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Global retail sales. We specialize in exotic and rare fi****ms from the modern era, preparedness supplies, and tactical equipment. We buy, sell, trade and offer consignment at our retail location located at 6615 Menaul Blvd.

NE. We offer free appraisals on exotic and unusual fi****ms, and we offer gunsmithing services for black rifles. If it was ever sold in the USA on the civilian market we can fix it! We are a store for all levels of shooters and survivalist from novice to expert. Stop in and visit with us! We would appreciate your business.

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Just In ! Springfield XD Mod II 9mm - Bi-Tone, Black or FDE $499

Untitled Album 03/22/2016

Untitled Album

alloutdoor.com 02/23/2016

M855A1 Ballistic Gel Test (VIDEO) - AllOutdoor.com

alloutdoor.com M855A1 is the Army’s new round, but how does it perform? The Wound Channel created a M855A1 clear ballistic gel test video below.

blogs.denverpost.com 02/02/2016

Tweaking Colorado’s gun laws | eLetters — The Denver Post

Letter to the editor. http://ow.ly/XPwvu

blogs.denverpost.com As a gun owner and concealed-carry permit holder, I agree with your editorial that Coloradoâ

koat.com 02/02/2016

Santa Fe seeks ideas on ways to curb gun violence

Santa Fe leaders have scheduled a public discussion about gun violence to see what can be done to curb the problem. http://ow.ly/XPwlG

koat.com Santa Fe leaders have scheduled a public discussion about gun violence to see what can be done to curb the problem.

atlantadailyworld.com 02/02/2016

States most dependent on the gun industry

To determine which states depend most on the arms and ammunitions industry both directly for jobs and political contributions and indirectly through firearm ownership, WalletHub’s analysts compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across eight key metrics. http://ow.ly/XPwdI

atlantadailyworld.com With President Barack Obama’s executive orders on gun control and recent changes to state gun legislations, the personal finance website WalletHub...

gunsandammo.com 02/02/2016

Ed Brown Special Forces 1911 Review - Guns & Ammo

The Ed Brown business model is built around doing cutting-edge design using only the latest engineering techniques and systems.

gunsandammo.com It's not issued to Special Forces soldiers, but Ed Brown’s 1911 is perfect for those who run guns hard. Check out our Ed Brown Special Forces Review.

thetruthaboutguns.com 02/02/2016

Gun Review: G***K G19 GEN4 MOS & G17 GEN4 MOS - The Truth About Guns

The G19 and G17 are two of the most popular pistol models in the world and are used as a basis for comparison in just about every polymer-framed and/or striker-fired handgun review. http://ow.ly/XOlnA

thetruthaboutguns.com G***K released their MOS, or Modular Optic System, line of pistols a year ago. With the ability to mount a variety of reflex-style red dot optics...

gundigest.com 02/01/2016

Tikka T3 CTR: Capable, Compact and Accurate - Gun Digest

Tikka is located in Finland and has been in the fi****ms business since 1918. Tikka is the Finnish word for woodpecker. The reason the company originally chose the name Tikka was because a woodpecker pecks the same hole in a tree every time, an analogy to the way a bullet hits the same spot when fired out of a Tikka rifle. In 1983, Tikka and Sako merged, and now they are both currently part of the Beretta Holding Group—as is Benelli, Sako, Stiener optics and a few other brands. http://ow.ly/XOl6y

gundigest.com The new Tikka T3 CTR is a sleek rifle for any situation.

theatlantic.com 02/01/2016

An Armed Man Walks into a Library

The PR war against open carry. http://ow.ly/XNNJM

theatlantic.com More and more Americans are being introduced to new, expansive open-carry laws—and to their intrusive side effects.

koat.com 02/01/2016

Accused cop killer sold drugs to undercover agents, documents say

"The jury would be tempted to convict Mr. Lymon because he might be dangerous and because he has already been convicted in the press, and not based on whether or not the evidence proves he, being a felon, knowingly possessed a firearm,” it states. http://ow.ly/XKjGF

koat.com An accused cop killer has also been accused of selling drugs and a gun to undercover officers.

