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New Mexico Off Highway Vehicle Alliance


This is the link for absentee voting if you don't vote-don't complain.
Hey Everyone. Just a heads up that when riding in our local areas, PLEASE disburse into 5 person groups and maintain good distances. They will start closing all areas if we are not responsible. The BLM and FS in California are closing areas like crazy because of the crowds that are showing up. Its great to get out and ride, but lets protect our areas and people. Thanks for listening!
Just came across a video a rider posted up regarding the NMOHVA 2019 Rubber Chicken Ride. Pretty cool video footage with a drone over Palomas Gap. 😀
Any idea why I cant share things to this page? wanted to share this link but when I search to share to here you dont show up in the search. I have to copy and paste the link.
Has anybody rode Arizona Peace trail via ATV or UTV?
NMOHVA did a great job with the Rubber Chicken Ride this weekend in T or C! Well organized and lots of fun. Great rides were planned and executed. Thanks to Dean, Bill, Mark and everyone else who helped make this year another successful RCR!
"Albuquerque Dirt Fest" this weekend. Avoid Cedro. Hey folks - thought I could possibly get the word out that the "Albuquerque Dirt Fest" is happening this weekend and the trails south of Juan Tomas will be super busy with bicycles and runners for the weekend (like hundreds of riders). Certainly the trails will continue to be open to all users. However, it is a Class 2 violation to operate in "excess of 10 mph" within 200 feet of a bicycle, pedestrian, etc. That being said, I'd guess most folks would just avoid the area all together.
Hi, I have a 2009 Toyota Tacoma that is lifted and has other aftermarket features. I want to know more about the features on my truck and I am planning to sell it. Do you know where I might get help with that?
Are you all aware of Hurley Wilvert's passing?
Oh man. Just saw the news on Hurley Wilvert. He was one of the first folks I met in NMOHVA and a true off roader and gentleman. He will be missed by many. GodSpeed Hurley

NMOHVA is a statewide nonprofit alliance of motorized off-highway vehicle enthusiasts and organizations.

The New Mexico Off Highway Vehicle Alliance is a statewide alliance of motorized, off-highway vehicle (OHV) enthusiasts that promotes responsible OHV recreation through education, safety training, land conservation and access, in cooperation with public and private interests, to ensure a positive future for OHV recreation in New Mexico.

NMOHVA is also committed to creating additional motorized recreation opportunities in the state of New Mexico. NMOHVA supports local groups working with state and federal land managers and agencies to identify, develop, maintain, and promote appropriate trails and areas for all forms of motorized recreation.

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The rise of tonight’s Strawberry Moon #NM4W #2lowtom #notmyjeep @ Cedro Peak

NMOHVA's August Newsletter and Rubber Chicken Ride Information

NMOHVA's August Newsletter and Rubber Chicken Ride Information

NMOHVA's August Newsletter and Rubber Chicken Ride Information

Have you seen our latest news?

Awesome view on the Rim Trail on the Lincoln National Forest. 📷 @schuitoverbuilt

U.S. Forest Service - Lincoln National Forest

The Rim Trail is one of our most popular backpacking trails. It runs from Cloudcroft to Timberon and is 31 miles long. The trail is open for hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, and motorcycle riding. #TrailoftheWeek #LincolnNationalForest #HikeNM #SacramentoMountains

Another one!

The Willie White Trail is 5.2 miles long and is open for hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, motorcycle riding, and OHVs less than or equal to 50" wide. The trail meanders up through the mountains and passes by open meadows. If you keep your eyes open you may find railroad ties or bolts from the railroads that used to zigzag its way through the Sacramento Mountains. #TrailoftheWeek #lincolnnationalforest #HikeNewMexico #Cloudcroft #BluffSprings #SacramentoRangerDistrict

U.S. Forest Service - Lincoln National Forest


The Willie White Trail (T113) is 5.2 miles long and open to hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, motorcycle riding and OHVs less than or equal to 50" wide. This trail meanders up through the mountain and passes by open meadows. #TrailoftheWeek #LincolnNationalForest #HikeNewMexico #Cloudcroft #BluffSprings #GetOutside

COHVCO-Colorado Off Highway Vehicle Coalition

Keep your eyes peeled on a NM special session. YOUR representatives will be looking for any money they can get their crooked little hands on.

