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Will you be having a retreat in the Spring of 2020?????
Good morning everyone. I was severely touched by a fb friend mind's story. I asked her If I could share it(not that I know how) and am waiting for her response. Life is very precious. It is truly important to find love, kindness, and compassion in your heart so that you may share it with others. Not just once in a while or to special people in your life, but to everyone, plants, bugs, animals. It will become automatic to share. It becomes a way of your life for you without thought nor expectation. It brings love and peace to the world. It makes the world a better place to live in no matter how small we are. We are powerful!!!! Enjoy you day and be kind, loving and compassionate to all today!!!

Removing the barriers to health and healing one person at a time. Yoga and Ayurveda offer practical Feel at home in your body - every body, every day.

Operating as usual

How to Feel Energized & Sleep Better With One Morning Activity | Dr. Andrew Huberman 07/12/2023

How to Feel Energized & Sleep Better With One Morning Activity | Dr. Andrew Huberman

Early morning sunlight ☀️ just might be the key to your energy and sleep! You've heard it from me from an Ayurvedic perspective for years. Here's Dr. Andrew Humberman, a notable neuroscientist on research and his practice:

How to Feel Energized & Sleep Better With One Morning Activity | Dr. Andrew Huberman Dr. Andrew Huberman discusses how you can feel more energized and sleep better by doing one thing every morning—getting bright sunlight.Dr. Andrew Huberman i...


Virabhadrasana - Warrior Poses: the name is composed of 3 words: the word for Hero, the word for Friend and the word we usually translate as pose, posture or shape. Does this change the experience for you, thinking of it as Hero-Friend Pose? How have you befriended your inner hero today? 🦹‍♀️🦹🧚‍♂️🦹🏿‍♀️

Yoga of Everyday Life - Yoga for Gardeners! 06/17/2023

Yoga of Everyday Life - Yoga for Gardeners!

Yoga for Gardeners! Are you tired of being sore on Monday from your gardening or yard care pursuits? Use your yoga asana, or poses! Your yoga practice matters for how you move through the world. How do you use your yoga off the mat?

Enjoy the art of yoga while tending to your garden. This video will guide you on how to use yoga to enhance your gardening experience. With simple poses and breathing techniques, you will come to understand the yoga of everyday life. Prevent soreness after a weekend in the garden and Increase your flexibility while working in your garden. With mindful practice, the yoga of everyday life will help you stay relaxed and energized while working.

At the end of this video, you will feel empowered and confident in your gardening abilities. Not only will you gain a heightened appreciation for gardening, but you will also develop a deeper connection to nature. Come join us and experience the yoga of everyday life in your garden.

Don't miss the chance to learn the secrets of the yoga of everyday life. Click the link below and join us as we discover the power of yoga for gardeners. With this video, you'll learn how to unlock the natural energies of your garden with simple poses and breathing techniques.

How to use your basic yoga postures while moving along the ground. Here I apply it weeding, but you could be planting, staking, or laying down watering/irrigation hoses. You don't have to use all the poses - low or half squat, low lunge, tabletop, cat-dog (cat-cow), but use the ones that are best for you. The only non-negotiable to feel and engage - especially on exhale and exertion: - elevator-drawstring-zipper, aka "the bandhas."

What yoga postures do you apply in your gardening? Your everyday life? My husband also uses carpenter's knee pads when working in the garden, forest, or on one of our cars - super helpful for many people! What's your favorite gardening/yard/forest care tip?

Yoga of Everyday Life - Yoga for Gardeners! Enjoy the art of yoga while tending to your garden. This video will guide you on how to use yoga to enhance your gardening experience. With simple poses and ...

Photos from La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa's post 06/13/2023

What a cool 😎 weekend - right here in NM 🫶🏼👏🪷


Would you like to focus on Personal Yoga Practice on or off the mat this week? 🤔🤓😎


Personal Yoga Practice is YOUR yoga practice: it could be observing and befriending your breath (pranayama). YOUR yoga practice could be bringing your attention to to nature wherever you are - maybe the sky, in a city landscape, or the plant on your desk (meditation, or dharana in this case - focus). Or maybe you make spontaneous or intentional shapes with your body (asana). Yoga classes should support YOUR everyday practice, your personal touch into the deep well of your own expansive consciousness. Yoga every day doesn't have to be a "goal" or a "workout." It's a commitment to connection.

What's YOUR yoga today?



