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"Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming."
—John Wooden

"Failure to prepare is preparing to fail."


[08/09/21]   August 2021
Happy First day back to school!

02/14/2021 11/14/2020


Congratulations to Ross Hurley. Coach Hurley will be the New NACA Lady Eagles HS girls basketball coach.

Happy Halloween!! Be safe out there!!


Lady Eagles Basketball


Native American Community Academy

A message from Joshua to our NACA Community! Thank you, Joshua! #GoEagles


Photos from NACA HS Lady Eagles Basketball's post

[12/07/19]   Hello spot fans, wanted to share some exciting news (awards) our student athletes are are receiving on Monday December 9. Here is the letter sent by the Navajo times news paper. It includes all the recipients for football, volleyball, soccer & cross country.

Good afternoon,

After vetting through all the nominations, the Navajo Times sports department is proud to announce the following individuals as our all-stars.
The full listing will be available in our print edition on Thursday, December 5.
We will recognize these individuals at our awards ceremony, which is scheduled for Monday, December 9 at the Phil Thomas Performing Arts Center at Shiprock High School.
As always we will open the doors at 9 a.m. and at 9:45 a.m. we will have a photo shoot for every sport.
It has come to my attention that we only have the facility for 4.5 hours so we need to get through these photo shoots as soon as we can. The performing arts center has a school play scheduled later that evening so please inform your athletes to be there on time.
Here is a tentative schedule for the photo shoots: boys cross-country at 9:45 a.m., volleyball at 10:10 a.m., football at 10:40 a.m., girls cross-country 11:20 a.m. and soccer 11:40 p.m.
If you have questions please reach me via email or my contact numbers.
I will announce our COY and POY via email before this week’s issue comes out on Thursday.

