Ellis Endurance

Track and Field, Cross Country, Road Racing Ellis Endurance was founded to help promote running and provide training and coaching for athletes for all levels, from new runners to seasoned veterans.

Anyone interested in running, racing or being a part of the Albuquerque running community, send along your contact info, there will be group runs, workouts, training schedules and events.


Anyone interested in a track session this week? Time trial 1600 or 800 with a little something afterwards.


USATF Indoor Nationals are at the Convention Center Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I'll be heading over to watch, if anyone is interested, hit me up. Several Olympians will be competing.


Sunday at VHS track 11 am, show up and I'll help turn you into a cardio respiratory machine, it won't be over night nor will it be easy, but nothing great ever came without sacrifice! See you Sunday.


Sunday track session 11am at Valley High School Track. If you are serious about getting fitter, faster, stronger and building a kick ass cardio Respiratory engine. Join us. You won't regret it!


Who's interested in a trail run? I sure as hell am. Make no mistake it's not a jog. Meet at my house 501 El Pueblo rd NW 87114, Sunday at 11am. Also I encourage everyone to bring 3 things, a watch, a goal and something you do well (as well as something you suck at).


Sunday 11am at VHS track, we'll be back at work getting fast and building endurance. Show up, bring a friend. First session is on the house, $15 drop in or $30 for 4 sessions after that. See you Sunday!!!


Sunday 11 am at VHS track. Get there so we can run, get fast and strong! Bring a friend. First session is on the house, after that, well it's worth it.


Happy 2017! We are bringing back Sunday training!!
There will be a few changes this year. Sunday workouts will be at 11AM for the winter.
I say workouts because they may not always be a true interval session, I want to utilize the trails and paths around town.
Also, we will add on a community "club" element, meaning that I will be running more and setting up workouts, instead of purely coaching. We will have meet ups during the week, anyone can set these up and all are encouraged to join.
Below is the schedule for the next 4 weeks.
Look forward to seeing you all again! Here's to getting fast and strong!

Jan 15 11:00 Valley High School Track
Jan 22 11:00 Valley High School Track
Jan 29 11:00 501 El Pueblo rd NW 87114 (trail run/fartlek)
Feb 5 11:00 Valley High School Track


Anyone want to go for a run this week?


Hi folks. As we celebrate the arrival of our first son Jonah we won't be running this Sunday. But we'll start up again next Sunday. Get out and enjoy where you live!


Happy Labor Day! There will be a track workout! See you this Sunday at VHS 9am. Expect a kick ass workout, I'll keep it short and too the point, so we can all enjoy our weekend.


The next 4 weeks, we will be running at Valley High School Track. Sunday 9am. The volume will be increasing a bit but, as always everyone is welcome. Sounds like we will have a great crowd this Sunday, I'm excited! Remember first session is on the house, $30 for 4 after that. Have any questions let me know.


Hi everyone, we will not be meeting this Sunday. Sorry for the late notice. We will be back next week. Anyone interested in a workout, message me and I'll set up a workout everyone can do, simple, effective and challenging. Also anyone interested in Wednesday morning workouts, speak up. Thanks


Sunday 9AM at VHS track, we are running, I have something special planned, something everyone will enjoy! Show up and work towards being a better athlete.


Thanks for everyone who has shown up over the last 2 weeks to let me put them through one of our testing protocols. I'll do my best to use this data to help you get faster, more efficient and more fit. See you all again Sunday.


Sunday we will be at VHS track, another great workout is planned for you guys. It's gonna be fun! We are welcoming members of the Fit Mix network this week. See you all at 9am Sunday.


If you think you are "not a runner" or you "suck at running," give me 8 weeks. Your outlook will change, your body will change and your conditioning will change. Come to VHS track Sunday at 9 am. You won't regret it.


Another track session is going down this Sunday July 24th at Valley High School track 9 AM. We'll be stepping up our game a bit this week, get ready!


Sunday intervals at Valley High Track. If you want to become a better athlete, work on your weakness or just get faster, meet us this Sunday 9 am. Show up, get better, stay home, stay the same.


Thanks to everyone who hit the track with us this past Sunday. You guys killed it!


Sunday 9am get to Valley High School track. Run some intervals with us, you'll feel better and become a better athlete. Stay home, stay the same.


Get out and enjoy where you live! We are taking our interval sessions to the hills! Meet us at copper trailhead this Sunday at 9am and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.


Sunday morning intervals are here! 9:00 AM at Valley High School Track. The weather is great. Get to The track and get comfortable with being uncomfortable, thank me later. See you then!
Anna Keyser Ellis, Amy R Patton, Dominic Serna, Bear Canyon CrossFit, Black Box Fitness, Carlie Baca, Lisa Jung, Jamie Schwebach, Remi Kaniatobe, John Jennings


We are starting our interval sessions again!

Sunday 9am at Valley High School.

This is an intro session and is free to everyone. The benefit is huge for a small commitment of your time. Hope to see you all soon!


Last week, she set a P.R. In the 400. 6:45, could have been faster, but there were Geese.


I received word that the New Mexico State Games will be hosting a track meet this June. If you are interested, let me know. If I'm healthy at the end of April, I may give it a shot!


Sunday morning intervals are here! The weather is great, no holiday. Get to VHS track and get comfortable with being uncomfortable, thank me later. 9 am. See you then!


This Sunday 9am VHS track, another free intro interval session. Come see how interval training can benefit you, chances are, you need it more than you know.


Long awaited track sessions are back!!! Come to Valley High School track Saturday morning at 9am for a free intro interval session. Just a taste of what we'll be doing soon. See you all then.


We'll be running Sunday at 9AM. Meet at the Rio Grande Nature Center (park on Trelis). Bring a friend or a dog, everyone is welcome. We'll be starting track sessions soon, I recommend everyone get some longer runs in before that. Look forward to seeing everyone!


Looking for people to meet up for AM runs in the North Valley, or lunch time runs around balloon fiesta or foothills.


I wont be running this weekend, but we will be meeting next weekend. Stay tuned for a time and location!


Sunday Run, 9:30AM. Lets meet at Rio Grande Nature Center on Candelaria (park on Trelis) We'll be by the gravel path to the Bosque. See you all then.


Nice weather for a Sunday run.


Bosque run this Sunday 9AM at the end of Cherokee RD NW, off Rio Grande. Anyone and everyone is welcome. See you then.




3408 6th St NW
Albuquerque, NM
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