Health education about how to achieve optimal tissue health and improve your performance while reduc STARWRAP is about educating clients on how they can take better care of their bodies.

We have testimonies, events, instructional video, and a blog that we are working to spread the word about the effectiveness of the STARWRAP. We are currently partnered with college universities athletic training departments, high school athletics, professional sports teams, and physical therapy clinics. We are here to help you find optimal tissue health.

Operating as usual


We are getting prepared for our next product launch. I’m currently working with clients online and coaching them how to discover their overuse patterns of movement, isolate, activate and release those patterns and learn self massage techniques to improve tissue health. If you are interested in a free session to give you an idea on how Progressive Muscle Recovery works, simply comment below. The first 10 to respond I’ll send you out one of our new products called the Star Stack.

Devon Sandoval, Professional Soccer Player 01/21/2021

Devon Sandoval, Professional Soccer Player
We are excited to announce our new product launch coming soon! Devon Sandoval endorses us as we prepare for our product launch. Keep an eye out for new and exciting releases of the new product designs, guided tutorial videos and more.

Devon Sandoval, Professional Soccer Player


I was just talking with my wife as she is recovering from a hip issue. It’s slowly improving, but if it remained for an extended period of time, she said how surgery might seem appealing. Getting out of pain becomes desperately necessary. Her comment was if she didn’t have my support in place, what would she do. And why surgery slowly becomes a desirable solution.

Our Doctors and the western medical approach to soft tissue conditions are drugs and surgery. Doctors simply do not know that there are effective treatments and methods for recovering from overuse conditions, naturally and completely. I’m saying total transformation of muscle tissue and new joints in your body is possible.

Pain drains us of vital energy and lowers our quality of life. Life is too short to live it in pain. My mission on this planet is to help educate and empower how to identify the causes of pain, provide the appropriate stimulus to bring energy and blood to these pain causing muscle fibers, and how to identify unwind, activate, and release using the power of the mind body connection.

I’m beginning filming a series of videos that guide people through identifying and unwinding their unique overuse patterns. Teaching how the body responds to self care and sharing the most effective techniques and methods that will transform your muscle tissue. I’m super excited to share this with the world.

Keep an eye out!
Enjoy yourself!


Self care on the pulse electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) system at Lumen. This system will literally transform your body at a cellular level. Cell membranes are regenerated. Think raisin becoming a grape. Energy pe*****tes through the body all the way to the bone. My hip was lighting up, and now feels like it has released at the deepest level.
Lumen, in Albuquerque


Unlocking your fascia in the neck and shoulders

Happy Friday everyone! A quick question, what makes you move the most?
1) chasing your kids
2) chasing your pet
3) chasing your tail
4) a walk in nature
5) a run
6) a ride
7) a swim
😎 A sport


Starwrap Progressive Muscle Recovery Workshop, Jan. 25th, Phoenix

Our next upcoming workshop is at Tangible Fitness in Phoenix. Space is limited, sign up early! It's like getting a guided massage and becoming empowered on how to provide your own self-care whenever you need it.

Soccer Fitness and Technical training — STARwrap 12/18/2019

Soccer Fitness and Technical training — STARwrap

Soccer Fitness and Technical training — STARwrap Sign up before this class fills up. Players will learn how to get muscles and joints healthy and responsive. These sessions will start with a dynamic warm-up, focused sessions on how to move and perform as soccer players. We will combine technical drills with soccer balls that build upon the bio me


For you winter folk, if you happen to forget your face guard while up in the mountains, try the STARWRAP around your face. It works great.


Hey guys, I’m so happy to call Lumen my new headquarters for my practice. This place is steeped in recovery experiences. Now is a perfect opportunity to get in on some amazing deals to try us out. Come on in and say hello!

Tait Yoder Bodywork 10/16/2018

Tait Yoder Bodywork

Good afternoon friends,

I wanted to share this opportunity for a free movement and bodywork session with me. If you have a minute, check out the link and learn something new about your self today.

Tait Yoder Bodywork


Take a minute to try this idea I’ve been developing in my work. Perform 50-60 repeated movements pain free with a focus on having your bones ‘talk’ to each other in new ways. It’s pretty basic, but will break your current muscle tension and open up your joints. The body adapts to whatever we ask of it. Come on in for a visit at Lumen to learn more.