Theft of $5 Million in CO OHV Funds at Stake!!!

It has come to our attention that the Colorado Joint Budget Committee is looking at rescinding all or part of funding for the OHV program in response to the COVID outbreak. This is the fund that is created from your OHV dollars and it will be used for other purposes despite the fact it is not general tax revenues. This would mean millions of your registration dollars would be lost if the recission happens!!! While we are all concerned about the COVID issues and response, redirecting the OHV fund is not the way to solve this problem. We need you to email the JBC members (politely) and let them know this is not acceptable. Here you can cut and paste these points but we would still encourage you to rewrite them or add personal experiences with the program.

Our thoughts for comments in opposition to the recission:

1. The OHV is a voluntarily collected fund for the benefits of the trails community and should not be reallocated for other uses as the program benefits all trails uses, both motorized and nonmotorized; in fact, it outstrips all funding from other sources set aside for trails by a factor of 5! This is motorized money that is protected by Colorado law. This is not general tax revenues.

2. The Governor has repeatedly stated COVID response is a statewide issue and response should be unified across all residents of the State. It is unfair to place additional burdens or costs on certain user groups simply because there is money available. This recission would do just that.

3. The funding challenges are being encountered in the trails’ community at record levels, given the record visitation to the many dispersed recreational facilities after recreational activity was allowed in the Governor’s COVID orders. This money will be critical to maintaining these facilities in response to the record usages that have resulted from the Governor’s exceptions to the stay at home orders for recreation. It will create another year’s backlog for trail maintenance.

4. The OHV program hires more than 400 seasonal employees for shovel ready maintenance projects protecting natural resources, through federal, state and local agencies. These jobs are critical to the recovery and have already received dozens of applicants for each position as result of the record levels of unemployment.

5. OHV grants are contractual obligations and must be honored as most require the grantee to outlay money and then apply to be reimbursed from the grant. This reimbursement process can take time and as a result much of the fund may have already been spent and simply awaiting reimbursement from the program. Failing to reimburse grantees is a “double lose” situation as money has already been spent and then could never be reimbursed.

6. OHV grants are contractual obligations and governed by Federal, State and Local procurement statutes and have taken decades of effort to align. Once a reimbursement does not happen these laws are violated and returning the money does not cure these violations in the short term and it will take decades to reestablish the partnerships around the contracts that make the OHV program work if there are violations.

7. JBC members should be asking is not “How do we redirect the OHV fund?” but rather “How do we get the OHV program funds on the ground faster?”

Email JBC members (politely) at the addresses below:

Senator Dominick Moreno
[email protected]

Representative Daneya Esgar
[email protected]

Representative Julie McCluskie
[email protected]

Senator Bob Rankin
[email protected]

Representative Kim Ransom
[email protected]

Senator Rachel Zenzinger
[email protected]

Due Date: NOW!

COVID-19 - Trail Ride Decision Tree

Some thoughts on weather you should plan on that ride this weekend. OHV Trail - Mace Mill (circa 2019) Eldorado National Forest TRAIL RIDING DECISION TREE As many Forest Service OHV trail netwo...

NM Game and Fish

Conservation officers are still on patrol!

If you do choose to go riding your Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV), be aware that law enforcement is still on duty, patrolling the backcountry and enforcing OHV laws.

Expect to be checked. Officers will want to see that your machine is properly registered, and meets the requirements such as noise level (quieter than 96 dba) and fire prevention (a spark arrester is installed). This is the worst time for a wildfire.

All kids still need their helmets and eye protection, and young operators must have the safety permit showing proof of having taken an OHV safety class – either online or hands-on.

If you do happen to receive an OHV citation, send the paperwork including any penalty assessment fee to the Motor Vehicle Division of the State Tax and Revenue Department directly. Mail sent to other places may not be picked up regularly.

For more information visit:

Be safe out there.

National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council - NOHVCC

Have a story to share? See below.

A Diversion – Send NOHVCC Some Of Your Favorite/Funniest OHV Stories!

