Amethyst Mind Body Synergy

Amethyst Mind Body Synergy


I'm really more interested in an amethyst filled geode!
After a session with Lee yesterday! Ok, I had a barre class with Tabby at 6am. And applied new clean makeup too! Turning 59 has been wonderful! I 💜 Amethyst!
Velina in the most amazing massage therapist and person. What a blessing to have her as my therapist.
Santana is THE best for Reiki and the Salt Room is fantastic. Highly recommend both!! You won't be disappointed.
The whole family comes to see Dr. Lee we absolutely love the treatments we have been receiving!!!
I love my time with Amethyst and Dr Lee. We wonen need to take care of ourselves and set time aside for our wellbeing. This time is my self care time where I can focus on my mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Thank you Amethyst and Dr Lee for taking care of me 💜 Also my allergies and stress levels has been much more manageable ever since I started going to Amethyst 😊
Velina is the absolute best at healing my pain. I have been going to her for years and she has truly made my quality of life so much better. With today's expectations being so high in our busy lives, our bodies can definitely take a beating. Velina knows how to relieve pain and I recommend her to anyone who is pain. Thank you Valina Vassar!💜😀
Met with Valina for an adjustment on my left hip and as usual she does her magic and it feels so much better. Thank you Valina!
My first experience with Acupuncture! more to come :)
Vision in mac degen eye seemed brighter after treatment.

Experience transformative healing through ReVassage, Psychotherapy, Neurofeedback, Play Therapy, Rei

Operating as usual


We finally have a sneak peek of our cover for Fine Lifestyles Magazine! This is the 2nd time we have been chosen for the cover, so we are honored and excited.

The first time we were on the cover was at the end of 2020, and it was to introduce our products to the world.

In this article we are updating everyone on what has happened since - and boy has a lot happened! The article discusses...

✅ New look

✅ New products

✅ New packaging

✅ New sizing

✅ K&K products entering into the clinical and med-spa settings

✅ And MORE!

We love sharing our journey and story with you, our valued customer. So keep checking in with us here on Facebook to follow along on our journey.

Kristina and I appreciate all of your continued support as we grow.

Katie & Kristina


✨SIMRA at AMETHYST with Katrina Macias ✨

SIMRA is a form of energy work that originates from the countryside of Romania.

SIMRA allows the healer to resolve emotional wounds and limiting beliefs directly in the client’s auric field. From there, a new energy pattern can be created by both client and healer, resulting in profound levels of healing and a powerful increase in abundance, success, and clarity.

SIMRA may include…

Inner Child Work- Reconnect and resolve painful childhood wounds by reparenting the adult self.

Parts Work- Explore fragmentation in the identity, connect with the authentic Self, and mend internal conflicts.

Energetic Hygiene Tune Ups- Clear your energy field, call back authentic energy and re-establish energetic boundaries.

AMETHYST Mind Body Synergy
(505) 298-3303



That many of AMETHYST’s services can be offered remotely?


Animal Companion Therapy


Intuitive Guidance

Balfrē Method™

Oracle Card Readings


Psychotherapy & Counseling
(Selected Insurances and Self-Pay)

💜 AMETHYST’S ability to offer sessions remotely is our way of accommodating our clients anywhere in the world 💜

How can healing work be 
effective from a distance?

During Remote Sessions, the practitioner or therapist is still able to hold space, transfer energy, and provide the tools necessary for a successful appointment. For remote services, a relaxing transfer of energy from a practitioner to the recipient is conducted. For mental health services, our therapist Michelle Croft connects with clients via Zoom to maintain the same value and depth found in in-person counseling. Remote sessions can be held across any distance.

Curious about what services might benefit you? Visit our website to read more about all that we offer.

Or call us at (505) 298-3303 ✨

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Healing Through... Mind, Movement & Sound!

In this class, we will focus on raising our vibration for more confidence and personal power! Join us for an uplifting and joyful hour.

30 minutes Qigong, 30 minutes meditation and sound bath.