Boys cross-country

Lane Apachito, Alamo Navajo

Robert Baca, Alamo Navajo

Cedrick Tessay, Alchesay

Jacob Benedict, Bloomfield

Ashriel Pouncy, Chinle

Tristan James, Chinle

Kordell McMillian, Crownpoint

Tylon Tsosie, Crownpoint

Antawn Antonio, Cuba

Rossendo Julian, Dulce

Lance Harris, Flagstaff

Riley Begay, Gallup

Micah Silvers, Ganado

Cauy Curley, Ganado

Adriano Clark, Greyhills Academy

Korneillisien Begay, Greyhills Academy

Justin James, Higley

Wayland Namingha, Hopi

Tyrall Roland, Hopi

Milson Tessay, Hopi

Shaunanthony Pashano, Hopi

Satchel Hogue, Kirtland Central

Colton Salvador, Laguna-Acoma

Terrance Villegas, Laguna-Acoma

Kevin Martin, Laguna-Acoma

Abren Atsye, Laguna-Acoma

Quintyler Yazzie, Many Farms

Tayan Benson, Miyamura

Riley Watson, Miyamura

George Piestewa, Miyamura

William Wayne, Monument Valley

Cayden Smith, Monument Valley

Ian Salt, Monument Valley

Henry Wilson, Monument Valley, Utah

David Newton, NACA

Galvin Curley, Navajo Pine

Michael Marshall, Navajo Pine

Ryan Kee, Navajo Pine

Dominique Clichee, Navajo Pine

Micah Tsosie, Navajo Pine

Devin Roper, Navajo Prep

Jesse McCray, Navajo Prep

Damien Johnson, Newcomb

Trent Holiday, Page

Rex Martin, Page

Skylar Sandoval, Page

Quentin Davis, Page

Colton Yazzie, Page

Triston Charles, Piedra Vista

Ethan Lacey, Piedra Vista

Makua Harvey, Piedra Vista

Daniel Biakeddy, Pinon

Anton Woody, Red Mesa

Joseph Harker, Rehoboth

Pete Garcia, Rehoboth

Christopher Humetewa, Santa Fe Indian

Isaiah Velasquez, Santa Fe Indian

Isaiah Dasheno, Santa Fe Indian

Demitrrius Young, Shiprock

O’Rye Franklin, Shiprock

Delaine Loley, Shiprock Northwest

Trey Holgate, St. Michael

Melvin Scott, Tohatchi

Titus Norton, Tohatchi

Demetrius Daw, Tuba City

Sean Yazzie, Valley

Weston Many Manygoats, Whitehorse

Xavier Martin, Whitehorse

Burlander Kee, Window Rock

Kyren McCray, Wingate

Nolan Begaye, Winslow

Noral Cooper, Winslow

Deshawn Goodwin, Zuni

Jerek Chimoni-Zunie, Zuni

Kameron Eustace, Zuni

Jacy Edaakie, Zuni

Dominic Yuselew, Zuni


Kashaundrick Big, Alamo Navajo

Duran Cheney, Alamo Navajo

Davin Parker, Alchesay

Noah Walker, Alchesay

Kendrick Clitso, Alchesay

Jeremiah Kessay, Alchesay

Elisha Walker, Alchesay

Brodie Utley, Bloomfield

Kenyon Mosley, Bloomfield

Bryce Perez, Bloomfield

James Bahe, Chinle

Darren Woody, Chinle

Shia Brown, Chinle

Traivian Denetso, Cienga

Jesse Andis, Crownpoint

Corey Bell, Crownpoint

Kristian Hale, Crownpoint

Quincy Benally, Crownpoint

Jayden Largo, Crownpoint

Jeremy Segura, Cuba

Fernando Herrera, Cuba

Joseph Jacquez, Cuba

Todd Stringfellow, Fort Thomas

Zack Walker, Fort Thomas

Christian Titla, Fort Thomas

Jeremiah Bullis, Fort Thomas

Terrold Robertson, Fort Thomas

Johnny Blue Eyes, Gallup

Kent Touchine, Gallup

Alex Alatorre, Gallup

Tony Shirley, Ganado

Elton Kirk, Ganado

Rance Tso, Ganado

Will Bia, Ganado

Marquis West, Ganado

Nitrell Begay, Ganado

Jeremy Lomavaya, Hopi

Khai Elliott, Hopi

Jaden Stone, Hopi

Ian Thomas, Kirtland Central

Cjay James, Kirtland Central

Ty Jenks, Kirtland Central

Brock Dowdy, Kirtland Central

Bailey Foutz, Kirtland Central

Garrin Nez, Many Farms

Araya Yazzie, Many Farms

Jonathan Monroe, Many Farms

Teankum Gilmore, Monument Valley

Andrew Sheppard, Monument Valley

Simeon Thinn, Monument Valley

Alphonso Mike Jr., Monument Valley

Justin Graymountain, Monument Valley

Ian Catron, Navajo Pine

Dempsey Lincoln, Navajo Pine

Lathan Wartz, Navajo Pine

Keshawn Nez, Navajo Pine

Dontrell Denetso, Navajo Prep

