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…¿Are-the, Tournaments', sponsored yet?
I know everything is ever-changing and unclear, but is there any plan or ideas for when and what local tournaments you guys plan on doing in the future?
Looking for 2-3 super competitive COD MW players, any console. Message or comment for more details.
Does anybody wanna add me and my husband to run games for fun? Joshua Napoli is Ghost Kick Mine is Baba Voss
Are there any tournaments for the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?
any plans on doing any halo tournys? H2 or H3?
I’m amazed it hasn’t been posted here yet tbh. But the original owner of Golding Gun Gaming, Ryan Golden, has gone missing. Please reach out if you have any information
Here for a birthday party that was supposed to start at noon. Almost 30 minutes later and doors are still locked. Bad way to conduct a business this is ridiculous
Did you guys participate in Extra Life?
On October 5th we will be having another overnighter from 7pm till 7 am! It will be $20 if you prepay and $25 if you come in that day to get in
Just moved into the area! Looks like you guys do all sorts of Gaming events! Would love to see some Hearthstone Firesides or 2v2 Fortnite events!

Check us out -- right across the street from Cliff's. Open 12pm-12am Sunday-Thursday and 12pm-2am on Fri and Sat!! Now 7 days a week!! A fun destination for teens, families, and leisure seekers, offering the latest in recreational, network, and interactive gaming technologies within a friendly and enjoyable environment.

While also having a wide selection of snacks and beverages, we offer Xbox One's, PS4's, over 30 PC's and the Nintendo Switch! Golden Gun Gaming is the perfect place to hang out with friends, catch-up, unwind, and enjoy a quality time!

Operating as usual

Alright let’s do this again!! HALO MCC 1v1’s this Saturday at 4PM! Or let’s just chill!!!

Who’s your favorite Pokémon? Mines Lapras!!!

[10/07/20]   Hey guys sorry but we will be closed tomorrow on Wednesday. I have some family issues that I need to handle

If you are interested in the new DIGIMON card game please come to our card meeting Tuesday, September 22, 2020 5:00 P.M. to inquire about the game, releases, possible tournament, and other information.

[09/16/20]   Hey guys sorry but we will be closed today Wednesday 9/16 due to some family issues sorry for the inconvenience but we will be open tomorrow

Let’s kick it old school. Let’s see if you can take me in HALO 3 1V1! Or are you afraid to be beaten by a girl? Meet me 4PM tomorrow at GGG.

With love, Haley ❤️

[06/02/20]   Hey just so everyone knows to keep with regulations and safety you will be required to wear a mask. Also as an extra step we will not be renting headsets for the time being as to keep down the passing of germs.

[06/01/20]   Hey yall good news we are in the shop cleaning and setting up for yall tomorrow. Cant wait to see yall back in this amazing place and seeing those great gamers that we have. Feel free to stop by today and say what's up if you want.


[03/18/20]   Hello everyone, unfortunately we will be closing to comply with the what governor has said until they get the Coronavirus under control. We are sorry for the inconvenience

[03/17/20]   Due to current circumstances, we are postponing all March tournaments as of right now. This means Call of Duty, League of Legends, and other tournaments will be rescheduled until further notice. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Game on and keep healthy!

Congrats to the first place winners for our League of Legends tournament, Status Effect!

Tomorrow is the day! Minecraft play party!
We have a realm! Best builder wins stellar bragging rights! Build offs, bedwars, or some classic survival

(Time purchases needed) (personal Mojang account needed if playing on PC)

Who’s ready to kick off February with all-night gaming?

[01/18/20]   We need one more person for a random assembled team! Who will answer the call?!

[01/18/20]   Tournament day has arrived, summoners, and it’s the calm before the storm. Blood is soon to be spilled upon the fields, small streams we call a river and the various shrubbery upon the small little bit of land we call Summoner’s Rift.

A reminder that the entree fee is $10, we will be accepting CASH ONLY and we’ll probably start around 1pm.