July 21st at 7pm
$35 per person
Call (505) 298-3303 to reserve or learn more!

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Our Contoured Silhouette procedure is a relaxing and pleasant way to smooth, slim, and shape areas of your body. It's the perfect addition to your healthy nutrition and exercise routines.

If you are ready to upgrade your healthy lifestyle routine, Contoured Silhouette is perfect for you.

This treatment expedites results. Some of our clients have lost over an inch in as little as two sessions!

Even better, it’s non-invasive, comfortable, and safe.

Our most popular treatment areas are the abdomen, waist, buttocks, upper thighs, and love handles.

Call us to learn more about getting started! 💕 (505) 298-3303

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Frequency Face Rejuvenation at AMETHYST!

In this treatment, Christine uses tuning forks on and around your face and scalp. This vibrational sound therapy is a needle-free treatment that effectively rejuvenates the face, mind, body and spirit. 💫

Tuners work to stimulate circulation, function in skin and hair, and relax muscles.

30 minutes/ $57
Call to book! (505) 298-3303

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Oracle Card readings are a tool to provide more clarity and guidance for any area of your life. Our unique readings at AMETHYST include an energy scan & tune up in addition to your cards being interpreted.

$57/ 30 Minutes

Cards interpreted:

Have patience for your dreams! They are worth waiting for. Everything you are building will absolutely manifest, as long as you continue to believe in yourself and continue to put positive intentions, actions, and belief into them. The light at the end of the tunnel will be even more amazing than you could ever imagine.

Book a private reading to dive in even deeper! (505) 298-3303

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This weekend’s classes at Amethyst:

Tibetan Tai Chi- Saturday, 6/25 @ 9am

Community Meditation & Sound Bath- Sunday, 6/26 @10 am

Our classes at Amethyst are the perfect way to fill your cup in a relaxing and supportive atmosphere. We hope to see you there!

$15 per class
Call (505) 298-3303 to reserve!


Sound Healing & Reiki Healing Circle- this Thursday, at 7pm!

Join Sound Healer, Christine and Reiki Master, Terri on a soul journey to experience the sound frequencies of crystal singing bowls and tuning forks, while receiving the healing energy of Reiki.
Sound healing frequencies stimulate and balance the body's physical energy field to promote healing and inner harmony. It helps us integrate body, mind and spirit.
Reiki is a highly vibrational form of healing that intuitively targets areas in your mind and body to restore balance, harmony and oneness.
1 hour experience
$35 per person
10 available spots

Call (505) 298-3303 to reserve!


Join us on Sunday, June 19 at 10am for Healing through Movement, Mind & Sound!

In this class we will focus on connecting with the Crown Chakra- the body’s energy center for Higher Consciousness, Spirituality, and Wisdom.

Participants will enjoy a class with Qigong, Sound Bath & Guided Meditation

1 hour class
$35 per person
10 spots available per class
Call to reserve your spot 505-298-3303


Join us this Thursday for Community Guided Meditation with Christine 💜

Meditation is when you connect with your
higher self intentionally by entering a
"witness" state of mind.
The purpose of guided meditation is to allow yourself to achieve mental, emotional and physical clarity, healing, and stress relief
simply by Christine walking you through the positively changing neural pathways of your mind.
This session includes a beautiful sound bath designed to energetically balance and align your body's frequencies.
This is a time and place where you can meet like-minded individuals, relax and feel a sense of community.
You will leave feeling relaxed, happy and you may very well have released some emotional burdens during our time together.

(505) 298-3303
**Pre-registration is required**
**Seating is Limited**

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Happy National Best Friend’s Day!

In honor of celebrating friendships, our team at Amethyst is extending a special offer of Buy-1-Get-1 Halotherapy treatments for the month of June!

When you book a session, you may bring your closest companion with you at no extra charge! Sessions must be booked together.

25 min for $25
50 min for $50

Call our Wellness Concierge to reserve your appointments, and make sure to mention this incredible promo! 505-298-3303


Join us on Thursday, June 9 at 7pm for Healing through Movement, Mind & Sound!

