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Stopped by Freedom to Move Gym to see my friends April and Wade. Saw them in action...very focused and professional.
Check it out! 😊
Stopped in and met my friends and trainers Wade and April. Check it out.
I feel great today! Thank you. When I met you Wade I liked the Integrity that you showed. Then I had the pleasure of meeting April. I saw how April was Wade's support and she also has her own workout. I look forward to those!. Wow, you two make an incredible team! I told wade what areas I wanted and he created a demo workout. Today I know that Wade was listening because I am sore in the areas that I want to improve. Thank you! I look forward to my journey with this gym!
Thanks for a killer first day Wade! After taking a break from the gym, your style is exactly what I need to get back in the game. Appreciate how responsive the workout is to where I’m at and how encouraging and affirming you are as a trainer!

Stoked to be getting back to it 🏋️‍♂️🏆#transfitness
Eli Valdez this is the one i was telliing you about. Talk to Wade Hawk
Shout out to my buddy Wade Hawk... He has been working with me for the past few weeks on circuit training no heavy weight .no injuries due to heavy lifting.. all body weight.. and this has been the hardest workout I have ever done.. thanks wade..
Stretching after lifting all the weights lol. Thanks Wade - @night.hulk for being both a great motivator and a sweetheart. I love our combination of max heavy weight training and lighter circuit training. My endurance has gone way up!
I can almost go all the way down with the ab roller!
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Beast arms! 💪🏽
Sign up here:
I've had a vision for a long time of having a safe space for people to work out in who maybe aren't comfortable in the gym, or maybe they've never worked out before, or maybe they're self-conscious, maybe they don't have anyone to go with and motivation is low... I've created a space where community and their friends and family can come move their bodies, lose weight, get stronger and have fun doing it! Every level is welcome and wanted! Thank you for checking out my page and message me with any questions or to get started whether you are local here in Albuquerque, or if you need online training I provide that as well!

Welcome to Freedom To Move Gym! We are a fun, safe community based atmosphere for ALL fitness levels. Join us having fun, learning, making friends, and feeling good!

Operating as usual


Buddy Sessions are too fun!!


Consistency is the name of the game. If you can start doing that, then you can learn as you go and get better and better with time! Sue is an EXCELLENT example of this. Through all the ups and downs, one thing she ALWAYS made sure to do for herself was show up and be present. 🥳🏋️🏆💪


💀Local October Workouts, message us for more info!!🎃

💀Local October Workouts, message us for more info!!🎃


Omg FUNNNN toys!! Added a new one today... Can you spot it??


Workout dice served us well!!


Here are some lasting words from some of the people who made The rEVOLUTION workouts a success!! Thank you all for coming and for sharing your words!!🙏🫂🤸

Blair says - "I would recommend rEVOLUTION class because Wade and April provide a perfect balance of encouragement and accountability. I’ve always been afraid of trainers because I didn’t want to feel bad about how out of shape I am and want my limits respected. I quickly learned that I had nothing to fear and that class was really fun. I saw noticeable results after a month which was extremely motivating. They are just as passionate about community as they are fitness and I made some cool friends. I would sign up again in a hart beat."

Reese says - "My spouse and I loved Wade and April’s class! Every class was a blast, and the workout was always challenging and satisfying. It was great fun working out in a group format with the other members. I can’t wait to do more of these classes!
Joan said - "These are the best workouts I’ve been to in town! Always challenging but always a lot of fun. It’s the most supportive group to work hard with - everyone encouraging and cheering each other to be their best. Wade & April know how to coach you to do more than you thought you could, and make sure that your set up with any modifications you might need. I just love it!"

Liz says - "The workouts 💪are awesome, a fun environment great group of people, the equipment is always is out of this world 🌎, the trainers April and Wade are focused and the best in Albuquerque, and always encourage 👏 and help 👏each individual 👍. And if a modification is needed 👍😀 is their to show the modification!!!!!"

