WolfPack Wrestling Academy

WolfPack Wrestling Academy


We already have wrestlers registered from Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Utah. We would love to have you come! Last year we had 981 wrestlers from 11 states. Also, you can register for a clinic with Mizzou Coach Kendric Maple when you use the link below to register for the tournament! Hope to see you there!

NM WolfPack Wrestling will be in the Dallas/Irving area next weekend for Lonestar Nationals . Any rooms willing to host us for a Thursday night or Friday morning workout??? We would greatly appreciate it!!!!
Kristy Crockett
NM WolfPack registration starts in a few weeks!
If you know anyone Interested

Then I will put in another order on Friday dec14th.

Again $35

Can send PayPal to

[email protected]
Srill time
Still Time to register for anyone looking to Wrestle this Saturday. Rhere is still time to register for this event see you all there!
Well you please PM me a link to the gear store so that I can place my order? Thank you.
Kristin Davis this is the program I said we should get Noah in after football
What are raffle winning numbers
Tonight Jayce was given a Wolfpack shirt from his coach for being the hardest working partner in the room. He is now representing the Pack in Idaho with his buddies Draven and Hammer. As you can see he loves it. Thank you Monte.

THE WOLFPACK IS BACK!!!! Our purpose is to provide and promote the sport of wrestling for both boys

Operating as usual


A great opportunity for all of the girl wrestlers!!!! A girls only camp hosted by one of NM’s finest!!!!!!

All Girls Wrestling Camp
Sometimes a Beauty has to be a BEAST!

$50 per Wrestler
2 Day Camp

Register here:



Great camp opportunity coming up this summer!!!

I’m excited for this one y’all!!! This is the only camp I’ll be attending this summer so if you want some wrestling technique secure your spot ASAP.

I’m especially excited for the essay addition - if you’re struggling with funds, submit an essay to me about “What Wrestling Means to You”. There are no writing requirements for this and it won’t be judged on grammar. I just want to read some heartfelt stories and honest insight into what wrestling means to you and its impact on your life.

Register here - http://www.camppros.com/register/detail_new.aspx?ListingId=6752&OrgId=358

Submit essays to [email protected] by July 8th


High School Wolves practice starts 6/2!!!!! Everyone is welcomed!!! Mix it up with wrestlers from all over!!! Contact Coach Monte Wallace for details!!!


Registration closes today at noon!!! There’s still time to register


For the 2nd year in a row our Andre “Big Dre”Martinez has made the World All-Star Team again, this time @ 12U 160!!!! He’s the youngest in his bracket and pulled off the #2 spot this year!!! Congratulations big man we’re all very proud you!!!!

Photos from NMJW New Mexico Junior Wrestling's post 05/01/2022

Let’s go JD “Bulldog” bring it home!!!!

Photos from WolfPack Wrestling Academy's post 04/25/2022

We had a great weekend!!!! We took a small group of the pack to Aztec Warrior Championships and they all kicked some ass in both Folkstyle and Freestyle!!! Just about everyone left with some hardware!!!

Folkstyle -

JD Alguire - 1st place 6U 52
Amelia Gallegos - 1st place 15U Girls HWT
JD Alguire - 2nd place 6U 55
Troy Logan - 2nd place 13U 144
Sophia Hennigh - 3rd place 12U Girls 80
Jayshaun Lewis - 3rd place 13U 95
Izrael Casaus - 3rd place 6U 37
Jose Gallegos - 4th place 15U 137
Logan Dodd - 5th place 8U 62

Freestyle -

Andre Martinez - 1st place 12U HWT
Jayshaun Lewis - 1st place 13U 95
JD Alguire - 2nd place 6U 52
Jose Gallegos - 2nd place 15U 137
Sophia Hennigh - 2nd place 12U Girls 80
Austin Urioste - 3rd place 10U 65
Hagan Crockett - 4th place 15U 116
Zia Budagher - 4th place 18U Girls 155

Photos from WolfPack Wrestling Academy's post 04/17/2022

We took a quick business trip to Farmington today for the Piedra Vista Invitational and we had a blast. Missing a few but these wolves kicked some butt today!!! Great job today everyone!!

JD Alguire - 1st place
Jaxson Cuffley - 1st place
Lucas Saavedra - 1st place
Jahkari Conway-Lewis - 3rd place
Jayshaun Lewis - 1st place
Santiago Aragón-Roybal - 1st place
Claudia Aragón - 3rd place

Special shout to to Jahking Conway & Israel Casuas as they competed in their very 1st tournament today!


Congratulations Andre “Big Dre” Martinez for being nominated by New Mexico Wrestling for the 15U wrestler of the year! He had a very successful season in New Mexico and out of state as well!!!! Great job Alpha!!! Very proud of you!!!!!


Photos from WolfPack Wrestling Academy's post 04/10/2022

Very proud of this young wolf!!!! Did a great job this weekend!!!! Went to war with some hammers and made some new buddies on the way!!! He ended up claiming 5th place defeating the Oregon State champion by fall!!! Congratulations JD!!!!


