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Greetings everyone and Happy New Year!

Wanted to take this opportunity to offer a special shout out to folks who have made Pale Horse Defense the Top 5 Best in ABQ. There is not one student or friend that didn't have a hand in it.

Erik and John at Right To Bear Arms have supported Pale Horse for several years now and I can't thank them enough. John Mallory, from Calibers, offers advice and encouragement and shooting opportunities. These are friendships of trust and support and I thank you.

To all my instructors, Roger, Reece, Mark and Hunter who voluntarily brave the cold and heat to make range days a memorable experience for clients. Our newest addition, Sarah, handles my paperwork and makes things so easy for me. Thank you.

Pale Horse has trained folks from all walks of life and it is truly a blessing. To all my law enforcement brothers and sisters whose spouses and family you've allowed me to train...thank you for your trust.

To all my brothers and sisters who were in the Marine Corp, with the friendly banter between Air Force versus Marines...I still deployed to the Marriott and got hazardous duty pay when the cable didn't work in my room. Thank you so much for your service to our country. You guys and gals do the hard work.

I had the highest honor when a group of Air Force PJs asked me to train, that's the real deal. Did you know when the military gets in trouble they call the SEALS. When the SEALS get in trouble, it's the PJs that come to the rescue. Thank you guys and God bless.

The New Year holds new beginnings and changes for Pale Horse and I can't wait to see what the good Lord has in store. Remember we only have today, because tomorrow is not a guarantee. See you next year...

Be safe, vigilant and keep God first in your blessed.


Advanced CCW


Just wanted to drop a friendly reminder: Basic CCW will be held Oct 26 & 27. This is the required 15 hour NM DPS approved course to apply for your CCW permit.

Also the Advanced CCW Class will be on 10 Nov 2019. This class needs no intro, just watch.

You can register for both classes at Or you can IM me on FB or email: [email protected] and find out about a huge discount by registering for both.

Be safe, vigilant and God bless


Greetings all,

Unfortunately the September CCW class is cancelled. Apparently every shooting competition in the country occurs right here during the month of September. City Range has the NRA Nationals and Founder's Ranch has some other competition.

We'll pick back up 27 & 28 October.

Be safe, vigilant and God Bless


Good morning everyone and what a B-E-A utiful morning it is. So here is what I've got...I'm going to have some more Pale Horse Defense T-shirts made up, however, I've run into a bit of a snag.

The attorney went into a slight miyocardial infarction with reference to the Biblical verse used on the reverse of the shirt. Revelations 6:8 "...behold the Pale Horse; and the name that sat on him was Death and hell followed with him." So the Bible verse is fine and Pale Horse Defense, LLC is fine. However, when you associate the two together, it is definitely not fine.

So I've decided to open up the Pale Horse Defense T-shirt slogan making decision process up to a friendly competition to all my FB friends. I need a slogan for the back of the T-shirts.

Here are the rules of the game: Please, nothing offensive; nothing like "kill'em all and let God sort 'em out" type stuff. It can be any saying you'd like, other than the aforementioned. Relevant Bible verses are a plus, but not mandatory. If your idea is picked, understand it must still be approved by legal.

Lets give it a deadline of 31 May 2018.

So if your idea is picked you have a choice of ONE of the following:

1) basic CCW Course; T-shirt (Pale Horse Defense)
2) $50 Cabelas gift card, 100 rounds of ammunition; T-shirt (McLarty Law)
3) $50 Right to Bear Arms (RTBA) gift card; T-shirt (RTBA)

Oh yea, I got to have a disclaimer. While I greatly appreciate everyone's input, I will have the final authority. It's kind of one of the perks of owning the company. I will reserve the right to pick one or none.

Please "IM" me with your slogan ideas.

Be safe, vigilant, & God Bless


Pale Horse Defense, LLC

An old post to answer some questions....

Bullet Point: Ok folks I've held off on commenting on this a long time for fear of offending people. I've come to realize that a big problem with our country is a result of being afraid to offend anyone...that is a complete load of buffalo biscuits. So here goes...I have always said that if you have never served your country in any of the military services you are living off of the freedoms that others provide. This includes all of us. This is not to condemn or belittle anyone that did not serve. The military lifestyle is not for everyone, but the fact remains.

I meet a lot of folks doing what I do, that say they support the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution. "I absolutely believe in the right to keep and bear arms," is the response. My question, "Are you a member of the National Rifle Association?" The vast majority say, "no." I will tell you this, if you support the 2nd Amendment and you are not a member of the NRA, then its just words. It is no different than telling your spouse that you love them, but don't ever show it.

Common responses to my question: All the NRA wants is money. They send too much mail to my house requesting money. They call requesting money. All are true. That is what organizations do.
Its not that difficult to throw the mail away. Don't answer your phone when they call is real simple or if you do answer say "no thank you." Do what I do, write your number down, but switch the last two digits.

