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Hiya John. Bike broke. Andy had a mini stroke, I had a cardiac incident. But neighbors rallied. A neighbor's motorcycle mechanic fixed the bike,( it is now part Honda) I was on bed rest for a week ( almost). Andy is recuperating. Bought a flip phone. Don't know how to use it or find old numbers. When all is better, I'll stop by . How are you? Thanks. Joyce
Are your e bikes pedal assist or throttle?
Thanks for letting us take these out for a super fun spin Bruce! Electric motorized bicycle fun! #uralsupportgroup
Michael and I visited with Bruce from Loko Bikes & Scooters on Lomas. He is very knowledgeable and you can tell he loves what he does. Michael took a ride on one of the motorized bikes.
Got anything for kids at the party this afternoon?
Just checked out the shop. Awesome stuff you've got here Bruce. Thanks for showing me!
Thanks for the tour!! Awesome bikes!!!
When is the Win a Bike Event take Place and where? I already liked, commented and shared. I just couldn't​ do the website it said it wasn't available.😯
Here's a side by side, then and now. I'll stop now. :)
And the same telephone pole is still there.
Same address, about 1975, good memories!
dyno with gas motor

Free Repair Friday ($5/hr donation/RSVP req'd) make this Bike-Shop rock. Electric, Motorized and Custom-Cruisers make riding more fun and easy.

Operating as usual

Photos from Loko Bikes & Scooters's post 05/27/2021

Imagine. Reimagined. ReMade 🇺🇸 USA. Should THIS be finished 🤔. We’ll build 500+ Ltd Prod in 2021. Store Location by appointment.

Speeds up to 20-35+mph, up to you.
Range/distance 50-250+ miles/day.
Carries up to 50–150+ lbs Cargo.
Expandable, Adaptable, Modular.
Transforms TOTALLY in 1-2 minutes, with of course, quick-locking options.

Costs, from $1999-2999 as shown, plus additional Motor(s), Carbon Frame(s), Belt-Drive Option(s).

Cleaner, less costly car alternative are coming. New location, by appointment in ABQ.


Hobbies Belgrano


1960: Motos de coleccion


Bike Veterana


A Evolução da Bicicleta!


World Economic Forum


Bike-based benefits.

📕 Read more: https://wef.ch/2WPSzxs


Terry Cahill


This proves the ten speed is the number one speed. Bow Cycle & Sports #TourdeTerry


VHF Vélo High Frequency


Como llevar a tus peluditos en Bici...

[04/11/19]   Life moves too Quickly for Slow, Ugly or Average bikes. Yes or No?


Théâtre-Sénart, scène nationale

ABQ WANTS this spring/summer?


Ce samedi les custom bikers étaient à l'honneur 🚲🤟 Résumé vidéo 👇 Expo dans le hall jusqu'au 30 avril ! 📸




Years are just a number! 😉
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please support our page: https://paypal.me/ekk33

indiatimes.com 03/28/2019

Are Electric Bicycles The Perfect Urban Commuter That We've Been Searching For?

In a word... YES !


indiatimes.com Good for the body and environment.

accessandmobilityprofessional.com 03/18/2019

Electric bicycles ‘increase cognitive function’, claims new study

Smarter by Cycling. We knew it 😝


accessandmobilityprofessional.com Use of electric bikes linked to improved clarity, increased reaction times and mental well-being in new study

bicycling.com 03/13/2019

13 Reasons to Get Stoked About E-Bikes


bicycling.com Sales of electric bikes are soaring. Here’s why everyone loves them—and why you probably will, too.

electrek.co 03/13/2019

Riding a bicycle or e-bike to work could soon get you a tax break


electrek.co A new bill being proposed in congress could soon benefit commuters who ride bikes or e-bikes. The bill would allow riders to take a tax deduction similar to the ones that drivers can already take.


BBC Future

“Cars are no longer King.”


There is an essential transformation happening in the transport industry, but walking and cycling are still important ways to get around.

In association with DXC Technology



WHAT IF SCIENCE SAID: Ebikes 5-10 times more likely to (actually) get ridden than pedal-only. THAT’S TRUE, BTW.


What if all commuters ditched their cars and replaced them with bicycles?


ABQ Biker

NM BIKE-packing. It’s a THING.


Nice! There are so many places in NM where this would be a great thing.



Make a 🎥 how YOUR bike moves you and win a LokoBike if we use it - details soon - just Follow us.