If you don’t have a full team you can show up and get entered into our “Magical Team Placement Machine.” By which I mean you and all the other people that don’t have an adequate amount of irl friends with free time or sufficient skill will get written onto a crumpled old sheet of notebook paper with my poor handwriting skills and maybe be put on a full team with other people in the same situation. First 5 come, first 5 act quick!

Get in here, let’s get this tourney going!

Don’t forget about our League of Legends tournament Saturday January 18th at 12PM

Raid Knight Gaming

Star Wars watch party! Thursday Jan. 9th starting at 8PM! Come by 🌌 GOLDEN GUN GAMING
#starwars #WATCHPARTY #game #gamers #gaming #starwarscelebration

[12/20/19]   Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that I found a key (looks important) by the first island. Also I have a whole box of lost and found with hats, jackets, and such. If you have lost something here I most likely have it!

Follow us on Instagram! @RaidKnightGaming

Just a sneak peek at the (beautiful) new keyboards and mouses! ⌨️👾Our new stunning Corsair Multicolor K55 Gaming Keyboards, paired nicely with the Corsair Harpoon RPG PRO/MOBA gaming mouse for YOUR gaming needs! Come lounge! 💙💜

Don’t forget that we do birthday parties! Call during our business hours and we will schedule you or your child’s next birthday party! 🎉🎊🎂Message or call for details.
#goldengungaming #albuquerque #childrensparties #abqlocal #albuquerque #gaming #gamersABQ

[10/24/19]   Hey everyone we are looking to hire someone for one of our shifts! If you are interested please bring a resume to Raid Knight at 9132 Montgomery Blvd. We open at 3pm on Tuesday-Friday and Noon on Saturday and Sunday. Please be at least 18 years old due to late night shifts.

[09/30/19]   Good morning everyone! Jon here, with an update regarding everything going on with Golden Gun Gaming!

The past couple months have been quite an opportunity, and I’m thankful for such a chance to even exist. Being in business for myself for almost twelve years, I’ve learned a lot about what it is I want, what it is I need to do, and most importantly, the limits of what I’m able to accomplish.

A gaming center is something cherished by many, especially conceptually, for a place not born out of necessity, but a place to socialize. To enjoy the company of others, to engage in common interests locally, and a great place to make friends and help build the community.

However, on the business side of things, it can be difficult to keep all of those gears in motion, because it requires a great many moving parts to keep it all happening - the thumb must be on the pulse of what is needed to allow it to grow, broken or stolen items must be replenished, provincial items need to be supplied, maintenance must be provided, the environment must be maintained, and the community must be communicated with. Now, as a whole, many of these things aren’t really even difficult to do, or to even orchestrate a competent team to be able to do such a thing, but on top of that, the overhead to even have the groundwork to do such things also has to be factored in. First and foremost, really.

So, what does all of this mean? Well, it means that I have nothing but a great and continued respect for what Ryan did, and that he was able to run it for as long as he was able. It’s an ambitious endeavor, and he truly had something special that was born of his own spirit and passion, and it lasted quite a long time.

It comes with a difficulty to express that I have to withdraw my position from Golden Gun Gaming as management. While I’m already working within the community at Gamers Anonymous, one I wish to be unified with all gaming communities in Albuquerque, especially places like Golden Gun, there is a lot for me to focus on, especially coming into the holiday season, with my storefront.

But what is it that complicates Golden Gun for me? Simply put - finances. GGG is an incredible business, and due to the sheer size and scope of it, an incredibly expensive one. As I’ve been working for myself, I’ve learned what it means to set goals for myself, how far ahead I should project, and just what it is I’m capable of, and despite the fact that we put forth a large amount of effort and money into seeing what kind of impact was possible for us to have, the end result is still that it’s not financially feasible for us.

Over the years, I’ve learned what my limitations are, and how that affects my mental health, and what an over-commitment to something can do. I’m fortunate enough that the owners allowed me to even step in to try my hand at it before committing to the long-term, because I realized that what it was going to cost was going to be far more than money. I have a family at GA, I have a family in this community, but I also have a lovely wife and home, and all of them need me to be at my fullest capabilities in order to be there for all of them in the ways that they need me to be.

