Rebel Workout, Albuquerque, NM Video February 7, 2019, 12:31pm

Videos by Rebel Workout in Albuquerque. We feature TRX Suspension training, Sandbells, and ViPR bars, we offer yoga and indoor cycling!!

Get ready for another snow show trip!! This Sunday February 10th we will meet at the smiths on tramway and central and head to the backside for a little fun in the snow. Can’t wait to see you there!!

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Scooting into Friday like...

It’s national bike day!! Grab some friends and go for a ride!!

We need your art! We are looking for local artist that want to show their work in our studio. Message and please pass this along to any artist you know.

HIIT classes are a great way to boost your mood, stimulate your metabolism, push you past your comfort zone. We use our heart rate monitors to help push you to a targeted high heart rate and a low recovery heart rate. These targeted pushes and recovery’s are exactly what boosts our metabolisms into over drive. Our body needs to account for our rise in temperature during exercise and bring us back to a steady state. What does this mean? We burn fat as our fuel during these types of classes and that increased fat burining continues beyond our normal metabolic burn of 1-2 hours post workout and has been shown to increase your calorie burn up to 12 hours post workout 😳😳😳! Don’t worry if you don’t have a monitor we also run these classes based on time so you still get that HIIT class effect.

Did you know that balance is an extremely important part of mountain biking? Want to learn more take our mountain bike clinic on April 7th. This clinic will teach you the basics of mountain biking.

Did you know that the fitness industry is 98% male dominated and 90% franchise owned? We ❤️ that Rebel is neither of those things we are a woman owned business that puts our instructors through a 100 hour instructor course but once they have completed the course they are completely free to develop and create workouts to challenge, engage and inspire you.

Want to see a perfect squat? Watch a toddler!! Here is Morris showing us how it’s done. He sits down perfectly balanced on his whole foot equal pressure through every part, as he reaches for the phone he counter balances his body by reaching back behind himself, once he grasps his object he stands straight up and finished with a big smile! Try to perfect your squat like Morris and let us know how it goes.

Sandbells are a total body workout with one piece of equipment! This little bag replaces, sandbags, kettlebells, bum bells, and medicine balls. Being able to transition from one exercise to another without stopping keeps you heart rate up, builds muscle and challenges you to push harder.

Elvis leg is real!!! Taking ViPR up a notch with a little bosu ball. This makes you work not only your major muscle groups but also your accessory muscle groups. The bosu is used by physical therapist everyday to rebuild, strengthen, and teach accessory muscles to engage and support. We use it for the same reasons BEFORE you need to be in physical therapy.

The TRX is known for the incredible core workout you get while using it, but most of the time we use the straps with our feet in. These straps are so versatile that we can get and incredible core workout without putting our toes in!! Take a TRX fit class and find out how strong your core is😜😜

Wearing a heart rate monitor gives us clues to how our body is coping with stress. Is your body telling you it’s time for a recover day?

Get ready for another snow show trip!! This Sunday February 10th we will meet at the smiths on tramway and central and head to the backside for a little fun in the snow. Can’t wait to see you there!!

Be kind to yourself. That is the first step we should take in becoming more consistent and our four legged companions can teach us a lot about being kind. Not only do out four legged friends/family greet us each day with love and kindness no matter what we have done, what we think of ourselves, how we have treated others, they listen, the understand, and they learn. If you have ever trained a puppy or a dog you know that they respond better to positive reenforcement. Give them all the praise when they do something right, treat them with love and kindness and they will learn anything you want them to in time. They remind us that when we mess up or fail if we are kind to ourselves first we are more willing to keep trying until we succeed. Happy Monday!!