Sue says - "April and Wade are the nicest people you will ever meet, they both have a great sense of humor, and they will get your body in shape if you will let them! I would not be anywhere near in this good of shape without their expertise and caring for 2.5 years! Thank you both ♥️🤗."

Talia says - "It super welcoming and felt it was a supportive environment that also pushed me to my limits so so I could get stronger and grow. I appreciated the adjustments they made for my limitations (bad neck) and they were careful about checking form. I do recommend staying for a few minutes afterwards to stretch and it’s so nice in the park it’s a great setting."

Jeanette says - "That it’s the best little gym ever! That the workouts are challenging and fun. The environment is welcome to all ages and skill levels. Even single parent friendly where I can bring my kids if I have to. The trainers help you and guide you thru new exercises and push you when you need pushed to do one more!! The group members are welcoming and encouraging."


Full Body Madness over here!!

Blair says "I felt like I could barely drive home my arms were so dead 😂I had the best mind muscle connection with the triceps. Overall, this was my favorite circuit, there wasn’t any that I didn’t like. The chest with the kettle bell was interesting bc I only felt it in my arms but then when I stood up I felt it in my chest."

Pixie says "The skiers are one I definitely need to focus and balance on. ⛷️"

Talia says "Mostly I was aware of doing a “glute finish” at the end of each lift and of engaging the muscles in my upper back to keep my shoulders back."


Nice cloudy weather on this perfect day. People getting to know each other makes July even more fun and bonding!


Happy 4th!! We worked out yesterday instead of today as our first JULY park workout!! Weather was perfect and everyone really got out of their comfort zones🥂🤸💪🌟🏋️🌈


I asked what was the most fun exercise??

Liz said - "Sled pull and feeling it in the calves"🦵

Reese said - "Punching! x2!"

Sue said - "Punching and sled pull."

Joan said - "Wait, it was supposed to be fun?!😂😂😂. I’m with Sue, punching & sled pull."


We are gearing up for JULY workouts!! The last June workout is today!!👏🕺🥳🥂
Way to make it happen everyone💯🏋️ There's been lots of fun, connections and bonding. Looking forward to next month!!🎉🔥💪🌈

Timeline Photos 06/21/2021

It's been so crazy and I was in disbelief and denial when things first happened with Covid.... It's been sooooooo great simply having the choices now once again☺️🥳👏. We love our community and super grateful for the ones who stuck it all out and are STILL with us today, for the ones who came in during Covid and we miss the ones we haven't seen since Covid. FTM Freedom To Move carries. These group classes have been humbling, bonding and a JAB back (literally) to the past.



Here are three 1st person experiences in their own words!

Blair said "I really liked the resistance bands from the last couple of classes. Its easier to do the form correctly and can really feel the muscles they are using. But I thought the skipping was the most intense 😂"

Reese said - "My favorite are the aerobic ones, the kicking and the step, the sumo squat was hardest, and the resistance bands were super challenging—more than expected since I’m used to lifting weights! Thought the whole workout was awesBlair

Jolene said - "My Flanks and hip flexors!! 😆 ouch!! Frogger is always my favorite exercise 🐸 everything works on that!!! And I gotta agree skipping was intense lol but really it was because my heart rate was really going good after the frog 💪 great work out April and Wade!! And group work outs are so much fun!! Can't wait to see you all next Wednesday. Have a great week!!"


It's all about having fun, being healthy, including people, teaching and bonding 💦🫂💯🌈


#FTM - Freedom To Move

#FTM - Freedom To Move


Man, it's great to have in person fun again, it's been wayyyyy too long, how great is this!! If you want in, message us anytime!🤸🌈👏💦🌳🌲


🌈Kritter says "Great workout as always ☺️ and yes the variety definitely helps and keeps things fun! Seeing ur dance breaks always keeps me encouraged lol you're a great cheerleader 😸"
🦵Peggy says "Sweating & dance breaks, the dynamic duo of Wade & April keep us working hard and having fun!"
💥Liz says "Amazing workout"
🎉 Sue says "Great workout, as usual! You all do a super job of switching things around, with the exception of squats🤪(!) so it is not predictable, thus: boring. I can tell you put a lot of thought into it."




