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Community Tingley Fast Pitch Instructional Coaching! Have Trouble With Batting, Pitching, Fielding? Non- Profit Tingley Fast Pitch Instructional Coaching!

Give Us A Call 505-453-2340. No Physical Street Address. Barelas Community Used As A Community Home Base Location. Not A Actual Practice Location.

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LSU's Maribth Gorsuch throws a PERFECT GAME






Keep chasing your dream


Coach Kelly Inouye-Perez | #Pac12SB


Oklahoma State's Dominguez puts on a show during coach's interview


Jeffress comebacker


Vlad Sr. welcomes Vlad. Jr.


South Carolina's postgame interview has a big reveal


Eighth grade girl's smooth baseball swing



Strive for excellence!


Lessons are filling up fast this Spring season! Make sure to reserve your spot now! Text or call (505)-453-2340.


TBP words of wisdom by baseball mom Jenni Keaffaber.


Got any questions?

Timeline photos 02/12/2019

Timeline photos

Click here to support In Loving Memory of Elijah James Samuel Gallegos organized by Felicia Trujillo 02/12/2019

Click here to support In Loving Memory of Elijah James Samuel Gallegos organized by Felicia Trujillo

Click here to support In Loving Memory of Elijah James Samuel Gallegos organized by Felicia Trujillo Elijah was the most genuine, sweet, young boy. He was so full of life! It is with a broken heart that we share this horrible news that on February 11, 2019, Elijah passed away unexpectedly at the young age of 13 years old. Elijah's family is so grateful for so many that have joined us in pra...


This little girl surprised her stepdad on a baseball field with a big question


Okay softball parents, raise your hands if you're guilty! 😂




The drop ball I teach, will give infielders, the grounders they want. To win games. It’s about confidence the pitchers and the team needs, to understand the game. Pitchers need to learn the drop ball as the fast ball, that’s what I teach. It’s up to the catchers, that want to stop the drop ball. Most catchers don’t let the pitchers get wild with the drop ball. To be able to have control of the drop ball. I learn the drop ball by pitching closer to the batters in practice. Girls 38 feet, men’s 44 feet is the way I learn to make the drop ball drop harder. The pitchers that don’t care if the catchers gets hurt, has more control and confidence with the drop ball. (505)453-2340 l give pitchers confidence in throwing the drop ball.


Pitchers dominate when they pitch the drop ball I teach.


It’s not about the money.


When pitchers are leaning forward. Their mechanics and balance is off. That’s the first thing pitchers have to fix, to find power and confidence. Pitchers that lean forward look and feel uncomfortable. Pitchers need to be taught by the right pitching coach. Or pitchers will not know how to learn on their own. Pitchers should practice to learn what feels good for their self. Pitching styles are all different. But mechanics are all the same. Coaches let your pitchers find their own pitching style. Don’t force your style on all pitchers. I teach pitching mechanics. Pitchers have to find their own pitching style. Practice, practice, practice. (505)453-2340 I can fix any pitchers confidence. In one pitching lesson.


Pitchers leaning forward, can’t follow through

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