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The Unity Studio


It has been an intense few weeks for all of us. It took me a while to settle into the new rhythms of my life and there have been many waves passing through to challenge me, inform me, and ultimately chisel away at what is a new becoming. It's important to stay aware and brace ourselves as we continue on as we are only now beginning to see what is in store for us in the coming months. I am happy to be joining High Desert Yoga in the spirit of service by offering online yoga classes from my home to yours. If you have always wanted to take a class with me, this is a great chance to get into your body, nourish your nervous system and share in collective conscious practice to build strength and resilience. I I am proud of @High Desert Yoga for offering 3 class rates to support those of us who's finances have been impacted by Co-VID. You will see there is a $3 option as well as a regular price and a special supportive price for those that might like to give a little extra to help sustain HDY and our teachers during this time. Catch my class this Wednesday evening from 6-7:15. Register here: Also check my website for more offerings coming soon!
I'm curious, when is the best time for a yoga class in your schedule? Please comment below when you'd like to see more yoga classes on the schedule at The Unity Studio. Tomorrow's slow flow is for all levels with modifications offered to help us sink deeper into postures. If you can't make tomorrow, next class is Oct 2nd 9am:
Hi Loves! Learn more about my work at this upcoming transformation workshop!
Our New Yoga Home here @ The Unity Studio Deaf Yoga ABQ.. Updates soon!
Please come support this amazing Wellness Fair today. Free seminars and 30 minute wellness treatments for just $30 - and I'll be there, selling organic soaps and skin care until 2pm.
Coming soon at The Unity Studio... This Mandala Workshop is a powerful meditative journey to access our inner wisdom and activate it by creating a mandala! Reserve your spot early by March 11th and get $10 off. So looking forward to sharing this process with you!

New Mexico's First Collaborative Wellness Space! We are a membership based studio for yoga teachers, therapists, healers, dietitians, artists, wellness practitioners, entrepreneurs and anyone else who desires an alternative space.

Espíritu Creativo

Suggested donation of $45 per person includes use of art materials and intuitive guidance for 2hrs.

Spiritual Art Group is led by Tamara Liz Rivera Hyde, MA, Art Therapist, LMHC, RMT, AC, Spiritual Humanism Priestess.

Living Into Mindfulness

I am so delighted to have a working home from which to offer Mindfulness Courses, workshops & retreats!
Registration is officially open!

Thank you to The Unity Studio for welcoming me!

If you live in the Albuquerque/Corrales/Rio Rancho area-
And you are seeking ways to lesson the experience of stress in your life, or find ways to focus in the moment... or are just curious what this mindfulness thing really is-
this may be the course for you!

Please show the love if you like this post!
Share with anyone you think might enjoy a course like this!

Can email/DM directly with questions

Three Trees

Sound Healing Journey at Unity Studio in Albuquerque this Saturday! Copy and paste link for ticket info!
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Only 4 Co-Working Spots Available!!!

Tired of working from crowded coffee shops or from home, being distracted, slow internet, buying coffee, losing productivity, meeting clients in an unprofessional setting?


Move your co-working days to the sacred, quiet, abundant, private space of The Unity Studio!


We have Only 4 Co-Working Membership spots available for just $59.99/mo.



What Happened During My Aura Transformation

Thanks for watching! Please Like & Subscribe For an Energy Healing Session, please visit To Read More About Aura ...


Yoga is on Tuesday 11/5

This is a beautiful creation done by one of our members, Darling Clementine. She makes incredible custom art for weddings, parties, events, gifts, etc.
This is hand-drawn calligraphy created for a Breaking Bad event.

Check them out!

"Day by day, night by night, we were together, all else has long been forgotten by me"

A sneak peek of some of the magic I got to make for this Breaking Bad photo shoot!

📸: Jasper K Photography
Table setting/design: Blackbow Events
Floral arrangements: The Flower Company
Acrylic board & calligraphy: Darling Clementine Illustration
Crystal blue doughnuts: Rebel doughnuts

UPDTAE: There has been a lot of really valuable and beautiful discussion around the use of herbs and their healing properties from this post.
There has been a lot of discussion around endangered herbs and sustainability and lovingly collecting the herbs and the possible use of some appropriation of the words in this image.
I love and appreciate this community so much and love you all even MORE that this is a topic you’re passionate about. Thank you for loving our planet and the diverse people on it. Please take this image for what it is intended be informational and helpful. Take what you need from it. Leave what doesn’t work for you. Use the herbs that you are drawn to for your own personal and professional healing journey. Thank you for your input and time. ✨🙏🏼🌱

So excited for the beauty popping up all around The Unity Studio! Road construction finished in the Village and it’s even more special than we imagined!