In this class we will focus on connecting with the Crown Chakra- the body’s energy center for Higher Consciousness, Spirituality, and Wisdom.

Participants will enjoy a class with Qigong, Sound Bath & Guided Meditation

1 hour class
$35 per person
10 spots available per class
Call to reserve your spot 505-298-3303


This Mother’s Day, give mom the gift of healing. 💜 Here at Amethyst we offer Gift Certificates, Gourmet Chocolates and rejuvenating services including Halotherapy, ReVassage, Energy Work, Reiki and more. Book a class with mom this month- we have many offerings available including Qigong, Tai Chi, Meditations and Sound Healing. 🧘‍♀️


The 2022 Southwest Chocolate and Coffee Fest is here this weekend in Albuquerque at the Expo! Stop by our Queen Bee Gardens & Amethyst Booth for yummy samples of gourmet honey 🍯 chocolates! Also enter to win a gift basket of assorted gourmet chocolates and Amethyst services!

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Amethyst co-owners bring their dogs with them to work. We also offer animal companion therapies.


Healing happens right here—in our soothing, Salt Room.✨ One of the many wellness services we’re excited to offer you at 💜
Book your appointment today!


Roses are red, violets are blue, we have the perfect Valentine gift sets for YOU! 🌹💘

Come shop with us and check out all of our gourmet Queen Bee Gardens chocolates and candies.


Oracle Cards offer tools for self reflection, similar to Tarot Cards. Each Oracle deck is unique, providing diverse messages of guidances. Sessions also include an energy scan and quick chakra tune up. ✨
Book your Reading with Katrina at AMETHYST today!💜


Introducing: Contoured Silhouette. This procedure is the perfect addition to your healthy nutrition and exercise routine and is the most relaxing, pleasant way to smooth, calm, and shape problem areas.

Call us today to learn more about Contoured Silhouette! 💜✨


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and our Queen Bee gift sets would make for the perfect gift! Made with the finest ingredients and natural honey, these chocolates are unBEElievably good! 🐝 🍫


Experience transformative healing through one of our incredible services such as massage therapy, halotherapy, sound healing, oracle card readings, energy work, and SO much more! 🙌🏼

Call to learn more and book your service today. 💜✨


Happy New Year from all of us at AMETHYST! 💜✨


Sound Healing is possible because our human bodies are not solid.
Our bodies are rhythmic and harmonic.
Water conducts sound, the body is an awesome resonator for sound,
because sound resonates four times faster in water.
These vibratory sounds travel through the body to help remove energetic blockages,
therefore, relieving stasis and pain and increasing the flow of Qi.
Tuning Forks are a wonderful and effective method of applying sound to the body,
attuning the body on a cellular, fluid level.
The sound waves of the forks vibrate and travel deeply into the body along energy pathways affecting the human physiology and accessing our sense of balance,
space, memory and healing.
The work stimulates and balances the body’s physical energy field to promote healing and inner harmony, helping us to integrate body, mind and spirit to remember and rejuvenate.

Christine is intuitively guided throughout your session, placing Tuning forks on and around your body, effecting change on fluid levels, allowing your frequencies to change.
This service will remove disharmony and tension, clear unwanted resonance, and attune the body’s vital energy centers and energy field.

Book your session today! 💜✨


was founded to create a nurturing environment where people and providers work together to achieve ‘Optimal Mind Body Integration’ through an array of supporting modalities to realign and connect. All services are designed to create synergistic harmony for the mind and body therefore maximizing mental and physical wellbeing. 🙌🏼💜✨


Our Huckleberry Honey Caramels are one of our most popular flavors. 💜✨
Don’t forget to check out our Queen Bee Gardens store when you visit us at Amethyst!


