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Now offering virtual classes (standard class pricing) - please see our Events page for weekly postin Licensed ZUMBA® fitness instructor Bentley Laaksonen brings Zumba fitness to Nob Hill, Albuquerque!

I've been a Zumba fitness addict since 2008, and started teaching in 2012. Prior to discovering Zumba fitness, I studied modern dance, hip-hop, African, flamenco, Mexican folk, and ballroom. Zumba fitness brings movements from many of these styles into the classroom in a high-energy package that's easy and fun to follow. Whether you're a newcomer, or seasoned dancer, front row or back, everyone ha

Operating as usual


Hi everyone! I have some bad news. YouTube as of class #15 is suddenly blocking almost all our songs. In the past songs were fingerprinted, and then allowed as part of a program to compensate copyright holders. I'm not sure why this has changed so drastically across many different songs and copyright holders. So, we can't stream on YouTube. Most other platforms including Facebook will block straight away. YouTube was a unique solution. Zoom technically does not allow content that includes copyright material, but they don't enforce this in real-time. That said, there are other limitations. So, for now, we're offline. We'll be adapting, so we'll keep you updated.


I hope everyone has had a great, and safe, 4th of July weekend! Our weekend was an adventure. We had fun experimenting with recording Zumba for you all in the mountains at 10,000 feet where it's nice and cool. Monday is our first Mountain Zumba special edition! We hope you'll be able to join us!


We had a great time filming this class and we think you'll enjoy it 🙃 We'd love to see you tomorrow night, Monday June 15th at 5:45pm! Give us a hello on the YouTube streaming comments. Miss you all!


Hey Hey, we have a new class coming to you Monday June 15th! I think this is our best one yet :) Meghan has a new song for you guys too - I think you'll like it! And Stephanie joins us for the 2nd half. See you MONDAY! Your support enables us to keep filming - thank you so much! 😍😍😍


We got thunder-stormed and heat-waved but we still have a weekly class coming to you on Monday! You all are the best for giving us the motivation to work through whatever comes our way 🥰


Streaming Zumba Mondays at 5:45pm!

Bentley Dance Fit is hosting weekly LIVE classes during the pandemic. Classes are posted as Facebook events and the class is streamed via YouTube. The YouTube link is posted on the Facebook event page in advance of class.

1) Purchase class cards here:

2) Access LIVE Zumba here:

You're in charge - please keep track of your classes and punches. Your support keeps us filming and enables us to make high quality videos - THANK YOU!



Bentley Dance Fit is hosting weekly LIVE classes during the pandemic. Classes are posted as Facebook events and the class is streamed via YouTube. The YouTube link is posted on the Facebook event page in advance of class.

1) Purchase class cards here:

2) Access LIVE Zumba here:

You're in charge - please keep track of your classes and punches. Your support keeps us filming and enables us to make high quality videos - THANK YOU!


Zumba LIVE Mondays at 5:45pm! See our event page. Stay safe and thank you for being here! 🙏


ZUMBA LIVE Monday 5/11, 5:45pm!
With your support we'll keep the beat ❤️❤️❤️!

[04/21/20]   Thank you all for attending our first virtual class!! Let me now if there were any glitches :) The vocals mic should be improved next time (I forgot to record on one of the channels that was the primary mic channel - ended up using the gopro backup mic, which wasn't so good). Thanks again and give me a shout-out if this works for you! HUGE thanks to Stephanie for teaching and QiaoQiao for handing the video!


Bentley Dance Fit LIVE Monday 4/20!

Bentley Dance Fit LIVE
Premiering: Monday April 20th
5:45pm on YouTube
See our Facebook Event Page
(Standard Class Pricing)

Thank you for your support!

Please join the event page for updates!


Hey, I hope everyone is doing well in these difficult times. I miss you all! Please stay safe, was your hands, limit your exposure to other people. COVID-19 is dangerous.

Stephanie and I tested out a mobile off-grid setup with the full sound-system at Highland High football field. I was hoping to be able to live stream to Facebook but even though I pay ASCAP for music licensing (in addition to buying all our tracks), it's insufficient to cover even limited live streaming on a platform such as Facebook or YouTube.

The good news is, when it's possible, we'll be able to have classes outside, off-grid, with the full sound system. I'm excited for that possibility. In the meantime I am looking at what live options might be possible.

I miss you all! Stay safe!