🌞Join this SUMMERS SOOTHING HERB CIRCLE and MEDITATION where we will be learning more on the benefits of Aloe Vera, Peppermint and Dandelion🌼 We will discuss the many benefits of topical use as well as internal and how to create a soothing beverage and lotion🌱😮‍💨 This time will be wrapped with an intention setting meditation to help with the healing benefits of these summer time soothers. 🌞
* Cost includes a herbal beverage and take home herb box with meditation tool✨



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Early Summer is here! What's your practice feel like this week? Back bends help to mobilize the chest cavity, move lymph, deepen breath and for some, elevate mood and energy.

What are they like for you?

Remember counterpose: follow with a twist or forward fold or knee hugging pose that feels complimentary for balanced practice. Rinse and repeat as often as you'd like. Counterpose is a principle taught to yoga teachers but not often highlighted to students. It's a keystone of balanced practice.

Here are some play tips. Updates daily on my personal yoga practice. Share your practice reflections and if you have or do try any of the play tips! What's *your* yoga today?

To experience these and more, practice yoga with us - sign up at under "Small Group Yoga Schedule."


Teams are filling up and so are the sponsors.
If you are considering playing, put a team together and come out and have fun all while supporting a great cause.

Any questions…? PM me


Which dosha are you?

Photos from Badlands Yoga's post 05/23/2023

Join us to celebrate Dr. Susan MacNamara Watson Turner's life on June 3rd! 🥳

When I returned to ABQ in 2012, we opened in Dr. Susan Turner's waiting room. Every class, I'd move the plants and furniture to one side, we'd roll out our mats and practice yoga in that 225 sq. feet, and I'd move all the furniture back. At one point we were 15 people in there! In a couple of years, she started renting me the room and we had a small altar over the cubbies under the Kwan Yin. In 2018, when she closed her practice, we moved to our current independent location, just a couple of blocks south on San Pedro NE. Without that flexibility and grace, the comradery of other providers - Karen DiTrapani, (not sure she's on FB :-), Keely Holder, Doctor of Oriental Medicine - and seeing how Susan ran her practice, tended to contracts and fostered community, we would be a different community. As a debt-free business from the start, this was like the cocoon we sought for our chrysalis to sprout wings! She was a benefactor to many others, as well.

Much of the art and all of our chairs are from her practice


Makes me giggle 🤭 How’s your beautiful body-mind?

Someone who feels like this might want to give themselves a head rub - even Mohawk massage, (video later if you comment 👏), add some jumping to their standing practice or sun salutes, shanti kicks, jump to the sun (comment ☀️ if you want a video), leap to the moon (🌙 for vid), or child’s pose or squat with forehand pressure or massage 💆‍♀️

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Join us for tailored, seasonal yoga practices - via Zoom everywhere, and in studio in Albuquerque! Modification is possible in the small group setting and it's all we offer for that reason. We practice yoga seasonally to cooperate with cycles of light and dark in nature that directly affect our melatonin, serotonin, and vitamin D levels. These and other biochemical changes in human bodies affect, in turn, our capacity for muscle building, motivation, mood, energy, digestion, and immune functions. Cooperating with instead of ignoring these rhythms helps to reduce stress and escalate the mind and body results of our yoga practice. Use the code FIRST-FREE to join as our guest these two weeks so we can welcome you to our community of practice!


Sensation and feeling are the words and grammar of our bodies' language. At its heart, yoga is a conversation - a way of listening and responding to our bodies - union: body, breath, and attention (the mind is just one way of paying attention). This conversation asks us to feel into our time on the mat or cushion (or wherever we practice). Into each week, a little muscle engaged, a little yin and a little can fall.. and we often feel so much better when they do 💖

So this week, I ask you: what does your body want this day? Strength, surrender or support (or what combo)?

* Strength can look like muscle engaged poses (standing: Warriors, Tree, Camel; seated: head to knee pose, Marichyasana (seated twist)); Facing Down: Cobra, UpDog, Plank, Crow; Inversions: Down Dog, Dolphin, L Pose, Handstand); Facing Up: Laying hand to foot pose, reverse table top or plank.

*Surrender can look like yin poses: surrendering to gravity, mainly seated, a place where you can BE for 2 or more minutes observing the sensations and how your attention reacts, or just breathing. Think seated forward folds, supported fish, bridge, squat at the wall or pigeon...

*Support can look like restorative: use blankets, pillows, bolsters, eye pillows, dim lights to create a nest where you can truly rest in support for 5 or more minutes. Queen or King or Royal Pose (Supta Baddha Konasana), fully supported forward folds or twists. Legs up the chair (Instant Maui).

