Gravity Fit

The first trampoline fitness class in New Mexico! Tues Nights and Th mornings with Kira and Kaela. Call (505) 407-0954 to reserve your spot. Mix up your exercise routine with an intense cardio, strength, balance, agility, and flexibility cross-training trampoline workout like no other!

Vertical motion workouts such as GravityFit trampoline workouts are much different, more fun, and actually more beneficial and efficient than horizontal motion workouts, such as jogging or running. According to the Well Being Journal, 20 minutes of rebounding is equal to 1 hour of running, from a cardiovascular perspective. It is easy on the joints and a gentle workout. Oh, and did we mention…rebo

[12/22/16]   In Observance of Christmas and New Year's the 27th or the 29th.

[11/15/16]   If you are wanting to check out what Gravity Fit is all about tonights your chance!!! $5 classes Tuesday and Thursday nights through December 8th!

[05/27/16]   NO CLASS TONIGHT - cancelled for private party.

[01/12/16]   Hey Everyone! I'm back teaching tonight at 8:30pm! I'll see you there!

[11/25/15]   Have a Happy Thanksgiving this Thursday - no class, eat turkey and be thankful! Gobble Gobble!

[11/03/15]   With Daylight Savings, class starts at 8:30pm now!

[10/02/15]   Push Up Challenge Started today! Off to a good start!

[07/15/15]   CLASS CANCELLED 7/16/15 for private party.

[06/12/15]   Pool Party tonight!!!!! See you there!

[04/18/15]   Glad to have you back Kaela!!!!


♠ Flyboard ♠ HD

Flyboard? Yes please!

Man can walk on water. Flyboard.

[03/12/15]   Poor Sydney is sick tonight, so you are stuck with me again... mwahahahaha!

Any special requests for lesson plan? 02/28/2015

Community Post: You Are Not Broken - Your Brain Can Interpret The Colors Of The Dress As Blue...

Thank you to Michael after class last night for introducing us all to "The Dress" controversy. Which Team are you on? But can you see it both ways? There is some serious hatred between Team Blue and Black and Team White and Gold. Did you know that you (with the same brain) can see it both ways!?! Kapow! Mind Blown! If you look at the actual p...

[02/27/15]   Hey Gang,

Tonight's class will begin at 9 pm. There is a private party booked at the facility so our Daylight Savings Time swap came a week early! Sorry for the last minute notice- we just caught word of the change.

Push hard tonight!!!

[02/23/15]   Happy Birthday to David McCahon and Cara Ray today!

[02/11/15]   So proud of everyone in their fitness testing tonight!!!!! You worked so hard! Let's work on those goals and party hardy at the end of the opening of summer!!!!

[02/10/15]   Two fun updates today:
1) We will be doing some fitness testing tomorrow night to set some goals with an awesome reward at the end.
2) Give me some of your favorite workout songs below so I can create another Pandora Station for our class :)

[01/29/15]   Class on January 31st will be canceled, but all members planning to go Sat will get a free pass handed out to them tonight! Be sure to come workout with Kaela at 8:30pm tonight to get your pass, so you don't have to skip your Saturday workout. You can use the pass anytime including this Sat to do a self guided workout with what you have learned so far. Since there will be no class, the gym will open at 9am on Sat.

[12/19/14]   UPDATE: Kaela WILL be teaching Tues Dec 23rd since there was a request. Since 2 passes were already given out tonight, members will only receive 1 pass for Jan 1st and Jan 3rd.


(1) There will be NO CLASS on Tues, Dec 23rd or Thurs Dec 25th. If you are a member and your membership is still valid through Dec 25th, then you must come to class on Thurs Dec 18th to pick up your two free passes to work out on your own to cover those two closure days. Gravity Park will still be open until 9pm on Dec 23rd, there will just be no class. Gravity Park is closed on Dec 25th.

(2) There IS CLASS on Sat Dec 27th at 8am and Tues Dec 30th at 8:30pm.

(3) There is NO CLASS on New Year's Day (Jan 1st) or Sat Jan 3rd, but Gravity Park will be open those days. GRAVITY PARK IS OPEN UNTIL 1AM on NEW YEAR'S EVE!!! If you are a member and your membership extends through Jan 3rd, you must come to class on Tues Dec 30th to get your 2 free passes.


[10/29/14]   Attention!!! TUES/THURS CLASS TIME CHANGE
You spoke and we listened! For Daylight Savings, evening classes will be moved to 8:30-9:30pm starting Tues Nov 4th through Th March 5th, 2015. The first 30 minutes will be during open jump time, so if there are jumpers at that time, we will be confined to the Dodge Ball court for the first 30 minutes for warm up and strength conditioning. We will be starting this on a trial basis to make sure it works first, before committing to the full Daylight Savings time frame. We hope this helps your busy schedules!

[10/01/14]   Due to Balloon Fiesta Road Closure, there will be NO CLASS Sat 10/4 or 10/11. As far as the Fiesta has told us, evening classes during the week should NOT be affected.

[08/22/14]   If you were part of the class that was filmed last Tuesday - Don't forget to ask the front desk for your Free Jump Pass!!! You earned it! thanks for working so hard last week guys!!!!

[08/18/14]   Tomorrow Tuesday 8/19, we will be filming the class for a little promo video!!! Veterans please come and show off your skills! All members who work extra hard during the class will get a free jump pass!!

[08/14/14]   We are looking to hire another Gravity Fit Trampoline Fitness Instructor for Saturday mornings!! Anyone interested? Needs LARGE group fitness class experience, body weight training experience, and some trampoline experience. Ex-Gymnasts are good candidates! If you're interested, we need someone starting 8/23!

[07/11/14]   FYI - There is a Private Party July 17 8-11pm, so class will be cancelled.

[10/10/13]   Once again, it will most likely be best to cancel Gravity Fit Saturday Morning 10/12 due to heavy traffic and road closings... I apologize for this inconvenience and look forward to seeing everyone the following week!!!

Be sure to hit Kira's class tonight to ensure that you get a great workout in before the weekend!


[10/04/13]   News update!.... Unfortunately class will be canceled tomorrow morning 10/5 due to balloon fiesta traffic and road closures.... In order to not cancel next Saturday 10/12, please come into GravityPark and pick up a traffic pass (it's pink)... Without this pass, you will not be able to get through the road block. Thanks





5300 Eagle Rock Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM

Opening Hours

Tuesday 9pm - 10pm
Thursday 9pm - 10pm
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