Longfellow Prairie Dog Cheer & Dance, Albuquerque, NM Videos

Videos by Longfellow Prairie Dog Cheer & Dance in Albuquerque. Longfellow Elementary of Albuquerque, New Mexico First EVER Cheer and Dance Team.

Wanted to share a clip from today’s practice. This little group is so much fun, they are so eager to learn, stretch, learn to tumble and possibly move to stunts! I have to say, when we first started this team in 2012, we never expected kids to love cheering on their school. Those who started in 2012 are now juniors in high school and they still have the passion to cheer, dance or stay active in their community, and they all started just like these kids in this video! Whether they continue to cheer and dance, being active in a another sport or activity, there will always be passion to do good for themselves and others and it starts with taking a step outside their comfort zone and realize how much fun it can be⭐️✨💫

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Wanted to share a clip from today’s practice. This little group is so much fun, they are so eager to learn, stretch, lea...

Longfellow Students performing Asi Es Nuevo Mexico!

We thought we'd share Emma's talent show performance.... She took 1st place in the 2016 talent show! Beautiful performan...

🎤Ashley's, Melanye's and Hayley'singing performance 🎤

Surprise performance by Mrs. Pangan- Liberman!

Longfellow 2015 - 2016 talent show. The girls performed as an exhibition group. Great job girls!

2016 Spirit of Hope Challenge Cheer Competition. 2/6/2016 at Tingley Coliseum.

Now that our competition season is over for the 2015-2016 school year, we would like to share our 2 performances! 42 gir...

Thank you Sra. Aranda-Peña and Mrs. G for the great years at Longfellow! We wish you luck on your new journey!

A few stunts from Saturday.....there were so many more I wish we could have recorded.

Go Bulldogs! 2nd win of the season!

Ok Amaya! I did it! She challenged me to do the ALS ice bucket challenge, however they have raised over $100 million, wi...

AHS Mini Cheer Camp! Enjoy! The girls that showed had a blast!!

Today's performance for our Kinder parents. We fit a routine that is usually performed on 9 cheer mats onto a stage that...

Today's performance!They cheered on the sidelines too! The Longfellow Prairie Dogs defeated The East San Jose Geckos!!Co...

Prairie Doggies! You did an amazing job today, like always. Girls you looked beautiful and Elias you looked handsome!! M...

♥ first stunts

Who let the dogs out?

Bulldog Introductions!

UNM & AHS Cheerleaders

Today's performance

Tonight's Twinkie Light Parade.(Forgive me shaking and moving, I was walking backwards :))