NEW TIME 9:30am at The Unity Studio! Come POP with me!


Thursday- All Levels Yoga - 6PM
Sunday - All Levels Yoga - 9AM
Remember all classes are only $10! The studio is located at 6855 4th Street Suite E1, Los Ranchos, NM 87107 ✨ See you soon.
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ALL LEVELS YOGA WITH Nydia! Come as you are. 💕✨

It's not about being good at something. It's about being good to yourself.
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Deaf Yoga ABQ is one of our members at The Unity Studio, lead by the incredible Julia Walker, Heather Latin-Mans, Peggy Beeman & Ryan Simka. What a great segment on KOB 4 news this morning.
You’re doing amazing work for the deaf community and beyond.

HAPPENING TODAY: There's a special kind of yoga class offered at The Unity Studio every Wednesday. Casey Torres KOB 4 has the details about Deaf Yoga ABQ.

Amoda Maa

Join us for a daylong meeting of spiritual inquiry and open heart in Albuquerque tomorrow, Saturday. There are still places left .. let us know if you'd like to come ❤️

Calendar of Events — Amoda Maa

SATURDAY is your LAST chance to sit in the presence of Amoda Maa for the rest of the year.
You do NOT want to miss this one. Please let me know if you need help getting a ticket. She will change your life in beautiful, abundant ways. Meetings, retreats, private sessions.

The beauty of openness.

The Beauty of Openness

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“My favorite thing to do at The Unity Studio lately is to light a candle, set an intention and bring out the oracle and tarot decks!”
-Unity Member

We got a new Angel Guidance Board that I’m so excited for you to try!

Come to The Unity Studio this week and spend some time with your deepest self. 💕✨🔮

Here are three ways you can quickly shift negative thinking:

☮️Test Reality: Ask yourself, What is the evidence for and against my thinking? Am I jumping to negative conclusions or intepretations?

☮️Find The Positive: What’s the best part about this situation or person? Am I filtering out the positive and dwelling on the single aspect I don’t like?

☮️Goal-Directed Thinking: Do these negative thoughts serve me? Do they get me closer to my goals and remove my fears… or do they keep me in the same place?

Stay mindful of the truth. You are powerful!

Amoda Maa

Coming to Albuquerque soon .. see you there 🙏

With Love Yoga

🌸thank you so much for following along with our current Bali yoga retreat! If you find yourself craving a small dose of a {local} mindfulness escape yourself I have the remedy! ✨🌿 join me + some spectacular yogis for a full Saturday of yoga, meditation, waterfall hikes, nourishing local meals, a relaxing soak + swim at Sunrise Spa in Santa Fe and so much more! The link to sign up is in my bio and the early bird rates won’t last long! The investment is only $165! 4 spots remain! 🌸 📍pickup, drop off + yoga classes taking place at the beautiful Unity Studio in Los Ranchos pictured above!
#withloveyogaretreat #abqtodo #yogaretreat #abqyoga #yoga #yogalove

Ashley Arnold Yoga

Join me tomorrow for a funday Sunday!!

🧘🏻‍♀️☀️9am Yoga in the Bosque at Open Space Visitor Center - Albuquerque
💧🍋12pm High Desert Hydration Workshop at The Unity Studio

Spending some time in stillness each day gives us a chance to practice paying attention to our own experience. This is what allows us to then bring intentional awareness to our activities throughout the day. Dedicated meditation sessions are the trainings — the workouts — that allow us to cultivate that awareness, and ultimately be more present in our own lives.

When we walk past our desk, we may be reminded to pay bills. When we walk past the refrigerator, we may be reminded to take something out for dinner. A meditation space reminds us of our intention to practice stillness.

You will find it’s easier to quiet your mind when you make a routine of meditating. 🙏🏼✨

Sick of working from a coffee shop?

Pull up a cozy seat, bring your laptop and work from your “office” at The Unity Studio.