Kyler Clitso, Navajo Prep

Skylar Tortalita, Navajo Prep

Adriano Begay, Navajo Prep

Lance Morris, Navajo Prep

Deondre Begay, Newcomb

Deontay Begay, Newcomb

Tyrone Wheeler, Newcomb

Leandreth Begay, Newcomb

Colby Benally, Newcomb

Gabe Gomez, Page

Robert Smith, Page

Conner Begay, Page

Hunter Richardson, Page

Nik Yazzie, Page

Bradley Benally, Red Mesa

JT Kessay, Red Mesa

Karl Bigman, Red Mesa

Kaleo Clah, Shiprock

Morgan Nez, Shiprock

Tye Harrison, Shiprock

Jayson Ayze, Shiprock

Larris Castro, Shiprock Northwest

Bryson Begay, Shiprock Northwest

Brandon Shirley, Skyline

Brandon Chee, Tohatchi

Rayshawn Whitney, Tohatchi

DeAngelo Hunch, Tohatchi

Ezra Benally, Tohatchi

Blaine Long, Tohatchi

Logan Bizaholoni, Tuba City

Seth Brown, Tuba City

Jalen Badonie, Tuba City

Marquette Thompson, Valley

Elijah Tatro, Valley

Tyrus Charley, Volcano Vista

Jason Yazzie, Window Rock

Naataah Chief, Window Rock

Aaron Begaye, Window Rock

Caleb Dickson, Window Rock

Adrian Destea, Window Rock

Mason Scott, Winslow

Leeander Keams, Winslow

Robert Wilbanks, Winslow

Britt Alcott, Winslow

Braden Williams, Winslow

Girls cross-country

Kennette Apachito, Alamo Navajo

Naomi Rustin, Alchesay

Laural Cosay, Alchesay

Sierra Villanova, Aztec

Autumn Nelson, Baboquivari

Temyra Bia, Chinle

Mariah Bahe, Chinle

Nevaeh Scott, Chinle

Tyra Tsosie, Crownpoint

Janaya Tom, Crownpoint

Kaleigh Shorty, Crownpoint

Kaelynn Ashley, Coconino

Kailey Julian, Dulce

Jasmine Turtle-Morales, Eldorado

Kamalani Anitielu, Farmington

Kapiolani Anitielu, Farmington

Breana Biggambler, Flagstaff

Kenia McCabe, Fort Thomas

Celine Nez, Gallup

Jayla McIntosh, Ganado

Whitney James, Ganado

Skylar Charlie, Grants

Abigayle Nez, Holbrook

Taylor Antone, Hopi

Aisha Ramone, Kirtland Central

Autumn Harrison, Kirtland Central

Michaela Hawkins, Kirtland Central

Sidney Cheromiah, Laguna-Acoma

Aubree Francis, Laguna-Acoma

Latifah Curley, Many Farms

Destiny Deswood, Many Farms

Lorianna Piestewa, Miyamura

Tasheena Thompson, Miyamura

Kaleia Vicenti, Miyamura

Deleanna Yellowman, Monument Valley

MiKayla Holiday, Monument Valley, Utah

Lillianna Fatt, Monument Valley, Utah

Jamika Nelson, Monument Valley, Utah

Raine Edaakie, NACA

Brandy Ray, Navajo Prep

Ryeshiandall Jim, Newcomb

Lashawnda Yazzie, Page

Shayla Rogers, Piedra Vista

Kairi Etsitty, Pine Hill

Deanna Teller, Pinon

Emily Garcia, Rehoboth

Nina Bitsilly, Rehoboth

Taitlyn Woody, Rock Point

Chloe Wiley, San Carlos

Kendra Emery, Santa Fe Indian

Destiny Marquez, Santa Fe Indian

Kaydence Platero, Shiprock

Elena Hardy, Shiprock

Alyssa Lee, Shiprock Northwest

Ali Upshaw, St. Michael

Amber Woody, St. Michael

Shanell Edsitty, Thoreau

Suzanne Pablo, To’Hajiilee

Brooke Badonie, Tohatchi

Shaelyn Honahni, Tuba City

Nizhoni James, Valley

Jenell Lewis, Valley

Heidi Thomas, Whitehorse

Kianna Willie, Whitehorse

Jewels Leslie, Wingate

Octivia Long, Wingate

Quannah Benallie, Window Rock

Tyana Begay, Winslow

Cara Harrison, Winslow

Riley Davila, Winslow

Yanabah Talbott, Winslow

Alexandria Bewanika, Zuni

Kate Romancito, Zuni

Kristyn Eriacho, Zuni

Boys soccer

Francisco Villegas, Aztec

Kolton Bruhn, Aztec

Edward Campos, Aztec

Cesar Ramirez, Bloomfield

Orrin Chapman, Bloomfield

Shrewd Martinez, Farmington

Seth Martinez, Farmington

Omar Tuqan, Gallup

Rufus Keebahe, Grand Canyon

Andres Aguilera, Holbrook

Anesio Villegas, Kirtland Central

Jaxon Manning, Kirtland Central

Kyler Joe, Kirtland Central

Alfonso Murillo, Miyamura

