Chavez Dojo, Albuquerque, NM Video July 1, 2019, 2:59pm

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We had two big tournaments in the last two weekends that our student competed in, the NAGA grappling championships and the KSDI KAJUKENBO Tournament. All of the students performed exceptionally well and represented Chavez Dojo with flying colors! We did have one stand out with both tournaments thou, Sifu Fabian. He he took first place in the NAGA tournament in expert level and first place in every division he did in the karate tournament, all divisions in brown/black belt level, forms, fighting, weapons, kickboxing and grappling, continuing on to win forms grand champion and fighting grand champion. Great job Sifu Fabian on representing Grandmaster Chavez and showing the world how well rounded he truly makes us at the age of 16. Here is a quick highlight video of parts of Sifu Fabian’s Last two weekends.

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We had two big tournaments in the last two weekends that our student competed in, the NAGA grappling championships and t...

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