Hello everyone, I hope this post finds you all well. As you know already, many public gatherings are being canceled, delayed, or rescheduled. Social distancing helps to slow the spread of the novel corona virus, which will help our healthcare system and our healthcare workers stay on top of managing this pandemic and those affected. For the time being Zumba classes at Bentley Dance Fit are canceled, as with other classes and events at the Hiland. We're currently scheduled to resume Monday April 6th, but please check back for status updates as this may change. Please contact Bentley if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to seeing you all again, as soon as the situation allows. ❤️

[02/16/20]   I hope you've had a beautiful weekend. Reminder there's no class on Monday Feb 17th for Pres Day. See you Wednesday! 🙏


Bentley Dance Fit


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Zumba End of Year Celebration 2019


Three more classes in 2019 - can you believe it? Don't miss our final special class next Wednesday the 18th with Stephanie, Jennifer, Ben, Kira, and Bentley, AND our end of year pot-luck celebration at my house this coming Saturday the 14th at 5pm, events below:
We'll see you soon! Happy holidays!

[11/27/19]   Happy Thanksgiving Weekend! I am thankful for all of you making our class possible, and the community it brings. YES, there is class today, Wednesday Nov 27th - your last chance with me before the big feast tomorrow. Looks like the weather will be moving in after class, so stay safe! Hope to see you tonight - I promise you'll be warmed up in short order!

[09/04/19]   See you in class today, Wed 9/4. Notice that the front parking lot may be full due to other activities. Park in the south lot or on the side street as needed. See you soon!

[09/02/19]   Happy Labor Day! No Zumba class tonight - The Hiland is closed. See you Wednesday :)

[08/28/19]   Stephanie's got your class covered Wednesday August 28th! Don't miss it :)

[08/26/19]   Excited to say that Stephanie will be teaching for Bentley tonight, Monday August 26th. Also, there will be no class next Monday September 2nd since The Hiland is closed for Labor Day. Happy holiday, and get ready for Stephanie's class tonight!


I'm thrilled to have had the opportunity to dance with the Lobo Women's Volleyball team! These ladies and their coaches were fantastic and gave it their all, even after training for three hours earlier in the day. Amazing athletes! Go Lobos!


Bentley Dance Fit's cover photo


Thank you Roy, Pattie, YuJie, Tianna, Molly, Kira, Sandra, Olivia, and Ben for supporting us at the Rise of the Phoenix show! We loved the posters - they were amazing!!


QiaoQiao and I completed a 4 month Rise of the Phoenix journey with eVOLV Strong this weekend at Sandia Casino. It was an amazing experience and I'm humbled by all the incredible people I met on this program. I'm so very thankful to you, my Zumba family, for giving me the confidence to take this on by dancing with me every week, and for your support from the audience. Thanks to all the amazing people at eVOLV including CJ, Esteban, Christine, and the many others that coached us and made this happen. I'll see you Zumba peeps on Wednesday! A HUGE thanks for Matt Foster Studio for photographing the event and the contestants (photos forthcoming).


Happy Thursday! Schedule updates in the coming month. No class on these days due to studio availability:

>> Wednesday April 10th
>> Monday April 29th
>> Monday May 6th

See you on Monday April 8th, normal room, normal class. Our calendar is published and kept up to date on the "Calendar" page here:

Our scheduled is also up to date on our event page:

Thanks and I hope to see you on Monday!!


Seven more weeks of training left for the Rise of the Phoenix show I'll be competing in this May. Come burn some calories with me this week - the most fun way to get and stay in shape! Mon/Wed 5:45pm at The Hiland. Studio G on the north side on Mon and D via the south side on Wed. See you there!


Our ZUMBA class calendar including the studio location is now live-published on our website:

Tap the "Show Menu" bar and select "Calendar". Cancellations or changes will show up, as soon as I'm aware. Thanks!!!


Thanks everyone for a great start to 2019! You all are the best! I've spent some time overhauling our website at website. It's now 5 websites - main, personal, zumba, professional, and wedding. I've posted some of our class photos there from 2013 through 2019, including those taken at UNM, FFGX, FORM, and The Hiland. If you'd like to check it out, see, Bentley Dance Fit, and Photos. It's been such a great journey thus far with all of you, and I'm so glad we've done this together! See you soon :) (If you check out any of the other sites and have feedback, I'm all ears - thanks!)


Happy 2019! We're back, Mondays at 5:45pm Studio "G" and Wednesdays at 5:45pm Studio "D". I can't wait to see you all this coming week!


Studio D on Wednesdays 😁 5:45pm.

[11/26/18]   Join me @ZUMBA 5:45pm!
Mon 11/26 "Studio G" north side.
Wed 11/28 "Studio D" south side.

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Streaming Zumba Mondays at 5:45pm!
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