Move Ur Body, Albuquerque, NM Video March 14, 2020, 3:08am

Videos by Move Ur Body in Albuquerque. Cardio/Toning Monday's&Wednesday's 6:30pm Zumba�Toning Tuesday 6:30pm Thursday 6:30pm *NEW STUDENTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME* LGBT Friendly $6 Drop-In


So It’s Up To Me If I Want To Have My Zumba Class. Part Of Me Wants To “Be There” For My Students Who Need To Go To Their Happy Place Now. Part Of Me Thinks I Should Cancel To “Do My Part” To Keep People Away From Each Other.
Help! Dancing Is And Will Always Be My Happy Place
If You Would Be Interested In Online Classes Let Me Know It'll Still Be $5 For The Hour Class Must Be Paid Before The Link Would Be Sent Out To Join In, Right Now This A Option I'm Giving To All My Loyals & Anyone Who'd Want To Join My Class Until We Know It's Safe To Be In A Group Class Again 💁
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So It’s Up To Me If I Want To Have My Zumba Class. Part Of Me Wants To “Be There” For My Students Who Need To Go To The...

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