Resonant Body

Small company in New Mexico founded by a musician working with physicists and engineers to develop new sound healing technology.

We build sound tables and handheld sound wands that use sound vibration to massage. You can play any music, my library of sounds, or create your own. For purchase information visit

Mission: To re-awaken deepest sense of self, realize highest potential.

[09/27/19]   I went to a sound healing. It was my first time, didn't know what to expect. I was skeptical.

At the appointed time, seven of us showed up at a house south of Santa Fe. The sound healer was a nice guy, about 40, white, east coast, personable, welcoming. His house, his look, mannerisms, everything about him said “hippie.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that. After introductions, we were led into a living room with a dozen mats with pillows and blankets arranged in rows, and a battery of percussion at one end.

The healer spoke for 5-10 minutes about himself and his work. He implied that he had studied with indigenous teachers from several different traditions. He said that he was going to take us on a shamanic journey, and recommended that we set intention to meditate upon.

He also dipped our toes into the scientific background of what he does; he mentioned brain waves, specifically alpha and delta…. He was gonna entrain our brains to these frequencies with his music. Now, at a rave, they purposely entrain the crowd’s heartbeat, at an elevated rate of around 90 bpm, with a loud thumping bass drum. He didn’t explain how he was goin to entrain our brain waves. I wondered if it would be through subliminal means.

Meanwhile, I’ve been interested in the phenomena of brain wave entrainment. I don’t think I would use it, but I’m curious about such things. I decided to go to the man, the original brain wave entrainment composer, the grammy winner. Stephen Halpern, in a Youtube video, describes how you entrain a person’s brain to the frequency of 8 Hz, which is approximately the second partial in the Schumann Resonance series. The Schumann resonance is actually not about sound, but a different kind of vibration, but hey…

First he showed how easy it is to control a person’s heartbeat using a pulsing bass drum track. And then he demonstrated brain wave entrainment. He takes two signals from a tone generator that are 8 cycles different from each other, say 100 Hz and 108 Hz. Play them together, creating a difference wave of 8 Hz, and your brain will entrain with that frequency. He showed readouts from the EEG...

I’ve tried this. Headache within the first minute. Upper GI feeling queasy. Emotionally a bit anxious? It could be because of the crudeness of the tone generator’s waveform. It could be because 8 Hz is different from Schumann’s 7.83 Hz. It could be because your brain and your body don’t like to be manipulated like this.

The way it’s done, apparently, is by mixing it in with the music—hide it so that you don’t really hear it, aren’t aware of it. It’s subliminal. The buzz is that you can induce an epileptic fit this way…

The concern is that people are dabbling in technologies like brain wave entrainment through artificial means, and with shamanistic medicines like Auyahuasca, without sufficient background to use them safely. That’s one reason why alternate modalities like sound healing often get a bad rap. But of course many scientists in many fields—medicine, nuclear physics, AI, and most notably psychiatrists who prescribe psychotropics like candy—behave very irresponsibly. In my opinion.

Back at the sound healing:

In his percussion battery, which he called the "mother ship," were spirit drums, many African and Latin instruments, and some impressively big gongs and crystal singing bowls, with microphones everywhere, and a PA system.

He took his position in the mother ship, was silent for a few moments, and then it began. He intoned a prayer in an African language—he’s got a good voice—accompanied by a cool sounding African instrument.

Then he played a pulse on the spirit drum, a low tone at around 90 bpm. I felt my heart moving to match it. It was too loud for the ears, but I can see why he cranked it up. He wanted us to feel it. I put in ear plugs.

He made a loop of the spirit drum pulse and started soloing over it, playing patterns with congas and other drums, percussion toys. I tried not to think critically as I listened, but just to experience this thing.

He added elements to the loopmash, and kept soloing over the top. It gradually got louder, more dense and active. Frenetic.

When he added a low frequency gong sound, the musical stew he was concocting became quite discordant.