All practice of yoga postures (asana) contains elements of each, but in different ways with different emphases.

So.... what's your practice, today? One pose or many? Long or short? Breathing and attention practice focused? On the go or on the mat? How's the conversation going, with you and your gorgeous body? 🤲👂


What’s your yoga today?


True story 🫶🏼🙌💪🤲


Happy Mothers Day to all the Earth Morhers out there 🥰 of every gender ♥️

Photos from La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa's post 05/13/2023

Photos from La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa's post


Join us 👏 for hatha, yin, or restorative yoga, tailored to the people practicing, according to the Ayurvedic season and time of day. In studio in ABQ or live via Zoom. Members have a vast library of seasonal, circadian-appropriate yoga practices at their fingertips! Experience the difference today!


“Can you give voice to your deepest aspiration.” What an expansive question!

In 1997, while attending a conference in San Francisco called Peacemaking: The Power of Nonviolence, I walked by the writer Alice Walker, who was having an informal conversation with a group of people. I overheard her say, “As I get older, I realize that the thing I value the most is good-heartedness.” Her comment was my big takeaway from that conference.

I often just sit and reflect on that comment. To explore good-heartedness as the thread of meaning in one’s life means examining if we can be strong and still be kind, be smart and still be generous. It means exploring whether we can be profoundly compassionate to ourselves and at the same time intensely dedicated to compassion for those around us. To place goodness as central in our hearts can also mean being something of a rebel. What you feel gives your life more of a direction and meaning can be seen by others as a little mawkish or pretentious. Do we trust it nonetheless?

Can you give voice to your deepest aspiration?

Take some time to look at it, maybe gently expand it as you explore it. Take some time to celebrate that aspiration. It can light up your life.

Excerpt from now available everywhere 👉

Photos from Yoga means Union's post 05/04/2023

Sound familiar 🤓😉

Don’t try to implement all at once: pick one that isn’t too big a stretch this week and focus on that. When that feels easier, pick another. Before you know it, you’ll have an Ayurvedic lifestyle makeover with ease and grace, creating the conditions and room for relaxation, awareness and vitality at every stage of life!

Reach For Progesterone, Not Prozac 04/27/2023

Reach For Progesterone, Not Prozac

Did you know that as little as 10 days on ibuprofen can alter your body’s natural hormone function? Decrease in progesterone is associated with mood discomfort and is directly connected to hormone disruptors like ibuprofen. Dr. Berkson, who wrote the article below, is the person I consulted during conventional treatment for stage 2 breast cancer to create my root cause treatment that I still follow. She is a profound thinker, and expert on hormones.  In this article, she notes links between hormone disruptors, peri- and post menopausal distress and discomfort, inflammation, anxiety and depression.

I share it here, because particularly in private sessions, I hear so much about discomforts related to these things. As always, use your discernment, you are your own guru. I do not give medical advice.

Your yoga practice also helps tremendously! Creating a rhythm of practice of exerting relative to your comfort level in the morning; soothing, calming and grounding practices in the evening; breath practices and attention practices (a.k.a. meditation) can have a profound effect on these and other discomfort‘s of being in a human suit. 15 minutes can change everything! Start there and watch what grows 🪷🙏🏻🪷 Join us for practices morning and evening for community, support, inspiration for your personal yoga practice, and to connect to your body breath, and wisdom mind.

Reach For Progesterone, Not Prozac Hormones and Women's Moods


Join Yogaguide Apprentice and Reiki Master for yoga and distance Reiki Monday and Wednesday evenings this week from anywhere and local events below -!Powerful and gentle healer and teacher 🤲♥️🙏🕉️

Repost from

Rise and Shine!!

This weeks is filled with opportunities and unlimited possibilities to practice yoga with yours truly!

Hatha Yoga Badlands Yoga this evening 6:30pm CT via zoom

Yin Yoga Wednesday 26th in person Dream in Dream in Jasper crystal shop 6pm -SOLD OUT

Yin Yoga Wednesday 26th online via zoom 8pm CT Yoga link in the comments

Yin Yoga Sunday 30th at 10am at Dream in Jasper Crystal Shop must register to attend

If you have any questions send me a DM

Yoga is for every BODY no matter where you are at on your journey- you are where you need to be!

Looking forward to meeting you on the mat!

Sarvam Sam!