recoilweb.com 02/01/2016

Grey Ghost Goodness: GGP 300 Blackout Bolt Gun | RECOIL

Grey Ghost Precision’s take on it seems as if it is intended for use as more of a hunting rifle, despite the tactical exterior. Lighter than most .308 leadslingers, this would be a welcome addition on any hunt where you need to hike in and have to haul out over 200 pounds of meat. If you don’t have the luxury of horses or four wheel drive on an elk or antelope hunt, you come to appreciate a light rifle that won’t break your shoulder every time you squeeze off a shot.

recoilweb.com The GGP 300 Blackout Bolt Gun is more than a repurposed AR. This is a well thought out lightweight bolt gun in a custom chassis.

guns.com 01/31/2016

Gear Review: UnderTech Undercover CC leggings

The Original Concealment Leggings looked to solve my dilemma of concealed carry in a comfortable platform; but did could they actually live up to expectations? http://ow.ly/XFcDE

guns.com I live in leggings so I was very excited to see UnderTech UnderCover’s new line of concealed gear for women. But did they live up to my expectations?

handgunsmag.com 01/31/2016

Solid to the Corps: The Springfield 1911 Operator - Handguns

For many fi****ms people there was no more clearer moment in U.S. history to signal the point at which our republic began to fade from glory than the day our armed forces replaced the battle-proven M1911A1 in .45 ACP with a 9mm.

handgunsmag.com The new Springfield 1911 Operator from Springfield Armory is a mil-spec 1911 made for the Marine Corps, but brought to the civilian market. Take a...

koat.com 01/31/2016

Facebook looks to rid site of private gun sales

Licensed retailers are still able to post, but most of those swap pages will soon be shut down. http://ow.ly/XKjyJ

koat.com In the past, Action 7 News has reported on people using Facebook for gun sales. This week, though, the site is putting an end to the practice.

gunsandammo.com 01/31/2016

C**t Single Action Army Revolver Review - Guns & Ammo

Dad’s old lever gun or that Luger Grandpa brought back from the Bulge might have sentimental value, but its significance is forged of blood relation; your kinsman who handled it established the nostalgic appeal you cherish. Some guns are innovative, some interesting and some forgettable, but they’re all just tools — with the exception of one. http://ow.ly/XFchQ

gunsandammo.com The C**t Single Action Army is a timeless classic that should be experienced by every shooter. Check out our C**t Single Action Army Revolver review.

gundigest.com 01/30/2016

Stevens Introduces its First Semiautomatic Shotgun - Gun Digest

The Massachusetts gun maker has introduced its first semiautomatic shotgun at 2016 SHOT Show, the Stevens S1200. And it appears to be quite an inaugural project for the company, with Stevens outfitting the shotgun with a style of action growing in popularity. The S1200 boasts an inertia-driven action, a system that utilized the recoil of the gun to cycle shells. http://ow.ly/XFc9F

gundigest.com Steven's first semiautomatic shotgun offers an inertia-driven action priced for entry-level shooters.

oaoa.com 01/30/2016

BACK IN TIME: Guns as tools, not as tools of death, destruction

BACK IN TIME: Guns as tools, not as tools of death, destruction. http://ow.ly/XFbFX

oaoa.com EDITOR'S NOTE: Information for this article came from the book “History of Billy the Kid (1920)” by Charles A. Siringo and articles about the...

thetruthaboutguns.com 01/30/2016

Gun Review: Heinrich Fortmeier 50BMG Rifle - The Truth About Guns

A weekend, a BIG gun, barbecue and lots of ammo. http://ow.ly/XFc26

thetruthaboutguns.com A weekend, a BIG gun, barbecue and lots of ammo. And some people wonder why I went to all the trouble to get a German gun license. The gun in...