The Unity Studio's cover photo

The Unity Studio is EXPANDING!... the BEAUTIFUL North Valley Village of Los Ranchos.
With a remodel happening, these doors will be opening in 2 weeks and we will be accepting a few new membership spots.
Who wants to see it? 🙋🏼‍♀️

Majick in the Making: Manifesting a Magical Life Workshop — Jasmine Rae Coaching

REALLY EXCITED for Jasmine’s Majick in the Making workshop tomorrow!

Majick in the Making is a fun & playful workshop all about the law of attraction and manifesting your dreams into reality, hosted by Jasmine of Jasmine Rae Coaching.

Jasmine has been studying & intentionally manifesting magical, goose-bump giving experiences since 2014, and is now excited to share her key takeaways with you.

All levels, newbies to masters, are welcome.

Only 15 spaces are available. Please sign up in advance at or by emailing [email protected] How to apply several Universal Laws (including the law of attraction, law of action and law of polarity) to live a crazy magical life.

Enjoy this beautiful rainy sky today. 🌧⚡️

Path To 100

Albuquerque Home Owners:

PNM has teamed up with the Arbor Day Foundation and is giving away (free! No strings attached...while they last!) energy savings trees. Delivered to your home.

Click here:

🌱💕🌎 PNM will continue down the path of unprecedented collaboration, which aided in the passage of the Energy Transition Act. The San Juan Generating Station Replacement Power filing will demonstrate our commitment to transparency and open communication with stakeholders and the New Mexico Public Regulat...

Amoda Maa

Author of ‘Embodied Enlightenment’. Timeless truth for the contemporary seeker.

🗣 “I’m so good at the art of healing and giving generously of my energy, but the whole MARKETING and business thing just isn’t my strong suit!”


🗣 “It feels wrong to ask for money for the healing energy I’m giving my clients. I’d rather do it for free.”

I hear both of these statements at least a dozen times a week.

My favorite part about having a collaborative wellness studio is getting to Dream Big with all of our members...

The dreams that you all share with us is breathtaking, change-making, earth shaking!

Let us work with you to create a marketing and branding plan to get the word out to your target market.
Let us help you figure out the whole “business” side of what you do.

Are you ready to grow your company and dream big?

Message us today!

Did you know we have a full kitchen classroom at The Unity Studio?

With dinner serviceware for 20!
Want to host a party, meditation with a potluck to follow?
Perfect for your Yoga/Juicing classes, wine and art parties, Private nutrition client meetings, growing foods workshops and more.
What can you dream up?

Come visit us and take a tour today!

You do enough.
You have enough.
You are enough.
Namaste. 🙏🏼✨💕

*Please share with someone who needs to hear this today.*

Practicing Yoga and Meditation Reverses the DNA Damage that Makes us Sick and Depressed The journal Frontiers in Immunology, reviewed over ten years of studies analyzing how our genes are affected by different practices such as mindfulness, yoga, meditation, and Tai Chi and found that they: “don’t simply relax us; they can ‘reverse’ the molecular reactions in our DNA which caus...

Beautifully curated spaces to create magic, at The Unity Studio. ✨🔮🌙🙏🏼📿🧘🏻‍♀️
Do you need space for a workshop, class, meeting, yoga teacher training, massage therapy, cooking classes, private treatments or to simply sit in a serene environment and work on your business?

Drop an emoji in the comments below and I’ll send you more info about Albuquerque’s first collaborative wellness space. 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

[02/27/19]   I’m becoming.......
Finish this sentence

Have a happy snow day!

A beautiful Valentine from our member SMASH Studio Arts!

What are you doing today to celebrate LOVE?!

We have realized how blessed we are, with the huge responsibility of facilitating this movement. We are the accidental curators of some powerful and life changing collaborative groups.
We are growing this company and changing lives. I’m so honored to have been gifted this journey.
Yoga studios are opening up on every corner and closing a few months later. Owners often pay thousands of dollars for a studio that they use 20% of the time.
We are here to help you keep your company going! Studio owners are moving their entire studio practice to Albuquerque’s first collaborative wellness studio, The Unity Studio and saving their businesses! (Or we can take over your lease and create a shared space in your current studio).
Let’s combine her network and his network and our network with your network and really spread this movement in a major way.

This weekend we invited the couple dozen (and growing!) beautiful members of The Unity Studio for our first collaborative mixer party. And it was AMAZING!
Collaboration is the Evolution of Wellness!