I don't like all the incoming fodder either, but a simple yearly membership fee builds the NRA membership. The term "strength in numbers" goes a long way. You may not agree with everything the NRA does, but name an entity where you've agreed 100% all the time.

I'll close with this and the "never going to happen" attitude...when you have to give up your firearm what is it going to feel like knowing that your $25 a year membership could have helped to prevent it.

NRA is running a special right now $25.00 a year; $70.00 for 3 years; & $100.00 for 5 years. I can't tell you how important this is.
So I'm putting it out there, if you tell me you are in support of the 2nd Amendment and your not an NRA member....tsk tsk tsk. Just so you know I'm not blowing smoke, I am a life member; my oldest son has been a life member since he was 6 months old and my youngest since 3 months old. My wife is also a member.

Be safe, vigilant, and God Bless


Greetings all, just wanted to let everyone know Pale Horse Defense will be holding a NM DPS approved CCW course this coming weekend (22 & 23 July). There are still a few seats available.

Shoot me an email or give me a call to sign up.

[email protected]

Be safe, vigilant and God Bless

PS: No need to bring lunch...just say'n


I'm blessed. What an awesome day at the range with Mr & Mrs Coleman and Lucia. It was a GREAT day! I must admit the photographs were professionally done by Dave Fox. Dave ain't much for accolades, but I can't help it, the man is a pro no matter what he's doing. I have worked with a lot top notch fi****ms instructors, but Dave is one of the best. Now I find out he can also do photography like nobody's business. Dave, can't thank you enough.

Be safe, vigilant and God Bless!


Great time on the range yesterday teaching for RTBA Fi****ms. Eric recruited some great folks. Summer is definitely on the way...a little warm out there. Just wanted to issue a public thank you to each and everyone, it was my pleasure. Don't forget to practice, practice, practice.

Be safe, vigilant, and God Bless


Ok I will admit, the range weather was a bit sketchy this morning. I had to play it cool and tell folks, rain, snow or shine I will be on the range. In my mind I was thinking "this is gonna stink." Turned out to be an awesome range day, even warmed up a bit...after I got home.

So I'm not really good at geology, but if you got 14 shooters and each get 100% doesn't that equal 1400%? I had a blast and I hope they did too. It was a pleasure training these folks. Great folks with great attitudes equals great range day.

My new instructor is Shea Zion is a rock star. He still has a little trouble reading my mind, but I'll work on him. He made our job a lot easier today. Great job Shea, thank you.

Only because I see the green dot beside my friends name on FB I'll's qualifiers have 90 days to apply for your permits with the state (You know who you are friend).

In all seriousness you folks were awesome today. My prayer for each of you is you'll never have to use your firearm in self defense.

Be safe, vigilant and God Bless you always


Greetings all,

Mark your calendars "Ladies Only" Concealed Carry class on 3 & 10 June 2017. Classroom portion will be on Saturday, 3 Jun and range qualifications the following Saturday, 10 June 2017.

While I'm aware Albuquerque is one of the safest cities in the nation with almost nonexistent crime, it still doesn't hurt to learn as much as you can about fi****ms and the legalities associated with carrying them.

For only $85.00 you get the CCW training required by the State of NM; tax, range fees, light breakfast and catered lunch by Powdrell's BBQ all included.

Now is the time to reserve your spot, this class will fill up fast. Email: [email protected] or call 505-314-6578. Pale Horse Defense donates up to 50% of proceeds to a local Christian School.

Be safe, vigilant, and God Bless


Greetings all, Pale Horse Defense is going to try something different to offer clients a more personal fi****ms experience. On May 7 starting at 9:00 I will be offering private instruction at a fraction of the cost. There will be three, 2 hour blocks to sign up for (9:00 AM - 11:00 AM; 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM; 1:00 PM - 3:00PM). Maximum two people per two hour block. Cost will be $40.00 for one person and $60.00 for two people...a $20.00 discount.

Training will include fi****ms safety; clearing malfunctions; trigger control; drawing from cover and more. Feel free to customize your own 2 hour block with techniques you'd like to work on.

100 rounds of ammunition (2 boxes) should suffice for these sessions. However, I understand ammunition is expensive therefore whatever you choose to bring is up to you. We can work on techniques that do not require live fire. You do not need to have a firearm to sign up.

Maybe you want to prepare for an upcoming CCW course or maybe you just want to be more prepared. Whatever the reason now is the time to sign up. A deposit is required. Send an email with any questions to [email protected] or call 505-314-6578. You can sign up by mailing your $20.00 deposit to Pale Horse Defense; PO Box 51371; Albuquerque, NM 87181. Include what block times you'd like and second person's name if applicable. Thanks

Be safe, vigilant and God Bless 03/31/2017


Greetings all, Pale Horse Defense now has a blog on the website. Please check us out at

We welcome your concealed carry questions, comments and concerns. Be safe, vigilant and God Bless.


