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Photos from Sharon May-Davis's post 08/18/2021

Photos from Sharon May-Davis's post

Photos from Wild Horse Education's post 08/15/2021

Photos from Wild Horse Education's post


Ingrid Klimke on training young horses, and competing in young horse classes:
“At first it is important that you do rising trot and always try to keep contact – an active, normal working trot and ride her from behind, stretching into your hand and guide her and show her that the way is free to take her neck down and stretch her nose forward.”

Photos from Tamarack Hill Farm's post 08/12/2021

Photos from Tamarack Hill Farm's post


"Contrary to what is often said the horse is an intelligent being and just as sensitive to injustice as we humans are. People who call the horse a stupid animal have never understood him. To them he is just an instrument. It goes without saying that among horses there are more or less intelligent ones just as among human beings. Every rider should bear this important fact in mind. Failure to do so could through some thoughtless action lead a horse in turn to regard man a silly creature. How lucky for most riders that horses have no gift for speech and cannot voice their grievances. If it were otherwise, riders would doubtless hear complaints of their thoughtlessness and lack of consideration and self-control. The face of a horse trained with psychological understanding does, however, express interest, confidence, contentment and even pride."

Excerpt from: Das Grosse Buch Der Spanischen Hofreitschule

Photo: Colonel Podhajsky and Maestoso Mercurio

Merci à Chloé Larson

Timeline Photos 08/12/2021

Timeline Photos

Linda's Advice - I consigli di Linda Tellington-Jones 08/12/2021

Linda's Advice - I consigli di Linda Tellington-Jones

Linda's Advice - I consigli di Linda Tellington-Jones


THIS! Groom, farm manager, vet tech, rider, trainer... Grateful for all of those moments and memories 💕🌈💕

Letter from a Groom

Yesterday was a hard day. I loaded a horse onto a trailer. I kissed that horse's neck, just like the last million times, and told him to behave himself. Not that he was going someplace bad. I actually didn't know where he'd end up. I told him to behave because any decent horseman or woman will respect that quality and treat that horse well. I don't know if he will get that respect. But I know he will behave.

Yesterday, I touched a horse for the last time. He had only lived 28 days. I stayed with him during his very first 24 hours. I lifted him to his feet so that he could nurse. Every 20 minutes. His color changed from dark wet sleek to fluffy baby brown. And many days later, when he was much stronger on his spindly legs, in a big green field, another mare kicked him. So I kissed his neck and told him to go run and play.

Yesterday, I held a horse in the Winner's Circle. I smiled as we became part of history. The world could see what that horse had done. And I had helped him. It was just one day, a few minutes really, but one of our best and I was proud. So I patted his neck and said "good boy".

Yesterday, I walked into the barn. I'm always the first person there. It's early but I don't mind because twenty pairs of eyes look at me eagerly and nicker to me with breathy voices. I kiss a few muzzles but not everyone tolerates the nonsense of a late breakfast so I quickly get the grain. Their voices are music to my ears.

Yesterday I waited, my whole heart hurting as you stood in the field with a broken leg. When the vet finally showed, he drove straight down to where you stood shaking and immediately started grabbing needles and pulling blue liquid. I was his only helper and he instructed me through the din of my uncontrollable sobs. I held your artery and told you that soon you wouldn't hurt anymore. I let go and then fell to my knees to lay across your neck.

There are pieces of my heart out there. And I don't know which goodbye is worse. When it's cold, I pray that you have enough hay to eat. I hope that someone cares enough to give you water and exercise and a pat on the neck. Are your feet trimmed? Did you get your spring shots? Does your leg bother you still? Do they rub liniment on it or ice it or is it completely healed? I still see you in the barn. I can still see you in a picture, but every day when I walk past your stall, there is another horse there.

I will give my best to him too.

There are pieces of my heart out there. And the best goodbyes come with the knowledge that my horse still has a job and a home with horsemen and women who respect him.

The Modern Pentathlon Debacle 08/11/2021

The Modern Pentathlon Debacle

I never knew what was going on in the Pentathlon before this year. I am concerned that Equestrian Events could be unfairly judged thinking that this is somehow normal or condoned by the Equestrian community. I have seen video of the Pentathlon rides from 2012 in London and a clip from the World Cup. This competition is not considered an Equestrian Event and is not subject to the governing rules for Equestrian Events. The size of the fences are way too high for a horse to jump safely given the riders lack of necessary skillsets. There is a serious need to exam the rules and validity of horse portion of this competition.