We have a Wolf in the medal rounds this morning!!! JD “Bulldog” Alguire is going for 5th place in a bracket full of champions!!! He’ll be taking on a Oregon State Champion this morning!!!! Good luck JD, the Pack fam is all behind you!!!!


Some of the pack heading out to World of Wrestlings Reno Worlds this morning!!! Safe travels, bring back some hardware and god bless you all out on the road!!!! 🦅🦅🦅🦅


Just a reminder this week we start our new schedule for EVERYONE!!!!

Tuesday-Thursday 6-8pm
Friday 6-7:30pm
Saturday 10-12pm (Open Mat) (optional)

Photos from WolfPack Wrestling Academy's post 04/05/2022

The votes are in and we have 3 wolves who made the list! Congratulations, you guys all deserved it!!! We’re very proud you all, keep grinding away!!!!

6U - JD Alguire
12U Girls - Lacie Griego
15U - Andre Martinez


Congratulations to Coach Max and his brother Matt on being inducted to the New Mexico Wrestling hall of fame! 🐺💪🏿

Congratulations! Two of our very own got inducted into the NM wrestling hall of fame.


Our ladies went to USA Wrestling’s Girls Folkstyle Nationals, represented NM and kicked some ass!!!! Very proud of these ladies!!! We all brought back some hardware!!! Congratulations ladies!!!!

Lacie Griego - 1st place
Emma Gutierrez - 4th place
Zoe Archuleta - 7th place
Sophia Hennigh - 8th place


We had another 1st!!! Our very 1st USA Wrestling Girls Folkstyle Nationals Champion, Lacie Griego is our 2022 12U 120lbs champion!!!! Congratulations Lacie!!! Way to represent young lady!!!!!


Our ladies went to USA Wrestling’s Girls Folkstyle Nationals, represented NM and kicked some ass!!!! Very proud of these ladies!!! We all brought back some hardware!!! Congratulations ladies!!!!

Lacie Griego - 1st place
Emma Gutierrez - 4th place
Zoe Archuleta - 7th place
Sophia Hennigh - 8th place


Congratulations to New Mexico’s Real Woods on becoming an All-American at this years NCAA Championships!!! He wrestled his heart out and the whole state was watching and rooting for you young king!!!! Way to represent stud and again congratulations!!!!

Photos from WolfPack Wrestling Academy's post 03/10/2022

We’re open for practice and still have a full slate of tournaments to hit up!!!!

Practice schedules as follows -

High School Wolves (incoming freshman & up)
Tuesday-Friday 4-6pm

Alphas (Advanced or experienced)Youth -
Tuesday 6-8pm
Thursday 6-8pm
Friday 5:45-7pm
Saturday 11:30am-1:30pm

Omegas (Intermediate & Beginner) Youth -
Monday 5:45-7pm
Wednesday 6-7:30pm
Friday 5:45-7pm
Saturday 10-11:30am

Call or contact Coach Monte Wallace for any information needed.

Photos from WolfPack Wrestling Academy's post 02/27/2022

This weekend was the 2022 NMJW New Mexico Junior Wrestling State Championships and the pack did phenomenal, we claimed another state title and state runner up title!!!! We ended the day with 12 champions, 28 wolves made the championship finals, and we left with 53 total wolves placing top 6 in their weight classes!!! Way to go wolves and congratulations to following wolves on placing top 6!!!!

WolfPack Girls - 2022 NMJW Girls State Champion

WolfPack Boys - 2022 NMJW State Runner Up

1st place -
JD Alguire 6U 51lbs
Jodeci Gutierrez 8U 49lbs
Azeah Ayala 12U 140lbs
Jayshaun Lewis 15U 88lbs
D’Angelo Mitchell 12U 175lbs
Alexsander West 15U 120lbs
Jose Gallegos 15U 132lbs
Andre Martinez 15U 160lbs
Phoebe Westfall 8U Girls 87lbs
Emma Gutierrez 12U Girls 80lbs
Sophia Rimbert 12U Girls 95lbs
Lacie Griego 12U Girls 115lbs

2nd place -
Lukas Gauna 6U 32lbs
Camren Redwine 6U 47lbs
Lucas Saavedra 6U 67lbs
Emanu Villanueva 10U 60lbs
Austin Urioste 10U 65lbs
Kalijah Gonzales 10U 75lbs
Ronon Burks 10U 130lbs
Elias Martinez 12U 115lbs
Gerimiah West 15U 126lbs
Mila Elyicio 6U Girls 63lbs
Abbygail Hawley 8U Girls 42lbs
Sophia Hennigh 10U Girls 75lbs
Ashlyn Cervantes 10U Girls 90lbs
Zoe Archuleta 12U Girls 140lbs
Yahaira Lozano 15U Girls 113lbs
Mya Gonzales 15U Girls 120lbs

3rd place -
Braylon Lucero 6U 55lbs
Esai Martinez 6U 80lbs
Rhone McBride 8U 42lbs
Maximo Granados 12U 175lbs
Anthony Ruiz 15U HWT
Danika Trujillo 8U Girls 57lbs
Maya Garcia 8U Girls 65lbs
Kaylee Danel 10U Girls 100lbs