Greetings all,

Pale Horse Defense(PHD) is gearing up for what is projected to be a very busy summer. PHD is being requested to teach at various locations all over the State of NM...I must be doing something right.

As for local classes here is the near-future line up:

Apr 22 (Classroom) & Apr 29 (Range Quals)
Jun 3 (Classroom) & Jun 10 (Range Quals) LADIES ONLY
Jun 17 (Classroom) & Jun 24 (Range Quals)

For any of these classes you can reserve your seat one of two ways: 1) Mail a deposit check ($25.00) to Pale Horse Defense; PO Box 51371; Albuquerque, NM 87181 or: 2) via paypal at

Email is the best way to contact me ([email protected]) or 505-314-6578

As always, be safe, vigilant and God Bless

PS: The "Ladies Only" Class in June is already filling up.



Need a bit of feedback. I spoke with a very nice lady on the phone today who has a different work schedule than most. She would like a CCW class, but is only available on Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays. Times and actual dates will come with I have interested folks. I would like to help her out, so if there is anyone out there interested in a NM DPS Certified CCW Course and can do a class on those days please contact me: [email protected]

This will be a custom class so I won't be offering the customary breakfast & lunch and the cost will be $95.00 per person.

Location will be determined later.

Be safe, vigilant and God Bless



The gun show was a complete success. A good gun show is when the table you rented gets paid for by folks signing up for a class. However, a great gun show is simply meeting awesome folks. Would like to thank everyone who stopped by and chatted. It was great to meet everyone.

Be safe, vigilant, and God Bless


Greetings all, just wanted to post the upcoming schedule for Pale Horse Defense classes:

March 18 & 25 - Basic CCW Class
April 22 & 29 - Basic CCW Class
May 6 - Advanced CCW Course
June 3 & 10 - "Ladies Only" CCW Class
June 17 & 24 - Basic CCW Class

Email: [email protected] with questions

Sign up for any of these classes by mailing a deposit check of $25.00 to: Pale Horse Defense; PO Box 51371; Albuquerque, NM 87181 or by PayPal via the website:

**Advanced classes must be paid in full prior to class start**

Be safe, vigilant, and God Bless


The problem with NM CCW is not once have they called and asked, "Darren, what is your opinion on this?" I know, I can't believe it either. However, as I've said before NM is extremely negligent when it comes to it's active duty military and concealed carry. On the subject of a CCW permit, I'm torn between a Constitutional Right to Carry and being required to receive training prior to said carry. While I believe it is our 2nd Amendment right to carry a firearm without a permit, I still have enough common sense to realize there are people out there who will simply buy a gun and carry it concealed without receiving any training whatsoever, which is extremely dangerous.

Having said all that NM gives our military members the right to apply for a CCW permit with absolutely no training, period. I don't understand this. So as long as the good Lord allows Pale Horse Defense is going to make every attempt to educate and train as many military members and their families in concealed carry as possible by offering a deal that will be very hard to refuse. Here goes:

Military spouses (with ID Card) will receive CCW training for $75.00. If said military spouse would like to invite their active duty counter part (or any active duty person) there will be a $25.00 discount. So the end result will be: Military spouse = $75.00 with active member - $25.00 = $50.00 (plus tax & range fees). So not only does the military member get the training for free, the person who brings the military member gets a $25.00 discount. (Actually $35.00 off the regular $85.00 cost)

For active duty service members I know its easy just to get the permit and carry a firearm. However, God forbid you ever have to use that firearm your life will change and if you aren't prepared, educated or trained it will change for the EXTREME worse.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

Be safe, vigilant and God Bless 02/21/2017


Greetings all,

For all those looking to get a smoking good deal on a NM DPS Certified CCW Course, Pale Horse Defense will kick off Class #19 on 18 March with range qualifications to follow on 25 March.

Check out the website: or send me an email at [email protected]. I guarantee it's a hoot and a half.

Be safe, vigilant, and God Bless


Greetings all, March and April classes are on the calendar. Find out about Pale Horse Defense Concealed Fi****ms Training at

Unfortunately Albuquerque is a very violent city. The police work very hard to keep us safe, but they can't be everywhere. We all are well aware of New Mexico's "revolving door" justice system. We skate by in life believing it will never happen to us. As long as we only see the violence on the news it isn't real. I pray it never does "get real" for you and your family.

Pale Horse Defense has provided many people with cheap insurance who chose to be prepared if things ever "get real." A person who is looking for a fight isn't much of a challenge to a person who is prepared for it.

Drop us an email at [email protected] or call at 505-314-6578.

Be safe, vigilant, and God Bless

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