Sorry everyone along with the rest of New Mexico Rebel is going to close for the day. We know that some of you might be feeling a bit cooped up so here is a great at home workout you can do, and for added bonus take it outside to get some fresh air!! The workout is as follows: Do every exercise in order for 10 reps then 9 reps then 8, 7, get the point!! Enjoy!! - 1. Squats 2. Alternating leg lunges (10 reps per leg) 3. Push ups 4. Raise the roof 5. Side plank with hip drop (10 per side) . #505rebelcrew #505 #edoabq #505edo #505fitness #abqlocalgym #505spin #505spinstudio #abqdowntown #burque #albuquerque #fitness #edoalbuquerque #albuquerquegym #madetomove #rebelworkout #athlete #athletes #abqfit #abqfitness #functionaltraining #functionalfitness #athleticperformance #bodyweighttraining #resistancetraining

Our mat pilates class focuses on the intricate details of movement, helping you build to a strong core that helps you better control your body everyday. Sign up for our classes this week Thursday at 9am and Saturday at 9:30am

Warren miller is tonight!!! Last chance to get your tickets online link in bio. Our local UNM cross country ski team will be at the show to talk about UNMs ski program. It’s going to be amazing show!! All proceeds will benefit the Adaptive Sports Program New Mexico so come out enjoy the show and support a great organization!! . . . #505rebelcrew #505 #edoabq #505edo #505fitness #abqlocalgym #505spin #505spinstudio #abqdowntown #burque #albuquerque #fitness #edoalbuquerque #albuquerquegym #madetomove #rebelworkout #athlete #athletes #abqfit #abqfitness #functionaltraining #functionalfitness #athleticperformance #bodyweighttraining #resistancetraining

Tonight is our sound body/sound mind class. This is a guided meditation class both on the bike and off the bike. This class is an incredible way to start to explore the benefits of meditation and mindfulness while exercising as well as seated meditation. Mindfulness is a way to break free from the limits our minds place on us and move into a place that we have always wanted to be. Sign up now and experience this journey for yourself. Class beings at 6:45pm. 🚴🏽‍♂️🧘🏽‍♀️🚴🏿‍♀️🧘🏽‍♂️

Ski swap this weekend at expo NM!! The sale starts tonight!! It’s the best place to grab your wi get gear! • • • #505rebelcrew #505 #edoabq #505edo #505fitness #abqlocalgym #505spin #505spinstudio #abqdowntown #burque #albuquerque #fitness #edoalbuquerque #albuquerquegym #madetomove #rebelworkout #athlete #athletes #abqfit #abqfitness #functionaltraining #functionalfitness #athleticperformance #bodyweighttraining #resistancetraining #sandiaskiswap

Winter is coming and we are stepping up our balance game. Give these exercises a try to start to get ready for winter activities and icy conditions. Each exercise should be done for 1 min each. . . . #505rebelcrew #505 #edoabq #505edo #505fitness #abqlocalgym #505spin #505spinstudio #abqdowntown #burque #albuquerque #fitness #edoalbuquerque #albuquerquegym #madetomove #rebelworkout #athlete #athletes #abqfit #abqfitness #functionaltraining #functionalfitness #athleticperformance #bodyweighttraining #resistancetraining #bosu #bosutraining #bosuworkout #bosutrx #trxbosu

Keeping with our commitment to balanced lives we have added classes that help restore the body but what about the mind? Introducing our new class Sound Body/Sound Mind this class will be a combined meditation and spin class. 45 minutes long, with a varied practice of off the bike meditating, intense cycling, mindfulness while on the bike, and discussion of meditation techniques for everyday living. Improve your mind, life, body, and your performance all in one workout. It will be held the first Wednesday of the month space is limited so sign up today. 🚴🏿‍♀️🧘🏽‍♀️🚴🏽‍♂️🧘🏽‍♂️

As winter approaches it is time to start stepping up our balance game getting ready for slick paths and outdoor adventures. Each exercise should be done for 1 min (except the push up with rotation and bosu tilt with pointed toe these are 30 seconds per side) repeat 2-3 times.

