Crown S and 5 Js racing, Albuquerque, NM Video June 10, 2017, 7:55pm

Videos by Crown S and 5 Js racing in Albuquerque. We train and race our horses and if you like the sport or even like horses then you better like the page

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Joker today on the track.

Joker is on the inside. 🐎


Sensa worked 3/8 today in 40 and 1! I have to say I am pretty proud of my little girl💜

My baby

Race time

Los al


Lol when the track closes but you still need to gallop one!!! #wewillfindaway #getitdone #needtobeready


Sensa and Fofo

Jayanna and the horses!!



Name these horses! ! First to last. And hey NO CHEATING haha.. have fun, we will post the winner on saturday, feb. 25