Move Ur Body, Albuquerque, NM Video January 27, 2021, 1:41am

Videos by Move Ur Body in Albuquerque. Cardio/Toning Monday's&Wednesday's 6:30pm Zumba�Toning Tuesday 6:30pm Thursday 6:30pm *NEW STUDENT

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Move Ur Body

Move Ur Body

10 Year Zinaversary 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Livestream Zumba®️ Fitness Class With Fran
****FREE Livestream Class****If You Would Like To Join Me For 30 Minutes Of Zumba Toning & 30 Minutes Of Basic Zumba On ...

So It’s Up To Me If I Want To Have My Zumba Class. Part Of Me Wants To “Be There” For My Students Who Need To Go To The...

3-12-2020Zumba®️ Fitness 9:00am @ Defined Fitness Mesa Club

3-10-2020Zumba®️ Fitness @ Defined Fitness Mesa Club 9:00am

3-5-2020Zumba®️ Fitness 6:30pmCome Join Me Today Is My ZumbaVersary 9 Years 🤩 Thank You Lord Above 🙏 I'm Still Here & A...

Join Me 3-5-2020 9:00 am Defined Fitness Mesa

New Location
Well Since Everyone Was Showing Off They're Rose's & Chocolates Let Me Show Y'all My Valentine's Day Gift 🤩🤗🥰 Fresh Pain...

10-1-19Zumba®️ Fitness 6:30pm

9-24-19Zumba®️ Fitness 6:30pm Requests Accepted In The Comments 👇

9-19-19Zumba®️ Fitness 6:30pm

9-17-19Zumba®️ Fitness 6:30pmAny Requests Drop Em In The Comments👇