Takai Mine Martial Arts, Albuquerque, NM Video June 21, 2018, 6:39pm

Videos by Takai Mine Martial Arts in Albuquerque. Takai Mine Karate/Tae Kwon Do, teaches four styles of martial arts: Tae Kwon Do(WTF), Shorin-Ryu, Shotokan Karate, and Escrima. Rank is earned in the three hard line styles simultaneously and rank is available for escrima as well.

Escrima Time !

Other Takai Mine Martial Arts videos

Great day for zoom classes . Would you like to try a class ? If yes indicate below we will send you our zoom code .

Mr Vigil going through Nahanchin.

Mr Blessing working on his Escrima!

Newest member of the splits club Mr Pan He . Escrima class Member !

Escrima class working on disarms .

Beginning class

Madison’s Breaks

Some videos from testing Night ! October 16,2019.

Beginning kids class working on kicks !


Anaku- Great form

Nicks break! Never give up !

It was great to have Mr Fiechko one of our 3rd dans home for the weekend ! Everyone loves working with him on Olympic sparring !

Saturday Morning Weapon sparring ! # Escrima # Weapons

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Olympic sparring training !!

Liam 4 years old counting to ten in Korean! Great job !!

Last day of Summer Camp! Escrima Fun!!

Escrima Time !

Day 2 TakaI Mine Summer Camp!

Day 2 of camp ! Working on stick sparring!

2018 Takai Mine Camp ! First day of camp !! Missing a few kids ! Liam Painter CAMP counselour at the end!

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