🪷May All living beings be Well! 🪷



Join Reiki Master and YogaGuide Apprentice Jeana for Healing Yoga and distance Reiki Monday and Wednesday evenings via zoom ❤️ 🕉️

Rise and Shine!!

This weeks is filled with opportunities and unlimited possibilities to practice yoga with yours truly!

Hatha Yoga Badlands Yoga this evening 6:30pm CT via zoom

Yin Yoga Wednesday 26th in person Dream in Dream in Jasper crystal shop 6pm -SOLD OUT

Yin Yoga Wednesday 26th online via zoom 8pm CT Yoga link in the comments

Yin Yoga Sunday 30th at 10am at Dream in Jasper Crystal Shop must register to attend

If you have any questions send me a DM

Yoga is for every BODY no matter where you are at on your journey- you are where you need to be!

Looking forward to meeting you on the mat!

Sarvam Sam!

🪷May All living beings be Well! 🪷


Join us for a special 90-minute, online Partner Yoga Class! Experience familiar postures new again and deepen your connection with joyful, accessible partner yoga. In partner yoga, not only do you yoga together - you yoga with one another: you touch and gently give and receive support while creating shapes together. You feel your partner breathing with your backs together, hold hands and maybe even laugh together!

This special 90-minute class is for you and anyone you'd like to move, breathe & play with - or you’d like to gift! We'll hold hands in Warriors for rooting and heart opening, we'll play River and Stone, where one partner reclines over the other in a wonderous grounding/heart-opening experience, and oh, SO, much more! Class includes breath, attention (meditation), and movement which includes being on the floor. Deepen your connection together and to yourselves and have some fun with yoga! Limited slots are available online so all yogis can be attended to on-screen at all times.
Partner yoga is for you & anyone you connect to: parent-child duos, friends, couples, sisters & brothers.


Is the price for one or both of us? Your registration includes 2 people practicing together in the same room on the same screen. This allows your teacher to be able to see you and monitor how her cues are landing and what modifications and adjustments are necessary and beneficial.

Do we have to be experienced yoga people to take this class? Absolutely not! The postures Christine and Aaron will be demonstrating and facilitating for you can be done by beginners who are comfortable getting down to and up from the floor.

How will I know I'm doing it "right" enough to be safe? The registration is limited so all participants will be visible to the teacher at all times. We'll be demonstrating the partner postures, giving modifications according to what you tell me on the "Get to Know You" Forms and what your teacher sees as she observes your practice.

Who's teaching this? Christine of Badlands Yoga will facilitate your partner yoga experience. With 20 years of experience, experience teaching Anatomy and Emergency Medical Care to EMTs and other Paramedics, some at the University level, Registered as an Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance and Registered Yoga Teacher 500 with the Global Yoga Alliance, and the Founder of Healing Yoga, and a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider, Christine facilitates yoga for private and small group clients in the US and Canada online, and in person in Albuquerque, NM. Her partner in life and this class, Aaron Stump, was a yoga person when they met 20 years ago and his practice has continued. They have taken workshops on partner yoga and play with it both as workouts and dates. The poses included in this special 90-minute class are ones they love and Christine has selected for a beginner-friendly partner yoga class.


Go for fitness options that include ALL of you: whole body, whole breath, whole awareness, and attention. Especially as we age, integration of systems and actions is key for living the lives we always dreamed of off the mat. And if time is precious, how much more so is our attention? A movement practice that includes rest options, strength options, and meditation is adaptable, achievable, and enjoyable!


You are invited!

Karen is back for Shamanic Healing Personal Ceremonies in May! Egg + Rose Limpa: a traditional, deep healing ceremony for Mother's Day 💝

Mother yourself with this healing ceremony. 🤲💫 Sun, May 14 by appointment. See link above.

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Albuquerque?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

Healing Yoga

Your body is intelligent: support your built in self-regulatory mechanisms for optimal health and well-being. Develop tools to deal with the everyday emergencies of modern life and feel empowered in your body and life. Learn Healing Yoga to cooperate with your innate intelligence and wisdom.

Small Group classes, so you are guided in practice, not just poses. Every practice melds breath awareness + unobstruction (pranayam), postures (asana), mudra, and meditation with ample Savasanahhhhhh! Check out the schedule at

Private and video instruction, so anyone, any where can learn the subtleties of healing yoga. Apprenticeship program available to members.

Yoga Audio on and targeted classes and online studio at

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Yoga offers physical and mental health benefits for people of all ages. And, if you’re going through an illness, recover...





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