Hope you’re all having a good day. Here’s a restorative exercise to help loosen up tension around your hips. The hips are such an important part of our bodies. They are the base of support for our spines which means they directly relate to problems in our lower back. We sit on them for long periods of time which depresses them. Wake them up. All you need is a physioball and a wall. The TRX is not necessary but helpful for destabilized movements.

Starwrap updated their phone number. 09/18/2018

Starwrap updated their phone number.

Starwrap updated their phone number.


Bah humbug you may say, but pain free is a reality experienced by some, why not you? I teach how to restore muscle function, how to move better and how to combat tension. Contact me at (505) 302-5708 for your free session.


Hey guys,
I wanted to share one thought with you today. You’re a human being-not a human doing. Relax into your body right now as you read this. This may be one of the few moments you give yourself today to tune into yourself.

Peace to you all......


Sit on a fit ball, lean up against the starwrap specific activator and relax. Better way to read a book. Thank you Julia!


Good morning friends, try this easy position on a physioball (big, blow up ball) to help ease the tension in your spine. The main idea is we are often times stuck in a forward lean and places our spine in flexion at our computers. This positioning places the spine in extension to counteract the repetitive stress of sitting for too many hours.


Progressive muscle recovery in action

Why Sitting Down Destroys You | Roger Frampton | TEDxLeamingtonSpa 07/16/2018

Why Sitting Down Destroys You | Roger Frampton | TEDxLeamingtonSpa

Why Sitting Down Destroys You | Roger Frampton | TEDxLeamingtonSpa Fitness expert and male model, Roger Frampton, discusses how chairs are your enemy, how attitudes towards exercise are flawed and suggests an alternative way...


Don't Just Feel Better,Feel New!

Photos from Starwrap's post 06/14/2018

Been working at the Sol soccer camp this week and they’ve been done Starwrapped. Watch out Tucson! Come out and watch the Sol play tomorrow night, Friday 7:30 at UNM Soccer Complex.


I’ve been working at Volcano Vista’s Soccer camp the past 2 weeks and one of the coaches, Erik Anderson was limping at the beginning of this weeks finishing camp. I gave him a Starwrap to use on his upper leg to see if we could shift the condition. Next day he comes back to camp noticeably improved. He wore the Starwrap with the linear activator 2 hours and this is his testimony. There’s a little known secret called precise muscle targeting that hardly anybody is talking about, but when you learn it and use it you’ll see a huge difference in athletic performance and how fast you can recover


Another great testimony for the benefits of Starwrap. Only way to actually believe is to try. What do you have to lose with a money back guarantee? Life is too short to live in pain if you want help, reply to this post. I’ll hook you up with a special code for a discount.

Photos from Starwrap's post 06/05/2018

A big thank you to Tory and Kelli at Petroglyph Crossfit for giving me the opportunity to share precise wearable muscle recovery with their members.


Starwrap -Precise, wearable, muscle recovery

Introducing the new Starwrap Learn more about targeted, precise self-care and how to get your muscles to relax at


Coach Tait and I wanted to share how you can dramatically reduce tension in your body and start feeling better now. It’s been amazing working with clients and hearing of their results. If you’re in pain, you need to check out the Starwrap.


Hey Guys, Recovery tip of the week is how to allow the body to let go of tension as you gently apply your force of choice to pe*****te into the muscle fibers and then move the body that is targeted with the aforementioned force.


Don't Just Feel Better,Feel New!

Hey guys, do you suffer from joint, leg, arm or knee pain? Then I have great news for you, those days are over!The STARwrap is a REVOLUTIONARY trigger point recovery tool that is guaranteed to have you feeling like new in no time CLICK ON THE LINK and say goodbye to pain! Strap, Wrap, and Recover!

Starwrap updated their phone number. 04/24/2018

Starwrap updated their phone number.

Starwrap updated their phone number.

Muscle recovery for lateral knee pain 04/17/2018

Muscle recovery for lateral knee pain

Muscle recovery for lateral knee pain Watch an aspiring soccer player work on his knee pain using high rep stretches with active isolated stretching using a rope

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Unlocking your fascia in the neck and shoulders
Starwrap Progressive Muscle Recovery Workshop, Jan. 25th, Phoenix
Starwrap -Precise, wearable, muscle recovery
Don't Just Feel Better,Feel New!





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