Then he started hitting the singing bowls, tuned to frequencies that seemed random, and made a very strange sounding chord when they combined. Plus, they were miked, and loud enough to be piercing.

I looked around at the others in the room. Each one was dealing in their own way. One woman was standing, dancing slightly, others were lolling on their mats or in the chairs that were offered to the infirm. One woman was crying, wrestling with some demons maybe….

I clamped my hands over my ears, but it was still painful…. I felt a growing uneasiness in my guts, but kept going with it, thinking that maybe this was intended. In Ayahuasca and Peyote ceremonies, purging is an important part of the experience. Sweat lodges are meant to be an ordeal that you emerge from transformed.

I didn’t want to be disrespectful of the artist or to detract from the group’s healing experience, but I was done. The door was ten feet away. In three seconds I was outside in the beautiful summer evening again, whew.

Driving away, taking stock of myself, I felt unsteady in my body, mind, and soul. Once upon a less enlightened time I might have thought of going out for a drink.

I had given it a chance, tried to keep a beginner mind, but my depth of commitment had proven too shallow to make it to the end. Had I stayed, would I have undergone a transformation?

[09/19/19]   Last week was the Sound Healing Global Summit, a free online 5-day public event with 100 interviews of authors, musicians, practitioners, teachers, scientists, doctors, spiritualists, intuitives, entrepeneurs. I actually listened from start to finish, and came away with a head full of ideas...

I wrote a haiku about it... A new, modern form consisting of 183 syllables.

Western medicine is based on Newtonian physical worldview, people as mechanical meat bags that need chemicals and occasional surgical intervention. Big pharma, the medical establishment, and the insurance industry are deeply invested in maintaining the status quo...

Quantum physics is the next wave, based on energy fields. Eastern philosophy has long held much of what western science is now discovering.

Sound healing straddles the two seemingly opposing worlds by combining physical with energetic, scientific with spiritual, ancient wisdom with modern high tech.

But if your leg is broken, go to the hospital. or Urgent Care.

Bruce Lipton The Biology of Belief Full Lecture

great lecture


[03/11/16]   This Sunday come to the studio for a sound healing session from 1-3. Everyone welcome, $10 suggested donation. 1519 Canyon Road Santa Fe 87501

[11/24/15]   I haven't posted on here in a long time but work on the project has been going along steadily.

There's news:

In three weeks we complete the multiphysics computer modeling study of the new table design at Los Alamos National Laboratories, and the patent application is set to follow soon after. For all appearances, it's going to be eons beyond what we've done before.

The elements are coming together for manufacturing the new "super table" to commence in early 2016.

It's an exciting time..

[04/23/14]   On Monday I delivered a table to some new friends at Los Alamos National Labs, scientists who're going to help me to perfect the design by measuring it's behavior using state of the art laser technology, and building a computer model to enable us to try different materials and design tweaks before going into production this fall.

Thanks to the New Mexico Small Business Assistance Program for the $20K grant that made this possible.

[04/07/14]   I just completed a business accelerator program presented by the Santa Fe Office of Economic Development, called the Velocity Project. The final event was last Wednesday, called "Demo Day," where each of us pitched our companies in front of an audience. We had five minutes to tell what we do, and make an ask. My ask is for a business partner.

Preparing for Demo Day was the real purpose, more than the actual event, in my opinion. I've gotten much better at talking about my work. It forced me to get really clear about my ideas and articulate them with far fewer words. I worked really hard on this thing and by all accounts it went well.

I'm gonna do a TED talk about Resonant Body. Thirteen minutes of high speed blabbing. After this experience I feel I can do it.

Partly because of being in the Velocity Project I was awarded a grant to work with scientists at Los Alamos National Labs, studying the platform's function and design. They're going to use a sophisticated laser set-up to measure its behavior and make a computer model. This will enable us to try different materials and design changes without having to actually build them.

This week I'm building a platform to give to them to study. My woodworker friend has been consulting on how to build it for maximizing the "Zadrozny effect." (If this phenomenon doesn't have a name yet I'm callin dibs!)