Bryce Balok, Miyamura

Javon Jake, Page

Stu Sandall, Page

Jose Gutierrez, Page

Evan Cambridge, Page

Nick Louis, Rehoboth

Liam Bia, Rehoboth

Talon West, Rehoboth

Horizon Gillson, Rehoboth

Girls soccer

Aspen Newland, Aztec

Autumn Roundy, Aztec

Daniella Sanders, Aztec

Elden James, Aztec

Sydney Dugger, Bloomfield

Mariana Vega, Gallup

Savannah Watson, Gallup

Jordan Hanley, Gallup

Evila Gonzales, Gallup

Abby Warner, Kirtland Central

Jayden Guillory, Kirtland Central

Justice Manuelito, Miyamura

Emma Mohs, Navajo Prep

Amber Garcia, Navajo Prep

Kylie Gilbert, Navajo Prep

Spingsky Chee, Navajo Prep

Monique Parrish, Page

Tyanna Kelly, Page

Tyra Kelly, Page

Cammie Robinson, Page

Bethany Silva, Rehoboth

Shandiin Tahy, Rehoboth

Gwen Rivas, Rehoboth

Sunni Rose Yazzie, Rehoboth


Jaylynn Nakai, Aztec

Hailey Payne, Bloomfield

Katie Waresback, Bloomfield

Tea Murray, Chinle

Dyanni Choyou, Crownpoint

Brianna Billie, Crownpoint

Talaya Jake, Crownpoint

Caitlin Duncan, Dulce

Jasmine Salazar, Dulce

Tionne Lovato, Dulce

Gracelyn Nez, Flagstaff

Paetyn Nakai, Flagstaff

Devynn Hatathlie, Flagstaff

Hailey Long, Gallup

Jordan Joe, Gallup

Michelene Coleman, Ganado

Mya Dalgai, Ganado

Naomi Goldtooth, Greyhills Academy

Kristin Dasher, Greyhills Academy

Madison Chappell, Holbrook

Kaila Nez, Hopi

Phoenix Morales, Ironwood

Gabrianna White-David, Kirtland Central

Tatelyn Manheimer, Kirtland Central

Jacqualine Day, Laguna-Acoma

Alicia Grey, Many Farms

Camille Secatero, Monument Valley

Kaylee Yazzie, Monument Valley

Adrianna Sheppard, Monument Valley

Jordan Louis, Navajo Pine

Laila Charley, Navajo Prep

Hailey Martin, Navajo Prep

Tayeshaun Largo, Navajo Prep

Jeffleena Yazzie, Newcomb

Jordan Peshlakai, Newcomb

Emma Yazzie, Page

Francine Keyonnie, Page

Torrance Begay, Page

Zhanna Edwards, Page

Bailey Rassumun, Piedra Vista

Maurie Daniels, Pine Hill

Cheyenne Harrison, Pine Hill

Jiovanni Pino, Pine Hill

Stephanie Kelsey, Pine Hill

Emerald Ben, Piñon

Shondiin Jim, Piñon

Jada Begay, Red Mesa

Courtney Gray, Red Mesa

Patricia Chavira, Rehoboth

Jessica Triplett, Rehoboth

Raynique Francisco, Rehoboth

Tierra John, Rock Point

Tamira John, Rock Point

Shelby Chee, Rock Point

Evette Lansing, Shiprock

Jessica Terry, St. Michael

Kayden Williams, St. Michael

Kalynn Smith, St. Michael

Jalena Begay, Thoreau

Erin Bitsoi, Tohatchi

Cameron Tsosie, Tohatchi

Lakoda Jim, Tsé Yi’ G*i

Gracie Henderson, Tuba City

Jayda Chee, Tuba City

Melia Barlow, Tuba City

Mikeya Sheppard, Tuba City

Jadan Sixkiller, Tuba City

August Tallman, Valley

Savanna Lee, Valley

Jana Solee, Window Rock

Shawntai Allen, Window Rock

Sieyanne Platero, Wingate

HyLynn Moore, Wingate

Andrea Willeto, Winslow

Kaori Robertson, Xavier Prep

12/06/2019 11/09/2019

NEXT WEEK: Historic Opening Prayer on the House Floor by Isleta Pueblo Chief Justice Verna Teller WASHINGTON, D.C. – Next week, Congresswoman Deb Haaland (NM-01) will welcome Isleta Pueblo Chief Justice Verna Teller to deliver a historic opening prayer on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. The invocation will be the first time a Native American delivers the opening prayer and come...


Proactive Coaching


UNM Lady Lobo Team Camp
Divisions: Middle School and High School
Date: June 29th & 30th
4 Game Minimum


Spots are filling up for this year’s Team Camp! Today, we are exactly 1 month away from camp.

We would love to have you and your team at our 2019 UNM Women’s Basketball Team Camp on June 29th and June 30th!

