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Have I officially introduced myself?

I’m Annie. I’m the creator of Clarity Pages.

You may know me from Mariposa Strategies or my personal IG account, @ourcattakesuseverywhere.

Whether we know each other or you landed here some other way, I’m glad you made it!

A little about me that even my closet people may not know:

🔸 I started my business in 2018 without a dollar or a real plan (just a hard core commitment to never going back to working for someone else). It’s true. I had ideas, but really no true plan and for sure no “business plan”.

🔸 I despise the inquiry, “Do you have a formal business plan?” I don’t have time to write one, no one wants to read one, and the kind of investment I need doesn’t involve the kind of people who ask for formal business plans.

🔸I don’t do proposals. You want to work with me? Let’s have a conversation and see what’s possible. Requests for Proposals (RFPs) are like being on the playground hoping to get picked for kick ball.

🔸My favorite desserts involve 🍋.

🔸I’m an avid hunter. Deer to be specific. (Ha, jk lol)

🔸I’m a full time traveler, cruising around in my RV with my partner and kitty.

🔸Traveling is part of who I am and I’ve only realized it’s importance at 40. However, I’ve done a lot of it: In my early 20’s I backpacked for 6 months around South and Central Americas and Mexico; I took at least one annual international trip into my early 30’s; and I’ve yearned for more ever since.

📸 Selfie this week while taking in mid 60’s sunshine after soaking in some hot springs.

Would LOVE to know a fun fact about you!! Won’t you share in the comments??


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#ICYMI 💖 As a valentine (of sorts) for our readers, Southwestness lovingly curated this ❤️-y local gift guide, feat. products by Boogie Bones, Rough_Love_Jewels, yerbabotanicals, Mariposa Strategies, Two Stoned Betties and Zia x Organ Mountain. 💖


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We are are grateful to provide this amazing organizing tool #ClarityPages created by Mariposa Strategies to all the Financial and Business Basics course participants along with a tool box of entrepreneurial must haves to add to their business! #timetogetorganized #2020goals #NMCCAP #FBB
We are are grateful to provide this amazing organizing tool #ClarityPages created by Mariposa Strategies to all the Financial and Business Basics course participants along with a tool box of entrepreneurial must haves to add to their business! #timetogetorganized #2020goals #NMCCAP #FBB
We are are grateful to provide this amazing organizing tool #ClarityPages created by Mariposa Strategies to all the Financial and Business Basics course participants along with a tool box of entrepreneurial must haves to add to their business! #timetogetorganized #2020goals #NMCCAP #FBB
Based in #Albuquerque #NM, #ClarityPages and Mariposa Strategies are my small business babies. Your support means the most. Love your local, small businesses by spending your money with them/us.
To show my gratitude, for every $20 purchase, I’m giving away $10 gift cards!
Also, I’m giving $5 out of every $20 in sales to Native Women Lead and NPR's Latino USA.
Clarity Pages are the perfect gifts for your goal-focused friends and family.

Clarity Gift Cards, if possible, are EVEN MORE PERFECT because they’re always the right fit.
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As you know, Clarity Pages is ON FIRE right now. I'm super excited to give two winners a special anniversary edition journal this week.

To enter:
1. Follow both Mariposa Strategies and Clarity Pages
2. 👍🏽 or 🧡 this post
3. Tag a friend in the comments below who you turn to when you need a good clarity conversation (more tags = more entries!)

Winner announced tomorrow, Nov 15 at 3pm MST!
HTW is Excited to be part of this retreat! Thank you, Native Women Lead for connecting us with Mariposa Strategies!
Register Today! 🙌🏽❤️

Claim What's Yours | A Wellness Retreat
Saturday, November 23-Sunday, November 24
Sarabande Bed & Breakfast in the Village of Los Ranchos
$250, payment plan also available

Join us for a holistic experience designed to support you with creating the life you want. A collaboration between Ilsie Gonzales (spiritual life coach & healer), Haley Laughter (yoga instructor and life path coach) and Annie Sanchez (goal strategist and clarity coach).
👇🏽 Thoughts on patience from the Mariposa Strategies HQ.
Thoughts from the Mariposa Strategies HQ on this lovely Sunday morning.
Meet Annie Sanchez, CEO of Mariposa Strategies. She is a goal strategist and productivity coach. She has a diverse background in nonprofit management, project management, restaurant
management, high-end/high-impact event production, volunteer management, and small business advising, along with many, many freelance hustles. We are grateful to have her join us in the WEAVING Breakout session tilted "Sharing a Soloprenuer's Toolkit" at this year's 2nd Annual Native Women's Business Summit.

