Fit for Life with Michelle Morath

Fit for Life with Michelle Morath


JUST SO EVERYONE Remembers...The New Mexico MSTR® One day training is not this Saturday 2.15. It has been postponed until a later date. Fit for Life with Michelle Morath Tracy Wood Blue Sky Chiropractic, LLC Institute of Community Wellness & Athletics

Wellness through Naprapathy, Exercise and Nutrition. Ask us about Advanced Allergy Therapeutics. Dr. Michelle Morath provides an effective, pain relief treatment plan focusing on the connective tissue, with customized exercise and nutrition instruction for lasting pain relief, and without the use of drugs or invasive procedures.

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A common question that comes up is: What is the difference between Naprapathy and Chiropractic treatments?

Well, there are many differences. Here's an important one. Naprapathy centers on gentle manipulation of soft tissue surrounding the spine and joints that have become rigid and inflexible.

Chiropractic treatments center on manipulating the spine by making high-velocity adjustments.

Let's talk about your pain and the best way to treat it.


Thank you so much for your kind words, Marlis!

My commitment to each and every one of you is to take a truly unique approach based on what your body needs and how it reacts.

As a connective tissue specialist, I’m able to work with your body to help ease your aches, pains and guide you on the road of recovery.

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As we approach our golden years, our nutrition intake becomes our number one priority.

Ensuring we have the proper vitamins and minerals to maintain ourselves is a lifelong journey that you and I are able to begin now to promote a fun and engaging healthy lifestyle that will stick with you.

We’re in this together.

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30 Facts About Stress and Your Health 07/13/2022

30 Facts About Stress and Your Health

Stress can do more than just make you tired and irritable.

It can take a tremendous toll on our body and general well-being, affecting those around us just as much as it affects ourselves.

This article from Healthline outlines 30 ways stress can deeply affect you.

Though, it’s not all bad news. Together, you and I can work on stress management - allowing you to breathe, focus, and help alleviate the issues causing you to freeze and fall behind in your daily life.

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30 Facts About Stress and Your Health Learn the facts about stress, as well as some of the possible contributing factors. Knowing the signs and causes of stress can help you treat it.


Did you know that the way you breathe can have an impact on your stress levels?

With proper breathing techniques and by focusing on your breath, you can help take your mind off of what is causing stress and help your body to relax.

By taking the first step of working together to help alleviate your stress, we can discuss positive changes that can bring about a fresh outlook each morning you wake up.

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What Do Allergies Do To Your Insides? 07/08/2022

What Do Allergies Do To Your Insides?

When we think of allergies, we tend to just think about what we see on the outside - sneezing, hives, etc.

But what are allergies doing to the insides of our body that causes reactions?

This great video from Life Noggin provides a fantastic, simplified overview of what’s happening within our bodies.

While this video provides the basics, it’s time to learn about the Advanced Allergy Therapeutics together that I’m able to provide you.

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What Do Allergies Do To Your Insides? Have you ever wondered how allergies affect your body?Watch PLAY NOGGIN:

Timeline photos 07/05/2022

Thank you so much for your kind words, Marlis!

My commitment to each and every one of you is to take a truly unique approach based on what your body needs and how it reacts.

Timeline photos 07/04/2022

Bring out the fireworks as it’s time to celebrate an incredible Fourth of July!

Just be sure to load up on all those awesome vegetable side-dishes like roasted corn, salad, and grilled watermelon in addition to the burgers!

Timeline photos 07/02/2022

Don’t think you have the time for Advanced Allergy Therapeutics?

Initial sessions take approximately 45-60 minutes and include an assessment and one treatment, with follow-up sessions taking up to 30 minutes and include one treatment.

These non-invasive sessions are able to slide perfectly into your calendar without causing you any additional stress.

If you’d like help with your allergies, visit

Timeline photos 06/28/2022

Are you feeling that what you’re eating is causing inflammation?

I’ve got a wonderful blog post about what it takes to eat right and reduce any inflammation you might be feeling!