Peggy says - I’ve been enjoying these workouts & seeing results! Thanks for the great coaching & community!! 💕


Josh came to his first class hesitantly, bc friends/previous clients of FTM Gym said he should. Here's what he says after surviving his first one!
"I'd like to come Thursday’s for sure. If my schedule allows I want to make it to one other class during the week, but for sure Thursdays. I’m still sore from Thursday but it feels good. Like it lets me know what areas I’m out of shape in, and it also lets me know that what we did was beneficial."

[12/13/20]   From our friend Torrey -

"I am Torrey (they/them) standing on Tiwa land.
To all my friends on their journey to health and a better relationship with their bodies, I would like to introduce you to Wade, owner of FTM: Freedom to Move, the best Zoom work out class I have been privileged to observe."


It's real life working out at home!🤣🤣


Liz says "it felt great to workout today after having to miss several weeks due to the demand at work." Awesome job being able to get back into it and giving 110% in your workout today...




Virtual FTM workouts, message me to learn more details💪🏾💥🌈


Virtual FTM workouts, message me to learn more details💪🏾💥🌈


Abel says "During COVID times need to get creative with workouts findings new ways to stay active!


Cory says "Had a blast at April's first Pumpersize class. It was so much fun and it was great to spend time with Ashley, Liz, Sue and April and Wade and I set a new record of working out 30 minutes. Woot Woot! If you want a little cardio and a little fun come join us next week."


Sarah says "Jackson and the dogs insisted on being part of our couples session last night 😂 felt good to workout with wife again ❤️ thanks April for the Virtual training ❤️"

and Ashley said "Couples workout with Sarah, April handed our butts to us with this virtual workout! Felt good to workout with my honey again!!!"


Liz says "Holy cow! Another awesome 1 on 1 Virtual session with April Hawk. I warmed up 6 minutes on the bike and 2 minutes bicep burnouts. Then walked down my driveway and back before my session even started. Every exercise was 3 minutes and she brought it and kicked my ass. 1st exercise was 4 different which ever I could do Russian twists with or without a kettlebell, crunches, planks, next was step ups with a sink squats, hip raises, mountain climbers, hammerheads to shoulder raises started with 7#'s and dropped all the way to 2lbs. Next skull crushers I liked those, sides with 15 lb. kettlebell dropped to 7# when I felt pain in the left side of myhip/back. Had rows then last exercise was step up to a chair alternating legs. Most everything was a 10, a few 9's. Got a sweat going on. Yeah!! Pics to ?


This is Apri's very first client that she has worked with a year and a half. What an amaaazing transformation inside and out!

Here's what Ms Rita says " This is a combination of Monday and Wednesday's workouts. That Kettle bell is no joke. Try lifting 9 lbs when your arms are already fatigued. And the wall push ups when you chest is still sore from the Flys on the stability ball. But I feel great. Being transparent right now. I really debated over adding my transformation pic. Even though the pic is proof, I still do not see it. I still feel like I'm the pic from 2019. And before you get started with your comments and intervention, let me be clear, I'm ok and I know I've put in the work. I'm just telling my own truth right now and my trainer and my family have already given me the pep talk. #workingonme #nopainnogain #canyouseethetransformation 💪🏾💪🏾 @ Freedom To Move Gym"


Miss Rita says "I had a great workout today. Before I started working out with April, I would have good intentions when I said I was going work out at home. I would either give up before I got started or I would quit early because I could or lack of motivation. I have a goal in mind and I really want to get there, so I'm at it again. Modifications for my lower back and knees, 4 minutes each. Y'all 4 minutes is a long time my muscles were burning. #buildingstrength #ronacouldntstopme #movingforward @ Freedom To Move Gym"

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