Learn More:
Get your tickets at

Mariposa Strategies is a WOC-owned strategy company focused on cultivating ease in the lives of people of color. Clarity Pages is our journal designed to decrease overwhelm while moving goals forward.

Clarity is our registered trademark for a reason.

Operating as usual


Dear one,

I’m taking a courageous leap this quarter, which just so happens to be divinely in alignment with the New Moon in Aries today and Spring 2022.

What I will be leaping towards requires my attention, focus, love, spaciousness, full heart and mind. Truly unlike any other time in my life. And while reflecting in preparation for this time, I was reminded that young Annie took some seriously courageous leaps back in the day. How did she know what to do?! My goodness, I’m so proud of her. Everything she said yes to led us here. And I’m here for it.

I’m excited. I’m nervous AF. I’m uncertain about everything, but clear as f**k about some things. This is where my attention is. On what is clear to me. I’ve spent so many years doing really cool things, never really thinking about what needed to be absolutely certain — sure, I was naturally anxious but more excited.

Somewhere along the journey to about Summer-ish 2021, I got really caught up in what needed to be certain. Maybe it was turning 40. Maybe it was the pandemic. Maybe it was shifting global culture. Maybe it was shifting personally. Maybe it was all of it. Maybe it was none of it.

What’s coming are major shifts energetically and creatively. I’ll see you on the other side.

If you want to be in community, follow my podcast, email me, or find time on my calendar. I’m doing something different with my guidance/coaching, and that’s starting now.



(This letter and the ways to stay in my orbit this season are linked in my bio.)


Mariposa Strategies updated their website address. 04/01/2022

Mariposa Strategies updated their website address.

Mariposa Strategies updated their website address.


Things are in the air. Things are changing, but also not. 🤔

It’s like the deepest truest truth is surfacing. So not changing, but returning.

I once heard or maybe read the beauty Maida Branch of MAIDA GOODS say re-member.

I love this. Remembering is also reassembling.

Re-member: ♥️ 🦵🏼🦶🏼👂🏼 ✍🏼❤️‍🔥

Things are shifting. I’m not quite sure what will reveal, but I know that it will be the most familiar, deeply authentic, truest truth of all the truths.

What is your truest truth?
Are parts of you asking to be re-membered?
Can you get out of the way to allow the divine process occur? Stand back and bear witness.

Big love dears,


Come to my business retreat for healers and coaches starting Thursday. A couple spots left. I will show you how to give less f**ks and focus on what is true for you and your work. You’ll walk out with a plan you can follow, plus you’ll get your legal and financial questions answered to boot!

Truly the best online business retreat for healers and coaches. Accessible. Heart/personal support in real time. Intimate - not big and impersonal. Tangible.

Register at


Guidance for the gifts & challenges

Hey loves,

Some new love notes will be part of my weekly offering through my .

♥️ ♥️

I’m so so so humbled by the love I’ve received in response to this messy podcast I started almost 3 months ago. Wild. I canNOT believe it’s been that long ready.

Time is so weird!

In addition to my weekly musings “episodes” I’ll be sharing a weekly guidance offering based on the challenges and gifts you and I are experiencing collectively or privately.

I welcome your requests for guidance that I can turn into a a little love offering for you and my lovely little community of listeners.

I’m honestly in shock that anyone is listening at all. This podcast is really a way for me to process my heart and thoughts out loud, it’s how I do it.

And, it turns out people are listening. 🥲

My sweet little 16+ episode offering to date, have been downloaded thousands of times. Thousands!! 🤯🥺

This is…I can’t even. 😭

I’ve gotten countless messages from folks saying that my voice is soothing and the episodes have been really helpful given the realness and honesty I’m sharing.