The Modern Pentathlon Debacle Ok, let’s talk about this whole modern pentathlon thing shall we? This Olympics was not my first introduction to it. I remember watching parts of it during the London coverage and cringing th…

Photos from Desert Horse Photography's post 08/11/2021

One Ear was slick and healthy in all the photos prior to the roundup. This after less than a month....😥


You can now watch all of the Olympic equestrian sessions, in full, for free and at a time that suits you.


Grand Prix (Day 1) -

Grand Prix (Day 2) -

Grand Prix Special (Team Final) & Medal Ceremony -

Grand Prix Freestyle (Individual Final) & Medal Ceremony -


Dressage Session 1 -

Dressage Session 2 -

Dressage Session 3 -

Cross-Country -

Jumping (Team and Individual Rounds) & Medal Ceremonies -


Individual Qualifier -

Individual Final & Medal Ceremony -

Team Qualifier -

Team Final & Medal Ceremony -

Rewatch the Olympic action right here! 08/11/2021

Rewatch the Olympic action right here!

Rewatch the Olympic action right here! In case you missed some of the equestrian events from the Tokyo Olympic Games, check out the links below to rewatch all of the action!


Every Ride Every Time

Took a spill last night, unexpected; as they always are. Last thing I remember was her crumbling under me, trying to catch herself but despite her efforts I woke up at OHSU almost two hours later. I was on my way to becoming that person that always tells people they need to wear a helmet, or brought my helmet with to meet new clients, or anytime I had a fresh horse I would wear it, but now less than 24 hours later I am having balance issues, I cannot focus right away, I am sound and light sensitive, am having a difficult time sensing where my extremedies are, I can barely stay awake more than an hour, along with the typicall pain and stiffness in my head and neck. Not on a fresh horse, not meeting a new client, or on a young spring chicken; but on my own personal horse that I never think twice about riding. The one you think you'll be fine on and your only going to ride a couple minutes is the one that catches you off guard the most. An old firefighting rule keeps replaying over and over again in my mind: Complacency Kills. It really does. I never saw it coming and I have no idea why it took so long for me to wake up. No matter how uncool it may be, I will be making sure I take that extra step to protect my head. Because there is nothing cool about needing help to get in or out of bed, or not being able ride ever again because I was to complacent to put a helemt on. Luckily this will only cost me the rest of the month and not the rest of my career.

Photos from Dr David Marlin's post 08/10/2021

Photos from Dr David Marlin's post

Photos from Dr David Marlin's post 08/10/2021

Photos from Dr David Marlin's post



I have tried to capture my thoughts and points raised in comments over the past few days in order to formally take this forward, but would welcome any other observations on issues that need to be addressed with UIPM.

General Points
1) Standard of riding
2) Attitude of athletes, coaches, officials to the horses
3) The format and use of horses in MP in general
4) The level of difficulty of the jumping phase
5) Scheduling of competition – for MP this was 5pm when still hot; for pure jumping and dressage it was 7pm when cooler
6) The disconnect of MP from Equestrianism/FEI in the Olympics
7) Veterinary provision – presumably there must be some but none obvious
8] The regulation of tack – spurs, bits, bridles, nosebands

Specific Points
1) Overuse of the whip by the German rider which was not sanctioned
2) The bland response from UIPM to the outrage on social media
3) Excuses/denials made by MP athletes
4) The failure of anyone to check the horse that fell
5) The fact that athletes are allowed to carry on after a fall of horse and rider
6) The apparent lack of any cooling for horses after competing


Modern Pentathlon - Women Riding - London 2012 Olympic Games 08/09/2021

Modern Pentathlon - Women Riding - London 2012 Olympic Games

So, this was London in 2012. Of all countries, I would expect Great Britain to have plenty of good honest hunters that got loaned for this competition.

Modern Pentathlon - Women Riding - London 2012 Olympic Games - Women - MP06 Riding - Modern Pentathlon - 12 August 2012 - London 2012 Olympic Games

The head of world pentathlon has hit back at criticism of the horses during the Olympics, saying athletes are to blame for their bad performances 08/09/2021

The head of world pentathlon has hit back at criticism of the horses during the Olympics, saying athletes are to blame for their bad performances

The head of world pentathlon has hit back at criticism of the horses during the Olympics, saying athletes are to blame for their bad performances Friday's women's pentathlon involved several uncooperative horses, which cost pentathletes points and medal chances.


Here is #SaintBoy back home in Shiga Prefecture.

Saint Boy's owners at the Minakuchi Riding Club kindly provided an update on his condition after being contacted by Tokyo 2020 officials.

They said: "He is in good health, although fatigued from competition."

Driving in the Dining Room - Carriage Association of America 08/09/2021

Driving in the Dining Room - Carriage Association of America

Good for riders too. So many unaware that their position shifts while making adjustments to the length of the reins. Also when handling a crop or Dressage whip.

