve built together as doctor and patient. That’s the way it goes with our Instructors. They trust our work, their patients trust them, and all sides gain.

Thank you to Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefers for the permission to share this!


Spinal alignment is very important from birth - for babies and mommies and daddies too!

Keep it simple. Healthy movement is learned and practiced throughout life. If we are lucky. But the blueprints and patterns are already in us.

From our Early Development Specialist Jeanene Goodman:

“Sweet Suns modeling a side-sit. This is one of the in-between moments/movements that is actually pretty important.

1. Her left hip is rotated outward.
2. Her right hip is rotated inward.

When I took these pics today it was because she was rocking her weight up and over her left thigh, into a hands and knees position.

All this movement and the rotational variances stretch her little hip joints and prepare the muscles for a wider range of action!”

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Foundation Training

Just for you, Nick

Foundation Training Activities of Daily Living Lessons from Master Instructors Jessie S. Salas.

Although we may not have a reason to move boulders on a daily basis, the ability to lift and move safely is an essential skill set for all of us. Whether it’s our children, job duties, or just a sock, we need to pattern our movements properly.

1) Keep the “load” as close to your body as possible (notice I’m straddling)
2) Tension through the hip-hinge before bending the knees down to grip
3) Brace the abdominal and support the spine
4) Arms pull the load into the body through the entire lift

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Back story on Foundation Training. Back - get it? Dr. Goodman's story.

Foundation Training Story Time Saturday

I was my first patient. I was a 27-year-old third-year chiropractic student facing fusion surgery according to a couple of trusted sources. Mine wasn't the type of Spine that tends to get better, I was told.

But as luck would have it, it did.

In fact, through the process of developing Foundation Training, it got better and better and better. It felt so good It seemed as though relief might last forever. However, that’s not the nature of relief. Relief is a reaction to all forms of suffering and without the suffering, there’s no relief.

Each time in the future as the back pain burned, I would suffer less with lessons learned. Couple years post graduation I took what I learned around the nation. Years on the road tested my spine, and for four years on the road, I felt fine.

Now in 2018, the lessons, and exercises, I learned to trust in those early days are better and more accessible to you.

To discover how Foundation Training can change your story, sign up for the FT Streaming Platform. These simple exercises will lead to real time pain relief.
- Dr. Eric Goodman


This is as far as I go in an FT Forward Fold. Any further, and my upper back will round and/or my lower back will dip. With weight in my heels and a neutral spine, I can effectively stretch hamstrings and learn to protect and support my spine. Use a prop if the ground is too far away.


This FT Crossover is not what you might have expected. Notice the top (left) leg is the lever, pulling both legs down to the left. The bottom (right) leg is providing resistance. Don't roll all the way over! Keep your hips grounded and feel the great stretch in the oblique muscles along your right torso. Move slowly, carefully, and mindfully.


Foundation Training

Enjoy this new video from Foundation Training!

Discover the secret that thousands of people are using to feel stronger, healthier and more pain-free than they thought possible

Foundation Training is a simple solution that gives you the means to change the way you move and correct the imbalances caused by our modern habits. Through a series of postures, poses, and movements, Foundation Training activates your posterior muscle chain, anchors the hips, decompresses the spine, and teaches you to take the burden of supporting the body out of your joints and put it where it belongs: in your muscles.

Essentially, Foundation Training is a re-wiring of the poor patterns ingrained in our bodies from modern lifestyles that cause pain, deterioration, and inefficiency.

In as little as 10 minutes a day, you can reduce pain, increase strength, and a reclaim your health and vitality.

No matter your age or your fitness level, Foundation Training puts you on the path to wellness. Simply by changing how you move in daily life, you can dramatically change how you feel in life. When the body moves well, it feels well!

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That deceptively simple Sphere of Tension. Can you feel it?

Foundation Training Science Sunday!

In honor of Master Instructor, Shane Cuppett's birthday we're using his recent discussiopn of our Sphere of Tension to bring a little knowlege to you this morning!

In the Sphere of Tension, the hands form a simple looking sphere but tension spreads far beyond pressure created at the fingertips.

Due to the biotensegrity and the web-like effect through the tissues of our body this distal tension at the far end of the Appendicular Skeleton transfers into deep proximal stability of the Axial Skeleton (see image 3). This helps to keep the Appendicular and Axial Skeletons connected and communicating with each other as they’re naturally designed to do and adheres to our principle of integration.

Why is this effective? Because our modern lifestyles constantly require us to wear our arms, shoulders, and head in front of us all day long. (Sitting, driving, flying, computers, phones, etc.) Eventually these repetitive daily habits lead to a ‘disconnection’ of the Deep Arm Lines (front and back) from the rest of the body and forces the body to compensate with patterns that pull muscles out of their effective length and intended muscular chains. The result is structural and mechanical breakdown that can lead to degeneration, pain, and injury.

"The Arm Lines display more ‘crossover’ myofascial linkages among these longitudinal continuities than do the corresponding lines in the legs. Because human shoulders and arms are specialized for mobility compared to more stable legs, these multiple degrees of freedom require more variable lines of control and stabilization and thus more inter-line links. Given their weight, however, and their multiple links to our activities of daily driving and computer life, the Arm Lines do have a postural function: strain from the elbow affects the mid-back, and shoulder malposition can create significant drag on the ribs, neck, breathing function, and beyond.” Thomas Myers, Anatomy Trains

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"Pinky sides of your hands against sides of your hips. Elbows back." Did you realize ALL THIS could be happening?

Foundation Training Science Sunday!

Better movement and a stronger body start with the low back, it's the weak link in most of us, but it's only the first step to finding better mobility. Improving the effective length of muscles is the next.

By focusing on lengthening muscles under tension we develop more strength throughout a larger range of motion. Changing effective length is more than just flexibility or stretching, it's essential for healthy joints, dynamic strength, and functional movement.

Imagine a bow and arrow. The string is taut and under tension. As you draw back the bow flexes, and the force increases. The farther back you're able to draw the string, the more tension is created. Releasing the string releases the power. Our bodies can function in a similar way. The longer muscles can become while still maintaining their ability to recruit, the more power you'll have.

Move well, move often, move with more power.

Catherine’s Story

Pain-free for FIVE years with Foundation Training for spinal health. Pain-free from what, you ask? Spondylolysis, Lumbrosacral Stenosis, Degenerative Arthritis, and other stuff I can't pronounce. I still have all that, but have learned to Move and Live so my hip, back, and legs don't hurt. Obviously, I have to share this. Group Classes and Private Sessions. Albuquerque and the East Mountains.