Meet ?? (Comment your name suggestion below) she is not a Halloween decoration, she is our KT Tape model. She will help you learn more about how KT tape can help with any issues you might be having. . . #505rebelcrew #505 #edoabq #trx #trxblackranks #rebelworkout #abqdowntown #burque #madetomove #albuquerquegym #505fitness #abqlocalgym #505spin #505spinstudio #TRX #hyperwear #vipr #battleropes #albuquerque #fitness #edoalbuquerque #505edo #bosu #idhikethat #hiking #saunter #runnerslife #trainingruns

Im just saying you should be in the next Rebumba class!!! Look at all the fun they are having. . . . #505rebelcrew #505 #edoabq #trx #trxblackranks #rebelworkout #abqdowntown #burque #madetomove #albuquerquegym #505fitness #abqlocalgym

Just a little core work to get you through until your next class. Do every exercise for 10 reps per side and repeat the entire round 2-4 times!! Bow pose (shoulders and heals off the ground) keep feet low and move side to side Heal taps plant feet firmly on ground raise shoulders up and tap each heal Elevating mountain climbers fully raised up is one rep V-sit with heal taps four heal taps for every roll and count your rolls as a full rep. Side plank with hip drops and body saw pull push

Here is a little core workout to start your week off right. The slower each exercise is done the more control you have over the movement the more that you will gain from this. You should NOT feel these in your back. Breath with your movements and take breaks as needed. It is better to go slow and in good form rather then to speed through it just to be done. . Each exercise is done for 10 reps and the entire round can be done 2-4 times. Enjoy!! . Side plank with hip drop. . Body saw (pull and push is 1 rep). . Roll up (keep hands firmly pressed into handles). . Pike (keep a neutral spine by moving your eye gaze with the pike).

Here is a little back side 😜 workout for your Wednesday!! Striving for form over the number of reps it’s better to get 5 done right then 55 just to say you were moving. Goals for today are 20 reps of each and repeat the round 2-4 times. Squat- All about alignment head shoulders hips think about your back sliding up and down a wall. Hamstring curl-lift your hips off the ground with you gleuts NOT your back. Keep knees in line with hips. Hands at side for easier version. Single leg squat- back sliding up and down a wall and focus on your hip keep it in line with knee. Drive through heel of foot. Hip press- drive through the heels of your feet and lift with your hamstrings and gleuts.

Support local Saturday!! This Saturday we’re in @albuquerqueoldtown jamming to @rebeccaarscottmusic at the summer time concerts series presented by @cityofalbuquerque and @mayorkeller. This free event happens every weekend during the summer check it out!! . #supportlocal #505concerts #abq #abqoldtown #505abq

Workout!! Here is a quick at home workout grab your TRX and do it!! . Power pull 20 per arm. Gators 20 per arm. Triceps kickback 20. Sumo squat 20. Side lunge to a cross balance lunge 20 per leg. Alternating leg forward lunges 20 per leg. TRX Crunches 20. TRX oblique crunches 10 per side. TRX side plank 30 second count to each side. Enjoy!!!

Partner Vipr class!!

Can’t make it to the gym here is a quick at home workout you can do. Do each exercise for 1 min with a 15sec transition repeat 2-3times Skater 1, 2, 3 hop Broad jump push up low tuck to high tuck Double leg lift Knee in outs Tricep ups

This support local Saturday we’re spending our morning buying from local farmers and crafts persons at the @downtowngrowers ! Check it out every Saturday morning through October! 🌱🌶🥕

Remember if you can’t make it to class you can always Skype or FaceTime in to a class if you have a TRX!!!

Rebel shirts are in just in time for summer! Get yours before they are gone!

Next weeks schedule is up!! You’ll notice some important changes, and we are really excited about it!!! When you sign up for cycling now there are different formats so you know what type of ride you’re signing up for, Hill climbing, Endurance ridding, and High Intensity Interval (HIIT). Yoga also has a better distinction between restorative yin yoga and a restorative flow yoga. 🚴🏼‍♀️🚵🏼‍♀️🧘🏼‍♂️🧘🏼‍♀️

Sending Sandbell love to everyone!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Partner work!!! Keeping that core strong

Using ViPR bars today to take our side planks up another notch!!! It’s hard and they make it look soooo easy!!

Volume on!!! Just having some fun with sandbells and bosu balls!!

Started our MLK day with a little sandbell fusion! Three more classes today 9am waitlist only, 12 lunch express, 5:45pm boot camp.

Another new instructor at Rebel making sure you get your boot camp on!!

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