Driving in the Dining Room - Carriage Association of America Driving and sleighing are incredibly fun and rewarding activities, sadly not everyone is able to indulge on a daily basis. Rein boards are a very viable option for practicing but if you board your horse and/or have a smaller living area there may not be space to keep a rein board. Are there other al...



The UIPM (Union Internationale Penthalon Modern) issued a fairly bland statement on the attitude towards and treatment of horses in Tokyo, particularly in the Women's competition. I watched some of the men's and noticed a lot more riders patting their horses after the jumping round. Coincidence? I suspect not. I suspect a major PR strategy.

I am sure the UIPM is hoping this will all conveniently die down but I want to try and make sure it doesn't. Especially if the attitude of Joseph Choong is representative of attitudes in MP to horses. A similar post by another MP female competitor telling all of us to "get over it" on a UIPM Facebook thread was also taken down.

I have now transcribed the section of the interview with Joseph Choong (Team GBR Men's Gold Medalist) where the interviewer asked about the incident in the women's competition.

* Chris Warburton (CW) interviewing Joe Choong (JC) on 5 Live Olympic Breakfast 8/8/2021 *

5 Live Olympic Breakfast - 08/08/2021 - BBC Sounds

Transcript starts approx. 1h 30min into the programme recording. Produced as faithfully as possible.

CW: I need to bring this up with you as well though, because I guess the sad thing, there it is in the limelight with Team GB great success, two Golds. but the sad thing for the event is this incident in the women’s event wasn’t it, which which saw the...

JC: yeh

CW: …German coach punch the horse, strike the horse with her fist then encouraging her rider to do the same and I know that was being shared a lot on social media. It’s a pretty shocking story to follow wasn’t it? What is your response to that? And the fact that that’s partly what’s got people talking about the event as well?

JC: ………….Obviously it’s never nice to have the negative publicity something like that has made happen, erm……. I think it’s been blown a lot out of context. I think if you actually watch the footage there is no way that what happened is physically hurting the horse. Obviously part of the event is that two people ride each horse and when the Russian girl struggled on that horse it obviously upset the horse and it wasn’t happy going in to be asked to do the course again. But we are given a random horse. We have 20 minutes to sort of get a feel for how it wants to be ridden. And at the end of the day its not the same as the showjumping where the medal will go to a horse and a rider. It’s our medal because we don’t own the horse it’s a random one. And Annika, the German girl, is probably one of the most popular girls in the sport and I think some of the things like death threats and the abuse she’s been getting is absolutely disgusting. She’s gone out she’s the quickest girl in the laser run she knows she just has to get around the riding and she’s guaranteed a Gold medal, erm, and that’s all of our dreams since we were kids, so imagine seeing that slowly slip away because you have someone else who has upset your horse and you know you don’t have the toolset to fix it. It’s.. its… I can’t imagine how… how she’ll get over it. And maybe at that moment maybe maybe like she didn’t handle it perfectly but at the same time no physical harm was done to the horse..

CW: no but as I

JC: and I think a lot of its just over the top

CW: Well I hear what you’re saying but I suppose when you’ve got the coach urging the rider to really hit the horse, really hit was the words they use, I mean that’s hard to defend isn’t it?

JC: yeh. ………………………….. erm. …………. Yeh. I mean when we are riding erm…you have to school the horse and er…I…er.. and I’ve not heard the audio to that part, I saw I saw people talking about striking it with a fist and lets be honest if you think thats hurting a one tonne animal you’re kidding yourself. Er um I can’t say anything about what she said…I do think things have been blown out of proportion.

CW: Let me ask you before you go (Moves on to different topic)

P.S. For information, NONE of the horses in the MP competition weighed a tonne (Metric or Imperial)


Sign the petition - it already has nearly 40,000 signatures



German Modern Pentathlon Coach Disqualified For Punching A Horse 08/09/2021

German Modern Pentathlon Coach Disqualified For Punching A Horse

German Modern Pentathlon Coach Disqualified For Punching A Horse Kim Raisner violated the rules at the Olympic Games when she lightly punched a reluctant horse that was refusing to ride.

Andreas Hausberger – the Spanish School meets Competition dressage | The Horse Magazine 08/08/2021

Andreas Hausberger – the Spanish School meets Competition dressage | The Horse Magazine

Andreas Hausberger – the Spanish School meets Competition dressage | The Horse Magazine Andreas Hausberger – the Spanish School meets Competition dressage Posted on August 7, 2020 by horsemagazine Rebecca Ashton has one of the most fascinating interviews we have ever published, enjoy… When I was growing up, the Spanish Riding School was Shambhala. Given this was a time before the i...

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