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Personal barbell-based coaching in a small private training facility.

We have merged our services with Barbell Logic Online Coaching. I now offer in person training for learning the basic barbell lifts and form checkups and online coaching for your continued success with barbell based training.

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In today’s new article, we share 3 tips on how to make training more efficient.

TLDR; “During the biggest holiday season of the year, your workouts may be getting blown about by visiting family, broken up from the kids’ out-of-school schedule, or overlooked in the jumble of parties.... before you overhaul your training plans, make sure you aren’t overlooking some easier ways to cut down your training time.”

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🤔SQUAT MYTHS PART 2🤔 Link in bio! Today’s new article addresses squat myths about your knees.

PT, DPT, SSC @liz_nicole25 writes, “If you can sit and stand up from any chair, you can adapt the squat to your ability level. And, contrary to what you may have been told, you’d actually be doing your knees a favor.”

SSOC and Barbell Logic. Where we’ve come from and where we are going. This is a really great and exciting episode.

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🎧LINK IN BIO🎧 Matt and Scott discuss the future of @startingstrengthonlinecoaching in today’s new podcast episode.

After a year of incredible growth, SSOC expanded its original mission to bring Starting Strength Coaches to the world to being the leading content provider in strength training related information.

Training on the road. What do you take with you?

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✈️PART 2✈️ Bringing training equipment on the road — Link in bio!

Today we write about equipment and how to prepare for training while you’re traveling.

@eddiekuehne writes: “Once you have a location and travel determined, bring the right gear... Develop a system that works for you. It will help relieve the risk of forgetting something and will reduce anxiety. Evaluate how well it worked after each trip and refine it for the next one.”

Something to watch and share to counter every other excuse not to train.
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🎥PHILIP’S STORY🎥 Link in bio.

In today’s video, Starting Strength Online Coaching client, Philip describes his experience of strength training while also undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

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✈️TRAINING ON THE ROAD✈️ Link in bio!

In today’s new article, SSOC Intern @eddiekuehne gives tips on how to maintain your lifting schedule while you’re on the road.

“In the eight years I’ve spent working as a planning system consultant, traveling two to three times every month, I’ve found a little bit of effort and pre-planning goes a long way towards keeping you on the path to more strength.”

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Limit 20 spots! You must sign up for online coaching for a chance to win the barbell. Discount code applies to online coaching package only.

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In today’s new article, we explore skepticism and critical thinking — and how to use them in your training.

TLDR; “When the Advice Guy tells you to ‘look up to go up,’ your investigation into the mechanics of the movement and development of a model for its correct execution is more powerful than his high-school glory days. Your opinion is more rationally based.”

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Today we share tips and expectations to help you navigate as an intermediate lifter.

TLDR; “The best rule of thumb to follow is this: small changes, the smaller the better, based on your recent training data, lead to long-term progress.”

Two Year Sale🚀
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🎉TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY! We’re celebrating with throwback pricing. Use code “twoyears” to get your first 3 months of online coaching for just $179/month PLUS this limited edition whiskey glass!😍

Limited quantity of whiskey glasses; while supplies last. Sale runs until 12/3/18 at midnight CST.

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🤓SQUAT MYTHS🤓 PART 1➡️Link in bio! In today’s new article written by @liz_nicole25, we confront what broscience says about squats.

What are the myths and misconceptions you’ve heard about the squat?

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👀ONE DAY ONLY! Use code “cyberstrong” to get 50% off your first month of training PLUS a FREE stainless steel water bottle, SSOC t-shirt and card gift-wrapped*


*Limited quantity; while supplies last. Sale ends 11.26 at midnight CST. Code can be applied to our online coaching OR our online coaching + nutrition packages!

If you missed our crazy Black Friday deal, this one’s for you!

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🔥SALE🔥 USE CODE: “turkeygains” to get 3 months of online coaching for just $499 ($697 value)! PLUS FREE ➡️ Stainless steel water bottle and SSOC T-shirt*


*Limited quantity; available while supplies last. Sale runs until 11/25/18 midnight CST.