It’s hard to find the right way to communicate this, and I hope this is sufficient enough. I’d still be very happy to answer any questions as I’m able (and as are appropriate), but I really wanted to come here to do one thing, and that is to thank all of you for your support. Your encouraging words, your input and presence, and your understanding are all invaluable to me.

With that, the owners will continue forth with Golden Gun, and through the coming months, we’ll be withdrawing our personal contributions, but don’t be mistaken: our relationship with them and the venue is still healthy. We plan on providing presence in terms of events, gaming materials (new releases!), and communication with all of you to help continue to provide the best for the gaming scene here in Albuquerque as long as we’re all able.

Sometimes, things just don’t go according to plan, and that’s okay. There’s nothing more honoring than the opportunity to be able to try something, and there’s nothing wrong with realizing you just may not be able to do it, no matter how much you want to.

Thanks again to the owners, to all of you for your support, and most of all, to Ryan Golden, and his family and close friends, for allowing me to even dip my toe into something.

I appreciate you guys. Let’s continue to support the gaming scene here in NM, because it’s truly one of the best and most capable I’ve seen. I’ll be a part of it as long as you’ll let me.


Congratulations to the winning team for our League of Legends tournament, 20th Ward! We will be having another League tourney next month, so stay tuned for more info! 👀

[09/28/19]   Hey guys!! don't forget about our leauge of legends tournament happening today at 1PM!! Be sure to come down and have some fun! $10 to enter!!

[09/26/19]   Just a reminder to all the League of Legends players out there that our League tournament is this Saturday! Bring your friends, bring your nemeses and bring your A-game because leaving home with the 1st-3rd place prize is not guaranteed for everyone, and neither is leaving home with your dignity intact. 👏 😤

Golden Gun has been around a long long time. For some it’s more than just a place to let off steam, get away from the family or just destroy nerds in-game. For some it has been like a second home. So here are just a few photos here from earlier years, to maybe spark a few memories of the people that have helped make this place feel like home. ❤️

Good afternoon, everyone!We have a treat for you guys, just in time for the weekend. As of right now, we have four new accounts on our Xbox One systems that have Xbox Gamepass, and you know what that means, right? Our selection of games has grown exponentially! Even better, with Gamepass, Gear of War 5 is in early access, starting today!

Just in time for our weekend all-nighter, access to the game on up to four of our accounts is available right this moment! Come on down, snag some time, and play with some buddies! See you soon!

[09/02/19]   We will be closed tomorrow (9/2) for Labor Day.
Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
We will be open again on Tuesday (9/3).
Please visit us again!

[08/26/19]   Good afternoon! So, as a result of the school year being in session, we're making an amendment to our current hours! During the week, Monday through Thursday, we'll be shifting our hours to open at 2PM instead of noon, as the general school schedule tends to impact the early afternoon. Hours here have been updated to reflect the change, but please feel free to swing by anytime between 2-midnight on any given weekday, with our weekends continuing to retain the same hours we've already established. Happy gaming!

You guys ready to spill some guts? We’re about to start the 11!

Did you know we have PS4 VR? As part of your standard gameplay payment, you’re more than welcome to come in and enjoy playing with our setup and a variety of games to join it, including Doom VFR and The Tetris Effect. Come on down and take a peek into the the true third dimension of gaming!

Running a Game Center is a lot of work, yeah? Well, too priority for us right now is to get every single one of these computers optimized. If we’re looking into running a series of League tournaments, among other games, we want every last one of these bad boys to be on equal level with one another!

So, before we announce our next PC event, we’re gonna make sure that all computers are running smoothly. In the meantime, you’re free to come help us out by using and testing them with us, but also be sure to come by for our other events, such as our Mortal Kombat 11 tournament and Smash Bros tournament this weekend!

More to be announced, and thank you for your patience and understanding!

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A fun destination for teens, families, and leisure seekers, offering the latest in recreational, network, and interactive gaming technologies within a friendly and enjoyable environment. While also having a wide selection of snacks and beverages, we offer Xbox One's, PS4's, over 30 PC's and the Nintendo Switch! Golden Gun Gaming is the perfect place to hang out with friends, catch-up, unwind, and enjoy a quality time!

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