If this sounds interesting to you, please message us. ✌🏼💕🌈🔮🌙📿🙏🏼🧘🏼‍♀️

We are so grateful to welcome you as part of The Unity Studio family, Three Trees.
Beautiful and transformational weekend. 🙏🏼📿
Can you feel the energy pulsating from this photo? Pure magic. ✨

[01/30/19]   The unity studio will have the most unique and special boutique featuring local artists, parcels with sacred goods from India, fair trade and a few of our favorite earth friendly brands.

I’m preparing an order with a company out of Australia, BoodyEcoWear.
I’m offering 30% off retail. Let me know if you want any item added to order. Thanks,Jenny

Ashley Arnold Yoga

Thank you Ashley Arnold Yoga.
The magic happening in this video is serene and changing.
Have a listen!

✨Last Week of January Special✨

The vibratory nature of the bowl is definitely heard and felt. Re-aligning the vibrating atoms you are composed of, frequency based private sessions are potent and facilitate deep healing and rejuvenation.

Vibratory Sound Healing Session Special!
30% Discount!
$65 regularly
👉🏼$44 plus tax
Enter Code : VIBES

Sessions at The Unity Studio
4013 Silver Ave SE


*add on services available*
-ArchAngel or Tarot reading


The Unity Studio is Albuquerque’s first collaborative wellness space.

We are an alternative membership based co-working studio for anyone and everyone. We have members that are yoga teachers, entrepreneurs, chefs, nutritionists, wellness instructors, reiki healers, massage therapists, hypnotherapists, acupuncturists, and anyone else who needs space for workshops, classes, to hold their treatments, etc.
In addition to providing space for our members to work out of, we also offer business and marketing coaching and mentoring.
We have several rooms including a yoga studio, a serene meditation room, a tranquil spa and treatment room, a therapy room, a full kitchen, a gathering area, floor seating “Zen Den”, and more. And we provide optional in-house website & graphic design assistance and marketing services as a “perk” for all of our members.
The Unity Studio has a soul and a heartbeat of its own. Entering into the space, you will discover that The Unity Studio has an energy that’s hard to put into words.
We welcome you to come in today for a tour.

Come visit us!

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Albuquerque?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Only 4 Co-Working Spots Available!!!




6855 4th Street NW
Albuquerque, NM

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 17:00
Thursday 09:00 - 17:00
Friday 09:00 - 17:00
Saturday 09:00 - 17:00
Sunday 09:00 - 17:00
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"Yoga at the Source" is now offering morning, noon and evening yoga classes Mon - Fri at sliding scale prices ($6-$12) to create "Yoga Family".

SarahLove Yoga SarahLove Yoga
Location Changes By Class
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I AM: wife, friend, dog lover, unofficial cat lady, pro photographer, yoga addict, heart collector, lover of life, trying to find happiness in each day.

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Ananda Nandana Kids and Family Yoga Ananda Nandana Kids and Family Yoga
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Find me at Bhava Yoga Studio! Wednesdays 4:30-5:30pm for Kids Yoga Saturdays for Toddler Time Yoga 11:45am Family Yoga one Saturday/month 2:30pm

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We are Shawn & Jessie Fletcher, YogisOnFire. Dedicated to education and practice. Ignite your passion.

Body & Brain Yoga Tai-Chi Body & Brain Yoga Tai-Chi
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Offering classes in yoga, tai-chi, meditation, and other mind-body training programs based on traditional Korean healing philosophy and energy principles.

YogaRitas YogaRitas
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Celebrating life with yoga, friends, pigs, and margaritas. Founded by Sydney Forestal with her mascots Tequila Barbie and Elvis. Yoga. Pigs. Margaritas.

Helix Coffee and Yoga Helix Coffee and Yoga
3612 Campus Blvd NE
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A quaint coffee and yoga shop located on 3612 Campus Blvd NE. We provide craft coffee /espresso and inviting community based yoga/wellness classes!

Yoga by Julia Yoga by Julia
12231 Academy Rd NE, # 401
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Our Mission: "to help people find lives of fulfillment & purpose, and ultimately help them be who they are created to be."

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Modern Life Yoga offers individual, partner, team, group, faculty, and corporate sessions.

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Private Yoga Sessions, Reiki Healing, Oracle & Tarot Card Readings, Handcrafted Healing Gifts & Pure Essential Oils.