I'm waiting to apply for a patent until the design is finalized.

After that I'm taking it to the Manufacturing Extension Partnership to get help putting it into production, creating jobs and tax revenues for New Mexico.

The retreat on Upper Canyon is ready to accommodate guests. Now out-of-town clients have a place to stay.

[12/30/13]   {\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252
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\f0\fs24 \cf0 The yoga class I teach is like no other. In a Resonant Body class there's no posing or stretching. You can wear whatever you're wearing, doesn't matter. We're working with sound vibration and feelings of resonance within. It's deep energy work that you can do for yourself or for others.\
Calling it a yoga class causes some confusion. I've often thought about calling something else, and concluded that there is no better description. This is the practice that led to the discovery of OM by the first yogis. This work was already ancient esoteric knowledge by the time it was first described in writing over four thousand years ago.\
It can be said that there is no wrong way to chant OM--it's impossible to cause harm--but there is one way that opens a magical door to perception. When intoned on the right pitch with the right vowel this sound marks the central reference point of the resonant body, from which we derive chakra sounds.\
The objective in the class is to teach a few basic skills for working with resonance in your body. Once you understand how to proceed you can pursue this on your own. \
From then on it's all internal. No one can hear you practicing, so no need to feel shy. You're using your voice turned inward and allowing yourself to feel it.\
But why? Where does it lead? \
The simple answer is that it feels good.\
The sensations of resonance we encounter remind us of pre-natal bliss, awareness of self at the cellular level. We find a way to enter into deep meditation very quickly. \
Sensations of resonance guide us in truing physical alignment, locating, assessing, and balancing energy centers.\
It opens up a forgotten world of sentience that we realize we need as soon a we get an inkling of it.\
I always bring a Resonant Body Platform to classes--the instrument I invented with my brother for invoking the effects of my practice in other people's bodies. A minute or so on the platform shows you why you'd want to do this work.}

[10/14/13]   I've always held that it's overly simplistic to think that the body's energy centers resonate with the tones of the C major scale, especially if they're in tempered tuning as on a modern piano. It just seems too convenient. Yet these are the tones that many if not most sound healers that I've been aware of use to "tune" human chakras. For some reason I never bothered to really test this theory using the Resonant Body Platform until recently.

When I sing into my own body or into another person's body though the platform, I can feel with my voice where the most resonant places are, and what sounds they resonate with. I locate the tonal centers of the chakras by sliding my voice up and down across them and feeling for the sweet spots. The tones I get by this method form a scale, but not the C major scale, and the tones generally aren't in tune with tones on a piano. And each person is a little different.

For some reason it never occurred to me to put the tempered C major scale to the test. The other day I finally did this. I played a recording of a "7-Minute Chakra Tune-Up" through the platform. (This is a recording by a person very prominent in the sound healing world whom I won't name without permission.) From reading I know that this person feels the same way as I do about C major scale as chakra tones: that there's a lot more to human acoustics than that. That's why I was surprised that his recording uses the C major scale in tempered tuning.

The result of this test gave me insight. The tones of the C major scale actually do resonate in my chakras. I still maintain that they're not the ideal tones or that our chakras should "tune" to, but they do provide a useful framework--a place to start.

One conclusion that I've come to from this experiment is that the best you can really do with a chakra recording is to give people a general experience of their chakras, and the tones of the C major scale can do that. Now I think I understand the efficacy of the "7-Minute Chakra Tune-up."

But beyond just bringing awareness to the energetic body, the way to find the real resonant centers of an individual person's chakras is by direct investigation. And the best way I know of to do that is through the Resonant Body Platform.

Can chakras go "out of tune?" If so is there a way to tune them? I say yes and yes. Through the same sense and methodology that I use to find the chakras' tonal centers I get a sense of their state. They can feel flat or sharp, in or out of balance.