I’m even tearing up as I write this. 🙏🏽

Give my latest guidance offering a listen. It’s just about 10 minutes and I recorded it this morning from my couch while watching the snow fall.

Wild, yesterday was sunny and warm-ish, today it’s gray and snowy. Gotta love the NE coast. 🌫🌊❄️☀️

That’s all for now.

Big love always,

p.s. if you haven’t yet, check out my business retreat for healers and coaches that starts Thursday. I have a few spots left. ♥️ ♥️

Photos from Mariposa Strategies's post 03/27/2022

I've been noodling on an idea to bring people together somewhere warm and peaceful with the kind of energy that makes you want to linger. Move slower.

Hear the sound of birds and smell the saltwater coming through the open door.

Feel the warmth of sun on your face and coolness of your finger tips.

An energy shifting, soul-anchoring kind of place that would allow someone to drop into the work I'd be inviting them to join me in.

Heart work.
Strategy work.
Growth work.
Business work.
Make my life better work.

As you know, I'm all about cultivating ease. Did you know that’s beCAUSE I'm strategic AF?

The strategy side of me wants to pounce on the ideas that flit across my mind. But my heart begs to linger.

I've been nurturing my relationship with ease for a while, it’s so much more than work/life balance.

It's actually not about work at all. That's the secret.

It's one thing to want to be a business owner. It's another to want to help people. And a whole other to be guided by ease.

I'm not a typical entrepreneur given my lack of an MBA. Sh*t, I don't even have a college degree.

I don't believe in rules.
I don't believe we need a credential to do what we were born to do (mostly).
I just don't.

I also don't believe we have to be sooo "niched" like they tell us to be.

I'm a heart-centered business strategist. I'm also process-oriented life coach. I'm also a full time traveler. I'm also a tía, a partner, a grieving daughter (always), and so many other things.

I work almost exclusively with Black and Brown people who identify as women or femmes. I also work with male-identifying BIPOC and a handful of White womxn who exist outside the binary.

The common thread, heart-centeredness.

I'm follower of wisdom traditions, intuition, data of all kinds, and heart.

I'm a futurist.
I'm an activator.
I'm a dot connector.
I'm a distiller.
I'm a believer in possibility and make-sh*t-happener.

A four-hour business retreat for healers and coaches with me is now a seven-hour retreat in collab with my amigas, Julianna and Liku.

They’re the rule followers. A great balance and MF bonus for retreat guests!

If you'd like to be in this space, the link is in my bio.


Yalllll!! Those attending my Air & Earth Business Retreat for Healers and Coaches are getting another bo-NUS!

There will be a session dedicated to getting your legal questions answered!! 👩🏽‍⚖️ ⚖️

This is on top of an already special bonus session where you will get your finance questions answered.

Liku T. Amadi, Esquire, founder of Anasa Law Firm will join us for a session focused on your legal questions, maybe those you don't even know to ask. This is some really good sh*t y'all.

Liku is a Bay Area native and CA business attorney who helps coaches and consultants establish a solid legal foundation through custom contracts.

The updated schedule is this:
Day 1: Thu, March 31, 12:30-2:30pm ET
Objective: Get you clarity.

Day 2: Fri, April 1, 12:30-2:30pm ET
Objective: Get you focused.
Walk out with a roadmap to where you're heading.

Bonus: Sat, April 2, 12:30-2:30pm ET
Objective: Get your business *finance questions answered

Bonus: Tu, April 5, 12:30-1:30pm ET
Objective: Get your business *legal questions answered.

You will receive access to the session recordings. ♥️

Unheard of for a business retreat.

Focused solely on healers, coaches, and heart-centered consultants.

Not only will you, dear heart-centered human, get clear and focused about your next business moves, PLUS ask your finance & legal Qs.

Delivered with love by Brown and Black women with heart-centered businesses of our own, easily worth $5k. But we're here with our hearts, in service of love and reciprocity.

You will get 7 hours of direct business support for $695.

You couldn't book one hour with an attorney, bookkeeper and business strategist for under $1000. Not us three anyway.

A one of a kind experience for $695. If you play your cards right, you can easily make this back with one client post-retreat. Also, you can charge this to your business, in case you didn't think about that.