New article @barbell_logic. Link in bio
And in that sweet adversity, the barbell serves as a stand-in, a mimic or a boggart, for the many challenges that will assail your physical and mental being. It arms you with knowledge, that you’ve exceeded old limitations, that you are stronger and can bear more than you think. And you hold onto that knowledge when you have to face other tough things. The lifter’s satisfaction is the contentedness of a builder taking pride in his work, the artist’s relief that what she had in her mind became what she intended, knowing that at least in one venue hard work pays off.

A great article from @srliftsalot on Barbell Logic today!
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🛡LINK IN BIO🗡 NEW ARTICLE! SSC & SSOC Staff Coach, @srliftsalot explains the Spartan equivalent to victory or honor - five reps or five seconds - and how energy systems are an important component to barbell training.

Holiday lifting and How to avoid the Tyranny of the Urgent in this week’s Friday Favhe from @barbell_logic. Link in bio.

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💪🏼LIFTING RITUALS💪🏼 Link in bio!

TLDR; “Where do rituals come from? Are they useful or a crutch that you should learn to lift without? There is an important aspect to rituals that touch on a form of habit building.”

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🏈LINK IN BIO🏈 Today’s article, we discuss how to 🛑STOP🛑 the ACL tear epidemic with strength training for injury prevention!

TLDR; “Strength is the foundation for sports development and injury prevention. It should be made a priority for young athletes who are still far away from their ultimate potential.”

@nonnalifts hitting the 5th of 5 singles at 165#. Keeping the intensity high and seeing her deadlift progress steadily. #roadto200 #teamSSOC

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🤓THE TRAINING LOG🤓 Link in bio!

TLDR; “The training log is part of the lifting culture. More practically, however, the act of writing something down on paper is an act of organization, making your training log the organic memory of your training.”

Not everyone will listen, most will not get it. But if the possibility is to change someone’s life, to help make someone strong who thought the inexorable slide into frailty and weakness was their only option, to give someone the tools to meet their own physical goals, or just to open someone else’s eyes to their own potential, then every person you happen to convince is worth every ounce of effort.
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➡️Sharing (Strength) is Caring⬅️ LINK IN BIO!

NEW ARTICLE🤓 TLDR; “Sharing the benefits of strength training is one of the most rewarding & frustrating tasks you can take on... Here are some tips for making that happen.”

Share your success stories of sharing strength with us in the comments!

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🤓LINK IN BIO🧐 Today’s article: Coach is Your Co-Pilot

TLDR; “Your Coach is like your navigator. He or she knows how to read the map of your physiology, the principles that will lead to your destination...”

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🤓STRENGTH & SPORTS🤓 Link in bio!

TLDR; “Prioritize strength over other general physical adaptations and definitely over sport-specific training. But you actually need to play your sport... At what point should you sacrifice time spent strength training for playing and practicing your sport?”

Visited our friends at @lukesbarbellclub today. The best barbell gym in Austin!

Part 2 of 3 on the NLP (how to use your program to generate data).
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TLDR; “The Novice Linear Progression is a scientific approach to training: Test-Observation-Analysis. This is the process that informs programming. It mirrors the training process of Stress-Recovery-Adaptation... Your log provides the observations and this process informs all of the decisions about your training as you move forward.”

The Friday Favhe Newsletter just went out from @barbell_logic

We put out a ton of free content and this is the best way to see what you might have missed. See the link in bio for this week’s newsletter and a place to sign up!

Many of my friends and some of my family do not know that I had a heart attack last year. (Just typing those words still scares me, a lot.) At the time, I was embarrassed. I’ve spent a good chunk of my life teaching people about physical fitness and about faith. And the first thoughts that start nagging at me as soon as I was in the recovery room were that I must have done something very very wrong in both of those areas.

It took a lot of love and support for me to bounce back mentally, physically, and spiritually from this, and I’m not the person I was before, not completely. The biggest part of that process that I’ve learned (or have been learning) is the need to overcome fear. I’ve had to learn to look for what is true, right, and solid; make changes; and learn some hard lessons. I’m not there yet, but I’m also not frozen with fear to a life of victimhood or circumstance. I think that’s important and it’s what I talk about in this video. Thanks to @barbelllogic for making it.