Forty-three countries down, Hera Van Willick rides her bicycle across continents, fully self-supported. This is her journey and what she has learned along the way.


Madriz Kustom-Monster Pedal Revival

Let’s Roll ABQ..


Monster Pedal 2013


Returning The Favor

Custom eCruisers are 1/5th cost or complexity. Who’ll help us do this?


Mike Rowe visits a garage in Indiana to surprise Jason, a former Army engineer who runs a therapeutic bike building program for veterans.


World Economic Forum



Sight-seeing from the saddle.

🔎 Learn more about cycling in Europe: https://wef.ch/2KJTj27


😜 crazy not to give $500+Tax-Credit to bike buyers who then ride bikes 5X more.


Anyone know why Oregon gives rebates to purchasers of electric cars, trucks, motorcycles and even "neighborhood electric vehicles" (a.k.a. golf carts) — but not bicycles?

Asking for a friend.



😜 when good smart (broke) hate on Solar/eBikes 20-28 mph capacity when 🚘 costs average each of U.S:

- 🌎 40-50% of the total carbon
- 💵 $600-700+Mo, says AAA
- 💰 $1M in a lifetime, says Bankrate.

Webinars Coming Soon:

- 5-Ways EBikes are *FREE, or
500 Reasons to Ride - 5 Bikes that are *guaranteed to save $50/wk, up to $500/mo or $500,000+ in lifetime.


Some perspective as we head into the public comment period for the I-5 Rose Quarter project environmental assessment.

(Note: If you support this project and want to share a guest opinion, please get in touch!)


Pink's Son, 2, Rides Electric Motorbike as Dad Carey Hart Jokes, I'm 'Gonna Have My Hands Full'

Ebikes DON’T make us lazy, they enable more riding, more adventure.


#Pinks #Son #2 #Rides #Electric #Motorbike #as #Dad #Carey #Hart #Jokes #Im #Gonna #Have #My #Hands #Full Pink's Son, 2, Rides Electric Motorbike as Dad Care...


Atelier Kbuilt

Armageddon Bike...
BETTER are coming and we’ll help you build it *FREE (via rebate). Stay tuned:


Quand il faut te balader avec tous tes outils, "parce que l'on ne sait jamais, au cas où..."

electricbike.com 02/16/2019

Solar charging for E-Bike - Electricbike.com Ebike Forum

ATTN: ALL FREE-RIDERS (Solar-eBikers, 20-30 mph, 1300 MPGe) here’s another resource ‘til more folding panels arrive.


electricbike.com I need to build a 26" conversion on my wifes Schwinn three wheeler. Many options available but our most important criteria is we need to charge the


People Are Awesome

20-30mph EBikes are too FAST! Is it jealousy - that makes no sense ? 🤔


The #DarkFEST 2019 course was packed with insane runs and incredible talent!

👏 Brendan Fairclough, Clemens Kaudela, Ethan Nell, Andreu Lacondeguy, Daryl Brown, Theo Erlangsen, Adolf Silva. #MonsterEnergy


Anarco Ciclistas

Some say they don’t need quick releasing Electric-Assist or Rack 😝.


[02/13/19]   FREE WEBINARS.

5-Ways to Free Bikes and, 500 Reason$ to Ride, Coming Soon.
Follow Us for deets


Greater Albuquerque Bicycling Advisory Committee



Let's keep working on the Rio Grande Trail and ... think of other places in New Mexico where something like this would work.

treehugger.com 02/13/2019

Bike lanes help motorists be safe


treehugger.com This study provides shocking statistics on unsafe motorist behavior, but aims to give urban planners new tools for safer shared roads



1 of 5 Ways to WRITE OFF eBikes on Taxes or Insurance. Workshops time/dates announced soon.


Make up to $22/hr 🙌🏽 Sign up now and start earning.

curbed.com 02/12/2019

A coast-to-coast bike trail is coming to the U.S.

We’re committed to help build it, with regular funding, support...


curbed.com While on the planned route, bikers will be separated from vehicle traffic and experience the diversity of the American landscape across 12 states.


BICYCLING magazine

WHO wants to WIN. Follow page for upcoming details and solar eBikes.


Adding to our bucket list now! 🚄

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“EBiking makes us Slow and Fat.” Myths Busted in room of “cyclists” half our age we proved it just ain’t so, and in cowb...
Downtown Showdown, last Ride
Taking off...
Ride to Zen. 20-28mph is fast enough when nearly free of cost or oil-conflicts.





4609 Lomas Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM
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