“The only trophy you’ll learn to win is the one you see in the mirror.”- Dr. David Mack Jackson 5th Degree Black Belt WARNING: This information is presented only as a means of preserving a unique aspect of the heritage of the Martial Arts.

Neither facebook, Aiki-Karate owner, or instructors make any representation, warranty or guarantee that that the techniques described and illustrated on this page will be safe or effective in any self-defense situation or otherwise. You may be injured if you apply or train in the techniques illustrated on this page. To minimize the risk of training injury, nothing described or illustrated on this page should be undertaken without personal, expert instruction. In addition, it is essential that you consult a physician regarding whether to attempt anything described on this page. Federal, state or local law may prohibit the use or possession of any of the weapons described or illustrated on this page. Specific self-defense responses illustrated on this page may not be justified any particular situation in view of all of the circumstances or under the applicable federal, state or local law. Neither facebook, Aiki-Karate owner, or instructors make any representation or warranty regarding the legality or appropriateness of any weapon or technique mentioned on this page. *** Opened March 3, 2012 *** Aiki-Karate is a Street Survival Martial Art System that is comprised of the following dynamic disciplines: Ninjitsu, Aiki-Jujitsu, Wing-Chun Kung-Fu, Kenpo Karate, and Tae-Kwon-Do. Aiki-Karate founder, Dr. David Mack Jackson-5th Degree Black Belt, realized that people have different needs to be fulfilled through Martial Arts training. Therefore, Aiki-Karate offers the following five classifications of services to meet these needs: 1. Aiki-Karate Self-Defense System: This is designed for people who desire to train through a rigid “belt ranking system” and become a Black Belt Martial Artist. 2. Street Survival System: Designed for people who want to learn simple, practical, and powerful techniques to better prepare themselves for an altercation. 3. Women’s Self-Defense System: This system is based on the concepts of the Kunoichi (Female Ninja) training. Women are taught simple, practical, and powerful techniques to defend themselves against single and multiple attackers. 4. Weapons Training: This system is designed for people who would like to purchase Martial Arts weapons, and learn how to defend themselves with these weapons, without going through a rigid “belt ranking system”. 5. Martial Arts Supplies: Aiki-Karate is a Martial Arts supplies distributer. With access to over 10,000 types of weapons, boxing gear, Mixed Martial Arts supplies, and more. A 15% discount will be provided to all CNM students and Military Veterans on all products and services.

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[09/27/20]   Aiki-Karate students learn that a weapon is an extension of themselves, through an object, used for protection. This concept enables them to integrate their spiritual energy into any object they touch. An object can be tangible and intangible. Intangible weapons are thoughts, ideas, and words used by students to protect themselves from attackers. A first degree Black Belt in the Aiki-Karate system is trained to used 500 different types of weapons. For more information, visit .

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[09/19/20]   When you read news reports stating that 203,171 Americans have died from COVID-19 complications, it's heartbreaking. However, I feel a deep bone-chilling sadness when I read that one of my Karate Students has been added to this horrible statistic. Greg was not just one of my karate students; he was a brother to me. His smile and positive attitude were welcomed contagious traits that only a few people on earth are blessed with. Thank you, Jesus, for bringing Greg into my life, and please comfort his wonderful family during this challenging time.

[08/09/20]   A Martial Artist understands that a person's perception is simply that person's reality. The concept of continuous improvement states that a person should question his or her perceptions in order to improve themselves. Applying this concept may prove perceptions as being valid or invalid. Regardless, each perception is that person's reality, and in order to continuously improve oneself, a person should frequently test their perceptions. Visit for more details.

Obama Warned The U.S. To Prepare For A Pandemic Back In 2014 | NowThis

“Furui mono o kenkyū sh*te atarashī mono o rikai suru.” Translates to: Study the old, to understand the new.

Obama warned Americans about preparing for a global pandemic back in 2014. » Subscribe to NowThis: » Sign up for our newsle...

Happy 30th Birthday Aiki-Karate!

On July 31st, 1990, Dr. David Jackson created an extremely innovative Martial Art system that consisted of seven Martial Art styles, designed to teach people the most efficient ways to protect their families. By triangulating the various degrees of black belts he obtained in Hoshin Ryu Ninjutsu (1st Degree Black Belt), Aikido (4th Degree Black Belt), Kempo Karate (4th Degree Black Belt), and Tae Kwon Do (2nd Degree Black Belt), over a decade of practicing Wing Chun Kung-Fu, Seven-Star Praying Mantis Kung-Fu, and Muy Thai Boxing, with 15 years of real street fighting experiences-- Aiki-Karate was born.

Preventing people from being taken advantage of by criminals, was the first mission of Aiki-Karate. However, Dr. Jackson realized there was also a need for business owners not be taken advantage of by employees and managers who mistreated employees. Integrating his 30 years of management experience with his Doctorate in Business Administration, he created a second mission for Aiki-Karate. Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs is a motivational theory that identifies five needs all human beings experience in life. These needs are physiological, safety, belonging, esteem, and self-actualization. The synergistic function of these needs ignites the spark of energy that is required for Martial Arts, Management, and Leadership to transform into a methodology known as-- The Martial Art of Management©. This methodology provides a comprehensive model for real-world application for all business industries.

Aiki-Karate is now celebrating 30 years of teaching people how to protect their families and businesses, from people who try to take advantage of them.To learn more about this unique Martial Art System, visit


Recommended Products 産品 | AIKI-KARATE Supports Car HDMI, Wireless phone connected to the Car display. Mirascreen(Android, Windows), DLNA and Airplay(iOS). (Android above 4.4 and up to IOS 11)Wi-Fi: 802.11b / g / n 2.4GHz Wireless WiFi 150Mbps. (with External WiFi Antenna to provide 10M WiFi Signal Coverage)

Shinobi-Iri Shinobi-Iri is stealth and entering training techniques of ninjutsu. This training consists of learning silent movements and attaining access to fortified areas. The ninja was known for being mysterious and performed many exploits that were uncommon to most people during the time of Feudal Japan. .....

Managing Conflicts are similar to extinguishing different types of fires. Learn more at

Iaidō (居合道) Some historians have stated that the Ninja were created to defeat the undefeatable Samurai warriors of Feudal Japan. Since most of these Ninjas were Samurai, they understood how to counteract the superior sword fighting styles of the Samurai. Hence, the Ninja were the Ying to the Samurai’s Yang. T...

Shuriken (手裏剣) The shuriken (hidden blade) was a very effective weapon used primarily by Ninja (Spirit Warriors). Spirit warriors concealed these thin steel plates in the pockets of their uniforms and belts and threw these projectiles at their enemies. Even though the Ninja primarily used shuriken to distract thei...

Blowgun: Fukiya (吹き矢) Ninjas used blowguns for stealth assassinations, foster confusion for the enemy as well as their animals, and for communication methods with other ninja. This device was most effective and accurate at an average range of 20 feet from the target. Several ninja disguised their blowguns as umbrellas, c...

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Remember that you are connected to the universe and beyond.

JRV Medical Exam Services and Vein Center

We are now offering Virtual Office visits via your smart phone or your PC! Call (505) 884-3344 to set up an appt!


"Positive focus, equals a positive outcome. The meaning of life, is to make positive history".- Dr. David Jackson, 5th Degree Black Belt.

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Happy 30th Birthday Aiki-Karate!





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