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Trinity Personal Defense LLC


Our events feature experienced attorneys, law enforcement, and other fi****ms professionals that cover a wide-range of topics such as the Castle Doctrine, the justified use of deadly force, where you can legally carry, what to expect when law enforcement arrives, and much more. Every event has dedicated question and answer segments to ensure all attendees are able to get the information they want to know from a credible source they can trust.

All attendees will receive the U.S. Law Shield publication (When Can I Legally Shoot? Knowing The Law Of Deadly Force,) a $19.95 value, FREE for registrants. This publication explains the ins-and-outs of the law of the deadly force in plain language, helping you understand when you are legally allowed to pull the trigger.

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Trinity Personal Defense provides fi****ms training for individuals and groups; as well as CCW instruction and certification in the State of New Mexico.

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It’s great being back on the range. This weekend Kevin, Valerie, Christi, Javi, Rueshaw, Dale, Abriall, and Shannon completed our CCW course. I’ve missed guiding, training, and building friendships with some truly amazing people. Our standout student is Shannon, who before the class had never shot a firearm and not only shot a perfect score, demonstrated pretty good gun handling skills. Building confidence is what we strive to do. Our next class is July 10 - 11.


I don’t believe in luck, unless you define luck as that moment when preparation meets opportunity.


Winter Range 2019 is Saturday Feb. 16 2019. You can register for one of two half-day sessions at $30, or both for $50.

For registration and course info. contact me via FB Messenger, Call/Text at (505) 235-2290, or email me at [email protected].

[06/11/18]   I know there are instructors who think they have the best students and staff; I KNOW that Trinity Personal Defense has the best. I want to congratulate George, Byron, Charles, Ann, Harry, John, Jarod, Mario, Karen, Dyron, Danielle, and Colin on completing this weekend’s Concealed Carry Class. Thank you all for your friendship, for your willingness to learn and be challenged, and for being amazing. I appreciate your trust and hope we get to shoot together again real soon. I truly appreciate Shane for coming alongside his old man to teach, encourage, and work hard to make this weekend a success. I am truly blessed.


Summer 2018 Classes to be announced soon.


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Get educated and advocate for truth.


Take nothing for granted. Snowflakes are fragile and delicate, but under the proper conditions they cluster together and can unleash an avalanche of destruction. 02/18/2018

What to Look for in a Fi****ms Trainer****ms-trainer When you take a concealed carry or defensive shooting class, how do you know if the instructor is really one who can help you learn life-saving skills?


I'm just gonna leave this here; it's just too awesome for words to describe.


Warrior's Edge Armory

Our next concealed carry classes are Nov. 4 - 5, and Dec. 9 - 10.


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The end of a great season watching @jnuanes coach, and my grandson Beckett play #baseball with such a love for the game. His first #allstar experience will be the first of many.




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Trinity Personal Defense and Warrior's Edge Armory Defensive Pistol course is limited to concealed carry permit holders to better prepare the responsibly armed citizen with the skills to prevail in a deadly force encounter. Space is limited. Register soon. Real world solutions for real world problems.

[04/03/17]   Attitude and Performance. At this weekend's fi****ms training class, a student named Greg not only completed all aspects of the course, but he did so with a great attitude, and a willingness to learn and to adapt. Greg lost his left leg several years ago as the result of a car accident and uses a prosthetic. One of our drills involves extensive moving and shooting; which for many students challenges their abilities, and they either makes excuses, or not give it their all. Greg made no excuses and pushed himself beyond his abilities. I won't consider Greg handicapped because I think it would be an insult to an attitude that pushes him to go beyond what other more physically able people would. I'll be less likely to accept excuses from other students and myself because of what Greg taught me this weekend.


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Reworked the front strap to lower the finger grooves on my G19, reduced the undercut behind the trigger guard and re-stippled to blend it all in.


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"Thank you so much for all your help. it was so kind of you to be patient and understanding." (Kate).

We try very hard to provide a high level of instruction and support to our clients; to help them develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities to confidently use fi****ms for self protection when attempts to avoid or de-escalate a violent confrontation have failed. We consider the safe handling of fi****ms very seriously and never compromise.

We at Trinity would like to congratulate the students who completed this weekend's Concealed Handgun class; Amanda, Don, Kate, Meagan, Rachell, Lynda, Tom, Li, Chun-Xiao, Tyler, and Heather.


"... that they are endowed by their Creator with inherent and inalienable rights; that among them are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

This weekend's CHL class is our most diverse yet. Women outnumber men; we have black, white, asian, hispanic, young, not-at-all young, straight, le***an, liberal, and conservative. We are Americans and we're armed so don't #%@! with us!

[12/07/16]   Recent updates to the New Mexico Concealed Handgun Carry Act no longer recognizes out-of-state nonresident permits for New Mexico residents.


I don't promote too many products on my page, but if I come across gear that works, I like to share it.

For the past three weeks I've used a Sticky Holsters holster as a part of my EDC. It's comfortable, has excellent retention, and is affordable. Today I was doing cartwheels and round-offs with my wife's Sig Sauer 938 in the appendix carry position and the gun stayed put. Will it accommodate all your carry needs? No, that doesn't exist, but this product is pretty darned good.


Who went shooting today? WE DID! I'd like to congratulate Andrew, Lloyd, Ashley, Alice, William, Spencer, Kira, Lynn, Bruce, Clayton, and Michael for completing this weekend's Concealed Carry Class. I'd like to thank Yoki Maurx and the crew at Warrior's Edge Armory for their continued support.

[07/10/16]   I'd like to congratulate Michael, Carrie, Tim, Maurits, Phillip, Kimberly, Paul, Carlos, Elaine, and Nicole for completing our July 2016 NM Concealed Handgun, and Fi****ms Safety class. We had a great day today at the range, and made some great new friends. Today's range session convinces me how effective it is to spend a full day at the range for students to apply the concepts we teach, build confidence, improve fi****ms safety skills, and so much fun in the process. We had first time shooters impress us, and themselves with how well they effectively applied the skills we teach. I cannot take all the credit for our success, and want to express my appreciation to James King, Noah Dunn, Steven Cannone, Shane Garcia, Austin Garcia, Yoki Maurx, and the crew at Warrior's Edge Armory; I couldn't do it without you.

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