Institute of Community Wellness & Athletics, Albuquerque, NM Video May 17, 2017, 11:32pm

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Single Squat

Happy middle-of-the-week :D

Today we are loving this exercise and we hope you all do to!
It's a simple movement yet it requires so much more than just strength.

Single Squat to touchdown to target - Balance/Stability - Performing unilateral or single leg movements will help build better balance, stability and support further strength gains.

If you can stabilize and move efficiently on one leg, think of what you can do in a heavy squat using both a the same time. Or if you are a runner, you are never on two legs at the same time, so having each leg move efficiently, can improve running mechanics and decrease risk for injuries.

We are asymmetrical and have imbalances. With single sided exercises, this will help improve the imbalances and help our bodies move better as a unit minimizing compensation.

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