NOHVCC is taking our new reality seriously. We will continue to try our best to keep you updated on the ever-evolving situation with COVID-19 and how OHV recreation is being impacted. However, since most of us are at home, why not take a few minutes to create a diversion and think about some of the things that bring us joy and laughter?

If you find yourself at home with extra time on your hands, take a few minutes to tell us some of your favorite/funniest OHV anecdotes. And don’t forget to send a couple pictures!

You don’t need to be a brilliant writer or send us a novel. Just write up a story or two and be brief. Think 300 words or less (no penalty for going over).

NOHVCC staff will compile and edit submissions while making every effort to keep the spirit of your story intact. We will publish some of the best submissions which will create a diversion for others who want to think about their favorite passion for a few minutes while practicing social distancing.

Any stories or pictures should be submitted to [email protected] by May 20.

Thanks, and stay safe!

Wow, quite a story!

Twenty-seven (27) years ago this man had his 1990 Kawasaki KX125 dirt bike stolen from Waterbury. Today, HPD notified him that we had located it tearing through Bushnell Park. Reunited after 27 years. This dirt-bike was seized when an officer observed the operator riding it through Bushnell Park. The VIN number,engine number and transmission numbers if applicable are run through NCIC and NICB. This is a typical process, especially when VINs are scratched off. We can still identify them through NICB manufacturer records. Thankfully in this case, the NICB maintained owner records, and we traced it back to a Waterbury Police report in October,1992. From there, we obtained owner/complainant info. We take these long and arduous steps specifically to ensure that owners get their property back. We return dozens a year. We thought to highlight this case because of the recovery after almost three decades. The owner was 17 when it was stolen.

Lotus Coffee

Looks fun (on an appropriate bike and no passenger).

😍Wonderful Life on High Mountain (P2)😍

A photo from our friends at Red Rock Motorsports Club, Inc

Look who is campaigning for comments to the forest plan revision. What are you doing? Tomorrow is the deadline

National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council - NOHVCC

Help Us Understand Which OHV Areas Have Been Closed As A Result Of COVID-19.

NOHVCC is working in partnership with the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) to collect as much information as possible related to closures of OHV areas as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you know of areas that have been closed please let us know at [email protected].

Specific information to include in your email:

*Your Name
*Name of OHV Area
*State in which the OHV area is located
*Land Management Agency of OHV Area (For Example: USFS, BLM, State Parks, Private, etc.)
*OHV Area Closed Until __(DATE)__
*Any Web Links providing information about the status of the OHV area
*Any other information you wish to include

NOHVCC and our partners continue to wish you well during these trying times. We recognize that many of you may have bigger issues to deal with than OHV recreation at the moment, but others may be at home and looking for ways to weigh in. Please stay safe.

Thank you.

National Forests shut down off-highway trails and recreation areas

Closures begin on the East Coast. As the COVID-19 outbreak continues and more and more facilities normally used by visitors shut down across Virginia and country, a lot of closures within the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests have been announced.

BLM seeks public comment on proposed e-bike regulations | Bureau of Land Management

BLM looks for input about electric bikes. WASHINGTON – The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) today announced a 60-day public comment period on proposed electric bike, or e-bike, regulations, intended to make it easier for more Americans to recreate on and experience their public lands. This effort is in line with Secretary of the Interior D...

For the serious adventurers.

Introducing the world's first seat-top tent for motorcycles: The EXPANDER™ Adventure Tent.

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Thanks Michelle Cassella!

Hey Everyone. Just a heads up that when riding in our local areas, PLEASE disburse into 5 person groups and maintain good distances. They will start closing all areas if we are not responsible. The BLM and FS in California are closing areas like crazy because of the crowds that are showing up. Its great to get out and ride, but lets protect our areas and people. Thanks for listening!

Update on Tour de Grants and COVID-19

Update on Tour de Grants and COVID-19

For Those Who Choose to Ride During “Social Distancing” – Some Guidelines – NOHVCC For Those Who Choose to Ride During “Social Distancing” – Some Guidelines NOHVCC recently drew your attention to U.S. Forest Service and National Park Service guidance, indicating that opportunities to continue dispersed recreation may remain during the current reality we are all facing as a r...