Wishing you a happy holiday full of love and light! 💜✨


Our latest addition at AMETHYST is the Balfrē Method™! The Balfrē Method™ is a new paradigm that includes two therapists working in unison with sound therapy, chakra and frequency balancing, and energy work. The combination of techniques resets frequency imbalances due to stress, anxiety and negative thoughts that are causing chaos in the body. When our body’s frequencies are brought in-balance and all of our systems are working together in harmony, we experience a sense of wellbeing, better energy and overall wellness. Book your Balfrē Method™ appointment today to raise your vibrational frequencies!


Oracle Cards offer tools for self reflection, similar to Tarot Cards. Each Oracle deck is unique, providing diverse messages of guidances. Sessions also include an energy scan and quick chakra tune up. ✨
Book your Reading with Katrina at AMETHYST today!💜


Looking for the perfect holiday gift? We have just the thing! Our calming Salt Room is an experience like no other, boasting benefits that top anyone’s wish list, including allergy and respiratory relief (tis the season after all). Call or visit us at to purchase a Halotherapy gift certificate. 🎁✨


Bring the ultimate wellness experience home with you when you shop our groundbreaking, skincare selection! are all-natural and manufactured right here in New Mexico. Did we mention that the entire line is vegan AND cruelty-free?! Purchase today at Amethyst and support your local businesses💜💜


Katie and Kristina during their pop up

Amethyst Mind Body Synergy carries K&K Skin Products in their retail store. Amethyst has an amazing Salt Room with salt blocks all the way from Pakistan. This Salt Room is wonderful for the skin, mind and body!

They also carry a delicious line of chocolates and have fresh honey. Not to mention they offer a variety of different services to better the mind and body!! Did we mention they also use K&K products with their services?!!

If you are in the Albuquerque area, we recommend stopping by for gifts, K&K products, services and much much more!


It's sad but true... most wrinkle serums over-promise, but under-deliver.

Time to try a wrinkle serum that is:

1. Backed by 10 years of real science (from a company founded by a scientist)

2. Shows real before and after photos (from actual customers, not models)

3. Uses a Breakthrough, Patent-Pending ingredient that has peer-reviewed studies and photos showing it actually works

But don't take our word for it.

We want you to be skeptical.

Let the pictures convince you...


Can you BEElieve all the many benefits there are when it comes to adding raw honey into your diet?! We’ve got it fresh off the tap! Come check out our Queen Bee Gardens shop at 🍯


Our Holiday Bazaar is happening TODAY from 11-5!
Perfect way to shop locally for the holiday season while enjoying some FREE services and giveaways!
Hope to see you there. 🎄💜✨

Photos from Amethyst Mind Body Synergy's post 11/28/2021

Can’t wait! 💜

Photos from Amethyst Mind Body Synergy's post 11/27/2021

Can you believe our holiday bazaar is TOMORROW?! We’re so excited to introduce another one of our incredible vendors! .desert.pottery ✨

Taking inspiration from sunset walks under warm ginger and vibrant blushing streaked southwest skies, Kevin Damazyn, creates one of a kind pieces. Working with cone 6 stoneware he crafts ceramics that are an ode to the landscapes of his beloved home, the land of enchantment. Infusing his knowledge of chemistry into his art has helped to establish Kevin’s unique style. Best described as functional yet ornamental, his carefully curated collections of mugs, bowls, vases, and other ceramic wonders are an expression of skilled hands driven by a deep appreciation of natural beauty. For more of Kevin’s ceramics visit .desert.pottery.

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Join us on Thursday, June 9 at 7pm for Healing through Movement, Mind & Sound!In this class we will focus on connecting ...
This Mother’s Day, give mom the gift of healing. 💜 Here at Amethyst we offer Gift Certificates, Gourmet Chocolates and r...
Our Holiday Bazaar is happening TODAY from 11-5! Perfect way to shop locally for the holiday season while enjoying some ...
Here’s a peak of Tabby’s morning Barre/Pilates class!
Our Open House at Amethyst was such a success, we want to THANK each and every one of you for taking the time out of you...
Mother’s Day is coming! Did you know we do eyelash extensions?! Our certified eyelash extension technician, Julia, can c...




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