Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association - UNAA, Albuquerque, NM Video July 20, 2018, 4:12pm

Videos by Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association - UNAA in Albuquerque. Ninja Obstacle Course competition series with Area Qualifiers, Regional Qualifiers and Championship Finals using over 40 Ninja Gyms across 35 states .

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UNAA Enduro Ninja Challenge
UNAA ENDURO NINJA CHALLENGE. Join the Facebook group Today to learn More:https://www.facebook.com/groups/272577793366965...

Take the Enduro Ninja Challenge!The Challenge will be posted on the 1st of each month starting with November 1. Ending o...

WE WANT TO THANK ALL THOSE THAT CAME OUT TO THE UNAA WORLD FINALS!! It was hectic, stressful and busy, but all around ...

UNAA Part 2 World Championship Finals
UNAA Part 2 World Championship Finals

Test for finals
Test for finals

UNAA World ChampionshipFinals - La Cueva High School- Albuquerque, NM - July 21st. www.ultimateninja.net

UNAA LIVE:Sander Odish Round 4 for $1000

UNAA LIVE:Kern Fitness ExpoThe Ninjaneer runs for $1000

UNAA LIVE:Lily Beast Ninja, Paige Chapman runs for $1,000

UNAA LIVE:Kern Fitness Expo

UNAA LIVE:Kern Fitness Expo

UNAA LIVE:And the top three finishers are....1. Adam Rayl2. Eric Gates 3. Sander OdishCongratulations ninjas✊️👊 Adventur...

UNAA LIVE:Ted Jay aka Tutu Ninja, Arnold Hernandez of 323 ninja Training Grounds & Scott Wilson aka Chess Ninja, make a ...

UNAA LIVE:Defending champ Eric Gates attempts to beat Adam Rayl's time of 48sec😳Adventure Fitness

UNAA LIVE:Flip Rodriguez runs for $1000Adventure Fitness

UNAA LIVE:Adamal Rayl runs for $1,000Adventure Fitness