4th place -
Juelz Gutierrez 6U 35lbs
Jacob Trujillo 6U 55lbs
Ezekiel Ramirez 8U 53lbs
Aaron Gabaldon 8U HWT
Maxton Rohde 10U 65lbs
Michael Macias 12U 90lbs
Noel Urioste 10U Girls 65lbs
Janaeah Dixon 10U Girls 100lbs
Kaylee Whiteeyes 12U Girls 115lbs

5th place -
Maxim Oakey 6U 47lbs
Nehemiah Gonzales 6U 55lbs
Christian Najar 6U 67lbs
Thomas Gibson 12U 70lbs
Garrett Lassiter 12U 120lbs
Hagan Crockett 15U 113lbs
Joseph Lucero 15U 120lbs

6th place -
Luke Stone 10U 95lbs
Sophia Westfall 10U Girls 100lbs


NMJW New Mexico Junior Wrestling State Championships are here this weekend!!! And the WolfPacky Army will be present!!!!
We’re taking 60 boys in the boys state championship & 20 girls in the girls state championship !!!!


Registration is open for the new NMJW New Mexico Junior Wrestling spring league that is starting next month! Reach out if anyone’s interested or has any questions!!!

Photos from WolfPack Wrestling Academy's post 02/08/2022

Happy birthday Coach Pat!!! We love and miss you big guy!!!!!


Our very 1st Metro Champion!!! Mr. Tyler Finley is your 2022 Heavyweight Metro Champion!!!! Congratulations big fella, the whole WolfPack family is damn proud of you!!!


We’ve got 4 wolves in the medal rounds at Metro Championships this weekend!!! Way to go Wolves we’re proud of all of you!!! Now go get what’s yours!!!!

Tyler Finley - going for 1st & 2nd @ HWT
Zia Budagher - going for 1st & 2nd @ G 152
Damian Trujillo - going for 3rd & 4th @ 106
Marisa Rimbert - going for 3rd & 4th @ G 145


This past weekend was the 3rd state qualifier of the season for NMJW and our wolves did awesome!!! We finished top 3 as team and had a great showing!!! Congratulations wolves and keep working hard boys and girls!!!!

1st place -
JD Alguire 6U 51lbs
Lucas Saavedra 6U 71lbs
JD Alguire 8U 49lbs
Emanu Villanueva 12U 60lbs
D’Angelo Mitchell 12U 175lbs
Andre Martinez 12U HWT
Alexsander West 15U 120lbs
Gerimiah West 15U 126lbs
Andre Martinez 15U 170lbs
Kaylee Danel 10U 100-110lbs
Emma Gutierrez 12U Girls 85-90lbs
Sophia Rimbert 12U Girls 95lbs
Lacie Griego 12U Girls 115-120lbs
Zoe Archuleta 12U Girls 140-150lbs

2nd place -
Jodeci Gutierrez 10U 50lbs
Emanu Villanueva 10U 60lbs
Lacie Griego 10U 120lbs
Maximo Granados 12U 175lbs
Jayshaun Lewis 12U 88lbs
Azeah Ayala 15U 145lbs
Mila Eylicio 6U Girls 59-63lbs
Abbigail Hawley 6U Girls 42lbs
Maya Garcia 8U Girls 65lbs
Ashlyn Cervantes 10U Girls 90lbs
Janaeah Dixon 10U Girls 100-110lbs
Yahaira Lozano 15U 106-113lbs
Mya Gonzales 15U Girls 120-126lbs

3rd place -
Nehemiah Gonzales 6U 55lbs
Christian Najar 6U 6lbs
Jodeci Gutierrez 8U 53lbs
Aaron Gabaldon 8U HWT
Gabriel Gustafson 10U 70lbs
Kalijah Gonzales 10U 75lbs
Ronon Burks 10U 130lbs
Gabriel Gustafson 12U 70lbs
Zoe Archuleta 12U 150lbs
Jospeh Lucero 15U 126lbs
Kaylee Whiteeyes 12U Girls 115-120lbs

4th place -
Juelz Gutierrez 6U 35lbs
Joshua Gustafson 10U 55
Michael Macias 12U 90lbs
Azeah Ayala 12U 140lbs
Anthony Ruiz 15U HWT
Noel Urioste 10U Girls 65lbs
Sophia Hennigh 10U 80-85lbs

5th place -
Lukas Gauna 6U 35lbs
Braylon Lucero 6U 55lbs
Esai Martinez 80-HWT
Mason Macias 8U 69lbs
Ezekiel Ramirez 10U 55lbs
Austin Urioste 10U 70lbs
Emma Gutierrez 12U 80lbs
Elias Martinez 12U 115lbs
Joseph Lucero 15U 120lbs
Azriel Archuleta 6U Girls 43lbs

6th place -
Jacob Griego 8U 73lbs
Maxton Rohde 10U 65
Cru McBride 10U 75lbs
Izaiah Trujillo 10U 80lbs
Thomas Gibson 12U 75lbs

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Raffle Drawing......In order1st place $700  - Joyce Sikora 2nd place $400 - Derek Clark 3rd place $200 - Jaxon Rohde
Grinding in The Den!!!!
50/50 Raffle drawing!!!!



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