The new rugged Honda CT125 has a name and a launch date

Who else is interested in seeing this new toy when i comes to the showroom? The Honda CT125 Hunter Cub is revealed as the name for Honda's new C-series motorcycle and it will be launched on March 27

U.S. Forest Service - Gila National Forest

National Forests in New Mexico to Close Developed Recreation Sites, Visitors Still Welcome.

Update on Tour de Grants and COVID-19

Update on Tour de Grants and COVID-19

NMDOH - Coronavirus Updates | Coronavirus Updates in New Mexico

NMOHVA Members and Event Participants

Together, we are facing a truly unprecedented situation. The global corona virus pandemic is affecting all of our families, our businesses, our communities, our way of life, and our recreation opportunities. During this difficult time, we wanted to update you on a few decisions we have made at NMOHVA.

First and foremost, our hearts go out to anyone who's been impacted by this virus, either directly or indirectly. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who are sick, to whom we all pray for a full recovery. We want to thank the selfless healthcare workers and first responders around the world who are on the front lines to care for people in need. To show our appreciation to our first responders and military we are offering a free one year renewal of your current or past membership and new memberships for the next 30 days. Simply reply here and include a pic of you in your uniform with your favorite toys. We know it's not much but it's a small token to show our respect and appreciation for all your hard work and sacrifices during this difficult time.

Secondly NMOHVA has been reviewing the recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) and the New Mexico Department of Health. We want to make sure we do everything we can to try and protect our members, guest, and our board members from this virus. Please review these recommendations by the CDC and WHO and NMDOH by clicking on the links below and make sure you have a family plan in place.

CDC Covid-19:
WHO Covid-19:
NM Dept of Health:

Based on these recommendations, we have decided to cancel the NMOHVA Tour de Grants event on May 29-31, 2020. Due to the risk involved we feel it prudent to remain with our families and try to stay healthy thru this.

We understand this a challenging time but we are hopeful that as a community, we can get through this by taking care of ourselves and our loved ones. We will be monitoring this daily and we will be ready to get out and enjoy our favorite hobbies when this stressful time has passed.

Until that time, stay healthy, stay happy, wrench on your toys, and hug your families and pets.

Best Wishes to all,

From your NMOHVA Board members

Dean Tulk - President
Bill Dickey - Vice President
Jim Tyldesley - Past President
Steve Hunt - Treasure
Michelle Cassella - Secretary
Bucky Allred - Board Member
Greg Kirk - Board Member
Doug Graham - Board Member
Frank Whiston - Social Media Manger
Trey Allen - Newsletter / Webmaster Please Stay Home – Click Here for More Isolation Guidance 2019 Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) A new coronavirus is causing an outbreak of pneumonia. The virus was first identified in December 2019, among people who visited a seafood and animal market in Wuhan City, China. Health authorities ...

Courts Order Department To Release Customer Names, Email, Addresses Today

Since a lot of us hunt and fish and G&F oversees OHV use as well, we thought you might want to be aware some of your personal information is about to be handed over to a private party.

Be advised that NM Game and Fish is not doing this by choice, but by court order. Please don’t take it out on the staff. Probably the best course of action is to contact the state attorney general office if you don’t want your personal information released. New Mexico Department of Game and Fish Public contact, Information Center: (888) 248-6866 Media contact, Tristanna Bickford: (505) 476-8027 [email protected] FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, MARCH 19, 2020: Courts Order Department To Release Customer Names, Email, Addresses Today SANTA FE – A F...

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NMOHVA on 770 KKOB Addressing Public Land Restrictions




13170-B Central Ave SE PMB #322
Albuquerque, NM

General information

Motorized recreation on the public lands of New Mexico is under attack right now and all around you. Aligned under the guise of ‘environmentalism’, selfish elitists have determined that you have no right to recreate in your chosen way and are determined to LOCK YOU OUT from enjoying your motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, or 4WD on public land. Responsible motorized recreation has a legitimate place on public land. NMOHVA works with local user groups and public land mangers to promote responsible use and protect your access.
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