RNA Dance

RNA Dance


Have you ever wanted to learn Brazilian Zouk?

Here is your formal invitation, come join us for workshops and socials!

Hello RNA Dance fans! I'm Jazmyne an instructor with RNA Dance. Have you heard of Lambada? No? It used to be a forbidden dance back in the day but now.....a sought after dance style for its infectious energia, technique and amazing body movements. If you are ready to learn something new, upgrade your Zouk knowledge and unravel those hips with some figure 8 moves then book a private with me! I'm also available for event bookings. LEGGO! #rnadance #lambada #portoseguro #masterbraz #melaninpoppin #studiorna #lambadatraining @alejandra.fontao @reni.gongora @rnadance @pambalambrazouka
HEY HEY!! Yo girl has been MIA for a bit from teaching lamba but I'm back to share that energía in 2022. If you are ready to learn something new, upgrade your Zouk knowledge and unravel those hips with some figure 8 moves then book a private with me! I'm also available for event bookings. I got you.....LEGGO! #rnadance #lambada #portoseguro #masterbraz #melaninpoppin #studiorna #lambadatraining RNA Dance
Hey Denver Students!
Bachata cravings RNA Dance , El RastaSalsa Dance and DjNoslen Colorado Salsa/Bachata events presents....
The biggest social ever NOV13 !
2 rooms-- salsa room and bachata room
2classes --8:30 pm
salsa class by Tom Ogunribido
bachata class by Alejandra Fontao
show by world re-nowned teacher and performer all the way from New York Adolfo Indacochea
get your tickets today!!!!
social NOV 13 is going to be insane!!
Bachata Cravings, RastaSalsa , djnoslen productions present....
2 rooms, salsa room and bachata room
2 classes at 8:30
salsa class by El RastaSalsa Dance Tom Ogunribido
bachata class by Alejandra Fontao RNA Dance
show by international artist ADOLFO INDACOCHEA!!
❤My RNA Dance fam!❤
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I took a workshop with RNA Dance and was very impressed with their dance skills and their dedication. From that experience, I attended their group lessons and took several privates with Reni at the Denver studio.
Reni Gongora is a high energy instructor that strives to see you succeed. He welcomes all levels, and he explains the moves in different ways so we can understand. He doesn’t just teach a pattern; he shows how it works and what both leads and follows need to know for the move to work.
My personal dance goal initially was just to learn the dance. But RNA Dance inspired me to be better. Everything he covered during the lessons, private and group, was relevant to making me a better dancer. He focuses on technique, not just cool patterns.
Recently during a group lesson, they covered the differences the different styles of bachata: traditional, modern, and sensual. It was very interesting and informative!!!!
I highly recommend RNA Dance and Reni! They are dedicated to the students’ personal growth, and are very supportive. No matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced - RNA has a place for you and will continue to push you to do better. The environment is non judgmental and supportive to all levels. RNA has become a family in Denver and is expanding it to NM. Try it out! You won’t regret it. #RNADanceNM
Forever a mood

Can you pay my bills? 💵💵💵

Catch the RNA Dance family at #DSBC21

Visit denvercongress.com to buy your full pass and book your hotel room for a weekend you won’t forget!
Alejandra & Tai with RNA Dance
RNA Ladies Presents Fever!

RNA Dance
Chi-Town are you ready?! It's about to be lit! Reppin' RNA Dance. #FirstTimeInChicago #leggo
🚨🚨🚨Denver Salsa and Bachata Congress Announcement 🎊🎊🎊

RNA Dance is in the Building!!!

Give it up for… Reni Gongora and Alejandra Fontao y’all. They are our local rockstar instructors that have made and keep making huge strides in the Denver Latin Dance scene and displaying this great talent all over the country…and soon…all over the world! They will be teaching, performing, and social dancing at the Denver Salsa and Bachata Congress: September 24th-26th, 2021

Get your tickets here 👇🏽👇🏽

Follow us on Instagram: @denversalsabachatacongress

Invite 2021 : https://fb.me/e/fVMrowpGy
Leads and follows should both line up to dance with RNA Dance's Alejandra Fontao or Dallas's Alejandra Barrera 🤩 Ladies who can both lead and follow are serious goals 😍 Catch the best social dancers every 4th Saturday at Essence of Dance!

Our next event is Essence of Dance: Havana Night on June 26 💃🏻🕺🏻 Come learn from another lady who can lead and follow before hand at Tina Cavicchio (Boston) Bachata Intensive as well!