This year’s camp will build off of last year’s exciting format:

You will be guaranteed a MINIMUM of 4 games over 2 days.
3 Divisions – Elite (High Level HS Teams), Competitive (HS VarsityTeams only), and JV Team Division (All JV & Freshmen HS Teams will compete in this division)
Saturday, June 30th will be CHAMPIONSHIP SUNDAY…where 3 camp champions will be crowned.
We have negotiated group rates with 2 hotels this year! (Let me know if you are in need of one)
Can we accept purchase orders? YES! But we MUST have any checks in hand by Friday, June 21st.

Check out this video from me and Mike. Registration is now LIVE on Spots are limited…sign up ASAP. Make sure you reach out to me after you sign up and we can talk about what division your teams will play in. Call me at anytime. My cell is listed below.


Bill Ferrara

Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach

University of New Mexico

(352) 317-2636


Basketball camp at HOPE CHRISTIAN is filling up fast. Ages 6 thru 16 will enjoy a week with the Hope Christian Huskies basketball team June 3 thru June 6 2019.

Here is what to expect this week......
Let our staff guide your young player through a weeklong adventure in the world of Hope Huskie basketball. Learn the fundamentals taught by the Hall of Fame coach Jim Murphy. Allow our players a chance to give back to the game by teaching young players their secrets.

June 3 - June 6 2019
Ages 6-10
9 am to 11 am
fee $85

June 3 - June 6 2019
Ages 10 and up
1 pm to 4 pm
fee $85 05/27/2019

NACA receives national recognition, named 'School of Opportunity' The Native American Community Academy was named a School of Opportunity by the National Education Policy Center at the University of Colorado Boulder.

[03/19/19]   Message from Dr. Shawn Secatero, SENAI Director

Greetings SENAI Family:

We would like to congratulate all of the teams for a great season and particularly those who made it to the State tournament. We are very proud of all of our SENAI teams as we look forward to another great year of basketball.

The 9th Annual SENAI tournament is scheduled for December 26-28, 2019 here in Albuquerque. We are currently making reservations at UNM Johnson Center and we are also seeking a local high school gym in our area to accommodate our tournament if we have an overflow of teams who are interested in participating. Our SENAI Academy was very successful with 15 students in attendance and also our educational workshops were highly rated by students as we accommodated over 420 participants.

Also, we are honored to announce our Darryl Apachito Memorial Scholarship which was awarded to Taejonon Denetclaw (Navajo) , a senior who attends Native American Community Academy and Trista Apache (Canoncito Navajo/Jicarilla Apache), a senior who attends Tohajiilee High School and was awarded the Sandy Chavez Memorial Scholarship. Both seniors received a plaque, computer laptop, and printer for their outstanding essays and SENAI application packets. We will continue to offer these 2 scholarships in the future for SENAI graduating seniors.

The winners of the SENAI Poster contest are 1st place: Anna Serrano, (Navajo) a senior at Native American Community Academy; 2nd place, Jordan Buckman, (Canoncito Navajo) a senior at Sue Cleveland High School in Rio Rancho, and third place, Malachi Buckman, (Canoncito Navajo) a freshman at Sue Cleveland High School in Rio Rancho, NM. Honorable mention was awarded to Kyle James, (Navajo) a 7th grader from Gallup Middle School. All poster contest recipients received a trophy and rosette for their outstanding efforts. We had multiple winners from the elementary school category and our winners were from Cochiti and Kewa Schools. We would like to thank all of our participants for their artistic talents and creativity.

This year, we will have a business competition for all SENAI schools to compete for the sponsorship of the SENAI concession stand. Our SENAI concession stands have generated a highly profitable $4,000 to $8,000 for student organizations. More details to follow.

The following schools have confirmed their participation in this years upcoming SENAI tournament and education fair: Tse Yi G*i,(HS) Tohajiilee, (HS, MS) Dulce (B HS) , Newcomb (HS), Kewa (MS, ELEM) Cochiti, (MS ELEM), St. Bonaventure (MS, ELEM).


Almost game time...


Finished lunch, got ready, now shooting the ball before game time. Tip off 15:00!!

Videos (show all)

First game this fine Sunday morning
Some pics to share from our End of season party!
Win or lose these girls sure know how to have fun on the way back to Albuquerque. Sometimes you have to say it's just a ...



Albuquerque, NM
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