Takai Mine Martial Arts, Albuquerque, NM Video June 21, 2018, 6:39pm

Videos by Takai Mine Martial Arts in Albuquerque. Takai Mine Karate/Tae Kwon Do, teaches four styles of martial arts: Tae Kwon Do(WTF), Shorin-Ryu, Shotokan Karate, and Escrima. Rank is earned in the three hard line styles simultaneously and rank is available for escrima as well.

Escrima Time !

Other Takai Mine Martial Arts videos

Beginning kids class working on kicks !


Anaku- Great form

Nicks break! Never give up !

It was great to have Mr Fiechko one of our 3rd dans home for the weekend ! Everyone loves working with him on Olympic sparring !

Saturday Morning Weapon sparring ! # Escrima # Weapons

After school Martial Arts Program 1 free month CALL NOW 505-823-chop Ages 4 yrs & up Self Defense for kids Gain Confidence Basic Korean and Japanese Language learned Tae Kwon Do and Karate classes offered !

Olympic sparring training !!

Liam 4 years old counting to ten in Korean! Great job !!

Last day of Summer Camp! Escrima Fun!!

Escrima Time !

Day 2 TakaI Mine Summer Camp!

Day 2 of camp ! Working on stick sparring!

2018 Takai Mine Camp ! First day of camp !! Missing a few kids ! Liam Painter CAMP counselour at the end!

Kids practicing nunchucks !

Everyone warming up at testing !

Charmaines break at the Fundraiser!

We want to thank everyone that supported our fundraiser at Peter Pipers Pizza tonight ! We will let you know when the next fundraiser will be!!

Great job Jayson!!

Awesome job Mrs. Brasel!!

Testing -Anaku

More videos from Testing !!

A few videos from testing !!

Great testing tonight ! Everyone did great !!

Great job Mr Lemmon !!

Testing fun!!

Ninja Night fun! Bobbing for apples !!!

Happy Birthday ! Justin and Jayson receiving their Birthday gift and song!!! Ahh to be 6 again !!

Takai Mine Students Working on Basic staff forms !!

Takai Mine Beginning classes are looking good!!

Who's who Wednesday! Dr Rosenthal is a 4th degree Black Belt and a third level blue Shirt in Escrima! Master Rosenthal has been with Takai Mine Martial Arts since 1995! He's been part of our Takai Mine Family for 22 years! He loves Teaching Martial Arts especially Escrima!!

Escrima Fun!!

Saturday morning Escrima class!!


Advanced Belts working on forms!!

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