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Learn how to eat well, live better and transform your world with whole food nutrition and exercise that's right for you! Everybody knows that to be physically fit, exercise is necessary.

To be successful in achieving your fitness goals, make a plan, follow that plan and be consistent. Many of my clients have asked me to assist them in designing their plan and motivating them to stick to it. Many work hard and follow their plans (for the most part), and yet, they often struggle to achieve their goals. Why? Over the years, I have learned one main reason this happens…diet. The word d

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Fit for Life with Michelle Morath


Go to the website below for a simple breathing exercise.


Did you know...? 11/06/2017

The MIND diet: 10 foods that fight Alzheimer's (and 5 to avoid)

"A new study by researchers at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago shows a diet plan they developed -- appropriately called the MIND diet -- may reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease by as much as 53 percent." These diet recommendations were proven to cut the risk of Alzheimer's in half in a new study 10/22/2017

The Easy-to-Digest Guide to Plant-Based Protein (Pun Intended)

"There's a lot of good reasons to start incorporating more plant-based protein into your diet. In fact, science says eating more fruits and vegetables can make you happier." Whether you're trying to cut back on animal foods for personal or health reasons, this is the perfect thing to help you get started. 10/21/2017

5 Things Around Your Home You Never Clean but Should

"In reality, considering how often we use our phones, and where we use them (yes, that includes checking Facebook on the toilet), our phones deserve a more thorough cleaning from time to time." You have the basics down. But dirt and grime have a bad habit of collecting in the strangest places. 06/15/2017

Game of Life - Eat Well


Take Healthy Back

Take Healthy Back!


World Economic Forum

Your brain without exercise. Read more:



Gut's important for overall health.

Want a healthy gut? Here's what you should eat: 02/26/2017

American College of Physicians issues guideline for treating nonradicular low back pain | ACP Newsroom | ACP

This is great! Here are recommendations by the American College of Physicians for treating low back pain without the use of drugs.

"Treatment recommendations include massage, acupuncture, spinal manipulation, tai chi, and yoga" Treatment recommendations include massage, acupuncture, spinal manipulation, tai chi, and yoga


BBC Three

Meet 97 year old Sally, who walks 10 dogs a day for the local shelter and her neighbours. She's our Amazing Human this week 🐶❤️

Who's your Amazing Human?


One Simple Change to Fall into Fitness

Too busy to workout? Take 5.

Find a fitness regimen that works for you and makes working out enjoyable! Make one simple change by incorporating 5 minutes of physical activity to your day. 08/05/2016

Sports drinks aren’t ‘recharging’ your kids. They’re just pumping them full of sugar.

"Powerade and Gatorade wouldn’t be in big business if the only people who consumed their products were those who actually needed them. When these companies expand their markets to include all children who play sports, parents who believe the hype that their kids need to replace electrolytes and adults who think they are making a healthy choice by skipping the soda in favor of a “recharging” sports drink, the companies are suddenly pole-vaulting into money." Some are better than others — in taste and nutrition — but water and fruit always win out.


For Good's Sake

It's really not as complicated as you may think -- just take it from this Buddhist master. 07/18/2016

Cortisone: The End of an Era

"We now know that a cortisone injection interferes with the body’s natural healing process..." THE BLOG Cortisone: The End of an Era 07/13/2015 04:45 pm ET | Updated Jul 13, 2015 400 Kevin R. Stone, M.D. Orthopedic Surgeon and Regenerative Medicine Pioneer Cortisone is a therapeutic drug used to fight ailments ranging from asthma to arthritis. It was the athlete's best friend throughout the 2...


NeuroKinetic Therapy

Shin splints are very common among runners. There is usually an imbalance between the doriflexors and plantarflexors of the ankle. Often times the tibialis anterior is not functioning properly. When that happens foot slapping occurs, a tell tale sign of shin splints. Its opposite muscle, the tibialis posterior is usually overworking and very sore. Release of the tib post followed by activation of the tib ant is a good start to solving shin splints. Of course this is very formulaic and there are many other possible relationships. In NKT we look for those relationships by testing and assessing, not just applying formulas. 02/14/2016

It's As Addictive As Cocaine Yet Americans Feed It To Their Kids All The Time

"And just like an addict, you need more and more of that substance to get the same rush, which is why Americans are addicted to sugar." And just like an addict, you need more and more of that substance to get the same rush, which is why Americans are addicted...



