Rebel Workout, Albuquerque, NM Video February 21, 2019, 3:15pm

Videos by Rebel Workout in Albuquerque. We feature TRX Suspension training, Sandbells, and ViPR bars, we offer yoga and indoor cycling!!

Elvis leg is real!!! Taking ViPR up a notch with a little bosu ball. This makes you work not only your major muscle groups but also your accessory muscle groups. The bosu is used by physical therapist everyday to rebuild, strengthen, and teach accessory muscles to engage and support. We use it for the same reasons BEFORE you need to be in physical therapy.

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Whew hope you can join us for our online workouts!! If you miss it they are available on our YouTube channel so subscribe for 24/7 access. . . . #505rebelcrew #bodyweightexercises #abqfitness #abqfit #505fitness #505fit #supportlocalabq

We got YouTube to go live!!!! Please sign up for classes through Mindbody $6 for single session and $50 for an entire month. We [email protected] send you a link to skype in live with us. Thank you everyone who has been joining the classes and watching later online. Please continue to share. . . #505rebelcrew #abqfitness #abqfit #505fit ##505fitness #bodyweightexercises #withme #supportlocal505 #wegotthis

We are going to online classes ONLY after 6:30am today 3/17. Please email us at [email protected] to reserve a TRX or resistance band set for at home workouts. We got this!

Bosu AND resistence bands😳😳😳
Taking balance and strength up a serious notch with this combo!!

Struggling with the time change!! I hope some of you are fairing better then I am, but right now I feel like a walking zombie! Sleep is essential to our immune system and recovery for our bodies in general. If this tome changes is getting you try and take a 20 minute nap today, you don’t have to sleep just allow your body to be still for 20 min. Start your night time routine 20 minutes early, and call in sleepy if you just can’t 🤣. Seriously try and get the extra rest your body needs allergy season is upon us and that can quickly turn into a cold if you don’t get proper rest. . . #endtimechanges #donttakemyhour #timechangesucks #505rebelcrew

Just Incase you didn’t realize we moved!! Here is our new home in all its glory! Parking, entrance and plenty of space to get your sweat on!! Look at those bikes they are just begging to be ridden🤣

Active isolated stretching is February 15th from 9am - 1pm. This from of stretching is amazing for ANYONE that thinks they don’t have the time to stretch. Want to learn what David is teaching? Then sign up today!!

Workouts are going amazing in the new space!! Have you been in yet?

We have turned the lights off for the last time, in this space. Closing 1 chapter and opening a new one 6 years of health and happiness here . New year new space, new beginnings. We feel very fortunate to call you our friends, family, our community. Can’t wait for what’s to come. Happy new year everyone!! Remover classes start Monday the 6th @ Rebel on 312 Rosemont Ave 87102.

Skin and ski down Sandia peak today!! 8:30am meet in parking lot of the ski area. Bring snowshoes and hike with us. Let us know if you are joining by messaging us so we wait for you! . . #505rebelcrew #skinandski #winterhike #snowplay

Let the count down begin to moving💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽. Last class at 302 central is Saturday December 28th at 9:30. We can’t wait to move, we will also update the schedule with moving times as soon as we have more information from our new landlord. . . #cantwaittomove #505rebelcrew #lastweekofclasses

Cycling!!! Cardio!!! Not everyone’s favorite but a great low impact way to get a cardio boost to your winter routine. Don’t wait try a class 🚴🏿‍♀️❤️🚴🏽‍♂️❤️

Shuffling into Tuesday!!! Our ViPR bar classes are total body classes meant to keep you moving with a load.

The wood floors are offering a wide variety of ways to change up our classes. Everyone is sliding a Sandbell under there feet for added weight and core engagement. 💪🏽

We had 60 people sign up and commit to moving for 30 minutes everyday!! Congrats to those that finished and the winner is....Sherry S. . . . #505rebelcrew #30daychallenge

It’s been super hot out don’t forget to drink plenty of water and make sure you are replacing your electrolytes. We carry a full variety of Skratch products and they are amazing😋

Days are getting 🔥🔥 don’t forget you need electrolyte replacement not just 💦.

