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Throwback Thursday!!!


💥Posterior tibialis syndrome💥
Characterized by pain on the inside of the ankle and often associated with a flattening of the arch, posterior tibialis syndrome can be a real bugger.
Here are some exercises and stretches to try!
➡️ ankle inversion 3x20
➡️ ankle dorsiflexion 3x20
➡️ towel scrunches 3x 1min
➡️ heel raises 2-3x 20
➡️ plantar fascia stretch 3x 30sec
➡️ gastrocnemius (calf) stretch 3x 30sec
➡️ Soleus (calf) stretch 3x 30sec

🔑As always, consulting with a healthcare professional is the best way to get the correct diagnosis and optimize recovery

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We are open for your outpatient physical therapy needs! Our staff is taking all the necessary precautions to keep you healthy and safe while providing quality, one-on-one care. Schedule an appointment today!
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Did you know most disc herniations resolve on their own over time?!? Getting diagnosed with a disc herniation or bulge DOES NOT mean it'll last a lifetime. Get #PTfirst!


Too many people think that once you have a disc herniation (or disc bulge), that you’ve got it for life. Well, a recent meta-analysis has shown that 2/3 of disc bulges spontaneously «heal» on their own! Many of them within a few months too, not years.⠀

Conclusion from the paper: “Because the overall incidence of disc de-herniation is now 66.66% according to our results, conservative treatment may become the first choice of treatment for LDH.”⠀

⁣Reference: Zhong et al 2017 ✅⠀


Happy Earth Day!!
Go to earthday.org to find out what actionable measures you can take to fight climate change! Let's make every day earth day 🌎


Shoulder mobility and stability

Let’s take a peak at shoulder mobility! 👀
👉Finding a balance between mobility and stability is important- especially for the most mobile joint in the body!
👉Often times lack of mobility in the shoulder comes from restrictions in the mid spine.
👉Incorporating active movements to both segments of the body helps to gain shoulder mobility



🚨ED utilization - is it really an emergency?🚨

I’ve been discussing the current situation and changes in healthcare utilization with a variety of professionals across various settings. One of the common themes is how the utilization of emergency departments has drastically decreased - to the point where some staff are being sent home multiple times per week.

🤷🏼‍♀️So what gives? Why is it so slow? Are there really that many fewer emergencies occurring?

❌The answer is no! Decades of ED utilization research has revealed ever growing trend of ED as primary care - using the emergency department for non-emergent/general healthcare. This practice is more common among lower income patients, patients on government-funded healthcare programs, and patients without a primary care provider. The problem with this practice is poor ability to follow up with the treating provider, increased cost of care, and difficulty providing care and resources to truly emergent patients.

💪👩🏼‍⚕️💰Designating physical therapists as primary care providers for musculoskeletal pain and injury could greatly reduce the burden on emergency departments, allow for prompt care with REAL treatment (not just a boot/brace and RICE instructions), and reduce annual healthcare costs by $30 billion/year.

So next time you tweak your back or roll your ankle, think PT before ED!

[03/31/20]   LEVEL AND COVID-19
Level Physical Therapy, LLC is committed to providing a safe and clean environment for our patients and employees. We are currently open for business, however this status may change depending upon future government requirements.
We hope that maintaining physical therapy operations will help reduce the increased load on our hospitals and medical systems in this great time of need.

We are implementing CDC recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting equipment and other surfaces that patients and employees contact. Cleaning and disinfecting will be done on a regular basis throughout the day.


Beautiful day at the cross country state championships.

Level Physical Therapy supporting NMAA student athletes at the 2018 Laguna Burger State Cross Country Championships! Visit them at LEVELPHYSICALTHERAPY.COM. #NMAA #LEVELPT


Kinesio technique to improve scar tissue mobility after a total knee replacement.




Good luck to all the runners and walkers this beautiful morning!


Schedule your path to recovery and performance! Scheduling Presbyterian patients starting treatment on May 15th 2018.


Interested in dry needling as part of your rehab? #structureandfunction


Good luck to all the athletes. Level Physical Therapy is a proud sponsor of the New Mexico Activities Association and New Mexico high school athletics.


We have some BIG news!


This Kinesio Taping® course offers a brief review of the basic taping and assessment concepts learned in the first 2 day course. Advanced taping techniques and assessments are presented as Lecture Tutorials to introduce step by step applications for chronic edema, scar and fascial management, nerve taping as well as acute and chronic pain management.

Participants will be offered ample lab time to practice each advanced technique guided by the Assessment Flowchart for clinical decision making. Case studies are presented for designing a clinically relevant application within a treatment program guided by the instructor. Case studies are then introduced for small groups of students to practice the
variety of assessment techniques and advanced taping applications.


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Shoulder mobility and stability




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