How chronic stress can affect the brain's size, structure, and how it functions: 02/07/2016

The Massive Fitness Trend That's Not Actually Healthy at All

"Being chronically exhausted is not the key to success. It's a race toward disease and dysfunction. And in most cases, it causes suffering that is 100 percent preventable." Exhaustion has become a status symbol in our culture. And that’s a problem. Here's a better approach to feeling healthy and happy for the long haul. 01/17/2016

5 Kid-Friendly Yoga Poses To Help Your Child Avoid A Meltdown Maybe it’s a refusal to put on a hat, maybe it’s wanting to get out of the car...


Mike Vacanti

Please *please* take 4 mins to watch this ... my best video yet 01/16/2016

Patients Do Better After Surgery If They Do 'Prehab' First Patients are often sent for rehabilitation after surgery. But starting those exercise and healthy eating programs before the surgery might help even more. It's not rehab, it's "prehab." 01/15/2016

America’s First School District to Serve 100% Organic Meals When schools in California’s Sausalito Marin City District return to session this August, they were the first in the nation to serve their students 100 percent organic meals, sustainable sourced and free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).When schools in California’s Sausalito Marin City Distr…


Piriformis Strengthening

"How do you know when to strengthen and when to stretch? NKT's protocol allows you to determine that. this exercise for the piriformis is great if it needs strengthening. It's not so good if it needs stretching. Test don't guess!" Strengthening the lateral hip rotator muscles or piriformis, this helps to stabilize the pelvic and hip motions, including the sac... 01/02/2016

How to Completely Detox From Sugar in 10 Days

"6. Fight sugar with fat.

Fat doesn’t make you fat, sugar does. Fat makes you full, balances your blood sugar, and is necessary for fueling your cells. Along with protein, have good fats at every meal and snack including nuts and seeds (which also contain protein), extra virgin olive oil, coconut butter, avocados, and omega-3 fats from fish." 1. Make a decision to detox. In my book, there are three simple quizzes to help you learn if you need to detox. If you answer, “yes” to any of these questions, a sugar detox is your ticket to feeling great quickly and losing weight painlessly. The first is the diabesity quiz. Do you have… 01/02/2016

New grocery store lets you buy health food for the price of fast-food

"Imagine Whole Foods at dollar-store prices—a new company called Daily Table is shifting the power back to people of lower income, so they too have the option of eating right." Imagine Whole Foods at dollar-store prices. 01/02/2016

Treat Sleep as a Priority for Your Wellbeing - Happy Living

"Keep the computers, tablets, phones and other electronics in another room. Studies indicate that nighttime exposure to the artificial light from these devices interrupts the production of melatonin, a hormone that is produced when it is dark, and helps regulate and encourage sleep." How many hours of sleep do you get each night? Dr. Tom Sult explains why it’s so important to treat sleep as a priority for your wellbeing.


Southwest University of Naprapathic Medicine

HEALTH TIP OF THE WEEK - Learning and mastering a new skill will increase confidence and decrease stress, even if it's
something simple. 12/24/2015

Exercise 'Snacks' to Control Blood Sugar Multiple brief bouts of of exercise in a day may regulate blood sugar levels better than a single, continuous workout. 12/04/2015

Caffeine-Heavy Energy Drinks Give Jolt to Blood Glucose

"Continuous and prolonged insulin resistance associated with chronic caffeine-containing energy drink consumption in adolescents could contribute to increased metabolic risk in susceptible individuals later in life." Products used in trial were sugar-free 11/16/2015

Recess Is Not a Privilege Kids need recess, and recess should not be taken away from children to punish them for misbehavior or as punishment for not completing or incorrectly completing with their work. 11/13/2015

Leaky Gut Syndrome in Plain English – and How to Fix It

This explains a lot. Great article. Leaky Gut Syndrome is crazy confusing. In this article I break down leaky gut syndrome then explain what causes it and how you can fix it.


Viance Nutrition

Are you getting enough CALCIUM? Here are some non-dairy sources that are full of this important nutrient! 10/28/2015

Scope of Naprapathic Medicine Practice SCOPE OF PRACTICE Naprapathic practice includes the diagnosis and treatment of persons with connective tissue disorders through the use of special techniques,



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The Fight Shop New Mexico is the leader in MMA apparel, equipment and accessories in the Southwest. Located in Albuquerque, NM on Coors and Montano.

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