If you want clarity, focus, a plan, and your business finance and legal questions answered in a loving, safe and joyful space, sign your ass up!

We get started Thursday.

5 spots left. Link is in my bio. DM me if you have any questions.


If you feel like you're totally winging it, consider that we all really are when you think about. Even when we're planning and researching, and doing our best to make informed decisions -- we never know with complete certainty if our business moves will be good ones.

There's simply no way to know for sure.

And, the best thing you can do, IMHO, is plan and research so you are making informed decisions and taking smart(er) steps than not. It kind of turns into a game where you're looking for what's stickiest.

We never know what’s coming (pandemic, flat tire, canceled contract), but we can prepare so it doesn’t throw us completely off.

This is what I do to prepare:

♥️ I practice tending to my ideas by doing regular brain dumps of those that are floating inside my head.

♥️ Daily, I write in my journal (the margins are filled with some of my best and worst ideas).

♥️ Weekly I scour the margins and add them to my "parking lot".

♥️ Somewhere between monthly and quarterly (depending on my capacity for initiating new ideas). I look at my parking lot to see what feels exciting or viable right now. I keep my parking in perpetuity, never deleting unexciting ideas in case they become exciting later or spark new ideas.

♥️ When I'm ready to do something with an idea that feels exciting and/or viable, I start sitting with it.

♥️ I imagine scenarios where I'm doing the thing. This imagination phase is a big deal...the fertilizer really that will support it coming to fruition or dying on the vine.
I write about my idea over and over and have it on a sticky note on the wall so I can look up and see it. I feel into it.

♥️ I ask myself what the logistics might look like? How much time is this going to take to get off the ground? Is it time-specific (like an event) or can it be released and live on evergreen-style?

What could I charge for this?
Who is this for?
Why do they want it?
What's the point? For the people who will buy it and for me as a business owner? What's it's job?

♥️ I always circle back to spaciousness and ease, and if/how getting this idea off the ground will support both in my life and business. If I've learned anything, it's adequate time is everything. Some ideas beg to be born, so how can I honor their ask and the conditions I need to do it well?

♥️ I also keep a tight community of beloved peers so I have people to bounce ideas off of, tell me to slow down, and hype me up.

As healers, coaches, guides and heart-centered consultants, we weren't necessarily coming into our work with the full knowing that what we’d be doing on top of helping people is running a business.

This is why I created the Air & Earth Business Strategy Retreat.

♥️ ♥️

It is my love offering to us. If you already registered, I can hardly wait to be in this space together.

It’s what I craved back in 2018 when all I could find were bro-y and super White business spaces.

I wanted a safe space to think & plan the way my heart, intuition, and instincts ask of me.

I craved being in a space with people who were close to my level in business.

I wanted to be in community with people who were ahead of me and I could ask questions.

I wanted to share what the f**k was weighing on me and get ideas from people who got it.​

I’m bringing this business retreat to us because we are the wisdom keepers, and don’t need a conservative business mentorship program to tell us to focus on KPIs.

We use different language and measure success in different ways.

This is the best business strategy retreat for you, as a heart-centered service provider trying to get to the next place in your business.

I've designed the flow based on how we think and process information. You'll be able to focus on what's relevant to you, and I will guide you through a process that gets you out the door with a plan.

It will be joyful and paced in a way that doesn't feel rushed, but constrained just enough to get you to a sweet spot with your next 3 key business moves.

The schedule is this:

🤍 Day 1: Thu, March 31, 12:30-2:30pm ET
Objective: Get you clarity

🤍 Day 2: Fri, April 1, 12:30-2:30pm ET
Objective: Get you focused

🤍 Bonus: Sat, April 2, 12:30-2:30pm ET
Objective: Get your business finance questions answered!

This is honestly a one of a kind business retreat experience well-worth a couple thousand bucks, and I've priced it with my heart at $695.

It's about access and focus on what's important right now.

You're not trying to solve all the problems in 6 hours, you're trying to get your next moves figured out so you can keep helping people, that's what you're here to do.

There are a few spots left.

You can register here and send me a dm or comment below with questions. ♥️

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