Dancers: Alejandra Fontao (Denver) & Alejandra Barrera (Dallas)
Vidoegraphy: Dallas Baila Entertainment Eleuterio de la Rosa Photography
#bachata #bachatadancers #dallasdancers #dance #danceclass #thingstodoindallas #dallassmallbusiness #latindance #dancer #bailart #bachataistakingover #bachataurbana #sensualbachata
Last month, we had the pleasure of hosting @rnadance for a weekend of dancing and shows! Checkout RNA Dance Company performing "El Guion" at Essence of Dance! 🤩💃🏻🔥

Choreography RNA Dance
Video: Eleuterio de la Rosa Photography

Don't miss our next event on June 26 🤩 Essence of Dance: Havana Night! will feature shows from our very own Ashton Laney , our guest artist Tina Cavicchio Dancer from Boston, and more! BYOB | $15 cover | DM us for more details 👀

Reni Gongora owns and manages RNA Dance Company in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We offer group or private lessons in bachata (traditional, modern or sensual).

We give private lessons to anyone who is interested in learning bachata and salsa dance (no partners needed). Give us a call to find out more. We specialize in bachata (traditional, modern, sensual). We can also choreograph dances for weddings.

Operating as usual



BACHATA Fundamentals Class too advanced? Have two left feet?
Come to this ABSOLUTE BEGINNER BACHATA WORKSHOP you will learn and have plenty of time to go through the class without feeling overwhelmed with the course content. Class is kept light and fun and meant for you to keep up with the pace of the class.


THIS SUNDAY SEPT 11th noon-2pm

Venmo @rnadance $30 for the workshop


Class is taught by Carina Palomino who was already over 240 hours of instructor training from Reni Gongora.


Bachata Tuesday update

BACHATA TUESDAY UPDATE starting next week Tuesday Aug 16th! 6-8pm***

RNA Dance updated their address. 08/12/2022

RNA Dance updated their address.

RNA Dance updated their address.


RNA ladies post performance! More media to share coming up soon.

Thanks for all that came out to support and learn and social dance. L

Now it's easier to call RNA Dance. 08/05/2022

Now it's easier to call RNA Dance.

Now it's easier to call RNA Dance.


Save the date! Let’s go


Let’s go ABQ!! Time to show up for the next salsa vs bachata


Albuquerque! Let’s continue training, BACHATA every Tuesday 6-7 and 7-8pm.

Thank you,

Reni Góngora
RNA Dance
Reni N Albuquerque


For private lessons venmo @rnadance let's get it ABQ. You can also purchase ahead of time in other cities too. We will be heading out to you very soon.


Albuquerque! Let’s continue training, BACHATA every Tuesday 6-7 and 7-8pm.

Special guest in house Sharmane Boudy


Happy Hump 🐫 Day from RNA Dance

Happy Hump 🐫 Day from RNA Dance

Photos from RNA Dance's post 03/19/2022

We had such a great time debuting our routine in Albuquerque! Can’t wait to show other cities what we are made of 🧬 💃

Thank you to CSP Dance Studios and DjGabriel Goza for having us teach and perform at your event! We can’t wait to do it again. Thank you to Julio Amezquita for capturing a lot of the moments outside of the Photo Booth. We love ya dude


Come out to learn bachata every Tuesday!

RNA Dance updated their website address. 03/14/2022

RNA Dance updated their website address.

RNA Dance updated their website address.


Come out to bachata class each and every Tuesday!

Bachata Tuesdays at 410 el dorado dr NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Come learn from a full-time international artist Reni Gongora (aka DJ Reni G) where he teaches two bachata classes.

(1st class) Fundamentals 6-7pm (beginner friendly, int/adv time to clean up) *video sample of some fundamentals*

(2nd class) Intermediate 7-8pm (not so beginner friendly)

In each class you will work on technique and learn how to be a better dancer, distinguish between the main bachata styles danced around the nation and how to connect with the music, yourself and your partner. If you are not learning these, you are just moving to music and forgetting important elements that will prohibit you from moving on.

each class is $15

two classes $30

venmo @rnadance

Photos from Kandace Montoya's post 03/08/2022

Happy international Women’s Day from the Ladies at RNA Dance

Photos from RNA Dance's post 03/03/2022

Updated class schedules

Bachata Tuesdays
6-7pm (foundations)
7-8pm (intermediate)

Salsa Wednesdays
6-7pm (foundations)

Each 1 hour class is $15
Venmo @rnadance

Share with your friends! Starting next week


New bodysuits just arrived!! Compliments of GFranco Shoes ;)

Dance is our 💝 valentine's gift here in our new home base of Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Check out some of our students expressing themselves to bachata music by Prophex and DJ Tronky

They’ve learned a lot about connection, body movement, weight transfer and solo work in addition to music structure.