While there might be a few obvious answers (like ensuring you’re drinking enough water!), there’s a couple surprises in there you might not have thought about, so check it out and get your body feeling right!

Timeline photos 06/25/2022

As a Corrective Exercise Specialist, I can fine tune your exercises for your body to get the most benefit.

What do I mean by “fine tune”? I can identify muscles that are “asleep” and not doing their job, wake them up, and get them functioning again!

By fine tuning, I can get your body moving optimally, reduce your risk of injury, and get you successfully moving toward reaching your goals.

Let’s get you back up and running properly.

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Timeline photos 06/22/2022

As a parent, it can sometimes feel like a daunting task ensuring that your kids are eating right and developing healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

It’s important to involve kids in food making decisions such as making lists and grocery shopping in addition to asking for them to help in dinner preparation in a fun way that will keep them engaged!

Check out some more wonderful tips from this great article from KidsHealth!

What’s your favorite way to help your kids maintain a healthy diet?

Timeline photos 06/21/2022

A Naprapath does not prescribe pharmaceuticals, but does recommend natural remedies and supplements that promote health, relieve pain, and promote healthy weight loss.

In addition, I work with each patient to develop a series of therapeutic exercises and stretches tailored specifically to his or her condition.

Together, your road to recover will be an incredible, natural one.

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Get ready to party, it’s everyone’s FAVORITE day of the year… National Eat Your Veggies Day!

…Okay, okay, maybe not the biggest celebration of the year, but it’s an important one, nonetheless!

Let’s just be thankful for how cooking techniques have improved over the years and the incredible ways we’re able to cook up our veggies with seasonings, spices, and cooking methods like air-frying gifting us some delicious ways to make sure we’re eating healthy.

I’ve got asparagus on the brain today and thinking about an awesome bean salad.

What veggies are on your plate today?

Timeline photos 06/14/2022

Today is our day, New Mexico!

We’re celebrating our beautiful state and all of the incredible people (and cows! So many cows!) in it.

Get out there and enjoy your favorite foods and drinks that truly capture who we are as a state.

I’m feeling like some huevos rancheros this morning, how about you?

Timeline photos 06/13/2022

Thank you so much, Lauren!

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you through all of your treatments and seeing the positive results you’ve been able to achieve has been an incredible journey together.

Regain your confidence and enjoy being pain-free, just like Lauren.

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A true staple of the south, today we’re having fun and enjoying National Iced Tea Day!

The only question is, how sweet do you like your tea?

While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a cool and refreshing glass on a hot day, try to either keep the sugar level low if you plan on drinking a lot, or limit the amount of glasses you choose to drink!

No matter how you choose to drink this delicious, southern staple, be sure to enjoy one for me!

Timeline photos 06/09/2022

We all know that our growing teens can empty out our fridges and pantries on a moment’s notice, but are they getting everything they need in their diet when it comes to snacktime?

Naturally they need the basics we all require like fruits and grains, but what does a body in the middle of a growth spurt really need?

This great article from John Muir Health provides a fantastic outline for what those growing bodies need, and for more information you can reach out to me at

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Naprapathy is a gentle form of manual medicine that provides pain relief without the use of drugs or invasive procedures, and a Naprapathic doctor is a connective tissue specialist and focuses on the evaluation and treatment of neuro-musculoskeletal conditions.

Regain your confidence and enjoy being pain-free.
To find out more and schedule an appointment, visit

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Today we celebrate an awesome alternative to standard burgers with National Veggie Burger Day!

Veggie burgers have come a very long way the past few years, helping provide everyone with a delicious option at barbecues and restaurants.

Or, if you’re feeling bold, you can grill up a portobello mushroom to use as a burger patty substitute! These huge mushrooms fit nicely on a bun and offer a meaty, flavourful way to enjoy a burger.

Timeline photos 06/02/2022

A little bit of Cheddar cheese after a meal can neutralize the acids in your mouth and increase saliva production, helping to clean your teeth!

Cheddar cheese is also loaded with calcium to help keep your teeth strong, too!

So, go ahead and enjoy a little bit of cheese after dinner - no reason to feel guilty here.




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