So it is actually possible to "raise the vibration" of a sad person's heart chakra, for instance, by finding it's central resonant tone and raising it very gently a couple of hertz. Once they seem to be "tuned" I can help a person's chakras to come into balance by stimulating the ones that seem less vibrant than others.

The research behind my chakra recording goes on. I practice every day, record my chakra sounds and see how they might change slightly, and try to see why... And do the same process with my merry band of test subjects.

By the way, if you're interested in being in on this research I'd love to have you... LMK.

[10/03/13]   I have a technique for achieving a deep meditative state using the Resonant Body Platform. It involves a modicum of suffering--sacrificing a night's sleep--but it results in increased energy and mental clarity.

I use the standard AUM Mixdown track, and add elements pertinent to the intention of the meditation: a heart stabilizing sound, a lower back opening sound, etc. I put it on with enough energy so that I know I won't fall asleep.

I assume the "relaxed tiger pose," on my back with my arms above me in a rounded shape a Tai Qi master taught me that uses counterweight to render them almost weightless, and raise my legs into relaxed tabletop. It's a very mild stress position--just enough to keep me from sleeping.

I hover in a state between sleeping and wakefulness, coming up periodically to change the sound or to switch poses. I never come fully awake or go deep enough into sleep to have dreams.

The track has a hypnotic effect, extremely relaxing and stimulating at the same time. The pose combined with the vibration strengthens my core.

I arise with the sun feeling sleep deprived, but very clear and open, and strong. I do this when I have to, when I feel a deep abiding need for spiritual clarity, and it works!

The next night I sleep like dead and have vivid dreams that answer my questions.


Resonant Body is a technique for vibrating bodies in selective ways. Vibration feels good, and it's good for you.

When I call what I do Yoga, people usually misunderstand, although the original yogis--the discoverers of AUM, were actually doing the same thing I'm doing. I've been practicing this thing inwardly since I was a young child.

I use my voice to make my body resonate. Of course we all do this. But I do it on purpose, with intention.

I used this technique as a young child to develop perfect pitch recognition, and in he ensuing years it grew slowly into something much bigger.

A few years ago I invented a platform that allows me to use the technique on other people. It looks like a massage table but it's quite different. Paste this in your browser to see it:

When I sing into the mic, the person laying on the platform feels the sound within, the same as I'm feeling it. I know how to use the sound of my voice to relax nerves and muscles, stimulate qi, relieve pain, break up energy blockages in my own body... Recently I've worked with Parkinsons patients, trauma victims, chronic pain sufferers.

There are people walking around who put up with pain for years, who have resisted taking drugs, that I've helped to feel better> In some cases pain was completely stopped..

Right now I'm spending time in the studio, recording my first album for the Resonant Body Platform. I wake up at 4:30 every day and spend usually about five hours working before I begin to think about breakfast. The thing about this album is that you can only experience it through the "Resonant Body Platform." It isn't for listening, but feeling the sound.

I'm working on tracks that vibrate the chakras. There's a lot of ways of approaching "sound healing," but I think that mine is the most direct. When you feel this in your body, you know for a fact that this or that chakra is resonating... The seed sound AUM was discovered thousands of years ago by the first yogis seeking deep self-awareness through the felt sense of sound vibration--the universal sense.

A Musical Approach to Sound Healing

I sing into people’s bodies, because it makes them feel good. My inventions were created to support that--to apply sound vibration directly to the body, facilitating direct human to human transmission.

This approach to sound healing is result of my musical background. It falls in the middle of the sound healing spectrum, in between the scientific and the spiritual. I feel at home around physicists, engineers, medical professionals, and with medical intuitives, spiritualists, alternative healers.

Resonant Body is a small company in New Mexico that makes devices, sound tracks, and provides education, all related to sound healing. Founder Andy Zadrozny is a musician and teacher who loves to build things.

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In The Canyon, In The Forest, On The River, At An Artist Enclave, An Ancient Holy Spot In Historic Santa Fe, NM
Albuquerque, NM
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