Don’t forget today’s classes are donation classes for Caden! If you can’t make it then please go to the family’s go fund me page and donate there. . .

Are you up for 30 days of movement? For some this challenge will be easy for others it’s going to be F-ing hard!! From July 1st to July 30th can you commit to moving EVERYDAY? Think about that moving everyday for 30 days. It does mean that you will need to track some workouts, or activity on your phone by using your nuvita heart rate monitor or strava or some other app that you can send us your activity outside of the gym. Build in recovery such as yoga stretching easy rides, runs, walks. If you are up for the challenge sign up in the gym. There will be weekly prizes and at the end of the month those that complete the challenge will be entered into a drawing for 2 months of no membership fees 💪🏽 so one month of activity and you get your next two months of Rebel free! We hope you are as excited about this as we are. . . . #505rebelcrew #505 #edoabq #505edo #505fitness #abqlocalgym #505spin #505spinstudio #abqdowntown #burque #albuquerque #fitness #edoalbuquerque #albuquerquegym #madetomove #rebelworkout #athlete #athletes #abqfit #abqfitness #functionaltraining #functionalfitness #athleticperformance #bodyweighttraining #resistancetraining

Scooting into Friday like...

It’s national bike day!! Grab some friends and go for a ride!!

We need your art! We are looking for local artist that want to show their work in our studio. Message and please pass this along to any artist you know.

HIIT classes are a great way to boost your mood, stimulate your metabolism, push you past your comfort zone. We use our heart rate monitors to help push you to a targeted high heart rate and a low recovery heart rate. These targeted pushes and recovery’s are exactly what boosts our metabolisms into over drive. Our body needs to account for our rise in temperature during exercise and bring us back to a steady state. What does this mean? We burn fat as our fuel during these types of classes and that increased fat burining continues beyond our normal metabolic burn of 1-2 hours post workout and has been shown to increase your calorie burn up to 12 hours post workout 😳😳😳! Don’t worry if you don’t have a monitor we also run these classes based on time so you still get that HIIT class effect.

Did you know that balance is an extremely important part of mountain biking? Want to learn more take our mountain bike clinic on April 7th. This clinic will teach you the basics of mountain biking.

Did you know that the fitness industry is 98% male dominated and 90% franchise owned? We ❤️ that Rebel is neither of those things we are a woman owned business that puts our instructors through a 100 hour instructor course but once they have completed the course they are completely free to develop and create workouts to challenge, engage and inspire you.

Want to see a perfect squat? Watch a toddler!! Here is Morris showing us how it’s done. He sits down perfectly balanced on his whole foot equal pressure through every part, as he reaches for the phone he counter balances his body by reaching back behind himself, once he grasps his object he stands straight up and finished with a big smile! Try to perfect your squat like Morris and let us know how it goes.

Sandbells are a total body workout with one piece of equipment! This little bag replaces, sandbags, kettlebells, bum bells, and medicine balls. Being able to transition from one exercise to another without stopping keeps you heart rate up, builds muscle and challenges you to push harder.

Elvis leg is real!!! Taking ViPR up a notch with a little bosu ball. This makes you work not only your major muscle groups but also your accessory muscle groups. The bosu is used by physical therapist everyday to rebuild, strengthen, and teach accessory muscles to engage and support. We use it for the same reasons BEFORE you need to be in physical therapy.

The TRX is known for the incredible core workout you get while using it, but most of the time we use the straps with our feet in. These straps are so versatile that we can get and incredible core workout without putting our toes in!! Take a TRX fit class and find out how strong your core is😜😜

Wearing a heart rate monitor gives us clues to how our body is coping with stress. Is your body telling you it’s time for a recover day?

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