Prepping for SHTF: My 3 Biggest Prepping Mistakes! :) What are Yours?


Along the prepping journey I have had my share of fumbles. Learning from these fumbles allows me to grow. You know what they say " Mistakes are not...


Save Your Brass


Fun Gun Reviews Presents: "Save Your Brass" If you're shooting brassed cased ammo and not saving your brass, you're throwing money down the drain. Even if yo...


Long Term / Emergency Food Storage On A Tight Budget


This video outlines a starter list of items that you can get off of a grocery store shelf that you can begin or supplement your emergency food...

opb.org 01/29/2016

Oregon Legislative Leaders Seek New Bill Tightening State's Gun Laws

The Oregon Legislature will have another fight over gun laws in the new session that starts next week. http://ow.ly/XCsQ4

opb.org Officials would have more time to conduct background checks under a bill that has leadership support in the Oregon Legislature.

journalstar.com 01/28/2016

Concerns from Lincoln, Omaha help defeat gun bill : Politics

Concerns about gun violence in Nebraska's two largest cities trumped an effort to banish local firearm laws in the Legislature on Wednesday. http://ow.ly/XCsK0

journalstar.com Concerns about gun violence in Nebraska's two largest cities trumped an effort to banish local firearm laws in the Legislature on Wednesday.

washingtonpost.com 01/28/2016

If you want to carry a gun on campus, these states say yes

In 2004 Utah was the first state to enact a law allowing guns to be carried on campus, the report found. Six others have put similar laws on the books: Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Texas and Wisconsin. In Colorado and Oregon, court rulings have set policies allowing guns on campus. http://ow.ly/XCstb

washingtonpost.com But many others say no.

santafenewmexican.com 01/28/2016

SFCC board member wants to drop concealed-carry course for gun owners

A Santa Fe Community College board member wants to drop a concealed-carry training program for gun owners from the school’s curriculum, saying the course does not set a good example for students. http://ow.ly/XCspn

santafenewmexican.com An instructor for the course says such classes are needed to teach citizens who want a concealed-carry license about the proper use of handguns.


The head of the University of Texas System said Tuesday that the state’s new campus carry law will be followed despite safety fears expressed by faculty members, including Nobel laureate Steven Weinberg, who recently announced that he plans to ban guns from his classrooms. http://ow.ly/XCc94

nebraska.tv 01/27/2016

Lawmakers Debate Bill to Make Gun Laws Uniform Across Nebraska

A debate over fi****ms heats up at the state capitol. Some senators want to make gun laws uniform statewide, but others see that as taking away local control.

The bill would prevent cities and counties from enacting their own gun laws. http://ow.ly/XwUN0

nebraska.tv A debate over fi****ms heats up at the state capitol. Some senators want to make gun laws uniform statewide, but others see that as taking away...

9news.com.au 01/26/2016

Aust rapes spiked after gun laws: Cruz

Cruz said on high-profile American radio host Hugh Hewitt's show on January 12 Australia's post-Port Arthur massacre gun legislation meant women were unable to defend themselves from being r***d.

9news.com.au The Washington Post has warned American politicians against pointing to Australia's gun laws to justify US policy arguments.

foxnews.com 01/26/2016

New Mexico rancher renounces federal grazing contract at Bundy event |...

A rancher from New Mexico renounced his U.S. Forest Service grazing contract at an event held by an armed group occupying a national wildlife refuge in Oregon to protest federal land use policies.

Adrian Sewell of Grant County, New Mexico, took the action at the event attended by about 120 people at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. A group led by Ammon Bundy began occupying the area in eastern Oregon's high desert on Jan. 2. http://ow.ly/XwUue

foxnews.com A rancher from New Mexico renounced his U.S. Forest Service grazing contract at an event held by an armed group occupying a national wildlife...




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Ponderosa Fi****ms LLC.We buy, sale and trade fi****ms 505-681-2163

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