Came out and did a ride of the course!! That was so much fun, so fast, so smooth, so perfect!!

ZoeFitness says, it's a MUST ride!! Never went into Zone 3 and averaged 10 mph!

That 30% chance of rain, will make the roller coaster, even more fun and fast!!

I discovered ZoeFitness after searching for adult swimming lessons in 2018. I wanted to compete in triathlons, but I could not swim across the pool without feeling exhausted. Zoe’s instruction helped me improve my speed and endurance in the water. Her systematic and thorough instruction helped me progress from a novice swimmer to a confident swimmer in a no judgment group that I now consider friends. Zoe’s style of teaching is friendly, yet she appropriately challenges her students. I now feel confident in both the pool and open water and am able to swim over a mile comfortably, thanks to Zoe!
Holy crap, Coach! I rode a bicycle across Texas! What the h*ck!?!

Thanks for all your support, endless motivation, and ability to get me off my butt.
Join ZoeFitness for Adult Open Water Swim Clinic at Lake Abiquiu. Try on and demo some great wet suits made by TYR Sport. Register @ http://www.newmexicosportsonline.com/Swimming/USMS-ZoeFitness-Adult-Open-Water-Swim-Clinic-1-Mile5K-Swims-Lake-Abiquiu-2019/67968

"It's not about being fast,
It's about getting faster"


Happy New Year!!

A new slate in terms of Macro Cycles. Let's break it down: yes, we are given a new year,
Every week we are given a fresh start, Monday,
Each and every day the sun sets, and we are given a fresh slate to make the best of a new day.
Sometimes we have to break it down to the hour, and
It's OK when we have to break it down minute by minute.

Every second of every day we are given the opportunity to start a new, to start where we are right now, to begin the journey to the best versions of ourselves.

Be Your Ultimate Potential.
- Coach Zoe


One of my AMAZING athletes enjoying backpacking hut to hut in New Zealand.

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Photos from ZoeFitness's post 12/20/2022

We have generally considered wellness to be made up of 5 Components:
1. Physical
2. Mental
3. Emotional
4. Social
5. Spiritual

To be lacking in one, is to be lacking in our overall wellness. Wellness is a solid balance of each component.

Later versions of the components of wellness include: intellectual, occupational, and oftentimes financial.

I would argue that health is our wealth.

Aqua Jogging 11/29/2022

Aqua Jogging

Aqua Jogging: I really love the hip drive, and glute activation.

I love running; without running!!

Aqua Jogging Not only is aqua jogging great for injury rehabilitation, but it is also a very effective training method for running, cycling and injury prevention

Photos from ZoeFitness's post 11/28/2022

December 2nd at Silver Dollar Saloon Pb Swims Leadville is having a silent auction for the pool in Lake County, Colorado. Please consider reaching out to Pb Swims for a donation, or finding out how to bid on this AWESOME package.


Inflammation leads to disease:


Water Wednesday:

Pretty stoked to be part of her journey!
IRONMAN Mexico!!

For her last swim before her race, we all joined her for a 25 minute continuous swim! She covered her Rx distance 2.5 minutes faster, so went for a few more!

Thanks Team for being part of the magic!
-Coach Zoe

A Change In Pace || Baby Sanders 11/14/2022

A Change In Pace || Baby Sanders

Rollers aren't dead.

I couldn't get past all the negativity.

Passion for sport is the whole key to doing it, and being successful.

A Change In Pace || Baby Sanders Sorry for the long drought of no videos. Lionel was enjoying some off time and starting the next chapter in his life welcoming Baby Levi Sanders into this wo...


Today is a very special day, a day so deserving to all of those who served in our military, past and present. Special enough, to take a break, boot up the computer, and honor all our Veterans.

I cannot thank you enough. Thank you. 💙 ❤️


Allow Joy to flow through you and expand outwards.
: a feeling of great happiness
: a source or cause of great happiness : something or someone that gives joy to someone
: success in doing, finding, or getting something


100% for the day, that's all any of us can do.

That's why using RPE (Rates of Perceived Exertion) is such a powerful tool. It feels like an 8 or a 9 on a 10 point scale, and HR is showing Z1 or Z2, that's your 100%.


"... Goodhart's Law. Named after the economist Charles Goodhart, the principle states, " When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure." Measurement is only useful when it guides you and adds context to a larger picture, not when it consumes you. Each number is simply one piece of feedback in the overall system.

In our data-driven world, we tend to overvalue numbers and undervalue anything ephemeral, soft, and difficult to quantify. We mistakenly think the factors we can measure are the only factors that exist. But just because you can measure something doesn't mean it's the most important thing. And just because you can't measure something doesn't mean it not important at all."
-James Clear
Atomic Habits.


2022 Exercise Recommendations for Lung Transplants:

What do you think?

How I Transformed My High Elbow Catch | Freestyle Technique Tips 10/24/2022

How I Transformed My High Elbow Catch | Freestyle Technique Tips

I used to think that about high elbow too! :) He's one of my swim smart people heroes and has a great Instagram to follow.

How I Transformed My High Elbow Catch | Freestyle Technique Tips There were three things that had the biggest impact on my freestyle catch:1. Hand height2. High elbow doesn't mean 'near the surface'3. It's the 'setup' pha...


Both are equally important.

Happy Fri'YAH!


2023 is sneaking up on us:
What's your race plan?
How may I assist you reach your goals?


Zoe Tri Swim Session V Starts Tomorrow:
Monday October 17th, at 530 PM at Seidler Natatorium in the University of New Mexico Johnson Center.

Awesome group of swimmers, awesome group of humans! I hope you think about joining us!

Please DM me for more information!


"Research guides us. Real life leads us."
-Bob Seebohar

Is just one of the reasons you want a qualified professional on your side.


Lady Lobo Swim Meet schedule that may impact Long Course Saturdays for Zoe Tri Swim.

Photos from ZoeFitness's post 09/29/2022

2023 Zoe Tri Swim Sanctions are complete.
** New starting October 15th, 2022, Session IV are LONG COURSE SATURDAYS!

October 15th through December 19th, 2022 Session V cost will be 140.00 +NMGRT
Coached sessions Mondays and Wednesdays from 530 to 7 PM with an OPEN swim or Make Up swim Saturdays LONG course from 10 AM to NOON.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and I hope to see you on deck!!


Hey Meanie!
Sit Down and
Shut up!

I've got this!!


I LOVE these days!

Here's some Monday Motivation from Water Wednesday:
V02 workout as a team!!


The negative side effects carry over to sport. It's important to work on glute strength, hamstring strength, hip flexors and abdominal muscles.


Internet Scroll Winner:

Better Nutrition and Training will get you further, faster. Ask me how!


Internet scroll: For the Win!

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I LOVE these days!Here's some Monday Motivation from Water Wednesday:V02 workout as a team!!#icoachbadasses #swim #swimm...
Rolling into the weekend like:
I have a lot of proud coaching moments.  This is definitely one of them.Keleher knocked out #60 of his Birthday 100s wit...
Merry Christmas from Coach Zoe!!Santa brought a new torture device for the studio!I know you're looking forward to it!! ...




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