Want to learn? Contact Reni Gongora for more details




Reni Gongora here....
I want to thank Alejandra Fontao for her hard work and dedication to RNA Dance for 4 years. It was great to build that with her at the cusp at 2018 and now we have decided to part ways as business partners. She will no longer be a part of RNA Dance.
What does this mean for RNA Dance? RNA Dance will be run by myself and will have only one branch based in Albuquerque, NM and is no longer in Denver, Colorado. Yes I am still continuing RNA Dance. My vision is to bring an element of street, fun and technique to Salsa and Bachata performances as well as teach social dance classes.
What does this mean for Alejandra Fontao? Well find out from her. I wish nothing but the best of luck to her and I hope she executes her vision. Check her posts and follow her pages and find out what she is doing and creating in Denver, CO.

Thank you,
Reni Gongora

FAMA LATIN DANCE RNA Dance Sensual Bachata and Performance Dance


Hey students no technique class this or next sunday 10am-12pm!
Some of our instructors are out for competition check them out this coming week on youtube!

However we still have our rueda classes at 12pm and 1pm


Happy New Year!
Bachata class is canceled tonight but dont forget to sign up for the Sensual Cravings Weekender 2022


No technique classes today join us for rueda instead!
Beg/Int at noon
Int/Adv at 1pm


Meet some of the RNA Dance Colorado team members 💕


Bachata class tonight and every friday with Tai and Lorena at our Broomfield location

Sign up at www.rnadance.com/class-schedule


Tonight we learn some sensual bachata

Rolling up to bachata class like...


Check out our RNA Dance Company team members dancing live to Grupo Extra at the Denver Salsa Bachata Zouk/Kizomba Congress on Friday night! We are proud dance parents 💜


Check out our weekly class schedule! We've added a few classes 🤩🤩 you can sign up and check the pricing on our website https://www.rnadance.com/class-schedule.html


Alejandra & Tai

Check out RNA Dance instructors perform at Miami & Los Angeles Dance Fusion Festival

Expect something different every time with RNA


See you at studio tonight for sensual bachata classes!!


Check out our team helping us with the pattern taught in our packed workshop at the Denver Bachata Festival


Come take a Rueda class from us this Friday (tomorrow) 7-9pm
Save time and purchase at the link below 👇👇https://www.rnadance.com/class-schedule.html

Our Story

Reni and Alejandra are a romantic dance couple from Orlando, Florida. In addition to the local Latin Dance festivals in Colorado, they have performed and taught bachata workshops at festivals located in Mexico, California, Texas, Florida and NJ to name a few. Two years ago, Reni and Alejandra created RNA Dance, a company focused on teaching sensual bachata and other styles of Latin Dance such as Salsa, where they have hosted dance events, taught dance performance teams and social dance classes. RNA Dance performance includes other styles of dance such as hip hop, contemporary dance and acro dance and acro yoga. As of 2018, they opened up a dance studio called Studio RNA in Broomfield, Colorado. At their studio, they teach weekly social dance classes and have taught over 18 performance teams (all choreographed by Reni and Alejandra). To find out more about RNA social dancing or performance dance, visit our website and book an appointment at http://www.rnadance.com.

We host events, teach group or private lessons, and provide entertainment services. We integrate acro yoga, contemporary and hip hop elements into our sensual bachata.

We run performance and non-performance teams and choreograph our routines that we perform at congresses and local events.

We hold weekly bachata sensual classes at Studio RNA.

Videos (show all)

RNA Dance Ladies performing at BIG Salsa Festival Houston 🎵 Daniel Santacruz #bachata #salsa #rnadance #big #houston #Al...
Bachata Tuesday update
Happy Hump 🐫 Day from RNA Dance
Come out to bachata class each and every Tuesday! Bachata Tuesdays at 410 el dorado dr NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Come...
New bodysuits just arrived!! Compliments of GFranco Shoes ;) Dance is our 💝 valentine's gift here in our new home base o...
Check out some of our students expressing themselves to bachata music by Prophex and DJ Tronky They’ve learned a lot abo...
Bachata class tonight and every friday with Tai and Lorena at our Broomfield locationSign up at www.rnadance.com/class-s...





Opening Hours

Monday 11am - 10pm
Tuesday 11am - 10pm
Wednesday 11am - 10pm
Thursday 11am - 10pm
Friday 11am - 10pm
Saturday 11am - 10pm
Sunday 11am - 10pm