New article @barbell_logic
Reasons we love the @startingstrength novice program.
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🤔”Is the Novice LP a blunt instrument that saves us from programming for your individual needs?”

NO! READ MORE➡️Link in bio!

Don’t fear the barbell. Where does fear come from and what to do about it? This one’s really good!
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TLDR; “Training can be scary. The point isn’t to find your limits. The point isn’t to exceed your limits. The point is to go through the refining fire...”

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🎥LINK IN BIO🎥 Brooke shares her struggles with mental health in today’s new video.

How to practice while you train.
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🧐TRAIN YOUR BRAIN➡️ link in bio!

Today’s all new article is about deliberate practice in your training sessions.

TLDR; “Artists train themselves to see the world as shapes, light and shadow... Similarly, you can adapt your perception & learn to see the building blocks of movement.”

What do lifters have in common with chess Grandmasters and elite athletes? #Repost @barbell_logic with @get_repost

“You can use perceptual learning strategies and deliberate practice to improve your training, and to make yourself better at squatting, pressing & deadlifting.”

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❗️LINK IN BIO❗️ Learn how to turn your coaches’ cues into better lifting in today’s new article.

What cues do you struggle with?🤔

Find out why Starting Strength Coaches coach people, not programs.
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🧐NEW ARTICLE! Why Coaches Add Value to your Training

TLDR; “A coach as your expert provides insight, helping you avoid or overcome hiccups to your training... Coaches also provide literal perspective, being able to see your lifts as you perform them... and helping you train safely and effectively.”

There are some people who are always worth listening to. Dr Sullivan is one of those people. #Repost @barbell_logic with @get_repost

NEW VIDEO! Dr. Jonathan Sullivan talks about the most powerful form of exercise medicine — barbell training.

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🏋🏼‍♀️WHY IS FORM IMPORTANT TO PRs?🏋🏽‍♂️ New article➡️link in bio!

Need a training goal this fall? The Starting Strength Fall Classic in Tempe, AZ is perfect.

“Being limitless means ignoring what other people have done and controlling the things that are within your direct control. Your own training, your own preparation....”
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🧐NEW ARTICLE: link in bio!

TLDR; “There is certainly nothing wrong with competition. It is and has been a main driving force of personal success, societal success, and survival and furthering of our species. But when it comes to training, your competitive drive needs to be focused in the right direction.”

📷: @coachnikolai

New content from our @barbell_logic team.
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We’re now publishing articles every Wednesday & Sunday!

Stay tuned for topics about lifestyle, values and training.

📷: @coachnikolai

New to lifting? Keep your focus: Here’s three tips for keeping things simple.
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🎥3 TIPS FOR NEW LIFTERS🎥 link in bio!

Tag a friend below who needs to hear this message!

This is the threshold step to all efficient and safe lifting. How to set your back. #Repost @startingstrengthonlinecoaching with @get_repost
All about BACK EXTENSION! NEW video from @barbell_logic🎥
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Ask us your questions about back extension down below!

Starting Strength Online Coaching: A Review of Our First Year

“We have replaced the perceived deficiency of online coaching – the lack of real-time form correction – with long-term relationships, and the benefit to our clients has been measurably excellent.” Starting Strength Online Coaching has been able to provide coaching for nearly 1000 people who would have otherwise not been able to get coaching from an SSC in 2017. 70% of these clients “Did the Program” and averaged more than an 80% increase in their squat across all demographics in just 16 w...

Date night at our favorite bar. 👫

Jenny has been lifting for over 5 years she's still making continual progress and setting PRs. At a bodyweight of just over 100lbs, at 68 years of age, this is 77.5kg (170.5 lbs) and a ~35# meet PR!! 😱 #startingstrength #abqstrength

Book review: The Barbell Prescription

"In this book, they present multiple a range of evidence to demonstrate that using barbells develops the broadest range of fitness attributes, with the least number of exercises, and the minimum of complexity and training time." Did you know that adults who do not engage in regular strength training lose up to 1 pound (0.45 kg) of muscle per year after 40? This is just one of numerous items of information in a comprehensive new book, The Barbell Prescription: Strength Training for Life After 40, by Jonathon Sullivan and And...

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